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Brooks Launch 5 Review Facts

The Brooks Launch 5 is a shoe whose features work best for neutral runners. The shoe features ample cushioning in multiple places throughout its design which allows it to really function for those who require that extra bit of comfort. Initially released a few years ago, the Launch line by Brooks is a line which places great emphasis on the functionality achieved by the wearers of the shoe. This shoe is one that is ready to go for almost any event that a runner could throw at it.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Ample gripping features
  • Sleek upper
  • Durable materials
  • Comfortable
  • Narrow toe box
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  • These shoes are awesome directly out of the box. Love the comfort and they are so lightweight.
  • I originally got these because my ASICS weren't doing it for me anymore. At first, I thought maybe the Brook Launch 5 wouldn't have enough cushion but they are perfect. I like that the toe box is wide enough.
  • I am not a true runner although I want a shoe that's great for jogging. This shoe is excellent for jogging, and HIIT.
  • I have a narrow foot and I read reviews to go up a half size and they fit great. So far these shoes are comfortable.
  • I have a wide foot and these shoes give my foot plenty of room. In fact, these are my third pair. I intend on running miles in these as I did in my previous Brooks.
  • I would be considered a Brook head of sorts. Being a size 8.5 in other Brooks I can say the Launch 5 run small so size up.
  • My Brooks provide greats support and are comfortable during long runs. These are pretty much the only running shoes for me.
  • My Brooks are breathable and fit good. Love the color. Would have liked if the shoe had more cushion like other models.
  • Brooks are my favorite brand and I feel they are certainly worth the money. I am a teacher and although I wear these for running, they are my work shoes as they are comfy and durable.
  • I decided to splurge on myself and get these shoes because as a student on campus I will be walking a lot. They fit well and I've never worn a more comfortable shoe. Now I am a loyal customer of the Brooks brand.
  • I recommend these shoes because of the quality and how comfortable they are.
  • I've been a fan of Brooks running shoes and won't buy another brand.I know to by a size up for my running shoes. I run long distances and love how good these shoes feel.
  • I love these so far but I've only run in them twice. These are however my 2nd pair and I'm always happy with how they feel when I run so I don't foresee any issues. Brooks are always comfortable and the support is good.
  • I am a big fan of Brook shoes, won't buy another thing else. I love the fit and traction too.
  • I am confident that I won't buy any other brand. That should tell you a lot.
  • The price is a little higher than I am used to spending but the fit is perfect. I did buy a half size up after reading reviews. I love these shoes and how wide they are. Great support for the ankles.
  • When I got this brand I had never worn a pair but after working in them for 16 hours for my hospital job, my feet feel wonderful.
  • My favorite running shoe. I am currently on my 6th pair. Need I say more!
  • I love them!! They didn't have my size in my local shoe store so purchased them from Amazon. Super comfy for running and fast shipping.
  • If anyone is on their feet for long hours in a day these are the best shoes.
  • These shoes run narrow so order a size up.
  • Wearers have complained of wear after only a few months.
  • Not as shock absorbing as I would like.
  • Although comfortable, may not be for users with a high arch.
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One of the best features of this revamped version of the Launch is that it comes with ample rubber on the sole unit. The copious amounts of rubber featured on the outsole of the shoe allow it to provide wearers with amazing grip when they’re out using the trainer on the surface of their choice. The outsole on this shoe also features a stabilizing line that runs the length of the shoe and allows it to evenly distribute the weight of the wearer's foot throughout the shoe’s design. The line running the length of the shoe also acts to give wearers a bit of flex while moving around in the shoe.


The midsole of the shoe is designed from Brooks’ famous BioMoGo DNA material. This material allows wearers to gain what they would need in order to fully be able to have what they’d need in order to feel comfortable while they are making use of the shoe. The design of the midsole on the Launch 5 hasn’t really changed much from that seen by the few other designs previously made by Brooks; the only difference is that the shoe has a bit more cushioning than the earlier models. The midsole of the shoe also features a rather peculiar liquid material insert which allows the shoe to provide wearers with ever-changing support while the shoe is in use for a run.


The upper of the Brooks Launch 5 is probably the area where the shoe has changed the most. The Launch 5 features a mesh upper made from primarily mesh. Using mesh in a shoe’s design allows the wearer to have both a responsive and comfortable ride due to the materials easily movable design. The mesh in the Launch 5’s design is aptly named “Air Mesh “ due to the fact that it seems to glide right over the wearer’s skin while in use. This results in a feel that is very much above what many runners are used to having while their shoes are in use. Brooks also added a bit of reflective material into the design of the Launch 5 just to ensure that the wearer would be able to feel secure while the shoe is in use.


Although the design of the Launch 5 has changed slightly, the weight of the shoe hasn’t managed to go down one bit. The Launch 5 isn’t the heaviest shoe on the market that’s for sure. With an overall weight of approximately 9 oz for a men’s size 9.5. This isn’t the worst thing in the world because there are various other shoes in the Launch 5’s caliber that manage to weigh much more. Something that must be noted about the Launch 5 is that the design has gone up a bit in weight as the shoe has been remade. Initially, the shoe weighed approximately 7.5 oz while it now weighs a whopping 9. Again, that isn’t that bad but it should be noted.


In terms of style, the design of the shoe is one that closely resembles the average trainer. It has the slim cut and various reflective materials placed throughout which allow it to provide wearers with adequate protection and comfort when in use. It has the typical Brooks designs in place throughout which makes it pretty easy to notice that it’s of the Brooks line. Aside from the usage of the shoe, it becomes a relatively simple thing to note that the design of the shoe has changed quite a bit. It can be worn to various places which makes it a shoe that can be worn to various different places with relative ease.


The design of the shoes upper allows it to provide wearers with quite a bit of air-circulation when in use. For starters, the shoe’s material is titled “air mesh”; this signals that it will provide wearers with adequate air-flow while in use. Something that individuals have noted about the shoe’s design is that, while the shoe has a dual-layered design it still manages to feel as if it isn’t present on the wearer’s body. For a shoe to be able to do this is quite remarkable.


The Air Mesh in the shoe’s design does work wonders for providing wearers with a level of comfort while the shoe is in use. The way that the material is situated on the wearer’s foot allows is said to make it feel as if it’s not even present on the wearer’s foot; a material that claims to have this effect must be something worth paying attention to. The responsive support provided by the DNA material in the midsole is also a feature of the shoe that works to provide wearers with adequate comfort while the shoe is being used.


The dual-layered upper is designed to be able to handle quick Brooks decided to up the shoe’s amount.


As mentioned in an earlier section of this review, the upper of the Launch 5 makes rather decent use of reflective materials in the upper of the shoe. The reflective materials allow the shoe to be used to an even higher degree in dimly lit areas and reduces the chance of the wearer not being seen by passersby. The sole unit on the Launch 5 is also rather thick which enables the wearer to have a bit of coverage from materials getting stuck in the shoe’s design.


One of the areas that the Launch shines in the most is in responsiveness. The sole unit of the shoe, primarily the midsole, moves rather easily to the needs of the wearer’s foot. This can mainly be attributed to the use of the DNA material in the sole unit’s design. The material enables the shoe to move to the needs of the wearer’s foot with ease (this will be discussed more in-depth throughout this review). The upper, despite being dural-layered also moves along with the movements of the wearer’s feet. It makes use of printed overlays, which means that it will provide wearers with what they need in terms of comfort and ensure that wearers retain a level of motion while the shoe is in use.


All things considered, it can be said that the Launch 5 is a shoe that can be used on a multiplicity of terrains. The design of the sole unit allows the wearer to have what they need in order to be used on either roads or indoor floors. One can thank the addition of more rubber in the shoe’s design for this ability to be used on various different terrains with such ease. On the same token, although the shoe has ample rubber in it shouldn’t be considered for use on trail terrains. The design of the shoe doesn’t have the grip necessary to be considered a competitive choice on this terrain.


Another great thing about the Launch 5 is that the price is nothing short of superb. It sells for a price that allows it to give wearers all that they need in terms of value with relative ease. For instance, consider the quality that is found in the design of the upper. The Air Mesh material found in this area allows the shoe to have what many would consider being an outstanding level of comfort due to its ability to provide wearers with various different types of comfort. The versatility of the upper is one of the things that allows the shoe to provide wearers with such a high level of value when in use. Not to mention the fact that the shoe is also on the more durable side of the spectrum. The level of longevity that is achieved by both the upper of the shoe and the sole unit is something that adds to the value provided by the shoe as well.


The sole unit has ample rubber in place which allows the sole unit to provide wearers with what they’d need in terms of grip. The thing to be noted is that while the sole unit is designed with ample rubber, it also allows the wearer to have what they need in order to enjoy a bit more grip. The shoe has flex grooves in place which allows the shoe to move with ease and also enables the shoe to provide wearers with what they need in order to make full use of the shoe’s grip.


The DNA technology in the midsole of the shoe is meant to aid the shoe in providing adequate support to its wearer. This material conforms to the movements of the wearer’s foot and basically adjusts so that the shoe knows when to adjust its level of solidity or softness (in a tacit way, of course). The design of the shoe upper has printed overlays and thus is a bit on the stable side of things when used; this means that it is able to give wearers a bit of support for the sides of their feet.


A shoe with flex grooves is a shoe that wants to provide wearers adequate range of motion. The design of the shoe makes use of flex grooves in both the forefoot and heel which enables the shoe to move with minimal resistance when the wearer needs it to. This ability to move freely enhances the feel of the shoe and the performance of the wearer if used correctly. The upper of the shoe is has a few layers but is still able to move to the needs of the foot when in use. One of the outstanding qualities of mesh is that it doesn’t hinder movement much.


A shoe that’s able to find a balance between both stability and flexibility is to find a well-developed shoe. The sole unit of the Launch 5 makes use of DNA foam which conforms to the shape of the foot and the level of pressure placed on it. The material never feels outstandingly firm or outstandingly cushioned which is a feature that results in a greater level of stability while in use. Although the upper of the shoe is relatively responsive, it still manages to provide wearers with what they need in terms of stability. The overlays in the shoe’s design allows the shoe to provide wearers with adequate stability while not hindering the shoe’s ability to move freely.


The shoe features a rather standard 10mm drop. For a running shoe such as this, to have a 10mm drop is not unusual. One thing that may not be the most important but still should be mentioned is that the drop on the shoe has been raised considerably. The design of the shoe manages to provide wearers with adequate transitions due to this standard drop; the higher heel stack height basically lessens the time needed to move from the heel to the toe area of the shoe.

Key Features

DNA technology
Rubber outsole
Air Mesh upper
BioMoGo midsole


The design of this shoe is one that allows the wearer to have what they need in terms of both comfort and stability. This shoe has a rather low price point as well as provides wearers with adequate value when purchased. With all things considered, while the shoe does have an increased weight, it doesn’t affect the performance in the slightest. The launch is still a shoe that’s designed for outstanding performance and shouldn’t be thought of as anything less.