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Brooks Adrenaline GTS 17 Review Facts

The Brooks Adrenaline GTS line of shoes has been a hit since they put their first model of premium stability running shoes on the market. The most recent model, Brooks Adrenaline GTS 17, has a few upgrades and is noticeably set apart from the others. They provide a softer underfoot and a secure feel like the previous models in the market, but it places a bit more emphasis on the comfort provided. Highlighting this feature does not alter the core of the Brooks brand, but only illustrates its unlimited potential.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Secure midfoot fit
  • Plush and soft insole
  • Stability mechanisms
  • Lightweight design
  • Rubber Sole Wears Down
  • Mid Sole Platform Stiffness


The outsole on the GTS 17 is made from a blown rubber material. Blown rubber is a material that lessens the blow that the shoe itself feels during a run and continually provides the wearer with traction during their run. The material also manages to be incredibly lightweight and flexible; unlike the heavy stiff rubber found in many athletic shoes on the market, the blown rubber is much softer and flexible, setting the wearers up for better performance. Comfort is one of the many things that this shoe provides and, unlike many other shoes, some of the comfort provided by this shoe stems from the material in the outsole. To improve the durability of the shoe, Brooks also added their HPR compound to the outsole unit. This material is known for being incredibly durable and was designed this way so that wearer's of the sheo could enjoy a slightly more durable outsole on their favorite models. This essentially means more long lasting durability in high wear areas most of the time. The combination of the two materials helps this outsole be the best that it can in various situations.


The midsole of the GTS 17 features their very own BioMoGo DNA material. With this technology, Brooks Adrenaline GTS 17, can give the wearer’s a customized memory-like cushioning that conforms to the wearer's particular running style with ease. This material is also said to provide wearer's with a high level of energy return when in use as well smooth changeover during the wearer’s individual stride. The midsole is based on the same triple-density foundation that was used for the GTS 15 and 16 models. On top of this, the shoe breaks down much faster than traditional midsoles. For additional support, Brooks also added a bit of BioMoGo foam to the inside of the built in profile sock-liner.


The GTS 17 offers both a breathable and flexible upper mesh with supportive structuring elements. This is accomplished through Brooks' 3D fit print process that basically works to ensure that the shoe's design is engineered to provide structure for the wearer's foot. Due to the use of this screen print technology applying an engineered structure to the upper, the shoe provides a higher level of dexterity while also feeling rather secure while in use. Wearers also get the benefit of having an extra eyelet. This feature keeps the wearer’s heel from moving and stops blisters from forming. This is very useful especially if the wearer plans on running marathons or training for an event. The upper also come equipped with an adjustable saddle which ensures a secure fit and no wobbling feet. This basically ensures that after one laces up, everything will simply stay in place.


On average, the GTS 17 weighs about 303.3 grams which converts to about 10.7 ounces. This is considerably lighter than earlier versions which weighed in at 11.9 oz. One of the things that Brooks managed to do with this line has been to decrease each iteration of the shoes design. The Brooks Adrenaline GTS 17 features their renowned Flextra technology which not only makes them lightweight but offers great traction on any surface. So, during a run, the wearer can expect superb grip without the feeling of being weighed down.


Compared to other models on the market, this shoe ensures ample breathability. The mesh element is a very breathable material which allows air to flow into the foot chamber with each step that the wearer takes. As a runner, the wearer’s feet are guaranteed not to overheat or even sweat. The materials that are built in Brooks Adrenaline GTS 17 do a great job of keeping the wearer’s foot dry as the during their run. The material is also extremely lightweight, so they can keep on running without feeling loaded down and, which improves the shoe’s ability to reduce sweat accumulation.


When the one slips on this shoe the first thing that will come to mind is how comfortable it fits all around. Also, the lining of the fabric offers added cushion. This model also has a foam insole which gives it a cushioned feel when used. The Brooks Adrenaline GTS 17 also features their V-Groove technology which provides a natural release or transition which gives the wearer that added comfort that they’ll need.


GTS 17 offers an array of stylish designs and many vibrant colors. If the wearer’s like night time running, there are also reflective options. On the first impression, the wearer may think it is clunky design, but don't be fooled. They are incredibly lightweight and designed to cater to the wearer’s unique feet. They would not only improve the overall running experience with the advanced engineering, but they look great while doing so.


Overall this shoe can take anything the wearer can throw at it. The durability is achieved through the blown rubber outsoles with the Flextra HPR materials that are built inside. Another contributing factor is the addition of the 3D Hex Lug. The lugs on the outsole have proven to be very durable even against the most brutal terrains. Realistically, however, everything has a point before it slowly starts to break down with wear. However, with proper care many report this shoe can last for an incredibly long time.


Brooks’ designs have always had the runners safety at the forefront and have been pioneers in designing protective features which keep runners safe. The GTS 17 is no exception, with its built-in retroreflective materials. With that in mind, while wearing it other people can see the shoes at the same time at night. With the use of the reflectivity capabilities on the outsoles, the runner is visible in most lighting conditions.


The GTS 17 is excellent in most categories, including the area of responsiveness. It feels outstandingly soft and cushioned while running. Also, the shoe is designed to give energy back to the wearer’s foot while the wearers are running. The extra cushioning has a lot to do with the responsiveness, so the wearer’s don't feel a lot of the impact while the wearers are running. In other words, much of the energy that comes from hitting the pavement dissipates instead of being absorbed by the wearer’s feet. While it certainly does not feel like lead while one is running, it does not give much spring back like other leading brands. The midsole foam feels to be a bit on the flat side and unresponsive at times, and the great insole was the only factor to save it at times. The level of responsiveness that’s achieved by this shoe will/can fit most runner’s needs.


When the wearer slips on a pair of Brooks Adrenaline GTS 17s they will immediately appreciate how much support the feet have while in them. With a cutting-edge design, the wearer’s will find it hard to complain about how much support the feet get overall. The Progressive Diagonal Rollbar makes sure with every step the wearer takes it correctly aligns the body. With its full-length segmented Crash Pad, it can adjust with each movement of the wearer’s foot keeping everything in place. This particular shoe also has a structured saddle that pulls from the heel while also wrapping around the wearer’s midfoot to have a safe and fastened fit. The highly adaptable cushioning provides the wearer with what they’d need regarding energy return while also allowing the wearer to have a bit more in the way of arch support for the underfoot; those who run competitively would simply love this feature of the shoe.


The Brooks Adrenaline 17 is a serious running shoe. They definitely belong outside rather than on a treadmill. The functionality is a bit different on different terrains but most don’t notice it and get excellent performance regardless of the terrain. Since the traction is superb, this shoe delivers on wet and dry surfaces alike, including snow if it was falling. The high-quality design also prevents water from seeping in during rain. For the most part, the wearer’s will get a smooth run almost all the time.


Today the GTS 17 tend to be on the pricier side. With each year their particular series has improved without straying from the main idea of their brand. Over time they have garnered many followers as the wearers can see in their steady sales. With updates and better technology, the price going up is unfavorable in today's economy.


On the Brooks Adrenaline brand, they have also been on top of the game when it comes to delivering top notched traction. When running, this shoe has great traction because it adapts to the movements and ground; it delivers a long lasting and efficient grip. Keep in mind, however, these shoes are made for running outside and not on wooden floors and carpets. In return, while the wearer’s do have great traction with the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 17, the outsole tends to have a shorter lifespan on more strenuous terrains compared to other shoes in the market.


Brooks Adrenaline GTS 17 is extremely flexible which makes it an ideal running shoe. Some may find it stiff with all the extra cushion and other material added to this model. The Omni Grooves are little trenches in the sole which would allow for this to take place. Despite this, however, it still retains a good measure of flexibility and molding with the wearer’s feet. With this particular brand, it is equipped with upgrades not found in the 16 model which makes it more comfortable and flexible.


The design of this shoe has various overlays and gives the wearer everything that they’d need in terms of stability. The design of the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 17 is engineered with several stability mechanisms to prevent discomfort and injury. A segmented crash pad with fully integrated shock absorbers offer not only a high degree of support but also a cushion effect and a smooth heel to toe transition; this particular design feature is what’s called the Diagonal Rollbar. With the design of the shoe, the foot does not lean to the side or even have room to slide out. A shoe such as this one with the high level of overlays and features is prone to provide the wearer with what they’d need in terms of stability and ensure that the wearer of the shoe doesn’t have to sacrifice a thing in regard to the overall ride achieved.


Countless shoes over the course of a decade have been drafted with a heel that sits much higher than the forefoot. Brooks Adrenaline GTS 17 also integrates this type of design model on many of their shoes, including this one. The purpose of this 12mm drop is to take the strain off the Achilles tendon. Additionally, it cushions the heel significantly and promotes forward propulsion. This is so the wearer’s foot can go down better and get up without skipping a beat and keep pushing forward during a run. Most find this helpful, but may feel a shoe will a large drop is sometimes clunky or allows less speed due to being weighed down.

Key features

- BioMoGo DNA technology midsole
- Segmented crash pad
- 3D Hex found on the outsole
- V-Groove technology
- Progressive Diagonal Rollbar
- Adjustable eyelids
- Conformable Saddle


Overall, if one is looking for a nice performance based running shoe this is you. This model offers many amenities, such as a lightweight design, excellent arch and heel support, formidable traction for the wearer’s running needs, as well as a bit of class during a run. This shoe can adapt to almost anything the runner throws at it while maintaining a new look and feeling safe and comfortable. It is a durable shoe with the latest engineering designs for the serious runners all around.