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Tesla is a relatively new company that started in 2007. The original products that they produced were specifically geared to triathletes. Tesla specialized in high-quality rash guards that are worn and loved the world over by serious athletes. Over the years, Tesla has continued its extensive sports apparel line they’ve also developed shoes first running, and then lifestyle shoes. The Tesla L513 was born and designed to compete. The L513 is a true to size shoe that many reviewers have already loved. Tesla took the technology that they developed in their triathlon sport wear apparel and produced better more waterproof materials. The L513 is also one of the lightest pairs of shoes on the market today.

The combination of lightweight material and reducing material in areas where weight is a common issue.  Even though they are new to the shoe game, Tesla has really done their homework. Tesla’s ultimate motto is “is to be the main force in the popularization of high functional sports gear for all customers.” With this motto in mind, nothing that Tesla makes is ever not scrutinized and tested by Tesla as well as their many adoring fans. Tesla is technology, performance, and style all wrapped up into one tightly bond package. The L513 is no different and is destined to be one the most popular minimalist running shoes on the market.

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Hydro Fit Upper

Hexavent Insole

Flex Groove Outsole

Vent Mesh Upper


Sizes Run Small


Tesla cut its teeth in the brutal proving ground of the triathlon. A triathlon is a grueling race where athletes swim 1.5 kilometers, bike for 40 kilometers, and finally run a 42.2 kilometer race. Many that try don’t even finish the race, in fact just being able to finish a behemoth race such as a triathlon gives an athlete a tremendous amount of bragging rights. The Tesla L513 has an extremely breathable upper. The material that Tesla uses is called Quick Dry. Quick Dry is a material that was developed to be a very pliable material. Quick Dry is also an integrated vent system that helps the upper breathe. Tesla put this material into their upper of the L513 to give the runner the feeling of breathability and flexibility. The L513 also has Tesla’s patented Hydrofit material which helps with the shoe’s ability to wick moisture away from the runner’s foot. The upper is also extremely breathable which is very important when considering running a triathlon. Heat creates sweat, sweat leads to foot slipping and eventually blisters. The Tesla L513’s upper helps wick away the sweat from the runner’s feet and helps keep them dryer. The flexibility also makes the foot feel like there’s nothing on giving a more natural feel.


When Tesla began developing shoes they became keenly aware of the most fundamental causes of discomfort during a marathon, or a triathlon, is flexibility. Without flexibility running hurts and an athlete has a hard time performing at their highest level. The Tesla L513 has a very flexible outsole. The outsole is designed with Flex Groove technology; this means that there are grooves cut within the outsole to flex along with the foot. When a runner is running the most crucial point where some shoes fail and the Tesla L513 excel at is flexibility. Whether running a triathlon, or running a weekend 5k, if your shoe doesn’t flex with your natural footfall, it can make for a long and painful race. The Tesla L513 is designed to flex with a natural way and give the athlete the added confidence of being the right race shoe that will help win races. Tesla has only been a company for ten years but in those ten years, they have put the needs of runners first and have designed a consistent line of triathlon outerwear as well as high-performance shoes.


Traction in a marathon or triathlon comes down to the pavement a runner is going to run on. The Tesla L513 has an asymmetrical tread pattern on the bottom of the outsole that gives the runner a high level of grip on pavement or concrete. The outsole is also designed with Tesla’s own Flex Groove technology. Flex Groove technology is an ingenious method of placing pivot points in strategic points where flexibility is important. The main goal of the Flex Groove technology is to feel more like a natural shoe and less like a running shoe. Flex groove looks like a waffle pattern as well as being able to flex in multiple directions. Flex Groove helps make this a shoe that feels like the wearer is barefoot. Barefoot running is becoming a popular trend as many podiatrists agree that more traditional shoes hinder performance because they hinder the foot’s natural movement. That is the goal of most shoes nowadays, flexibility to conform to the runner’s unique foot features. The ability to flex makes the outsole of the Tesla L513 a shoe worth trying in any major race.


The Tesla L513 is the ultimate definition of minimalist when it comes to weight adding features, so what is the midsole like? The Midsole of any shoe is designed to give cushioned support to the wearer’s foot. This is where the comfortability of a shoe is determined. Tesla has packed a lot of features into a small and ultralight package. The midsole of the Tesla L513 is made with a material called Dura Glide. Dura Glide is a type of EVA or ethylene vinyl acetate that is designed to be firm yet conforming to the runner’s feet. Think about the amount of force strikes the midsole area during the marathon portion of a triathlon. The insole which comprises the midsole is made with a Hexavent insole. The Hexavent insole is super absorbent making any run feel like a walk in the park. Hexavalent is also extremely breathable which is an extremely welcomed feature when the temperature outside soars to 95 with high humidity. Tesla L513 has spent a long time becoming synonymous with triathlons and modern technology. It’s safe to say that they are just getting started and have a lot more to show us.


Breathability can make or break a race shoe. Many reviewers that were asked about breathability in the L513 and many responded very positively. The main focus for breathability usually comes from the upper part of the shoe. The upper of the L513 was designed with Vent Mesh which not only helps the feet within breath and disperses heat; it also adds a two-way support. The L513 is built to handle the hot conditions of a grueling 42.2 km can throw at it. The midsole also is designed to breathe, the Hexavent insoles have an open cell memory foam that takes the heat from the feet and pushes it through the vented upper. Tesla has left no stone unturned and has given the runner a shoe that can be worn on the hottest days. Breathability is a performance affecting attribute. Many runners choose a shoe that is flexible, comfortable and breathable. The L513 is all three of these things and then some. The majority of people who purchased the L513 are impressed with how cool it keeps their feet and how much better they do when competing on a hot day.


When a shoe company takes out most of the guts of a shoe and gives it to the masses, it’s often times thought that maybe the shoe isn’t going to be supportive; this is the furthest thing from the truth. The L513 has been designed to be a stripped down shoe that still provides exceptional support. The midsole of the L513 is where the majority of the support derives from. The midsole is an extremely supportive EVA midsole that is less stiff than competitors and provides a great deal of conforming to the foot even after repeated heel strike from the act of running. Support on the L513 is a three hundred sixty degree attribute. The upper on the L513 is designed to keep the foot from rolling one way or another and keeps he feet running in a smoother forward motion. The Hexavent insole not only breathes incredibly well, it also gives a stiff support to the areas within the shoe that require it. Tesla is a company familiar with the major components that a shoe needs to have to be a great shoe, and they’ve improved on every one of those features.


As with any major race or daily run, comfort plays one of the largest factor when it comes to a great shoe. Comfort is a combination of a few features such as support and breathability. Comfort is such a subjective feature because many people differ in their opinion of what is comfortable and what isn’t. The support side of the L513 is comprised of a highly strike absorbent insole called the Hexavent which after many, kilometers it still gives adequate support that can give even the most particular runner a great feeling. The L513 is also extremely breathable. The vent mesh gives the wearer a great feeling of running through a wind tunnel. Tesla’s stripped down no frills L513 is not only stylish, but it is a shoe that is designed to be comfortable day in and day out. One of the major features helping the L513 be a dynamically comfortable shoe is the Dura Glide midsole, that conforms to the runner’s foot giving adequate support where it’s needed most. The L513 also has a foldable heel that allows for easy slip on and off applications. The L513 is the perfect shoe to go run a race in and a perfectly comfortable shoe that will help the most distinguished runner win.


Tesla is a shoe company that has really set itself apart from the competition. The world of triathlon is an extremely competitive one. Being one of the most grueling races that many dream of finishing, there are so many features that a shoe company has to be good at. The Tesla L513 is extremely good at being light weight. Weighing a measly 6.3 ounces for both shoes, makes this shoe less than half a pound. When was the last time you felt what less than half of a pound felt like? The Tesla L513 is designed to take most of the best features and materials to make the shoe lighter. The L513 cuts a lot of weight out of where traditional running shoes leave it. Traditional shoes such as cross trainers have a great deal of EVA in the midsole to give a lot of comfort but, when race day comes, an athlete needs a shoe without that. The shoe that has the right amount for the comfort during the race but not adding a lot of unnecessary weight. The L513 is the perfect combination of lightweight yet comfortable shoe that is here to do one thing and one thing only, and that is to win triathlons.

Bottom Line

Even though Tesla is a shoe company that started only a decade ago, they have made a tremendous impact on the shoe industry. Ten years ago not many knew what a triathlon was let alone a shoe company that was exclusively triathlon. Today however, triathlons are a very popular race as being the ultimate athletic race that combines three challenging races all into one very challenging race. Those that finish have the glory and bragging rights of saying they competed in one of the toughest things known to man. Those that win, have the ultimate sports bragging rights. The L513 is an extremely lightweight shoe that combines the flexibility and support that any serious race shoe should. The Hydrofit helps the runner’s feet from getting soaked and the vent mesh helps the triathlete’s feet cool and dry. When it comes to building a shoe, especially a shoe that is going to compete in one of the toughest races that man has ever conceived, leave it to Tesla. Tesla is a shoe company that we will hear from again in the very near future there is no doubt, but what is next for the relatively new shoe company? We’ll just have to wait and see but whatever it is, will certainly turn heads and make others stand up and take notice.