New Balance Cypher Run V2 Review

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When it comes to running shoes, New Balance is a name that you can trust! With their original Cypher Run reaching new heights in popularity it seems only reasonable that the much-anticipated follow-up, the Cypher Run v2 deserves some hype of its own. Naturally, the v2 offers some serious improvements over the first and it delivers nicely in terms of performance-geared innovations. Whether it’s the new lacing system or the lightweight and responsive ride that this pair offers, the v2 is an excellent choice of running shoes for anyone with a neutral gait.

Continue reading below a detailed breakdown of the best and worst features of the Cypher Run v2. After countless hours of research and careful consideration of thousands of user reviews, I’ve highlighted the key elements that you need to know about before making your final purchasing decision. So let’s jump right into my review, shall we?!


Editor's Pros & Cons
  • 10.8 oz Weight
  • Neutral Cushioned
  • Molded Foam Heel
  • Synthetic/Mesh Upper
  • 8mm Drop


  • Sizing Varies
  • Pricey


This dynamic runner features an Abzorb midsole unit that offers superior cushioning when compared to its competitors. This innovative technology is a top-grade foam material that is both lightweight and bouncy for excellent energy return. It’s similar in most ways to the popular EVA material often used in footwear but it stays bouncier for much longer than any other foam available. This means that it lasts much longer because it’s able to resist what’s known as, compression set.

This is an exciting breakthrough for runners who know all too well how often you have to replace a good pair of shoes just because its cushion has deteriorated. Wearers can’t get enough of the responsive ride that these shoes offer and the incredible improvements most notice in terms of their overall performance while wearing a pair of Run v2’s.

The Cypher Run V2 is a neutral cushioned running shoe which means that they’re best suited for runners with a neutral gait. This style of shoe has a normal level of cushioning which isn’t considered to be too much but is still enough that it won’t be called a minimal running shoe.


Anyone shopping for a pair of neutral-cushioned running shoes will love the Cypher Run v2’s 8 mm heel-to-toe drop. It offers a comfortable level of cushioning without adding too much lift at the rear of the foot so you still have enhanced ground feel while you run. In recent years, it’s become increasingly popular to wear shoes with the least heel-to-toe drop possible. This stems from the theory that it’s more natural to strike with the forefoot rather than the heel.

When we run barefoot, our heel is the last part of the foot to connect with the ground. But, when our shoe has a lot of cushioning material it forces the foot to strike with the heel first. This can leave you more susceptible to various running-related injuries because it’s not the way we were intended to move. While there is little hard evidence to substantiate these claims, many runners still believe that less is more when it comes to cushioning.


With an overall weight of just 10.8 ounces, this makes the V2 a fairly lightweight running shoe that won’t impede your overall performance by weighing you down. The weight of a shoe can be affected by various different aspects like the types of materials that it’s made from and the kind of cushioning used in its construction. One of the most lightweight cushioning materials is always foam and this pair utilizes an innovative Absorb technology that is superior even to EVA foam which has long been a go-to in the world of athletic apparel.


New Balance uses a lightweight rubber outsole in almost every one of their running shoes and it really pays off! This option is a great choice because rubber offers superior traction on both wet and slippery terrain so you won’t have to worry if you’re out for a run while it’s raining. Rubber offers excellent traction and water-resistance at the same time so you can literally run anywhere you choose without having to concern over whether or not your shoes can handle the conditions. It’s also a very long-lasting choice of material so your shoes won’t wear out with continued use on paved surfaces.


The Cypher Run V2 offers a unique upper unit that is just as pleasing to the eye as it is to the foot. A 3D screen print design makes for a super modern appearance that is perfect for staying trendy while you run. It’s made from a lightweight and breathable combination of synthetic and mesh materials that won’t slow you down. Proper airflow is very important while you run because if your feet get too hot it’s going to cause excess sweating inside of your shoes. Once your feet get too sweaty they’re more likely to rub against the material of the shoe which can cause discomfort and blisters.

The mesh upper material that this pair offers is perfect for controlling temperatures and keeping you nice and cool while you exercise. Overall, this pair’s upper unit is well-designed, stylish, and an ideal choice for athletes thanks to its streamlined shape and ultra-flexible design.


A welcomed update to the original Cypher Run, the v2 offers great improvements in the style of laces it comes with. This pair boasts “barely-there” holes that help to encompass a greater area of the foot. This results in whole-foot lacing as opposed to the originals instep-focused design. When you’re running, it’s important that you get that locked-down feel from your shoes and this unique lacing system gives you just that! In turn, you won’t have to worry about handling and can feel completely in control while you train.


This runner is very comfortable! It boasts an impressive array of design features that help to make it a great choice for athletic use. A molded foam heel and hot new lacing system encourage superior comfort and keep your feet feeling their best all throughout your run. These shoes were made for all-terrain use and offer a lightweight rubber sole that provides the kind of traction needed to overcome wet and slippery conditions with ease. Runners love the modernized upper unit made from breathable and lightweight knit materials that keep you cool and comfortable while you train. Not to mention, the Abzorb midsole that offers top-of-the-line cushioning for neutral support that keeps you protected while at the same time gives you a better connection with the ground beneath you.


These runners were made using the best of the best when it comes to materials. Take their lightweight and durable rubber sole for example! Or, their innovative Absorb midsole that provides the perfect kind of cushioning to ensure that you’re as comfortable as possible while you train. New Balance is all about innovation and is one of the best brands for athletic apparel thanks to their unique materials and top-grade designs that help to boost your performance in every way.

The Cypher Run v2 has a mesh/knit upper unit that’s incredibly breathable and lightweight so you’ll be able to achieve greater speeds without feeling hot and sweaty. Once our feet start to sweat it quickly leads to the growth of odor-causing bacteria and once that happens your shoes are pretty much toast.


Despite this pair being available in both a medium or wide fit, it still comes off as being a little tricky to find the right size. Most wearers found that ordering a half size rather than a whole helped to make them fit all the better, though this can be a bit of a pain, especially if you aren’t sure what your size usually is. If you have narrow feet you might want to opt for a half size down, whereas wide feet would be best with a half size up from your normal size.


While they're not super expensive, this pair does cost a bit more than some of the other running shoes in its category. Though the Cypher Run v2 is an incredible value for it's selling price, some runners might feel that they replace their shoes far too often to be paying top dollar for them. Despite being slightly more expensive than other pairs, this one really delivers a solid set of performance-geared features and will make the world of difference when it comes to your speeds and energy return. If you're serious about running then you should take this option into consideration because it's well worth whatever you may have to pay for it.

Bottom Line

Overall, the Cypher Run v2 from New Balance offers some serious improvements over the first model in this line of running shoes. It delivers a smooth ride thanks to its neutral cushioned design and extra bouncy midsole that is made from innovative Absorb materials. New Balance is notorious for their performance-enhancing features and this running shoe is jam-packed with unique technologies that will keep you coming back for more.

Runners agree that the Cypher Run v2 is a great choice for those with a neutral gait. It's 8mm heel-to-toe drop offers the kind of neutral cushioning required to run comfortably without having too much padding beneath your feet. The v2 is a well-made pair that will last for quite some time thanks to its durable outsole and long-lasting midsole materials.