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The Brooks Ghost 13 running shoe is known for its DNA LOFT cushioning and newly Engineered Air Mesh upper. Apart from a few subtle improvements, the Brooks Ghost 13 running shoe seems to mirror the same features as Brooks Ghost 12. So, if you a loyal customer of the Brooks Ghost running shoes, you will not be disappointed with the newest edition of their collection.

However, if you are a new customer perusing the Ghost 13 for the first time, this review will help give you an insight into one of the best all-rounder running shoes to hit the market.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Extended DNA LOFT foam cushioning  

Engineered Air Mesh upper

Segmented crash pads  

3D fit print technology 

Roomy toe box and wide fit 




Reflective detail on the size 



Lacks responsiveness 

Lacks durability 

Key features

If you enjoy road running as I do, then you will love the Brooks Ghost 13 running shoe. As with Brooks Ghost 12 and Brooks Ghost 11, you can expect great things from the latest model! 

What is new with the edition Brooks Ghost 13? Well, they have extended the DNA LOFT cushioning, so it continues to provide the smoothest of transitions. To my delight, the designers at Brooks have extended the DNA LOFT foam cushioning beyond the heel so it appears in the midsole and forefront, providing a smoother transition from heel to toe when landing. 

The shoe has a new Engineered Air Mesh upper that works by hugging the foot and providing a secure fit when running. What I like about this feature is that even though the mesh upper hugs my foot, it still allows it to breathe. The mesh upper features lots of perforation that create a vent, allowing excess heat and moisture to escape the shoe easily, particularly from the toe box. 

You can also look forward to seeing some familiar favorites including extreme cushioning, segmented crash pads, and a 3D fit print. A combination of BioMoGo DNA and DNA LOFT cushioning provides the perfect amount of cushion underfoot. The shoe has been built with an integrated shock absorber system (in other words, crash pads). This cushions every step, creating the smoothest of the heel-to-toe transitions. The designers have also built the shoe using 3D fit print technology, giving the upper more structure and an increased level of flexibility, without the added weight. 

If you want a reliable trainer that you can wear on your daily runs, this is it! Ideal for road running, this running shoe is highly versatile. It is suitable for easy runs, recovery runs, and can just about manage fast runs, that is if you are happy to put up with the weight.

Weighing 10.1oz, the Brooks Ghost 13 is on the heavier side. I think that this shoe is not the best choice for fast runs. The extra weight will no doubt slow you down and cause discomfort. Apart from this, the shoe makes a good all-rounder, offering a medium smooth ride. It is also suitable for both beginners and more experienced runners.

Is this running shoe for you?

The Brooks Ghost 13 running shoe is best suited to neutral runners so if your feet tend to overpronate or underpronate, I would opt for a different running shoe.

It's also known for its great stability, because of the BioMoGo DNA and DNA LOFT cushioning that work well together to provide the right level of softness and stability underfoot.

Runners who have wider feet, like mine, will be pleased to hear that the running shoe has a roomy toe box, giving your toes plenty of room to spread out. The shoe also comes in a wide and x-wide size. However, if you have narrower feet, you may prefer to look at a different running shoe or simply opt for the narrow size that Brooks offers.

What I do not like...

When it comes to responsiveness, unfortunately, the Brooks Ghost 13 does not perform very well. As previously touched upon, the shoe is on the heavy side, mainly due to the choice of midsole foam. If the designers were to use a lighter midsole foam.

The Brooks Ghost 13 presents a quality running shoe both in design and features; however, it performs badly when it comes to durability. Made from two different types of rubber, the outsole wears down very quickly, particularly if you are going to wear the shoes daily.

Weighing approximately 10.1 oz, the shoe is on the heavy side. Lacking responsiveness and speed, these potential drawbacks may be a deal-breaker for some runners.

Is it better than the previous models?

If you are a loyal fan of the Brooks Ghost running shoe, you would have noticed that the Brooks Ghost 13 running shoes provide a familiar run to that of its predecessors. Rather than changing lots, the designers have simply decided to make subtle improvements to the existing shoe.

Brooks Ghost 13 has DNA LOFT foam cushioning that extends to the midsole and forefront, whereas Brooks Ghost 12’s DNA LOFT foam cushioning mainly appears in the heel.

Brooks Ghost 13 now has a soft and stretchy upper, whereas Brooks Ghost 12 had a stiffer upper.

Other subtle improvements that the designers have made to create Brooks Ghost 13 are more flexibility, a roomier fit and toe box, better breathability, a softer underfoot, better shock protection, and lighter (Brooks Ghost 12 weighing approximately 10.4oz and Brooks Ghost 13 weighing 10.1oz).


Overall, if you are looking for a running shoe that offers extreme comfort, I can highly recommend the Brooks Ghost 13 running shoe. I have no complaints when it comes to the shoe’s breathability.

The Brooks Ghost 13 also offers plenty of stability, smooth heel-to-toe transitions, and provides great support predominately in the upper. If you require a wider fit and roomier toe box, this shoe certainly ticks all the boxes.

However, if you are looking for a responsive running shoe that will help you achieve fast runs, this shoe does not meet expectations. The outsole lacks durability, making the shoe not a great option for high mileage runs.

Putting these concerns to one side, Brooks Ghost 13 is a solid and reliable running shoe that I would highly recommend to neutral runners who want a medium to smooth ride.

Also, if you are a loyal fan of the Brooks brand, this is a fantastic model, offering plenty of improved features.