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While you exercise, not just any jacket will do! Running is an especially intensive activity that requires certain design features to be effective. The Brooks Canopy Jacket is just what you need to keep you running rain or shine. It offers powerful features and a breathable design ideal for life on or off the trail.

This lightweight item provides the perfect combination of temperature and moisture control. It prevents overheating and helps to control excessive sweating that will lead to odors. Sweating is only natural while you train but the Brooks Canopy Jacket keeps your temperature in check so you don't have to feel soaked every time you exercise.

One of the best features is how easily you can store the Brooks Canopy Jacket! With a zippered front pocket and wearable arm strap you never need to feel restricted while it's on. Go ahead and take it off! You can simply fold it away and go.

Anyone shopping on a budget will benefit from the Brooks Canopy Jacket's reasonable selling price and quality construction that make it stand out from the rest.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Weather-Resistant
  • Ripstop Polyester
  • Breathable Fabric
  • Moisture-Controlling
  • Semi-Fitted
  • Limited Colorways


Weather-resistance is a feature you want your gear to have, especially your jacket. If you’re serious about leading an active lifestyle then you will train rain or shine which is why the coat you wear needs to protect you from the elements. Brooks Canopy Jacket is an ideal choice no matter what the weather outside is like thanks to its DriLayer® Seal. This innovative technology is wind and rain-resistant so you’re able to stay active even when it’s less than desirable weather.

It’s important that your jacket keeps you warm enough when it’s chilly out but doesn’t make you too hot so that you end up sweating excessively. The fastest way to catch a cold is by being outside when you’re sweaty. Brooks Canopy Jacket offers the perfect combination of warmth and breathability so it won’t make you too sweaty while you run.

Anyone who enjoys running rain or shine should consider the Brooks Canopy Jacket! It offers excellent water and wind-resistance that ensure you stay nice and dry during rainy conditions. You can wear this option year-round because it’s a lightweight choice that still keeps you toasty even when it’s cold out.


Airflow is essential while you run to prevent overheating and excessive sweating. The Brooks Canopy Jacket can resist weather elements without limiting breathability which is an amazing accomplishment. This jacket is perfect for staying comfortable and ensures that your core temperature doesn’t end up through the roof.

Adequate airflow is the only way to prevent excessive sweating while you run which is an absolute must if you want to feel comfortable. What's more, once you sweat it won’t take long for your gear to start to smell which is something you don’t want to happen! Odor-causing bacteria thrive in moist places which is why you want to have your gear as dry as possible while you exercise, otherwise, it will get pretty smelly.


Have you ever wanted to take your jacket off halfway through your run but didn’t because you had no place to store it? Well, the Brooks Canopy Jacket offers the perfect solution because it packs away for easy portability. You can pack this up and wear it on your arm just like an armband, it’s that portable!

The Brooks Canopy Jacket effortlessly packs away into a front zipper pocket that houses a wearable band. This elastic band fits around your arm for complete portability while you’re on the go. This feature sets the Brooks Canopy Jacket apart from the competition.


The Brooks Canopy Jacket has a DriLayer Seal that’s 100% ripstop polyester. Ripstop fabrics have a special reinforcing that makes for more durable wear. This makes the fabric resistant to rips and tears so you can train your hardest without worrying about the integrity of your gear.

Ripstop materials utilize thick reinforcement threads during the weaving process that interweaves using a crosshatch pattern. The results are unparalleled toughness that can withstand repeated wear and tear without issue.

On top of the incredible strength, the Brooks Canopy Jacket’s DriLayer material is water and wind-resistant so you can power through even the toughest weather conditions.


It’s important to consider the washing instructions when you purchase new gear because no one wants to have garments that are difficult to wash. Brooks Canopy Jacket is easy enough to wash because it’s machine washable. When you first bring home your new jacket you will want to wash it before you wear it. Just be sure to wash it separately from the rest of your clothing and avoid fabric softeners.

Another nice aspect with the Brooks Canopy Jacket is that you can tumble dry it on a low setting. This makes it quick and easy to keep your gear looking its best which is ideal for athletes who need to wash their clothing more frequently.


The Brooks Canopy Jacket fits beautifully. It doesn't feel too snug when you wear but still offers the kind of streamline feeling that you want while you run. If your gear has excess fabric it will slow you down and make you tire more easily than you would otherwise. But, the Brooks Canopy Jacket’s aerodynamic fit lets you run without restriction.

This jacket has a semi-fitted design that is very enjoyable to wear. Whether you’re running, walking, or even cycling there’s no place that you can’t enjoy the Brooks Canopy Jacket.


The Brooks Canopy Jacket is a lightweight and versatile choice that is ideal for runners. It was worn by the winner of a famous New England marathon and offers superior features. The Brooks Canopy Jacket is weather-resistant, breathable, and best of all; packable.

You can wear this jacket on your arm, it’s that portable! With a foldaway front pocket and wearable arm strap, you won’t ever have to feel restricted while wearing it. This option is available for both men and women and comes in a variety of sizes.

No matter what athletic activity you enjoy, this jacket is the ideal companion! It will keep you warm when it’s chilly outside and cool when it’s not. Innovative design features allow for plenty of air to circulate your skin keeping you cooler and more comfortable while you train.

Dual side pockets give you somewhere to store your valuables while you exercise which is a must-have feature. Safely pack away your cell phone, keys, credit/debit cards, and even cash without worrying about anything falling out from your pocket. Both pockets zip closed for more secure use and the jacket has a zip closure for easy of-off wearability.


The Brooks Canopy Jacket is available in a selection of colorways to suit most styles. Ladies choose from a plum purple, matte black, or white with black detailing. While the men choose from white, grey, black, or blue.

While these selections don’t offer much in the way of excitement they are neutral and easy to match with practically any color of clothing. One thing missing is any brighter shades but that’s okay because it’s so stylish you won’t even notice!

The contrast color detailing does add some flare to its appearance and the streamlined design looks great with practically anything.


The Brooks Canopy Jacket retails for an affordable price. When compared to other similar styles, this option is very affordable. Considering the quality of Brooks gear and the stunning outwards appearance, this is a must-have for athletic individuals. Rain or shine, this jacket will take you where you need to go.

To extend the lifespan of your jacket be sure to follow the care instructions previously mentioned. By doing this you will keep your gear looking and performing at its best for much longer.

UV Protection

The Brooks Canopy Jacket provides 30 SPF protection which keeps you shielded while you’re out in the sun. This is a must for anyone who spends long periods of time exercising outside in the sunshine because it protects your skin from harmful rays that could potentially cause skin cancer.

Most running gear doesn’t provide you with this kind of protection and leaves you vulnerable to the dangers of prolonged sun exposure. So, this is a really great feature that the Brooks Canopy Jacket offers.

The danger in UV exposure comes from its ability to suppress the skins’ natural immune system. There are three types of UV rays that can potentially lead to skin cancer and other issues which include UVA, UVB, and UVC. Each one has its own set of potential risks which is why it’s so important to have as much protection as possible.

While wearing sunscreen is the top way to protect yourself most people don’t think to wear it underneath their clothing. This leaves you more vulnerable because these rays easily penetrate through clothing and other materials.

Bottom Line

Overall, the Brooks Canopy Jacket is the perfect choice for runners and anyone else who enjoys being physically fit. Wear this jacket rain or shine thanks to its weather-proof design that shields you from harsh conditions. It’s light enough to wear during warmer weather and keeps you warm when it’s chilly outside too.

The breathable material makes for more comforting wear and prevents excessive sweating. This is a must if you want your gear to be odor-free because moist environments are the perfect breeding ground for odor-causing bacteria.

I love how easy this jacket is stored thanks to its zippered front pocket and wearable armband. This is such a great feature that will save you having to wear your jacket when you feel too warm.