Brooks Launch 8

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Editor’s Conclusion
Hitting the open road is one of my favorite things to do and I do it often, so I’m super picky about what running shoes I wear, after all, I need to protect my feet. There’s no feeling quite like the one you get on a run or when you’ve finished; lungs full, sweat dripping from your brow, endorphins whizzing around your body like children that have had too much sugar, it really is a sweet feeling knowing that you’ve just completed that physical and mental challenge.

I love running for more than one reason, it means I can have a few more squares of chocolate, it helps my mental health, gives me some headspace from the chaos of normal life and I know that I am doing good things for my body. Whatever reason that you chose to start running, it won’t be a decision that you regret.

So, the most important thing about running is making sure you get the right attire for your feet, (you’re on them every day and running is no different). That’s right guys, let’s talk running shoes, and more specifically the Brooks Launch 8 neutral running shoe.
Brooks Launch 8 Review Facts
Editor's Pros & Cons

Breathable mesh material over upper foot

Wide sizes available – ideal for many women who have a slightly broader foot

Design allows for a quick transition from heel to toe

Available with/without guiderails support

Plenty of choices when it comes to color


Can fit on the small size

Not great for people with flat feet

Centered specifically towards speed rather than an all-rounder

Key Features

Who would suit this running shoe?

Compared to Previous Models


Drum roll please … This shoe is a definite yes in my book for the short distance/track runner. The lightweight running shoe is sure to not disappoint. A trusted brand like Brooks, with a long list of running shoes, won’t let you down.

Added cushioning, guiderails, striking colors, breathability, and quick transitions, I mean what more do you want? Any running shoe you purchase is an investment for your feet. Don't cut corners, your feet will feel it in the long run!

Quick tips from me about purchasing running shoes

1. Know your running style – you don’t have to have one pair of running shoes to suit all your runs. If running is something you are going to really get into, then invest in a few different pairs that will be designed for the different runs you go on. You will thank me later!

2. Try out a few – Guys, don’t buy the first pair of shoes you see, shop around, read reviews and compare!

3. Don’t cut corners – I know that sometimes you don’t want to spend extra, but it is worth it. I’m not saying break the bank, but don’t think that a pair of running shoes that cost 10 bucks are going to give you the support you need, they won’t!