New Balance Fresh Foam Zante V3 Reviewed

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New Balance Fresh Foam Zante V3 Reviewed Review Facts

Shoes in the Fresh Foam Zante line by New Balance are known for being extremely lightweight and for the comfort that they provide. The V3 features several technology updates, mainly in the upper and the mid sole of the shoe. The shoe features a surprisingly complex outsole that has been given a hexagonal patterning to improve the overall ride and flex of the shoe. The upper is comprised of a mesh that improves the overall design but was also given a decent amount of extra padding.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Lightweight
  • Breathable upper
  • Comfortable shoe
  • Reinforced saddle
  • Less responsive than the V2
  • Small toe box


The outsole on the Zante V3 is a sight to behold. As has become the fashion with a variety of New balance running shoes, the sole features a hexagonal patterning. The patterning improves the shoes’ overall grip and the functionality provided in other areas as well. The most intriguing thing about the hexagonal patterning is that while it improves the grip, it also aids in the shoes stability and firmness of the sole overall. The sole is fashioned from a relatively thick hardened plastic that also aids the shoe in the area of overall comfort.


The midsole is fashioned from New Balance’s Fresh foam material that, to be honest is simply a magnificent creation. The fresh foam, much like the material that both Adidas and Nike have created, aids the shoe in the area of responsiveness and comfort. On top of the comfort that is provided, new balance wen t a step further and gave the shoe the hexagonal patterning that has become quite common in their lines of running shoes. The hexagonal patterning, has been done in such a way as to provide the shoe with levels of comfort and firmness that, simply wouldn’t have been achievable with a simple base layer of foam on the shoe. Overall, New balance did a relatively decent job of making a shoe that improves the overall experience of the wearer, providing both functionality and comfort.


The upper of the Zante V3, as has become quite common in several running shoes nowadays, is fashioned from mesh material. The material allows the shoe to provide an amount of air circulation that is above the level of that provided by other materials. There is a decent amount of cushioning throughout the portion of the upper that covers the forefoot of the user, which isn’t a bad thing considering the functionality that the cushioning provides. Very little coverings can be found throughout the upper of the shoe meaning that the wearer may have to worry a bit about protection, not much, but it should be considered.


New balance did a very good job with adding minimal weight to the overall shoe. Despite the amount to padding and comfort that the shoe provides, the Zante V3 has only managed to gain a whopping 1 oz; with all of these improvements considered, such as the cushioning and the midsole, the lack of weight gain is actually quite impressive. The Zante V3 weighs 8.8 oz for a size 10, compared to the 8.7 oz for the same size on the previous model of the shoe. The lack of weight that the shoe has could possibly be attributed to the minimal style of the upper and the porous materials used thought.


The Zante V3 has been crafted using a variety of porous materials which, enhance the shoes’ overall breathability. The shoe contains a mesh upper a material that is known for its overall breathability and comfort. To also improve the overall breathability that is given to the wearer, the upper features a thinner area of mesh over the toe area that both allots for the size of the foot in that area and increases the air circulation while the shoe is in use. The lack covering that the shoe has also improves the overall breathability that the shoe has.


The Zante V3 is nothing if not comfortable. New balance has decided to fit the shoe with a decent amount of padding throughout, which gives the shoe a level of comfort that simply can’t be found on other shoes of this caliber. The fresh foam sole that the shoe has been fitted with conforms to the shape of the user’s foot, while also preventing the impact that the shock of hitting the foot on a surface can have on the wearer. over the upper is crafted out of mesh, a material that also conform to the shape of the users’ foot; the one thing about the mesh upper is that in the toe area, it’s a bit cramped which reduces the level of comfort provided to the wearer.


The aesthetic qualities that the shoe contains are actually quite amazing. The Zante V3 is designed from full-on mesh with minimal coverings which, due to the minimalist effect that the lack of coverings gives to the shoe, is quite pleasing to the eye. The colorways that New balance has decided to supply the shoes in are also quite aesthetically pleasing. The combination of both aesthetic colorways and mesh upper allows the shoe to be extremely versatile; it can be paired with clothing aside from the traditional running gear that is normally worn.


The Zante V3 is relatively durable. The craftsmanship with which was used to create the shoe is actually quite outstanding. The upper despite being created out of mesh, doesn’t break away with use nor does it succumb to the pressure placed on while being worn; this means that the material, while being quite malleable, is tough enough to be able to withstand a decent amount of stress without the user having to worry about ripping. The fresh foam sole’s responsiveness nature is decent enough to provide the user with relatively long amount of time without them having to worry about replacement as well. On top of this, the patterning on the outsole was done in such a way as to give the user a decent 300 miles of use without wearing down.


Due to the Zante V3 being crafted for both comfort and speed, the shoe hasn’t been equipped with as many protective features as it could’ve been provided. The mesh upper, while being durable lacks many coverings and is relatively thin meaning that it can’t really do much to protect the user from the dangers that can be found on the rougher terrains. The sole on the other hand, is relatively thick and resistant, which means that it protects that portion of the user’s foot from the majority of possible items that may decide that they want to intrude.


In terms of responsiveness, not much can best the fresh foam material in that area. While the fresh foam material that is used in the making of the midsole is relatively firm, it does a decent job of giving the user an overall responsive and comfortable ride. The material absorbs and reflects the shocks that are taken in during the ride; this is somewhat surprising because of the stiffness of the usual fresh foam material. To the shoes detriment, the forefoot of the shoe isn’t the most responsive.


The shoe provides a decent amount of support, mainly because of new balances use of the fresh foam material in the design of the sole. A fair amount of cushioning has been placed in the hind part of the shoe which allo0ws the shoe to provide the wearer with a decent amount of comfort and arch support for the wearer. It should also be mentioned that the shoe features a neutral design that works best for people with neutral curves on their foot. The patterning that has been given to the sole also increases the amount of support given to the user, this is done through the use of differently sized hexagons running the length of the sole; done in such a way as to promote different aspects of the shoe, such as comfort or and obviously support.


The Zante V3 is extremely versatile in the types of terrains that it can be used on. The patterning that the sole of the shoe features promotes both traction and durability, allowing the shoe to be able to withstand the variety of the terrains. While the shoe can withstand a variety of terrains, the lightweight nature of the shoe means that it is best used on the more developed surfaces such as roads and indoor areas.


The Zante V3 definitely is relatively inexpensive. Compared to a variety of shoes that offer the same functionality, the Zante V3 offers a greater value than that of the other shoes. The technology incorporated into the shoes deign such as the fresh foam midsole and the mesh upper also more than make up for the price of the overall shoe. Considering the low price of the shoe, to some it could be considered a steal, mainly because of the comfort and the versatility that it’s durable nature provides to the wearer.


In terms of traction, the Zante V3 definitely doesn’t disappoint the wearer on any level. The sole is fashioned from a layer of hardened plastic that has also been given a hexagonal patterning. The hexagonal patterning of the sole allows for a decent amount of grip to be attained because of it’s pairing with the hardened rubber make of the outsole. The variation in the size and length of the patterning also add on to that function of the shoe. This grip allows the shoe to have an even greater level of functionality than that of other shoes of the Zante V3’s caliber. Overall, the shoe has been given a decent amount of functionality and an improved ride due to these additions to the design of the shoe.


The addition of fresh foam to the midsole of the shoe somewhat decreases the flexibility of the overall shoe. The sole of the shoe of the shoe, mainly the midsole is somewhat firm due to the fresh foam make of it. New balance’s fresh foam is known for its overall rigidity which, while it doesn’t take away from the shoes’ ability to provide comfort and an overall comfortable ride, it does take away from the shoes ability to move with the movements of the users foot. The mesh upper of the shoe does move with the flex of the users’ foot which is a pretty good thing about the shoe, but the firmness of the sole somewhat takes away from this functionality.


The overall width and firmness provided by the sole of the shoe does give it a decent amount stability. New balance’s addition of the fresh foam to the sole of the shoe, gives the user a sense of security while the Zante V3 is being used in an active environment. This is mainly because of the overall firmness of the sole and the addition of the patterning that can be found throughout; the patterning, as was mentioned earlier, has been done in such a way as to promote certain aspects of the shoe. One of the aspects that is promoted by the patterning is firmness, which improves the stability of the shoe. The upper, being made of mesh and containing a decent amount of cushioning, provides a dcetn amount of stability for the wearer as well.


The drop on the Zante V3 is actually relatively low. Coming in at about 6mm on the mens shoe, the Zante V3’s low drop allows the user to have a smooth overall transition while the shoe is in use. This, coupled with the fresh foam midsole, allows the shoe to provide the wearer with an amazing overall ride.

Key features

• Fresh foam midsole
• Patterned midsole and outsole
• Mesh upper


Overall, the shoe is actually pretty fantastic. For the price tag, the shoe provides the wearer with a decent ride and little to no issues. It features a fresh foam midsole, which does take away from the flex that the shoe achieves but more than, makes up for it through both comfort and durability. Aside from these things, the upper is relatively breathable and, the price tag that the shoe comes equipped with allows the shoe provides the shoe with a decent value. Great job New balance!