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Back in 1906, an Irish immigrant by the name of William J. Riley founded the New Balance Arch Support Company in Boston, Massachusets. At first, he was only designing and manufacturing arch supports and other accessories, and his first a flexible arch support (and the name of his company) was inspired by the chickens he had in his yard.

That’s right. He came up with the name of the Company – New Balance after observing chickens in his yard. Apparently, the chicken’s three-pronged foot resulted in perfect balance, so he designed three support points in the shoes to provide greater balance and comfort. Those three support points are the basis of the New Balance shoemaking, and most of the sneakers manufactured in the NB Company have those points as a guide rule.

Today they’re one of the most beloved brands of footwear, and the Company itself endorses plenty of clubs, athletes and national sports teams.

But for now, let’s look at the New Balance Women's 009 V1 sneakers and we hope that you'll like it.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Rubber sole

Shaft measures approximately low-top from arch

Rubber Outsole

Synthetic/Mesh Upper


Runs a half size smaller


The New Balance Company classifies the Women's 009 V1 as a retro style sneaker, but they’re at the same time a running style sneaker. But although they do have a retro feel to the designs, every inch of those sneakers is modern. The classic rubber outsole has a dominant white color rubber, but if you take a good look at the outsole you’ll notice several strips at the back of the outsole and at the front that also have the colors used in the upper. The multicolor outsole pairs nicely with the multicolor upper and both the retro-inspired look of the outsole and the warm pastille palette of color make this sneaker really feminine and wonderful. The outsole gains in height as the outsole goes towards the heel area and is the shortest in the toe area. The rubber outsole takes good care of the traction properties and the durability that these sneakers have in the long run.


Speaking of toes, the Women's 009 V1 has a round toe silhouette, but the interesting features are inside of the sneaker and on the upper as well. But let’s start with the midsole. Revlite midsole really rules in these sneakers, as it’s an innovative technology for common foot conditions. The New Balance’s website states that the Revlite midsole inserted in these sneakers can help you avoid injury regardless of the movement that you make while wearing the sneakers.

So, it doesn’t matter if you use them for running marathons or for your game of racketball, injuries can occur at any time, but this particular technology helps you to avoid them as much as possible. REVLite offers a lightweight feel, without minimizing the construction or sacrificing the underfoot cushioning or stability within the shoe. There’s also padding in the footbed in the sneakers, and the entire footbed is lined with a synthetic lining that helps with the comfort.


Ah, the upper. Probably one of the most beautiful parts of the sneaker. It’s one of the things that every consumer notices first, and it’s the equivalent of a book cover that everyone judges on. But despite the fact that the upper is so good looking, it’s also highly functional too. So, it has beauty and brains too, and it not too shy to tell everyone about it. I mean look at it. Just like with the outsole, the upper is also highly durable, but there’s a catch in it. Aside from the padding that can be found in the midsole, the padding is present in the upper as well.

The collar and tongue of the sneaker are also padded for extra comfort and stability, and besides the usual synthetic material, visible mess hugs big portion of the upper. The mesh lining is visible at the front of the sneakers, around the collar and on the tongue too. The letter N that stems from the name of the company - New Balance is visible on the side of the upper, while the lacing system is classic and made with thin laces. Laces are coordinated with the color of the upper, and beside the letter N that’s been stitched to the side, everything in the upper has a uniformed color pattern. Oh, and the shaft measures approximately low-top from the arch of the sneaker.


Several parts of the sneaker are responsible for the comfort, and that goes for the little things like the padding in the collar and tongue of the sneaker, to the innovative Revlite midsole that not just ads volumes to the overall comfort, it also helps you remain injury free during the entire time that these sneakers are on you. Comfort with a huge purpose.


The 009 V1 is one of the most beloved models among runners and athletes alike, and that’s all thanks to the fantastic support that these sneakers offer. Some of the buyers mentioned on the New Balance’s official website that the support relies heavily on the Revlite midsole, but also to the lacing system. The classic lacing system shouldn’t be ignored when it comes to the overall support to the feet, as it helps to grab the foot and keep it tight and secure even in the most grueling physical activities, You see, that’s the time when you most need the support and sneakers have plenty of that to share.


If you take a scroll to the New balance’s webpage, and especially to the page where 009 V1 Reviewed sneakers re presented to the public, you’ll notice that the company states that the sneakers have durability in every part of the shoe structure. The upper is highly praised as one of the most durable parts of the sneaker, and so is the outsole.

And it makes sense actually. Because this is a running style sneaker, the outsole and upper are first to be damaged after prolonged wearing. So, the durability is high in the 009 V1 sneakers, as it should be. They should remain in good condition after they’ve been used on several types of terrains and much weather condition’s. But the upper has a noticeable mesh that ensures moisture-wicking properties, and the upper is made from highly durable rubber that can withstand any type of terrain.


Yes. The flexibility is high in these sneakers, and it’s not because they’re made for physically demanding exercise. No, the rubber outsole despite being highly durable, it’s also very soft and flexible at the same time, so you can ensure that your feet are rested and relaxed even hours and hours spent on the treadmill. But that doesn’t mean that the rest of the sneaker doesn’t have high doses of flexibility. The upper is highly flexible as well, mostly because it’s made out of synthetic and mesh blend that helps your feet to bend and move easily within the sneakers at all times.


The stability of the sneaker is not that impressive, but it’s present at several key areas. The Revlite midsole deliver most of the stability, and help your feet to avoid getting injured. But because of the high flexibility and very soft materials used in the making of the sneakers, the lack the stability and firmness that other sneaker have especially in the upper.


Thank God for that fantastic mesh. Seriously. The mesh is the key in delivering the airflow and it’s not only restricted to a small portion on the side of the upper. No, no. The mesh is present at the front of the sneakers and even on the tongue. That very mesh provides most of the airflow in these sneakers and when you’re running your first marathon or when you’re doing a one-hour cardio session at the gym, you’ll need that mesh. The mesh in the upper will be a lifesaver when you’ll find yourself in a moist environment or when your feet will start sweating intensely. You’ll be thanking the New Balance Company for adding that mesh, and you’ll fall in love with it afterward.


Although the 009 V1 Reviewed sneakers lack a great deal of stability, the fit is just fine. The fit is controlled by the lacing system implemented in the upper and also by the padding in several key areas of the shoe, Like the midsole, collar and tongue. When you have padding in those three areas, the fit is helped greatly and so is the comfort that comes with the fit.


New Balance currently produces merchandise with 20 separate technologies and the Revlite is only one of them. They have a technology practically for every style of footwear, and the Revlite works best for the running type of shoes. Why? Because injuries are much more common when the people wearing the shoes are running and doing other types of dangerous physical activities. So, the best way to avoid injuries is to find a technologically advanced method to prevent them. The New balance company developed the Revlite midsole and it’s worked out well for them. The Revlite midsole is one of the most demanded midsoles in the long history of the company and New Balance knew how to improve on something that was great, to begin with.


The 009 V1 sneakers are every runner’s dream. Sleek, smooth and efficient, they’re not just beautiful, they’re also highly functional. But if you’ll notice they also have a double function. To provide you with the best running experience filled with comfort and support and to keep you away from injuries. Well, the upper and the outsole are responsible for the former and the Revlite midsole is responsible for the latter.

They’ll quickly become your constant companion at the gym and on your daily jog in the park. You’ll be highly impressed with the comfort and support that they have to offer, and the flexibility and fit are not looking all that bad either. But the style is the most prominent feature of the shoes. Its retro-inspired and the shoe have the classic lines with a dash of soft pastille colors in the upper. Why go with flashy and unpleasant colors when you can maintain the style with much warmer tones and still look amazing.

Bottom line

The 009 V1 sneakers are a fantastic acquisition for every sporty lady that’s physically active. It doesn’t matter if you work out daily at the gym or you jog outside, the New Balance model is the runner’s best friend. They’re highly supportive and durable and functional in just about every occasion. But if you really love a running experience that’s different, use the 009 V1 sneakers. The RevLite technology in the midsole is designed to keep you safe and injury-free, but it doesn’t hurt that they look amazing as well. However, if there’s space for improvement, it would have to be in the rubber outsole. Yes the outsole provides great deal of traction, but since these are running shoes, the running portion involves several types of unstable and unpredictable terrains and not to mention the unpredictable weather conditions It would be nice if the traction properties were a lot more pronounced, since the midsole takes good care of your foot and prevents you from injuring yourself. Why can’t the outsole do the exact same thing? But overall these are fantastic shoes that every physically active lady should own in her shoe closet. They’re stylish, supportive and will work wonders for your arches, thanks to the RevLite midsole that’s been inserted in the middle of the sneakers. You’ll never regret buying them.