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Brooks Ghost 9 Review Facts

The Brooks Ghost 9 holds several improvements over the previously released Ghost 8. The shoe features a thinner sole unit, a mesh upper, and tread on the sole which gives it a decent level of grip. The design of the overall shoe has remained the same except for a few minor things, at least aesthetically speaking. The biggest change in the shoe in terms of aesthetics had to be in the upper of the shoe where Brooks decided to go with a seamless cut. In addition to all of this, the Brooks Ghost 9 gives such a high level of cushioning that you won't lose the spring in your step during those exceptionally long runs. This running shoes provides what you need in the way of support, cushion, comfort, and style.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Breathable upper
  • Lightweight
  • Amazing grip
  • Comfortable sole unit
  • Upper lets liquid in
  • Large drop
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  • At last a shoe which gives good bounce in combination with the right level of supportive cushioning, I run a regular 15 miles every week on unforgiving concrete surfaces and these are perfect for the challenge. Grip is great, support from the shoe is consistent and does not deteriorate and the overall durability is very good when you consider the concrete pounding these get every week, these are easily the best running shoe range.
  • Easily the best of the best for neutral shoes that I have tried out, I wanted a fully neutral shoe in which I can use orthotics and these deliver for this. The performance from these has been outstanding, never known a shoe as good as these. I can safely say this is probably the best neutral shoe available.
  • The ghost is the best, everything is designed in perfectly, I just love running in these and I put in around 20 miles each week on all surfaces and in any type of weather, the traction is there, the support is amazing, cushion is very good, nice breathability and seriously durable.
  • I have arch issues, not sure why and the support from these has really fixed the issues, no aches etc, the shoe feels so supportive and rides like a dream no matter where I choose to run. Roads, parks, this she is great.
  • Because of my neutral pronation I have to be ultra careful about which shoes I run in because I like to put in a good amount of miles very regularly, these shoes work perfectly for my gait, the support from these feels seriously good, the shoe gives enough bounce for me to role forward with my momentum, if your looking for durability, performance and comfort, these are for you, I am very pleased with these.
  • I got these, did a 4 hour marathon, no aches, no blisters because these shoes hit the target for all my running needs, they stay cool enough on the feet for long runs, they are truly supportive, nice return and as far as durability goes, I think these are the very best available shoe.
  • I do have wide feet and I’m happy to say that fit from these is true to the size stated, the shoe runs neutral and gives a great hug on the foot while allowing enough flex and bounce, the ventilation works well and traction is very nice.
  • I like these, you name it and these are good for it, I jog daily in all weathers and not a single negative point to say about these, I’m going to buy another pair in reserve for when these are done.
  • I got the extra width EE and use these for both walks and running, the cushioning in these feels so balanced that I dispensed with my usual orthotics inserts.
  • My flat feet send me crazy when choosing a shoe, I run treadmill daily and so far these shoes seem perfect, pressure gets absorbed, the fit is great, the comfort so nice, higly suggest runners try out these because they actually work.
  • Did 200 miles and the cushion is starting to lose response, the shoe has been heavy but usable and these are wearing out a lot faster than they should at this price.
  • My Achilles tendon suffers from pinch in these and I get nasty blood blisters, I think this must be because of the plastic shell built in just above my Achilles, it’s a pity because these are excellent shoes but the design does not go with my feet.
  • The heel was cutting into my Achilies tendon big time, very painful, I took away the lace lock system and that fixed the problem. Hope my advice helps because these are generally fine shoes.
  • Like the shoe but the toebox is cramped and can make running a bit uncomfortable, I think for the next upgrade they need to improve space for the toebox.
  • These are wearing out quickly, when I strike with the ball of my feet I can feel that support is getting less, also the shoe is heavy and could do with being lighter.
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The outsole of the Brooks Ghost 9 is designed from a hardened layer of rubber. The outsole on the shoe is relatively thin in comparison to the rest of the shoe but still provides a decent amount of traction primarily because of the patterning used throughout. The shoe features a grip-like multicolored patterning on the outsole that primarily focuses on the outer edges of the wearer’s foot enabling them to achieve a high level of grip. This model of the shoe features a bit less grip than previous models, but that still doesn’t take away from the shoes ability to provide a high level of traction.


The midsole unit of the Brooks Ghost 9 provides a high level of flexibility and functionality for the wearer of the shoe. The shoe has grooves placed throughout the sole unit, which enables the shoe to achieve a high level of flexibility while in use. The use of BioMoGo DNA foam in the midsole of the shoe allows for a high level of comfort and responsiveness to be achieved by the shoe. The sole unit of the shoe, primarily the midsole, allows for a lot of energy redirection, also doing a decent amount to enhance the overall ride of the shoe.


The upper of the Brooks Ghost 9 is where the most enhancements have been placed. For starters, the upper of the shoe has been given a seamless design. The new design allows for better comfort to be given to the wearer and takes away from the shoe’s ability to scratch the wearer’s foot during use. The upper is also extremely breathable because of the use of the mesh material throughout the design of the upper. One thing about the upper is that, because of the use of the mesh, and it’s thin cut, it allows a decent amount of liquid to seep into the shoe if worn in a moist environment.


The Brook Ghost 9 has several materials placed throughout which enhance the shoe’s overall cushioning and support; they also add a bit of weight to the shoe. The sole of the shoe is relatively thick, enabling it to provide a decent layer of cushioning to the wearer’s foot. The thickness of the sole of the shoe is where most of the added weight comes from. Also, the upper, being loaded with cushioning material to enhance the support and stability of the shoe adds a decent amount of weight to the overall design as well. All in all, the Brook Ghost 9 weighs in at about 11 oz, meaning that it isn’t the lightest shoe out.


The mesh upper of the Brook Ghost 9 is definitely very breathable. The mesh material is known for its porous qualities and its ability to protect the wearer’s feet from overheating during use. The upside to this is that, as stated earlier, the material allows the wearer’s foot to stay relatively neutral during use. The downside is that the material of the upper also allows other things to seep inside of the shoe, namely moisture. This means that it can’t really be worn in wet climates because of this effect.


The Brook Ghost 9 was designed to provide a comfortable overall feel to the wearer of the shoe. The upper of the shoe, being designed from mesh allows the shoe to conform to the shape of the wearer’s foot with little to no effort. The seamless upper also prevents the wearer’s foot from blistering up during use due to rubbing against the material on the inside of the shoe. The sole unit of the shoe achieves the same effect as the upper of the shoe is that it is able to conform to the shape of the wearer’s foot and is also able to absorb a decent amount of the shock taken in during the ride. This means that the shoe does a fantastic job of preventing fatigue of the wearer’s foot and discomfort due to the terrain that the shoe is worn on. Another thing to mention is that Brooks has decided to give the shoe lush fabric on both the tongue and heel of the shoe preventing itchiness or a scratchy feeling on those parts of the shoe.


The Brook Ghost 9 holds a decent level of aesthetic appeal when all the qualities of the shoe are considered. The upper of the shoe, despite the various coverings, is stylish enough to give the shoe the ability to be worn in areas aside from the general running environment. Also, the sole unit of the shoe despite being as thick as it is, achieves this same effect. This is primarily because of the use of a single foam unit for the sole and the lack of extra pieces. Aside from this, the use of various complimentary colors in the shoe’s design means that wearers of the shoe have a bit of variety in that they get to choose to wear their shoes with. Overall, the Brook Ghost 9 even though it isn’t the “go-to” shoe for style, is quite stylish.


The Brook Ghost 9 is designed with several high-quality materials which allow the shoe to have a certain level of longevity during use. The upper of the shoe, being designed from a relatively thin cut of mesh shouldn’t last very long in the strenuous environments that it was designed for. But it does. The mesh has been given several plastic coverings which enable the shoe to handle the variety of things that come at it during use. The materials used in the sole of the Brook Ghost 9 are meant to take a beating regardless of the terrain that they are used on. The sole unit is relatively thick and patterned in such a way as to prevent instant wear and tear throughout. The outsole of the shoe, despite being relatively thin is able to provide the wearer with a decent level of traction for miles on end due to the design that it has been given. Aside from this, the midsole is able to retain its shape and bounce due to the materials used for its make.


The Brook Ghost 9 was designed to give the wearer ample protection during longer runs. The thin mesh cut of the upper has several plastic guards strategically placed throughout which enable the shoe to maintain a high level of resiliency during use. The sole unit of the shoe being designed out of a thick layer of plastic material, enables the shoe to maintain a high level of stopping power during use. This means that the shoe has the ability to prevent the wearer from feeling the possible effects of materials entering and damaging the wearer’s foot. This isn’t to say that the Brook Ghost 9 provides all of the protection that a wearer might need, but it does its job.


The sole unit of the Brook Ghost 9 is highly responsive to the wearer’s movements. The sole of the shoe, despite being relatively thick, achieves a high level of flex. The flex allows the wearer to have a relatively natural ride during use. The grip achieved by the outsole of the shoe also allows the wearer to make snappy movements which result in an even high level of responsiveness to be achieved by the shoe. The upper of the shoe being designed from mesh is form-fitting and moves with the movements of the wearer’s foot also resulting in snappy movements for the wearer, regardless of the terrain. One thing that may impact this part of the shoe is the overall weight, but the grip of the shoe and it’s form-fitting design does a decent job of counteracting that.


The Brook Ghost 9 has been given a design that provides ample support to the wearer of the shoe. The upper of the shoe and it’s form-fitting and plush design allows for a decent amount of cushioning to be given to the wearer. The shoe has been classified as a neutral running shoe, meaning that it is able to blend with the curves of a runner who has neutral arches. The BioMoGo DNA material used in the shoe enables it to provide support in various areas, mainly because of the fact that it aids n the form-fitting nature of the shoe. The sole unit, being as responsive and thick as it also does a decent job of providing support to the wearers of the shoe.


The Brook Ghost 9 has been given a design that enables it to be useful on a multiplicity of terrains. The shoe’s sole allows for it to be worn and used on trails, roads, treadmills, etc. while giving minimal worry to the wearer of the shoe. On top of this, the upper of the shoe allows for a decent level of airflow to be attained on a variety of terrains as well. Just keep in mind that the upper of the shoe does keep it from being able to be worn comfortably in the moist terrains mainly because of the materials thin and porous nature.


The best thing about the Brook Ghost 9 besides the traction is the price. The shoe is well below the average price for shoes of its caliber. The design of the shoe and the technologies included throughout justify the extremely low price of the shoe and it does a decent amount to give the shoe some value. The shoe achieves a high level of traction and is quite durable, allowing it to be worn for miles on end without needing replacement.


The patterning throughout the sole unit of the Brook Ghost 9 allows the shoe to achieve a high level of traction. The sole unit of the shoe has been fitted with hardened rubber grid-like sections which enable the material to attach itself to the ground with a high level of ferocity. The traction achieved by this shoe isn’t that of the previous model, but it still does the job, and it does it well at that.


The sole unit and upper of the Brook Ghost 9 allows the shoe to achieve a high level of flexibility during use. The upper of the shoe, despite the use of plastic coverings throughout, can achieve a level of flex above that of previous models. The flex achieved allows the shoe to bend with the movements of the wearer’s foot resulting in a somewhat natural feel. The sole of the shoe has been fitted with flex grooves that allow for bending and somewhat counteract the effects of the weight and thickness of that portion of the shoe.


The Brook Ghost 9 has a few parts of the design which provide stability for the wearer of the shoe. The upper of the shoe has been fitted with plastic coverings and has snug lacing which gives the shoe a bit of security while being worn. The sole unit of the shoe is as thick as it is, provides the wearer with ample landing space, resulting in added security and stability as well.


The drop on the Brook Ghost 9 is slightly above average. The shoe features a heel-to-toe drop of roughly 12 mm. This takes away from the natural feel of the shoe but not much. This is caused by the added comforting materials placed in the ole unit and the is counteracted by the flex grooves. Overall, despite the high drop on the shoe, it still achieves a high level of functionality.

Key Features

• BioMoGo DNA Midsole
• Breathable Mesh Upper
• Crash Pad
• Flex Grooves


Overall, Brooks has done an amazing job with the redesign of the Brook Ghost 9. The shoe features various technologies that improve the wear and provide a natural feel to the overall shoe. The addition of the flex grooves and the BioMoGo DNA material in the sole unit also aids the shoe in this effect providing an overall amazing ride.