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New Balance Fresh Foam Lazr Review Facts

The New Balance Fresh-Foam Lazr is a shoe with a design that strays drastically away from that which New Balance typically designs. The features of their shoes are in place to provide optimal comfort for wearers as well as over-the-edge transitions that don’t ever really stop. The materials in the Lazr’s design are meant to pop and stand out against all other designs created by New Balance thus far; these shoes are the re-birth of the brand. With a highly flexible outsole and a midsole, these shoes are meant to provide wearers with what they should consider, the highest level of comfort that they’ve felt thus far.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Highly cushioned
  • Breathable
  • Comfortable
  • Stylish design
  • Not good for wide feet
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  • New Balance Fresh Foam Lazr has a great fit and is very comfortable.
  • My son asked for these about three weeks ago and we noticed the quality, fit and price are excellent. He loves them too.
  • As a women wearing the male version I don't have any complaints. They feel great and are very flexible.
  • If I had to change anything about this shoe it would be that they rub on the ground where the sole doesn't extend fully. Otherwise, these shoes are comfortable and lightweight. I love them.
  • Used perfectly for working in the gym doing cardio and lifting
  • I can sneak up on my coworkers in these as they don't make any noise when I walk. Love that these are extra wide at a good price, They fit great.
  • These shoes are are a little snug but I receive so many complaints when I wear them.
  • I've had these for about a week and already they are a favorite. My feet feel good and I usually can walk up to an hour and a half daily.
  • I got these for my husband who is a bit conservative so I was a little unsure how he would like them. He liked them as soon as he put them on. He said they were lightweight and cool on his feet.
  • If you have sore feet these shoes are perfect because of their thick and soft soles. Good for working out.
  • I wear these quite often because they are so amazingly comfortable.
  • For heavy deadlifting these shoes may not be the best but anything below 185 they are great. Great competitive price too.
  • Love the bounce back in these nice running shoes. Lightweight and gives support and they fit my feet well.
  • These aren't the best fit for me as I have high arches but i love how these look so much that I just want to look at them before returning them.
  • The New Balance Fresh Foam Lazr are both comfortable and the material is nice and flexible. Solid support. Great for walking and although they are a little narrow my wide foot is comfortable.
  • Wanted to report that these shoes are helping with pain relief for my daughter's ankles. She says they have a lot of support.
  • These are a great value and super comfortable during exercise.
  • Took a little to adjust the laces on these slip on shoes but they hug nicely and don't slip. They are lightweight too.
  • New Balance Fresh Foam Lazr are comfortable and stylish.
  • Who's in charge of making the sizes because these run too small for me. I couldn't get my foot in them.
  • These caused a painful blister on my foot after walking in them. May be good for short walks but anything longer the heel rubs the back of the ankle badly.
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The New Balance Lazr Features a minimal outsole that is designed to provide maximal flexibility and stability to the foot. These features are provided due to the use of hexagonal patterning of varying degrees of size. The use of these hexagons allows the wearer to have improved transitions and lessens the stiffness that can, at times, be associated with Fresh Foam material. This shoe is meant to be a cross-trainer, so the use of the hexagonal patterning works wonders to improve the shoe’s overall performance for wearers. The outsole is designed from a thin layer of rubber which allows it to have improved levels of durability as well. The thin cut of the rubber improves the aesthetic qualities that the shoe holds as well.


The name of this shoe is the Fresh Foam Lazr; it signals that the shoe’s design makes adequate use of their signature Fresh Foam material. The midsole of the Lazr is designed from a thin slab of Fresh Foam material and is meant to provide adequate comfort to the wearer of the shoe. Fresh Foam is a material which that is very much like the typical foams found in midsoles except for the fact that it manages to deliver a crisper feel than that which many other shoes provide. The consistency of the material is somewhat on par with EVA with the only difference being in the firmness of the Fresh Foam material; this material, as was stated in an earlier sentence, manages to be a bit firmer than various other materials found in shoes. Aside from that, the midsole of the shoe also features a Hexagonal patterning that runs the length of the heel of the shoe; the effects of this will be discussed a bit more in depth throughout the rest of this review.


This shoe’s upper is one of the most interesting features of its design. The Lazr features a multi-layered upper which allows the shoe to provide a highly cushioned and flexible ride to the wearer. The mesh material on the upper is promptly titled Hyposkin because of its ability to attach to the wearer's foot and move as if it’s an extension of their being. It features various perforations which work to improve the breathability of the shoe as well as enhance the feel of the material while in use. The Hyposkin material is designed with a no-sew and bootie construction. This type of construction allows wearers to achieve an adequate level of comfort when the shoe is in use. The no-sew construction means that there are very few stitches present in the shoe’s design that could possibly rub against the wearer’s foot; this is incredibly important for any who would like to avoid the forming of blisters on their feet.


The New Balance Lazr is one of the lighter shoes on the market in terms of weight. Weighing in at an astounding 9.7 oz for a men’s size 10. The reason for this utter lack in weight that these shoes have is the use of the cushioning materials in the shoe’s sole unit. Fresh Foam is known for holding very little weight. The Hyposkin upper of the shoe is also relatively porous; this is another major contributor to the shoe’s ability lightweight frame. The fact that the shoe’s design is so lightweight allows the shoe to provide wearers with what they’d need when they are outperforming athletic activities. It reduces the feel of the shoe while actually on the foot.


Everything about this shoe simply screams comfort. The upper’s significant use of the Hyposkin material ensures that wearers receive what they’d need in terms of comfort. The material glides over the skin and is also meant to provide ample airflow for various parts of the wearer's foot while in use. The construction of the shoe and the utter lack of overlays allows it to conform to the wearer's foot and various different sections of the foot.


The Fresh Foam Lazr has a bootie style construction that gives it an immense level of style. It is a shoe designed for CrossFit and various other athletic activities. With that being said, the shoe also has a style that allows it to be worn for casual activities. The design of this shoe is one individual don’t typically encounter on a regular basis; it has a slim cut that makes wearing it with various different types of clothing possible. For instance, the slim cut would go very well with a pair of slim cut jeans or even a pair of shorts.


The design and makeup of the New Balance Lazr opens the shoe up to varying levels of breathability and airflow while in use. The Hyposkin that the shoe is designed from conforms rather nicely to the wearer's foot and is also rather thin. The thin nature of the material itself opens the shoe up to being able to provide ample airflow to the foot and reduces sweat accumulation while the wearer is performing their favorite athletic activity. Even for those who just use the shoe for casual purposes, the Lazr’s design will ensure that individuals don’t have to endure soggy socks from excess heat.


The materials that make up both the upper and sole unit of the Lazr are meant to last for a relatively long time. One of the peculiar features of the fresh foam in the midsole of the shoe is the fact that Fresh Foam is relatively durable and will continuously rebound after having excess pressure placed on it; for the heavy-footed individual, this feature will definitely come in handy. The material in the upper and outsoles of the Lazr are both meant to last for relatively long times as well; this can be noticed from the construction of them both.


While the upper of the Lazr doesn’t provide much to wearers in terms of protection, the sole unit is chock-full of protective features. The sturdiness of the fresh-foam sole unit makes sure that the wearer experiences a level of stability while the shoe is in use; this basically means that it keeps the foot from having to deal with rollover while the shoe is in use. In addition to this, the material in the shoe also keeps the foot from dealing with damage from stray materials on either a road or track. The thickness of the midsole reduces the material’s chances of penetrating the design.


Fresh foam is an incredibly responsive material. Although it is a foam which is meant to provide more to the wearer in terms of firmness and stability, it has an energy returning nature that immediately places a bounce in the step of the wearer while in use. This can be great for anyone seeking to go on a run who would like to have that extra edge while doing so. The upper and the HypoSkin that’s used also provides ample responsiveness to the foot of the wearer when in use; it has very few overlays and this moves quite easily to the movements of the foot.


In terms of support, the although the upper of the shoe doesn’t have very many overlays it does fit rather snug to the wearer’s foot. The use of the continuous lacing in the shoe’s design, as well as the bootie construction, makes sure that the wearer has the experience of having a semblance of structure in their shoe design; this can become incredibly important when actually using the shoe for a workout. Fresh foam is a bit firm(er) than that which individuals are used to and so may not provide as much support for their arch. This can quickly be remedied through the use of inserts into the shoe’s design.


The surprising thing about the design of this shoe is that it doesn’t sell for a price that many individuals would expect. Considering the technology incorporated into its design and its various features, one would expect it to be relatively more expensive than it is. With that, the price of the shoe can be considered a bit inexpensive. It sells for a price that introduces the individuals who decide to purchase the shoe to a level of value. Another thing to note about the design of this shoe is that it is created with a rather high level of quality as well; one wouldn’t have to worry about the shoe falling apart after only a few months in use.


New Balance made sure to design the shoe with an adequate grip on its outsole. The materials on the sole unit keep the wearer from slipping around while the shoe is in use. The materials used in the shoe’s outsole allows the wearer to have improved levels of traction on various surface types. The pattern used on the outsole of the shoe works in tandem with the rubber material to provide the wearer of the shoe with the level of grip that they’d need when the shoe is being used as well. For that reason, this shoe works very well for athletic activities of any type, ranging from running to sessions in the gym.


The upper of this shoe is meant to provide the wearer with a bit of flexibility while the shoe is in use. The Hyposkin material in the shoe’s design moves in very much the same way as the wearer’s foot and, because of this responsiveness improves the flexibility of the shoe quite a bit. For this very reason, the shoe works rather well for individuals who would need to experience natural transitions while wearing it.


The fresh foam design of the midsole ensures that the wearer of the shoe is able to receive all that they’d need in terms of stability as well; this is necessary considering that the upper of the shoe has very few overlays. Fresh foam, while it is meant to cushion the ride of the shoe, does have quite a bit of firmness incorporated into its makeup. The firmness native to the material allows it to provide a considerable amount of stability to the wearer of the shoe due to the fact that it reduces the chances or rollover and altogether improper footing while the shoe is being used.


The drop on the Lazr is considerably small, especially when the use of the shoe is considered alongside. All things aside, the heel-to-toe drop of this shoe is roughly 6mm. This is definitely well above the average of 10mm usually experienced in shoes of the Lazr’s design.

Key Features

Bootie Construction
No-Sew design
Hexagonal stabilizing
Fresh-Foam technology


All in all, the design of the Lazr is not one to scoff at. The technology incorporated into the design of the shoe, as well as the comfort that is present, ensures that one has an experience that is well above that which is typically associated with running shoes of its type. On top of that, the price of the shoe isn’t one that is overly expensive either meaning that purchasing the shoe shouldn’t damage anyone financially. This is an amazing shoe and for the price, it’s purchase cannot be beaten.