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New Balance Minimus Review Review Facts

The New Balance Minimus 40 is a shoe that handles exceptionally well on both a variety of surfaces and during several different activities. For this very reason, the Minimus 40 is considered one of the best recent additions to the cross fit category of shoes. Sporting a highly athletic design as well as various top-notch features, this shoe is made for any individual who would like to feel a great deal of safety as they participate in their respective activities; from weightlifting to typical jogs and sprints, the Minimus 40 is a shoe that ensures that it has you covered.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Extremely versatile
  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Runs long
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  • Comfortable training shoe for everyday and weight lifting. Even for running but short distances. This is my second pair.
  • Great quality shoe for lifting and running. Very comfortable.
  • This shoe is a true minimus for lifting. The toe box and heel is tighter than I would like. They did give and now the fit is almost perfect.
  • I've had these shoes for a week and have done everything in them, rope climbing, squats, ran, and box jumps and no issues.
  • Just what I wanted. These are stylish and fit great
  • I'm obsessed with these shoes for crossing training. Lightweight and comfortable. Not sure if I would run in these but they are great for HIIT activities.
  • As a person who is into crossfit, Im always looking for a good shoe. I found that in the Minimus 40. This shoe serves me well in the gym.
  • This shoe transitions effortlessly from lifting to cardio and to the treadmill and bike. The cushioning is just right and the heels don't slip.
  • I teach Crossfit and have been doing it for about 6 years. Once I got these shoes I never looked at another crossfit shoe. So comfortable and the grip is awesome.
  • These trainers are much more stylish compared to other running trainers. The comfort and fit are on point also. I did go a half size larger for that perfect fit.
  • I feel this shoe is the best minimus shoe. With that said I also feel that this shoe is best for those who want a training shoe not specific to crossfit. The material and construction are exceptional. Nice amount of shock absorbency.
  • I would definitely buy these again. I used them for exercise but also for moving about with my children.
  • In my experience these are good for the gym and light running.
  • Took these on my trip to England and walked several miles in them with no pain. Great for walking!
  • Nice fit, nice comfort, nice price.
  • Slippery
  • Feels like they will slip off with aggressive activities
  • Something is going on with the heel area that it feels like my foot will come out of the shoe when working out.
  • Fits narrow for a wide shoe, go a half size up. The EE isn't wide enough.
  • Compared to other minimus these shoes have much more cushioning so not a true minimal shoe in my opinion.
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The Minimus 40 comes equipped with an outsole designed of Vibram rubber. This material does an exceptional job of providing wearers with both ample protection and adequate grip when they’re out and participating in their favorite workouts. The shoe features various grooves in the design which enables wearers to achieve maximal flexibility during their workouts as well. For these various reasons, the outsole of this shoe is considered one of the best for what the shoe is designed for. If you're seeking something with a minimal outsole, definitely consider the Minimus 40 as a purchasing option.


The midsole of the Minimus 40 is designed from a rapid rebound material which enables the shoe to consistently provide wearers with both a cushioned and comfortable ride while in the shoe. The rapid rebound design is rather minimal and is meant to do a very good job of transferring energy back over to the foot of the wearer while in use. The heel of the shoe is designed using Revlite, a material that incorporates even more energy return into the actual run of the wear. Both materials, as well as the individual design specs of the shoe, are what make this shoe work so well during the higher intensity activities; that increased energy return can definitely come in handy during a heavier set of cleans.


To have a mesh upper in today’s shoe world is to have something that almost every shoe has. With that being said, the upper of the Minimus 40 is designed using both mesh and TPU. The mesh in the upper of the shoe is meant to ensure that the wearer is able to enjoy a certain level of breathability; for a shoe that is used during workouts, the breathability that is incorporated into the design is of the utmost importance. The TPU overlays in the shoe’s design enable the shoe to provide wearers with a bit of stability which, considering that this shoe can be placed under much more than the wearer’s own weight, is incredibly important as well.


The Minimus 40 can be said to be a rather lightweight shoe, for the activities that it’s used for. Obviously, the weight of the shoe depends on the size that one purchases. For instance, for a men’s size 11, the Minimus comes in at roughly 10 oz. This isn’t bad considering that many shoes that are dedicated cross trainers typically weigh much, much more than that. The relative lightweight design of the Minimus aids the wearer of the shoe in achieving the full benefits of its design. The fact that the shoe isn’t incredibly lightweight aids the shoe in providing wearers with a bit of stability or in other words a solid foundation for their activities. On the other hand, the fact that it isn’t the heaviest shoe in the world makes it a viable option for running and other high-intensity activities.


Considering that the design of the Minimus is one that is meant to provide a minimal feel to the wearer’s foot, it is rather safe to say that it is also meant to provide a bit of comfort. The mesh and TPU design of the upper of the shoe ensures breathability(more on that later) and also enables wearers to receive what they would need in terms of reduced friction. The reduced friction effect of the upper reduces the shoe’s ability to cause damage to the foot of the wearer when the shoe is in actual use; there isn’t a need to worry about sores popping up on the foot. The rebound sole unit of the shoe also provides adequate comfort to the foot of the wearer while the shoe in use.


Many users of the shoe praise the fact that the shoe’s design is one that is meant to provide adequate airflow to one’s foot. The upper, while it does make use of TPU elements also has a rather thin cut of mesh incorporated. The mesh ensures that adequate airflow is provided at all times. The airflow or circulation provided by the shoe definitely comes in handy when one considers the fact that the shoe will constantly be used for high-speed/intensity activities; sweat can easily build up in a shoe’s design if it isn’t properly accounted for.


In terms of style, the Minimus 40 is for starters, a trainer. This typically means that the specs of the shoe’s design are meant to be easily transferable to several different types of activities. With that being said, the Minimus is one of the more stylish types of trainer on the market right now. It has, as the name hints at, a design that is rather minimal and sleek. The minimal design blends rather well with the color coordination of the shoe as well; the shoe has a color scheme that goes rather perfectly with the cut of the materials in the shoe.


Vibram is a material that is known for being rather hard-headed; it just doesn’t understand when to quit. For those who may not know, Vibram is a specially designed type of rubber that has a place in the designs of even the toughest shoes. It’s been featured in shoes from trail shoes all the way to the road and indoor shoes. The TPU overlays protect the upper of the shoe as well. This means that if the shoe is worn for the activities that it’s designed for use on(which is everywhere), it should last for a pretty long time.


A shoe with overlays is a shoe that’s meant to serve a purpose (and serve it well at that). The upper of the Minimus features TPU overlays which allow it to provide wearers with an adequate foundation for them to use during their activities. This foundation allows wearers to move quite easily around the gym with feeling as if they are shifting around; it can be rather important to know that you have a solid base while you’re going around lifting weights. On that same token, the sole unit of the shoe also helps by being rather stable as well.


The rapid rebound material in the midsole of the shoe conforms and responds to the movements and needs of the wearer very easily. This is another feature that it’s imperative for a shoe to have if the wearer is to be able to fully utilize its design during various activities. While the need for complete responsiveness lessens with lighter weights, as one begins to lift heavier, they will need to be able to shift their weight around and get an adequate stance. The responsive nature of the sole unit is what makes this completely possible. The upper is mainly designed from mesh which ensures that it will be able to fully move to the rhythm of the wearer’s movements.


Well, the design of the Minimus is what everyone, even New Balance, likes to call minimal. This basically means that it won’t provide one with everything that they’d need in terms of support. The cushioning in the midsole is meant to hit all of the high pressure spots of the wearer’s feet but other than that, the shoe won’t be able to do much in terms of provide support. The upper has a bit of TPU incorporated which reduces a bit of the inefficiency that the shoe holds in that regard.


This is a cross trainer with a sole unit meant to provide wearers with enough versatility for the shoe to truly be considered cross-trainer. The Vibram material in the midsole ensures that the shoe will be durable enough to last on the multitude of terrains that it will likely be worn on. For instance, while a shoe doesn’t necessarily have to have the strongest sole unit to be used comfortably on an indoor gyms floor, it should be rather durable if used on a road. The use of a durable sole makes that possible.


The funny thing about the price of this shoe is that it is incredibly low. The durability enhancements, various other features, as well as the functionality of the shoe signal that it should be sold for a much higher price than it does. With that being said, the price of the shoe definitely does allow it to provide adequate, if not insane levels of value to the individual who is wise enough to purchase it. Not to mention that it is versatile enough to (not reduce the need for other shoes) lessen the need for various different types of shoes.


The Vibram in the outsole of this model ensures that one will be able to receive adequate grip and friction while the shoe is in use. The design of the outsole is also what works to give the shoe what they need in order to function the best that it can. For instance, in addition to the outsole having a design made of Vibram, it has a grid- design which enables wearers to make use of both the flexibility and grip to find the best footing possible. This comes in handy when one needs to really dig into its respective surface.


As mentioned in the previous section, the design of the outsole on the Minimus 40 is one that is sectioned off into different grids. This enables wearers to have the highest level of flexibility possible when they are out and moving around in the shoe. The mesh design of the upper only makes use of overlays in the heel and surrounding sections of the shoe; this almost guarantees that one will be able to move freely while in the shoe. The midsole is designed to make movement/transitions from the heel to the toe a relatively simple process as well.


The level of stability in the shoe’s design completely depends on what one really needs from the shoe. For instance, when one is lifting, it makes complete sense for you to have a shoe that provides an adequate foundation so as not to easily injure yourself while under the weight. It isn’t possible to increase the level of stability provided by the shoe but, it is incredibly important and useful that one consider the fact that the shoe is designed to provide a bit of everything; the design is meant to cushion, yet is firm enough to ensure that one doesn’t feel as if they are shifting considerably during strenuous activity.


While there is no specified heel-to-toe drop for the Minimus 40, it is a rather simple thing to say that the design is one that has a rather low drop. There is ample cushioning in the heel of the shoe but, considering that the shoe is meant to be a minimal one as well as versatile, it doesn’t have an excessive looking stack height. The low cut of the heel of the shoe makes moving around in the shoe a very simple task.

Key Features

Vibram outsole
Rapid Rebound midsole
No-sew upper
TPU overlays


In all, the Minimus 40 is a shoe that is both versatile and comfortable enough to be used for various activities; this is what makes it such a viable shoe to be used as a cross-trainer. It’s a low-priced option that one can use for various weightlifting and other athletic activities. With that, this shoe has a high level of value and shouldn’t offer many problems if any when in actual use.