Salomon Agile Softshell Review

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It's hard to find a quality softshell jacket that isn't too heavy. The Salomon Agile Softshell is the perfect companion for all of your outdoor occasions. It's lightweight and offers a soft brushed back jersey lining. This jacket has reflective detailing that makes it easier for passersby to see you. This is a must for anyone who enjoys the early morning or late evening hours.

Dual zippered pockets give you plenty of storage space for all of your valuables, though there is no internal pocket with this jacket. The Salomon Agile Softshell is a great choice for running, walking, and any other outdoor activity. This is an affordable jacket that outperforms the rest.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Zippered Pockets
  • Multiple Colors
  • Wind/Water-Resistant
  • Athletic Fit
  • Adjustable Hem
  • No Inside Pocket


The Salomon Agile Softshell offers an incredible array of features. It has a soft chin guard that protects you from the elements. If you’ve ever been outside in the cold you know how chilly your chin ends up which is why this is such a great feature to have.

Another aspect that sets this jacket apart from the rest is its stretch cuffs. This keeps them nice and tight around your wrist but makes them easy to slip in and out of. Some jackets have cuffs that are just too tight and cut your circulation off, but not the Salomon Agile Softshell.

If that’s not enough, then you’ll love the adjustable hem that lets you tighten or loosen the fit to suit your style. If you’ve ever eaten a huge meal and left with jacket feeling a little tighter than when you arrived you’ll appreciate this handy feature! Whatever your reason sometimes you just need to adjust the fit a little and the Salomon Agile Softshell lets you do exactly that.


The lining material is an important aspect of any jacket. It’s what keeps you warm when the weather gets chilly and regulates your body temperature so you don’t get too hot. The Salomon Agile Softshell has 4-way stretch jersey lining with brushed back that makes it ultra-comfortable.

Brushed back fabrics are incredibly soft and durable thanks to a special process used. This entails the use of mechanical brushes that gently comb lint and other fibers from the material. They also rub the surface creating an ultra-soft and smooth finish. The result is a condensed fabric that better retains heat so it is ideal for winter wear because it keeps you much warmer.


The Salomon Agile Softshell offers an athletic fit that is ideal for all kinds of physical activities. Whether you’re playing sports, running, or just out for a stroll, this jacket will make the perfect companion. Its sleek style yields a stylish appearance and feels good while you wear it. You won’t ever be weighed down while wearing this!

This jacket comes in sizes S-XXL so you won’t have any trouble finding the perfect fit. This is a nice feature because people with all body types can feel comfortable while wearing this jacket. Some options only come in your standard S, M, and L which just doesn’t offer enough variation.


The Salomon Agile Softshell offers an excellent combination of materials. With 4-way stretch jersey fabric and warm jersey brushed back lining this jacket is the ultimate in comforting. The nice thing with this coat is that you can machine wash it on cold and even tumble dry on low. Just be sure not to add any bleach and never iron the material.

Some jackets are so difficult to clean and require dry cleaning or other special care procedures. This is a real pain especially for athletes who need to wash their gear more frequently. But, with this jacket, you can simply launder it with all of your other items.


The Salomon Agile Softshell offers two side zippered pockets. This is a convenient place to store your valuables while you’re on the move or just to warm your hands on chilly days. Without pockets, you would need a second piece of gear to store your belongings in like an armband. Two excellent options are the Sprigs Armband and Nike Ventilated, in case you still need to more places to keep your things.

One thing noticeably missing from the Salomon Agile Softshell is an internal pocket of any kind. While this isn’t too big of a deal it is a bit irritating. The reason why there isn’t any inside pocket is because of its slim fit which would accentuate any items stored inside. The side pockets are quite deep and do make up for the lack of internal storage, though it’s something to consider.

Reflective Detailing

This jacket offers reflective detailing that makes it easier for drivers and other passersby to see you in dim lighting. If you enjoy running in the early morning or late evening hours than this is a must-have feature. Otherwise, you should invest in a reflective band like the Nathan Reflex Reflective Snap Band. Reflective gear makes you up to 80% more visible in dimly lit conditions which make the world of difference when it comes to your well-being.

Studies suggest that wearing bright or neon-colored clothing does little to help passersby see you. This means that you’re at risk while you train and could potentially be injured because of it. Most jackets don’t offer any sort of safety improving features so it’s nice to see this with the Salomon Agile Softshell.


Having a jacket that won’t shield you from the wind is just unpleasant. This is especially true if you plan on being outside in chilly weather. When your body is exposed to wind it makes it much easier for you to catch a chill and end up with a cold or the flu. That’s why it’s important that your jacket properly protect you from the elements.

The Salomon Agile Softshell offers both wind and water-resistance. This is an ideal combination because you can head outside in any weather without having to be exposed to the elements. Protecting yourself from wind and rain is the best way to stay feeling your best all year long and is a must for anyone who enjoys outdoor athletics.


The Salomon Agile Softshell is a stylish choice of outerwear that comes in several colorways. Choose from options like Black, Surf The Web, and Fiery Sky which are all bright shades. Surf The Web is a gorgeous bright blue shade that looks incredible when worn with dark-colored bottoms. While Fiery Sky is a brilliant shade of red that pops.

It’s nice to see some variety and color play with this jacket because so many just aren’t exciting to look at. Traditional colors like blacks and browns are all too common but this jacket steps out of the box and stands out because of it.


Anyone who is shopping on a budget should consider the Salomon Agile Softshell! It offers excellent value for an affordable price. There are similar styles that retail for double or even triple what you will pay for this jacket and just don’t offer the kind of features the Salomon Agile Softshell does.

It’s hard to find any running gear that’s affordable these days and with the cost of living on the rise frugal living is becoming a way of life for many. That’s why Salomon put in the forethought to sell this jacket for an attainable price so that anyone can enjoy wearing a high-quality piece of clothing.


The Salomon Group is a sports equipment brand that originates in France. Since its founding in 1974 by Francois Salomon, this label has reached new heights. It started out selling saw blades which soon turned into steel edges for skis and progressed from there. Nowadays, this line has its hand in just about everything relating to outdoor athletics. With retail locations in over 40 countries, they’re showing no signs of slowing and continue to create innovative technologies that help to better our performance every time we wear them.

Bottom Line

Overall, the Salomon Agile Softshell is an excellent jacket for all kinds of outdoor occasions. It offers a comforting softshell design and warm lining that protects you from harsh weather conditions. A wind and rain-repelling exterior keep you nice and dry even when it’s damp outside which is ideal for preventing common colds and even the flu.

The Salomon Agile Softshell offers an adjustable hem and stretchy cuffs that make it more enjoyable to wear. Its athletic fit hugs to your body without feeling restrictive like some jackets do. With two zippered pockets, there is plenty of storage for all of your valuables though it’s noticeably missing an interior pocket. The Salomon Agile Softshell has reflective detailing that makes it easier for passersby to see you in dim lighting. This is perfect for anyone who enjoys running in the morning or evening hours when it’s hard for drivers to see you before it’s too late.

The Salomon Agile Softshell comes in several vibrant colorways that look good with practically any style of clothing. This jacket is a great choice for anyone who likes to look their best and it delivers a streamlined appearance that’s perfect for athletes. Perhaps, one of the best features is how affordable this coat is. If you're shopping on a budget then you should consider this option. It offers an excellent array of features and sells for an accessible price.