Salomon XA Wild

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Editor’s Conclusion
If you're a keen runner, then you will have no doubt already heard of Salomon, the brand that oozes style, performance, and excellent quality. With over 70 years of experience and continuous improvements to their footwear, they can proudly own their place in the sporting industry and you can know, with ease, that you are purchasing quality.

Wild by name wild by nature, in the running world the Salomon XA Wild live up to that notion. Highly protective and offering great stability, the Salomon XA Wild is a real tough cookie.

This trail running shoe benefits from double Contagrip, EVA Foam EnergyCell, and 3D Advanced Chassis. It embodies all the technologies and features that are going to give you a great trail running experience.

This well-balanced shoe is innovative and perfect for someone who likes to hit the trail 2-3 times a week, though not as cushioned as other trail running shoes on the market. However, the XA Wild offers much more to make up for it.
Editor's Pros & Cons



3D Advance Chassis


Contragrip outsole

3D mesh


Not as much cushioning as other trail running shoes

Only to be used 2-3 times per week

Laces can fray

Key Features


Contagrip MA

Trail running shoes rely heavily on their outsole - it's what gives the underneath of your foot the protection and support it needs for the uneven and mixed terrain you will face on the trail.

The Salomon XA Wild benefits from a great outsole; Contragrip MA is built for a wide variety of surfaces. It offers the perfect balance and will no doubt give you the support you want.

Nothing beats a tough outsole, especially one that can take a pounding without falling to pieces. This sole is durable, tough, and worthy of mention.


SensiFit is the ideal supportive, skin-tight feel that cradles the foot from the midsole to the lacing.

It's a great benefit to have as it provides your foot with stability and security while offering that snug feel that makes the shoe feel like it fits more efficiently.

3D Advanced Chassis

Another great benefit to the Salomon XA Wild running shoe is the 3D Advanced Chassis providing you with added protection, stability, and precision. This low-profile chassis is great for giving that responsive ride which is always beneficial in any run.

QuickLace System

An extremely great system for trail running shoes as it means you don't need to worry about your laces coming loose or undone but be aware the Salomon XA Wild has been known to fray on the laces slightly so this is something to consider.

Molded EVA Sockliner

I really like this feature as it helps with your foot's natural movement and almost imitates the foot's position. It's great for adding comfort.


Straight away, as soon as I looked at these shoes I liked them. They are robust, tough, and don't have that flimsy look, something I'm not a fan of.

The Salomon XA Wild is ready for action, with the outsole coming up over the front for added protection against sharp terrain and rocks, a generous pull tab for an easy on and off, and an outsole that looks like it could take on a mountain.

The stitch-free upper construction is great for offering that snug fit and make the shoe feel smoother for the foot to rest in, and the 3D mesh is great for breathability, something that is unquestionably a real benefit for trail runners. Breathability is key, especially as feet swell with pressure and heat.

The heel and collar are both padded nicely to offer you more cushion around that area, another advantage as your feet take on plenty of different angles on a trail, so having that padding is really beneficial.

Comparison to Similar Trail Runners

Puma Voyage Nitro - These shoes actually remind of a rocket. They have a high tongue and heel area, and benefit from foam padding around the collar making them super comfy. The flexible rubber outsole is ideal for taking on tough terrain and the cushioned footbed will provide you with that nice padding for your feet. This shoe is versatile and eye-catching. Offering breathability, cushioning, flexibility and responsiveness, it's definitely worth a look at.

Saucony Peregrine 11 - The Peregine 11 is a shoe that is lightweight and durable. Featuring PWRTRAC rubber lugs and PWRRUN cushioning, they are another great competitor in the running world. This shoe is fast, comfortable, and proactive in its approach to both up and downhill.


The Salomon XA Wild is, without doubt, a great trail running shoe. It is protective, durable, stylish and a responsive ride.

The Contagrip outsole is a great feature that is invaluable on the trail and the 4mm lugs will give you great stability on loose and uneven ground.

The light cushioning in these shoes is something that I may find slightly less than what I am used to; however, I think that lies with personal preference rather than criticism of the design.

The breathability is evident through the 3D mesh, which, again, will be greatly valuable on the trail as your feet start to get heated.

I mentioned the laces as this might be something you want to consider when looking at these shoes; however, a tighter lacing technique would solve easily this issue.