Brooks Ravenna 7 Reviewed & Tested for Performance

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Brooks Ravenna 7 Reviewed & Tested for Performance Review Facts

The Ravenna 7 is the updated model of Brooks line of marathon and half marathon running shoes. The shoe itself features several updates from the previous model of the shoe. The overall design of the shoe has remained the same, but it delivers a higher level of comfort, speed, and grip than that of the predecessor. Despite the fact that the shoe was designed for marathons, it can also be used for those who’re simply seeking a comfortable overall ride. Although the shoe was designed to deliver an overall comfortable ride, meaning that a decent amount of cushioning would have to be present, it is surprisingly lightweight.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Provides great support
  • Amazing transition
  • Lightweight
  • Shoe is somewhat firm in certain areas


The outsole of the Ravenna 7 is designed in such a way as to allow the shoe to have a decent level of traction, while also being durable in all of the right places. The sole features Brooks signature flex grooves which gives the shoe a decent level of grip and protects the shoe from damage while being worn. The outsole was crafted from an HPR plus rubber compound which is he main reason why the shoe is able to deliver both the insane amount of grip and the lifespan that it is known for delivering.


The midsole on the shoe is crafted from Brooks well-known BioMoGo DNA foam. The material allows the shoe to have a decent level off responsiveness and comfort; this is due to the fact that the material is lightweight and flexible enough for the shoe to flex with the users’ foot, also boosting the overall comfort of the shoe. The Ravenna 7 also features brooks Midfoot transition zone which boosts the overall comfort. The transition zone allows the shoe to achieve the overall ride quality that it known for by reducing the amount of time that it takes for the foot to transition from the heel-to-toe areas.


The upper of the Ravenna 7 is designed from a layer of mesh that allows the shoe to achieve a level of breathability that is above that of other shoes of its class. The seamless design of the shoe also allows the shoe to achieve a level of comfort that would otherwise not have been present. Brooks’ addition of overlays n the upper of the shoe allows it to provide a decent level of support, while also maintaining the level of breathability that is present throughout the upper of the shoe. The addition of the saddle on the shoe allows for a snug overall fit that also boosts the overall comfort provided by the shoe.


Despite all of the cushioning that is present on the upper of the shoe, the Ravenna 7 proves to be able to maintain a lightweight overall design. The shoe features an upper that is chock-full of padding which enables the shoe to provide a decent level of comfort. The addition of the extra padding on the upper doesn’t really add as much weight to the shoe as one would expect. Weighing in at 10.7 oz for a size 11 it doesn’t weigh as much as one would expect the shoe to hold. The addition of the foam and the rubber material in the sole also doesn’t do much to add to the weight of the overall shoe either. In all, Brooks does a great job in maintaining its lightweight design.


The mesh make of the upper insinuates that the upper is on the porous side. The cut of the mesh is somewhat thinner which also enables the shoe to provide a higher level of breathability. The addition of coverings on the shoe doesn’t do much to take away from the shoes overall breathability; somewhat surprising because the general effect that coverings has on shoes is that it takes away from the shoes breathability. This is somewhat because of the balance that Brooks has maintained between their addition of overlays and mesh, allowing the airflow to cancel out the trapped air that the overlays causes.


There is no lack of comfort in the Ravenna 7. The mesh upper and the snugness that the saddle of the shoe provides enables it provides an overall pleasurable experience for the wearer. The mesh material is able to conform to the shape of the users’ foot despite the addition of the overlays to the shoe as a whole. The material that is used in the make of the sole enables it to provide the wearer with a comfortable experience because of the balance between firmness and plushness that it provides. Overall, Brooks did a decent job with ensuring that the Ravenna 7 was an overall comfortable shoe.


The Ravenna 7 isn’t an unattractive shoe, it just isn’t the most aesthetically pleasing. The shoe features a combination of plastic overlays and a mesh upper which work together to provide a nice experience for the wearer of the shoe; the addition of the plastic overlays somewhat takes away from the aesthetic pleasantness of the shoe though, mainly because it just doesn’t blend in such a way as to allow the shoe to be worn outside of use on the trail. This doesn’t mean that the shoe can’t or shouldn’t be worn for events outside of events such as sporting events.


Brooks made sure to make the Ravenna 7 as durable as they could. The nature of the materials that were used allows for this mainly the materials that were used in the sole and the plastic overlays. The foam used in the midsole of the sole is firm enough to be worn for use in the long-distance races without making the wearer uncomfortable. This firmness aids the sole in its ability to hold up for extended periods of times further boosting the longevity of the overall sole. The plastic material that was used in the creation of the sole itself is durable enough to keep up with the midsole, making it decent in that respect making the overall sole unit a durable piece of work. The addition of the plastic overlays somewhat aids the mesh material of the upper in its ability to withstand the abuse when being worn. This mean that the material that makes up the upper is of a decent make as well and should serve the wearer for a long period of time.


The protection that the Ravenna 7 provides is incredible as well. The shoe features the addition of plastic overlays on the mesh upper which protects the wearers foot from harmful pieces of material on the surfaces that the shoe is worn on; the mesh itself is of decent quality as well, which means that it is only bolstered by the plastic overlays, and would do a decent job of protecting the users’ foot by itself. The thick sole also does a decent job of protecting the users’ foot from the effects of the ground as well, mainly because of it’s firmness and the density of the plastic material.


In terms of responsiveness, the Ravenna 7 does a decent job of providing it. The foam that makes up the sole of the shoe is firm, while also providing enough in the way of cushioning; The cushioning make sit so that the shoe moves with the movement of the users’ foot, improving the overall ride. The midfoot transition unit also does a decent job of improving the overall ride of the shoe. Overall, the make of the shoe is designed to provide an amazing ride, without taking away from any of the things that is necessary for a shoe to be considered a great running shoe.


The design of the shoe is one that promotes overall comfort while also allowing the shoe to provide a level of support that is above that of other shoes of it’s class. The Ravenna 7 features a firm, somewhat wide sole that is designed in such a way as to promote stability and to provide support for the curves of the users’ foot. The upper on the shoe is also designed in such a way as to provide a stable ride for the user while not taking away from the user’s experience; the overlays that are a part of the shoe provide a bit of support for the user. Overall the Ravenna 7 is a shoe that one should look for if support is the thing that is being sought for in the shoe.


The sole of the Ravenna 7 has several features which enable the shoe to provide a bit of functionality on a variety of surfaces. The grooves inside of the sole are placed in a strategic order that enable the shoe to achieve grip on the more rural surfaces; the material that was used in the creation of the sole also plays a part in the versatility that the shoe achieves. The sole is designed from a rubber material that gives the shoe the ability to handle relatively well on a multiplicity of terrains; meaning that the sole has both functionality and durability on all of these surfaces.


In terms of price, the Ravenna 7 is somewhere in the middle of the range. Compared to other shoes of the Ravenna 7’s class, the shoe is somewhat above par; the price on the shoe is justified by the features and the longevity that the shoe provides. The versatility that the sole of the shoe provides is above that of other brands of shoes, and only looks better when the price of the shoe is also considered in the making of the decision. Aside from this, the upper is relatively durable and leans more to the comfortable side, giving the shoe a bit more value than if it didn’t hold these qualities.


The Ravenna 7 has a decent level of traction and grip gaining capabilities. The sole of the shoe features several grooves that enable the shoe the versatility necessary for the shoe to function on a variety of surfaces; this functionality includes the ability to cut corners and to make other movements with relative ease. The rubber make of the sole also enables the shoe to do those things that are mentioned above mainly because of the qualities that the rubber itself holds. Overall, the grip that is achieved by this shoe is above par and makes this shoe a necessary consideration when one is looking for this quality.


The Ravenna 7 isn’t the most flexible shoe on the market, that’s for sure. The upper of the hoe, despite being fashioned from mesh has a decent number of plastic overlays placed throughout which take away from the movement that the shoe can have. This doesn’t necessarily hurt the shoe, but it does dictate where the shoe can go at certain times and what can be done. The sole of the shoe itself also has a hard time achieving a certain level of flex. It’s on the firmer side and just doesn’t bend with the evl of ease that it should. Brooks tried to combat this with the grooves that were placed throughout the sole of the shoe but, it just didn’t do the trick.


The Ravenna 7 is designed with stability in mind, this means that the shoe provides a certain level security in movements that other shoes simply don’t. The width of the sole of the shoe does it’s job in allowing the user of the shoe the ability to handle relatively well, while also providing decent footing for the user as well. The sole of the upper on the shoe is equipped with plastic overlays which all do their job in providing the user with a decent level of security and stability by restricting movement; the firmness of the entire shoe does this pretty well.


The shoe features a 10mm drop which explains why the shoe has such smooth transitions. The high heel-to-toe ration that the shoe has enables the shoe to provide an impressive overall ride; better improving this is the shoes’ overall comfort provided by the cushioning that was placed throughout.

Notable features

• BioMoGo DNA midsole foam
• Midfoot transition zone
• Omega Flex grooves


Overall, the Ravenna 7 is an amazing shoe. It provides a level of versatility that simply isn’t present in several of the other shoes that are out right now. The upper, despite the plastic overlays functions relatively well, and boosts the overall functionality of the shoe. Brooks has also give the shoe a decent amount of technologies that improve several areas of the already amazing shoe. Overall, great job Brooks for creating his amazing shoe.