Salomon XA Forces Mid GTX

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Editor’s Conclusion
Benefiting from a 3D advanced chassis system, GORE-TEX, and a quicklace system, the XA Forces boot is a performance-worthy, tactical, and high spec, offering a lightweight ride and a 10mm drop. The heel-to-toe transition will be effortless and smooth as you tackle the terrain and whatever lies ahead of you.

The standard shoe is great for adapting to most foot shapes and the quicklace system is another advantage giving you confidence that you don't have to worry about your boots becoming loose.

Forces footwear is extremely important for completing tasks with swift ease and protection; Salomon is impeccable at making excellent boots and their forces boots are no different.

The XA Forces Mid GORE-TEX boot is lightweight, durable, and tough; they are ready for action and ready to protect.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Quicklace system

GORE-TEX lining

Salomon 3D advanced chassis system

Breathable and durable


Can be warm in the summer

Low back, more exposure to the heel

Not waterproof

Key Features


No forces boots, in my opinion, are designed to be a fashion statement, they are designed to do a job. Having said that, the Salomon XA Forces boots are not too uneasy to look at. Their camouflage appearance makes them perfect for 'in the field' work and would be a great match to most forces uniforms.

Their sturdy rubber outsole is exactly what you will need to combat different terrains and give you the stability and support when on tactical practice or even deployed jobs. Salomon is known for their boots having deep lugs to help on loose dirt and ground, as well as giving you more stability.

The 10mm drop is another great asset as it will keep your feet elevated further away from the ground so you won't feel the intensity of the ground beneath you.

The only thing that may hinder your view on this boots design is the low back heel it has, the material is lower than at the front so you don't have as much protection to the back.


If you're in the forces, the performance of the tactical boot you purchase is extremely important.

The Salomon XA Forces boot is made for a purpose and that is to provide comfort, protection, and support to your feet while you complete your daily tasks.

Benefiting from features such as GORE-TEX to keep your feet dry and help prevent water from getting in, the XA boot is equipped with the right type of technologies that will aid you in your performance.

The 3D advanced chassis is another perk to these boots as it will guide your feet, offering stability and protection even on the roughest terrain. This is also a great benefit if you spend a lengthy amount of time on your feet as it gives that bit more comfort and cushioning too.

The lightweight construction of this boot is perfect for heavy-duty work as it won't weigh you down or cause you discomfort from added pressure on your foot.

The quicklace system is great for providing stability but allowing your feet to still move without feeling uncomfortable, it's also great for not having to worry whether your laces are going to come loose when you are in the middle of an important task.

The protective rubber toe cap offers the front of your foot more protection, especially if you encounter uneven terrain that could prove to be tricky to navigate around. The mudguard around the base of the shoe is another bonus, offering that bit more protection from wear and tear.

Dual-density midsole ensures more cushioning and motion control, it's the ideal material for a better feel with every step.

The Ortholite sockliner also adds further cushioning, breathability, and a cooler place for your foot to rest.

Finally, the EVA heel cup will give you better heel support when you are going over terrain that is less forgiving.


I've always said that Salomon is a brand worth paying for - they use quality materials and craft shoes that will outlive any price you pay for them.

The XA Forces boot does have a heavier price than other tactical/forces boots I have reviewed; however, they do have great features that you will benefit from.

Comparison to Similar Boots

Altama Raptor 8" Safety Toe - When I first looked at these boots, before I'd even dived into their features, they screamed protective boot at me. Benefiting from being taller than the Salomon XA Forces, they are agile, stable, and mission-ready. Features include a steel toe cap, dual microfiber polyurethane uppers, slip-resistant rubber outsole, and stationery Achilles cushion pads. They are the real deal and will give you comfort, protection, durability, stability, and support.

Lowa Innox Pro Mid TF - The Innox pro offers a double-injection Dyna PU midsole, LOWA surrounds Trac outsole, and microfiber uppers. It's a great choice and a good contender.


The Salomon XA Forces Mid GTX boot is a great choice if you are in the forces and you're looking for a protective and cushioned shoe.

The features that these boots benefit from such as the molded EVA, Ortholite sockliner, and SensiFit system are great for giving you that added comfort that you will so desire after being on your feet for hours upon hours.

The only few things that I would consider with these boots are the heat they kick out making them possibly less attractive in the summer and the fact they aren't completely waterproof. Other than that, they're a great boot.