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Brooks Ghost 11 Reviewed Review Facts

Brooks has made quite the name for themselves in the industry, and their Ghost line is a winner for many runners. The newest Brooks Ghost 11 combined the old with the new by keeping the BioMoGo foam in the midsole for a customized experience and adding the new DNA Loft midsole insert for enhanced cushioned responsiveness. The upper features a dual-layer mesh material with strategically placed overlays for stability, that customers appreciated.

The new Brooks Ghost 11 comes in 5 different color schemes for both men and women and many widths, accommodating a variety of different foot shapes. While the price tag might be a bit out there, for a quality running shoe that will last you a long time, it is a good investment.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Highly durable
  • Excellent grip and traction
  • Responsive
  • Flexible
  • Lightweight and breathable upper
  • A variety of width options
  • Comfortable cushioning
  • Narrower toe box
  • A bit pricey
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  • I’m an avid runner, purchased these to replace my ghost 10’s and these provide comfortable support in the heels of my foot.
  • I find myself always going back to my Brooks Ghost 11 after trying other brands. These do not over-pronate and provides great comfort for me.
  • So grateful that I was recommended this shoe by a few people. I was very impressed on my daily run, helped with taking the impact off my knees while running.
  • I use these shoes to run my half marathons and 5ks and noticed a big difference in how I felt after each run. I had no aches or pains after finishing a race. My feet still felt great.
  • These were perfect the minute I took them out on their first run. No need to break them in.
  • These are my walking shoes. I walk a great deal a day for exercise and these have to be the most comfortable shoes I own for walking.
  • First time owning a pair of Brooks shoes. I’m really impressed.
  • Fits true to size. Great shoe for walking, provides great support.
  • Purchased for my teenage son and I, we are both big fans of Brook’s shoes. Never have to worry about being in pain at the end of a long workday.
  • I have no complaints about this shoe. I don’t have to worry about breaking these in, they’re ready to go every time which never puts a halt to my 10 mile daily runs.
  • These have the perfect amount of cushion, which makes my landings while running a lot more bearable.
  • Purchased these shoes after being recommend by a doctor, best recommendation especially since having supination in both feet.
  • Never have to worry about needing to break these in. Love them.
  • Very light-weight shoe. Plenty of room in the toe box area and a lot of comfortable support.
  • My wife is now wanting to buy a pair of Brooks Ghost 11, after I purchased my pair to replace another running shoe. So happy with my purchase.
  • Purchased after having my 10’s for a long time. These a great and very spacious.
  • Tons of great comfort. Very durable, lightweight and breathable.
  • I have achilles issues and this shoe was recommend to help, I’ve been running with no issues since switching over to these shoes.
  • Usually super uncomfortable in most shoes, due to my wide feet. Brooks Ghost 11 feel great, they’re the best walking shoes I’ve had.
  • I purchased these shoes to help with my knee issues I was experiencing and I love these. These provide great support and stability.
  • Some customers had to add extra insoles to provide more cushion.
  • May need to size up for some, depending on shoe size.
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The outsole of the new Brooks Ghost 11 is made from a combination of blown rubber in the forefoot, that provides excellent flexibility and grip during toe-offs, and carbon rubber in the heel, which is an incredibly durable material that ensures a long lifespan for this shoe. This new version of the popular Brooks Ghost series features not one, but two separate crash pads. One crash pad is placed in the heel and features the DNA Loft technology, which is an excellent shock absorber. The other is Brooks’ segmented crash pad, with more shock absorbers to ensure smooth transitions during the gait cycle. The composition of the outsole also provides great cushioning, suitable for those longer runs since they will not leave your feet tired.


The new Brooks Ghost 11 utilizes its BioMoGo DNA material in its midsole, which is a highly responsive material with a unique characteristic to adjust to each individual wearer, delivering a fully tailored running experience. This DNA technology has a gel base, which is what gives it its unique ability to conform to each individual’s needs depending on the force it is put under. For example, heavier runners will experience firm cushioning throughout their runs, while runners who already have a fast stride will be happy with the bounciness the Brooks Ghost 11 will deliver.

The BioMoGo DNA also boasts an amazing 30% more cushioning than other running shoe in this category, making for a stable and responsive ride. The Brooks Ghost 11 does not lack in flexibility either. Featuring three flex grooves, called the Omega Flex Grooves on each side of the forefoot, this running shoe has excellent flexibility for smooth transitions. The BioMoGo DNA midsole works beautifully with the DNA Loft outsole to provide a lightweight and responsible ride, not skimping on flexibility and comfort, and the added factor of durability is always welcome.


The new Brooks Ghost 11 features an engineered dual-layer mesh upper, which is even more lightweight and breathable than its predecessor, yet structured enough to provide ample support. It is also smoother and stretchier, making it conform to the shape of the feet with ease, like a sock, no matter the foot shape. The upper features a set of pores in the toe box area that fade into smaller ones toward the midfoot and rear, making the upper super breathable.

The midfoot and heel area with an external counter, which works as an overlay stitched on the heel, provide stability and support with their denser weave. This feature helps keep the feet locked in place throughout use and prevents slipping inside the shoe. The lacing system is pretty standard, with flat laces, however, Brooks introduced one tongue glide loop, to help further secure the midfoot and ankle and prevent the tongue from moving around and causing irritation during use. The only negative some users mentioned was a slightly narrow toe box, but that’s nothing that sizing up can’t fix.


The Brooks Ghost 11 weighs in at 10.9 ounces for the men’s version and 9.5 ounces for the women’s, which is almost a full ounce heavier than the previous model. However, most users were not really bothered by this alteration regarding the weight, since the shoes did not feel heavier than the previous model at all and did not affect the performance whatsoever. In fact, many regard the Brooks Ghost 11 to be one of the best running shoes in its category.


The breathability of the Brooks Ghost series was never a question. The 11th iteration of the Brooks Ghost features a redesigned, structured dual-layer mesh upper, that promotes free air circulation as well as keeps debris out of the shoe. This type of mesh upper will keep your feet dry and cool and is super comfortable thanks to its soft material.


The Brooks Ghost 11’s comfort comes mostly from the BioMoGo DNA sole unit, which features a gel base, that conforms to each individual’s feet for a customized ride and can provide stability as well as cushioning, depending on the runner’s needs. The upper is made of a dual-layer structured mesh material, that is lightweight and super breathable, yet soft.

The collar and tongue come with padding as well, for extra cushioning around the ankles. The only downside some customers noticed was the slightly narrower toe box, which would rub against the toes and cause irritation and blisters. However, the Brooks Ghost 11 is available in a wide selection of lengths and widths, so sizing up might solve that problem.


The Brooks Ghost 11 is a very sleek and stylish looking running shoe and it comes in 5 color schemes for both men and women. The denser weave towards the rear of the shoe has a dual function: it provides support for the feet and lends a cool edge to the design of the shoe. The panel around the laces is made of a reflective material, which can be found on the heel counter as well, which besides looking good also comes in handy for those runs at night.


Thanks to its dual-rubber outsole construction, the Brooks Ghost 11 proved to be extremely durable under many different weather and surface conditions. The blown rubber forefoot provides the flexibility necessary for toe-offs and easy heel to toe transitions, while the carbon rubber heel holds up well even if you are a heel striker. All in all, customers were extremely pleased with the longevity the Brooks Ghost 11 provided them with and would recommend it as a highly durable pair of running shoes.


Due to the improved midsole of the Brooks Ghost 11, runners can enjoy a safe and reliable ride thanks to the upgraded crash pad on the new version of the Brooks Ghost line, which is excellent at absorbing the shock of each footfall and gives the energy back to the runner for a springy stride. This running shoe will not disappoint you even on wet surfaces, since the dual rubber outsole gives superb traction, so you will not slip and fall during runs in the rain.

The Brooks Ghost 11 is accommodating to heel, mid and forefoot strikers alike, since it has enough cushioning throughout the midsole and stability in the heel area. The upper might seem simple, but it includes strategically placed overlays that blend into the mesh seamlessly to provide better stability and support for the feet. Combined with the padded collar and tongue, when laced up, it helps keep the feet in place and prevents slipping inside the shoe.


The Brooks Ghost 11 is praised for having better responsiveness than its predecessor, the Brooks Ghost 10. This is due to the DNA Loft foam, which delivers comfortable and responsive cushioning throughout the ride, and is especially responsive in the midfoot and forefoot areas of the shoe.


Being a neutral running shoe, the Brooks Ghost 11 is best suited for people with normal to high arches, however, some customers who struggle with over and underpronation also found this running shoe a win. The cushioning provided by the sole unit gives ample support, especially in the midfoot to forefoot areas, which is great for toe-offs. Heel strikers were pleased with the additional cushioning in the heel since it provided them with a cushioned landing. The padding on the collar and tongue of the shoe also helps lock the midfoot and ankles down for additional support.


The Brooks ghost 11 falls under the category of neutral road running shoes, so it is best suited for paved roads, tracks or treadmills, and light trails. Having said that, some customers reported the shoes performed well on rougher trails as well.


The Brooks Ghost 11 is regarded as having one of the best tractions in this category of running shoes. This is due to the dual rubber outsole, the blown rubber in the forefoot, which provides excellent grip on many surfaces, and the carbon rubber in the heel, for enhanced durability and traction. The deep treading in the outsole further improves the overall traction this shoe has to offer. However, this iteration of the Brooks Ghost series features less grip than the previous model, which customers were actually happy about since it did not tire their knees out.


The Brooks Ghost 11 is a highly flexible running shoe, thanks to its composition. Namely, the outsole features a blown rubber material in the forefoot region, which is not only extremely flexible but provides responsiveness and grip as well for the toe-offs. The midsole has Omega Flex Grooves on each side to help improve the flexibility of the sole unit even more. Additionally, the dual-layer, stretchy upper conforms to the shape of the feet like a sock, providing a natural movement for the runner.


The Brooks Ghost 11 has excellent stability, mainly owing to the two separate crash pads added to the sole unit, which work as shock absorbers, making for a smooth and stable ride. The carbon/blown rubber outsole provides superb grip and traction, further improving the overall stability of this running shoe. The dual-layer denser mesh upper with the traditional laces and padded collar and tongue adds to the stability by keeping the foot in place and the ankles stable.


The drop of the Brooks Ghost 11 is the same as the previous model, 12 mm for both men and women. While this drop may seem higher than usual, customers were pleased with it and did not mind it.

Key Features

  • Soft, lightweight and breathable dual-layer mesh upper with strategically placed overlays for support and stability

  • BioMoGo DNA cushioning

  • DNA Loft cushioning

  • Two Segmented Crash Pads for shock absorption

  • Omega Flex Grooves for enhanced flexibility

  • Traditional lacing system
  • Bottom Line

    The Brooks Ghost series is a real crowd pleaser and the newest edition is no different. The new Brooks Ghost 11 is an excellent neutral road running shoe that will give you many, many miles of great cushioning with its BioMoGo DNA cushioning. The outsole features a blown rubber forefoot for flexibility and grip during toe-offs and the heel is made of carbon rubber, highly durable material with excellent traction. The midsole makes use of Brooks’ DNA Loft cushioning, which still provides enough support and stability, and thanks to the Omega Flex Grooves, enhances flexibility as well. The sole unit has two separate crash pads for evenly distributed shock absorption, which customers were very satisfied with.

    The denser, dual-layer mesh upper helps keep the feet dry and cool while conforming to the shape of the feet for a natural stride. Added stability can be found in the strategically placed overlays in the upper as well as the padded collar and tongue, which keep the feet locked in position. Even though the Brooks Ghost 11 is a neutral road running shoe, some customers had a good experience taking them on trails and the higher drop did not bother anyone either. All in all, the Brooks Ghost 11 is another great addition to the Brooks Ghost line of running shoes, and while the price tag may not be appealing to everyone, the quality it comes with more than makes up for it.