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Brooks Adrenaline GTS 18 Reviewed Review Facts

The Brooks Adrenaline GTS 18 is the new flagship stability shoe from the Brooks brand. The GTS is an acronym meaning ‘Go To Shoe’ which is an everyday shoe that is very reliable. The Adrenaline GTS line has undergone 18 changes, and every release gets better than the prior model. The success of the shoe is in the way it combines support and cushioning as well as adopting stylish and sleek designs. The GTS 18 offers more than 20 different colours and stylish options. The BioMoGo cushioning foam is a biodegradable material making the shoe environment-friendly. The midsole section has a thermoplastic polyurethane area called DRB Accel which provides torsional firmness and a good hold of the foot’s underside to minimise muscle fatigue and strain while running. The shoe can be best described as lush but firm to provide the best amount of cushion especially to the runners who require extra arch support. The shoe can easily be worn as an outfit accessory that compliments your look and can also provide assistance while running. The shoe is designed to ensure the runner’s body is aligned and appropriately positioned to improve on their overall health.

Editor's Pros & Cons

High-level support

Provides great traction

Sole is durable

Right size fit

Variety colour schemes

Good responsiveness

Great air flow



No minimalist feel.

High heel drop


The Brooks Adrenaline GTS 18 has a responsive cushioning set up throughout the shoe making it an ideal shoe for activities which require a dynamic movement. It has an abrasive resistant rubber compound that is made of HPR Plus. The outsole of the shoe has an integrated crash pad that features a sloping edge which gives it a stylish and cool look. The Brooks Adrenaline GTS 18 makes a continuous gait cycle making it great for all gait cycles. The sturdy rubberised outsole combined with the flex grooves material work together to create a more flexible and fluid ride for runners. The shoe has a blown rubber reinforced in some regions of the outsole especially the forefoot and heel to give a receptive response with each toe-off. Additionally, the forefoot has Flextra which offers fluctuating levels of flexibility depending on the gender and weight of the runner making sure to provide a natural fit. The new version also has a Stable Pod setting which promotes a stable heel to toe transition. The upper and the sole unit are designed using Strobel lasting that offers a smooth appearance which follows the shape of the runner’s foot naturally.


Brook engineers have worked a lot on the midsole of the shoe to try and bring it closer to perfection concerning stability. The Brooks Adrenaline GTS 18 midsole uses Brook’s BioMoGo technology foam for cushioning. The single high-density gel-based foam is made to adapt to the needs of each runner and the unique shape of their foot. The midsole is designed to help runners with additional comfort and alignment. The sides of the shoe’s midsole have a progressive sloping bar. The added support makes the midsole to keep the foot straight which makes it an excellent choice for activities that have lateral movement. The Adrenaline GTS 18 is designed to be a stability shoe that has a double density medial-post. The medial post creates a seamless transition area when the runner’s foot is gently sloping in and avoids the usual abruptness witnessed in most stability shoes. The GTS 18 uses S-257 Cush sole material that makes the midsole more resilient and durable. It also provides extra cushioning and reinforcement for every stride. It has sock liner made of the BioMoGo foam that delivers a contoured and cushioned underfoot experience.


The Brook Adrenaline GTS 18 upper looks to have received significant upgrades in comparison to previous models. Brooks put some work in the new entrant to add more breathability and style to the overall running experience. The new GTS 18 substitutes the most of the previous model overlays with fused mesh and urethane layer. The upper contains a well-constructed breathable mesh. It also uses an asymmetrical 3D fit pattern which is held with a TPU saddle to increase its stability and support. It provides a stylish and unique fit which is also very functional. The shoe’s design secures the heel to eliminate the risk of hotspots and blisters from undesired movements. The lacing of the Adrenaline GTS 18 starts slightly further from the to-tip which provides a more ventilated and roomier forefoot. The shoe has a bigger inward curve of the heel counter as well as a fused design toe bumper making it shallower. The new entrant has a smoother feel because of the softer mesh used, and there are no synthetic layers.


The Brooks Adrenaline GTS 18 is not an everyday shoe which some runners may prefer. The shoe is made for runners who are looking for more supportive features and cushioning. Because of the added protective and cushioning features, the shoe does not qualify to be listed as a very lightweight shoe. The shoe weighs an average of 8.6 oz. for women and 10.0 oz. for men, but the added responsiveness of the shoe makes it feel lighter than it is. The Adrenaline GTS is not a minimalist shoe and loyalists of the brand will appreciate the balance.


The shoe upper is made up of a breathable mesh component that allows for the maximum amount of air currents to flow into the shoe. It also helps to control the temperature in the shoe and to keep the athlete’s foot comfortable and cool regardless of the external conditions. The top of the shoe and the sides are protected with big ventilation holes to speed up drying


The Brooks Adrenaline GTS 18 was developed for comfort. The upper material and the midsole are both made to adapt to the shape of the runner’s foot. The midsole has the BioMoGo foam designed to act as both a support and a cushion which helps to maintain proper alignment. It will also help runners to avoid or minimise injury and pain. The supportive materials designed for the GTS 18 helps to secure the foot in place which reduces the possibility of friction which can lead to blisters. The shoe’s comfort makes it an excellent option for activities with dynamic movements as well as slow-paced long distant runs. The shoe is also ideal for people who keep their shoes on for long hours each day. The collar, breathable mesh, padded tongue and the soft fabric lining adds to the overall comfort of the shoe.


One of the main updates to the Brook Adrenaline GTS 18 in comparison to its prior model is the fashionable and sleek upper. The upper switched from the overlays network to softer mesh system which is comfortable and also looks good. The upgraded design looks better regarding accessorising your fitness outfit as well as your day to day outfit. The Adrenaline GTS offers over 20 different color schemes and styles varying from toned down to brightly coloured and vibrant designs.


The GTS 18 BioMoGo foam in the midsole has received positive feedback regarding its strength. Even though the BioMoGo technology foam gives runners a supportive cushioning, it is also made to withstand mileage without losing its effectiveness and shape. The upper lacks an internal sleeve to act as reinforcement, but the shoe does not perform poorly. Also, the rubber outsole is also made to be durable with high mileage and needs to be replaced less frequently compared to some of its competitors. The rubber outsole has good grip and traction in exchange for its durability, but the shoe does not disappoint. It uses S-257 Cush sole for added resilience and durability.


The overall design of the Brook Adrenaline GTS 18 is designed to offer the runner with unrivalled protection. The Progressive Diagonal Bar enhances the stability of the shoe. It is designed to properly align the foot leading to less pain and fewer injuries. The upper of the shoe has the TPU saddle which is made to secure the foot and provide more security and support of the midfoot. The saddle firmly secures the foot in place which removes unwanted friction that can cause hot spots and blisters. The BioMoGo foam also mitigates adverse shock in every footfall hence minimising the risk of injury or pain to the joints.


The Brooks Adrenaline GTS 18 is designed to adjust to the runner’s motion. The Progressive Diagonal Bar is made to react to a lateral motion from the runner and maintain the foot in the proper position which offers the healthiest foot alignment. Even though it has a plushier and thicker cushioning in the shoe’s midsole, runners can still be able to expect an effective and quick response to changes in pace and movement. The energy return is good but the high heel drop take some time to get used to, and you can at times feel a reduced speed.


The Adrenaline GTS 18 is a great shoe because of its supportive functions and stability. The shoe’s upper for starters utilises asymmetrical 3D Fit overlays together with the TPU saddle on the midsole. It works together to maintain the foot in proper alignment and minimises the risk of undesired side movements. It also works to secure the heel in place so that runner’s feet are secured against sliding or slipping inside the shoe. The Adrenaline GTS 18 outsole has a joined crash pad. The feature works together with sloping edges which supports a seamless step cycle for runners. The shoe is also suitable for people that require extra arch support to keep them safe from injury and comfortable because they have high arches.


The outsole of the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 18 is made of high quality and durable rubber, but it is not a great shoe for rough trails. The shoe does not use the rugged lug structure which would make it a safe for hiking and rocky trails. The shoe is well suited for track workouts, indoor and urban activities. The midsole TPU saddle restrains the foot from extreme side to side motion which makes it ideal for activities that have a lateral and dynamic movement like workouts and dances. The shoe can also be used for runs and has excellent durability. The only minor problem is that small stones sometimes get stuck on the grooves.


The Adrenaline GTS 18 is an upgrade to the previous model GTS 17. Although the shoe has some exciting technology infused in it to deliver superior cushion and comfort as well as to safeguard the runner, it is still evenly priced as the standard running shoe in the market. The Adrenaline GTS 18 is not priced for a person on a budget, but it can also not be regarded as a luxury shoe. The shoe is durable and can withstand wide-ranging mileage which makes its need for replacement less frequent than as compared to similar shoes.


When you flip the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 18 over you will notice the new design of the flex grooves which provides additional grip and traction. To add on the flex grooves, the under-section of the foot is partitioned and covered with small and square shaped rubberised components that gives space for water to flow around the shoe so that runners do not slide or slip. It also does an adequate job of allowing the shoe to perform well on slippery terrain


Even though the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 18 does an excellent job of offering support to runners, it is also very flexible despite the amount of support and cushioning it provides. The shoes upper is made of a breathable mesh which adjusts perfectly to the shape of the runner’s foot. The shoe’s outsole is fitted with flex grooves which helps to promote a seamless heel to toe transition. Runners have described the shoe to feel like a sock. It utilises Flextra on the outsole which offers intuitive and additional flexibility for the shoe.


The Brooks Adrenaline GTS 18 is regarded to be a neutral running shoe. It means that if you choose to use the shoe, you do not have to worry about problems with your feet and ankles rolling outward or inward during your step cycle. The GTS 18 has a good support system incorporated into the shoe that could benefit runner with a minor overpronation. The shoe is made to protect the runner by properly aligning their body during a run. The feature helps to minimise the risk of pain or injury initiated by misalignment during an activity.


The Adrenaline GTS 18 heel to toe drop is at 12 millimetres which is slightly higher than the average heel to toe drop of similar shoes in the market which is 10 millimetres. The GTS 18 drop is among the highest offered for running shoes. The shoe is not suitable for runners that are seeking for a near barefooted running experience. The shoe is best used by runners who have higher arches and may need extra arch support. Runners may require some time to adapt to the high heel drop especially to the runners that are accustomed to average heel to toe drop.


BioMoGo which adjusts to the foot and gives extra cushioning.

Incorporate Crash Pad technology that absorbs shock and lessens the likelihood of pain or injury.

Asymmetrical 3D Fit Print located on the upper.

Progressive Diagonal Rollbar that encourages healthy body alignment.

Flex grooves well designed for better traction.

Flextra on the forefoot for improved flexibility.

TPU Saddle found on the midfoot to secure the foot in properly.

12-millimeter heel to toe drop.

Breathable upper mesh for free airflow.

Over 20 different color schemes and styles.

S-257 Cush sole which increases the resilience and durability of the midsole.

DRB Accel which provides torsional firmness.


Brooks Adrenaline GTS 18 is the Brooks’ brand bestseller and has been around the block for some time now. Runners, especially mild pronators love the support, and the stability shoe has to offer. It is designed to suit the needs of runners during their workouts, and it is also ideal for running long mileage like races, half marathon and full marathon training. Because of its BioMoGo Foam design, you can enjoy the shoe conforming to the shape of your foot and offering reliable and secure support which doesn’t lose its form or fit. Some of the updates to the shoe include more durability, 3D Fit Print overlays and TPU saddle stability and support, Progressive Diagonal Bar for alignment as well as an incorporated Crash Pad for improved gait cycles. The shoe also comes in a wide variety of styling and colour options available. The shoe is averagely priced compared to similar quality stability shoes. The GTS 18 does not have a low heel drop and may not be ideal for you if you are searching for a near zero drop or minimalist running experience. The shoe has mostly received positive reviews.