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It’s been drilled into our heads our entire lives that an active life means a healthy life. In the modern world, however, even the people who are the most active are still bogged down with all of the extras we carry around on us. You know, all of the things that are must haves, like our phones, keys, wallets, ID’s, credit cards, headphones, emergency medications, etc.

Most people have to use multiple storage accessories while they’re exercising in order to keep all of their things organized and secure. It used to be standard to use a fanny pack along with an armband. But why continue to use multiple accessories when you can downsize to a more convenient solution?

The design of the FlipBelt is a relatively simple and surprisingly revolutionary way of going hands-free. The fanny pack gets a major upgrade with this simple yet stylish solution that active people all around have been searching for. It even only weighs three ounces, making it so slim and light that it can easily be worn under your clothing even. Ditch the armband, fanny pack, wallet, and purse. Go hands-free with the FlipBelt and you’ll never turn back.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Natural, comfortable fit
  • Versatile
  • Consolidate accessories
  • Fashionable
  • Affordable
  • Some may desire adjustability
  • The wrong fit will slide


Mia Do is the product developer and one of the co-founders of FlipBelt. The other co-founder is a Colorado State University graduate named Jessica Shealy. Do came up with the idea, and once she had developed a prototype, adapted it, manufactured it, and secured patents, she decided to enlist Shealy’s help.

With a ten thousand dollar investment and a finished FlipBelt in hand, Mia and Jessica took their product to a runner’s exposition in March of 2012 to reveal their solution to the hands-free storage issue.

Armbands are starting to become a thing of the past simply because phones are becoming so large. The FlipBelt made sense and could replace the armband and fanny pack. To their surprise, it sold out almost right away. People were thrilled about the FlipBelt and couldn’t get their own fast enough. In the next two years, the women had over four million dollars in sales and the belts were marketed in gyms, retail stores, and even Amazon.

Do is business savvy and understands that twenty percent of sales are from happy customers spreading the word. Therefore, she makes it a point to attend all the events she can in order to market as much as possible.


Spandex was the material chosen to make the FlipBelt. This is synthetic fiber made of polyurethane. The polyurethane is turned to fiber via a spinning technique. Spandex was first produced in the 1950s to be a rubber replacement.

Mainly, spandex is used for fabrics. It’s popular for many reasons. It is a flexible material that can withstand being stretched over and over without losing its recovery ability. It’s also beneficial that spandex is soft, smooth, and lightweight, making it comfortable for the person wearing it. Resilience to abrasions and the effects of perspiration, body oils, and detergents comes in handy as well.

The belt also features flat seams and a lack of buttons or clasps as to avoid skin irritation, reinforced double stitching for extra durability, and a reflective logo for safety if you’re out at night. There are four slits around the circumference of the belt as well as a clip on the inside to hold onto rings or keys. It is machine washable, but you have to be careful with how you do so. Spandex has special care instructions.


The FlipBelt provides security in a couple of different ways. You can feel safer running at night thanks to the reflective logo that will make you visible to oncoming traffic. The belt also provides security to your important items as well as a secure fit to your body. You will be able to go about your routine without worrying about what’s on your waist.

Put your items in, slide them around so that they aren’t directly in front of any openings, and then all you have to do in order to properly ensure the security of your items is flip the belt inside out so that the openings are against your body.

There is a detailed sizing chart available and it would be advantageous to study it before purchasing your belt. If you get the correct size, it will fit tightly, but not so tight it doesn’t feel natural. If it is too big or too small it will be uncomfortable and will be more likely to move, jiggle, bounce, and chafe. The correct size will make you and your items feel safe and secure.


Thinkers and fixers and problem solvers have been trying to come up with the perfect solution to portable storage for a long time. The fanny pack was revolutionary and wildly popular for a while. However, it is now outdated. The armband was a brilliant idea, but it only holds a cell phone and not even every model. So then people were using a combination of both armbands and fanny packs, loading themselves down with accessories to carry their stuff with them.

It is time to say goodbye to both fanny packs and armbands and step into the future with the FlipBelt. Not only is there enough space for your phone, but you can put other necessities in there as well. You can put your cash, cards, ID’s, keys, rings, chapstick, insulin, inhaler, EpiPen, etc in it. And all of the weight won’t be focused in the front. It will be evenly distributed around your waist.


The creators of the FlipBelt are so confident in their product that they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. They have quality control standards in place to ensure that every belt performs and fits perfectly every time. In a time when products are designed for quick profits instead of lasting quality, the consumers suffer. FlipBelt is committed to running miles and miles along with you.

There are no conditions to the guarantee. If you have a problem with the fit or the construction or the quality of the belt you receive, you can request a refund or a replacement, no questions asked.

The spandex used in the construction of this belt, along with all of the attention to the stitching, will keep the belt running with you longer, and more comfortably. Spandex is lightweight, which you’ll appreciate whether it’s empty or full. Once you’ve got your items in there you’ll be thankful the belt itself isn’t heavy. It is also more tolerant of damage caused by perspiration, body oils, and cosmetic chemicals that may be in your lotions or deodorants. And most importantly, it is soft but still more strong and durable than rubber.

Trademarked and Patented

There are a lot of companies on the market these days. A lot more than there used to be because of the convenience of the internet and how easy it is to market your products on social media. Because of this, there are a lot of companies trying to duplicate the FlipBelt. However, they are not succeeding. They are coming from other countries, taking weeks to be delivered, stretching out, the colors are bleeding in the wash, they only have single stitching, and the companies don’t accept exchanges. When you purchase from FlipBelt itself you will not experience this.

FlipBelt was designed in the United States and is shipped from the United States. The tubular belt was originated by FlipBelt. Their Trademark registration number is 4,300,574 and it was issued on March 12th, 2013. The US Patent Number is US D691,795 S and it was issued on October 22nd, 2013.


People tend to assume that products like this are made specifically for runners, but that’s not the case. The FlipBelt is so versatile that it can be used anywhere and doesn’t even have to be visible.

Yes, runners do love this product. It is exponentially more convenient than a fanny pack or armband. It has been tested and tried for races from five kilometers up to thirty kilometers and half-marathons.

This belt is also fantastic for travelers. People love it because it’s a convenient and safe place to keep their money, tickets, and passports while they’re in airports. And when they get to their destination, it’s perfect to keep money and ID’s and keys safe while roaming around. No more worrying about pickpockets when you turn the belt inside out and hide the pockets. Add another layer of protection by wearing the belt under your shirt.

Gym rats rave about it as well. They’re able to keep their phone close during exercise and weight lifting without worrying about it bouncing around or falling on the floor.

Even if you’re not active, you can certainly utilize the belt! Whether you’re walking around the grocery store, the park, the beach, or the mall, keep your money and other essentials close and safe. It’s great for concerts, festivals, amusement parks, biking, etc. Anytime you have the desire to go hands-free, you can turn to the FlipBelt!


If you’re not familiar with your waist size, you’re going to want to take the time to measure yourself or get measured. It is very important when choosing your size that you know what you need. A lot of dissatisfaction comes from purchasing the wrong size and having to return or exchange it.

The belt comes in sizes extra small through extra extra large. Extra small is for waists from 22-25 inches. That is a women’s size 0 and a men’s size 23-26. At rest, it will be 25 inches and 33 inches when stretched. Small is for waists from 26-29 inches. That is a women’s size 2-4 and men’s 26-30. At rest is 26 inches, 36 when stretched.
Medium is for waists from 29-32 inches. That is a women’s size 6-8 and men’s 30-32. At rest is 28 inches, 38 when stretched. Large fits waists from 32-35 inches. That is a women’s 10-12 and men’s 32-36. At rest is 31 inches, 43 when stretched.

Extra large fits waists from 35-38 inches. That is a women’s 14-16 and a men’s 36-41. At rest is 34 inches, 48 when stretched. Lastly, size extra extra large is for waists from 40-48 inches. That is a women’s 18-24 and a men’s 42-48. At rest is 40 inches, 58 when stretched.

Some of the phones that will fit inside of the belt include iPhone 5 through X, Galaxy Note (2, 3, 8, 9, and Edge), Galaxy S8, S8+, S9, and S9+, LG G Lancet, LG Escape, LG G Vista, LG G3 and G4, HTC One Max, HTC One M7, M8, and M9, HTC One Remix, Droid Mini, Droid Turbo, and Droid Maxx.


When dealing with fabrics they have spandex in them, it is important to care for them properly in order to keep the elasticity as long as you can. Caring for spandex is really rather easy and the material will last so long as you stick to the “rules”.

Be sure to never clean with hot water. Use lukewarm or cool water when you’re washing and when you’re rinsing. It is best to handwash spandex to prevent stretching. If you do choose to put it in the machine washer, just toss it in a mesh bag and set it on gentle. Do not ever dry with hot air or in the direct sunlight.

Don’t ever use dryer sheets or fabric softener with spandex either. Most of your detergents will be safe but skip the fabric softener. It will leave a residue that will dull the appearance and end up attracting odor-causing bacteria.

Don’t ever use chlorine bleach on it! It will ruin the fibers. Bleach that is oxygen-based, however, is safe if you need to brighten colors or remove stains.