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New Balance 990V4 Reviewed Review Facts

The 990v4 from New Balance is an upgrade from prior models, with features like EVA ( Ethyl Vinyl Acetate) and ENCAP midsole technology which keeps it from breaking after long distance runs. The feeling of comfort provided by the extra cushioning is superb and the added arch support helps stave off pains in the foot, hip, and knee. The mesh and pigskin create good airflow that prevents blisters and overheating, even when under pressure. The shoe appears in a variety of sizes which ranges from 7 to 16, this makes it a suitable option and choice for all ages. This shoe can be used on mild trails as it offers a maximum versatility. Runners who enjoy running after the sun goes down applauded the 3M Reflectivity of the New Balance 990v4 - cars and other runners won't have any difficulty seeing you sprint by, unless you are going too fast to be seen by the naked eye. This reflective feature strengthens up your visibility at night and gives you a priceless sense of security for those night training sessions.

Editor's Pros & Cons


Mild to moderate overpronation

High Stability

Variety of colours

The blown rubber is durable

ENCAP midsole for support

Mesh and pigskin Combination

Very durable

Spacious toe box

It is comfortable



Not flexible

Rarely appealing to users


The New Balance 990v4 is made with a blown rubber for the softer feel of cushioning while maintaining responsiveness and traction. A blown rubber material common to manufacturers in producing footwear that provides users with stability. Air is mixed into the rubber compound and thus provides an exceedingly great cushioning experience. Its design makes it suitable and comfortable for off-road trails. The blown rubber outsole of the New Balance 990v4 pushes this stability shoe to the next level. Head out on a mild trail run or embark on an adventure over steep hills and watch how the high traction rubber will keep you sure-footed no matter what terrain you decide to conquer.


The 12mm heel to toe drop embedded in the thick midsole as one of the protective measures for your joints. The drop feels higher than it actually is due to the reduction of the flexibility in the midsole. The lightweight and long lasting ACTEVA LITE foam for cushioning are used in making the New Balance 990v4 ENCAP midsole technology. The power of the ENCAP midsole technology is felt when runners spring into action in the New Balance 990v4. The soft ACTEVA LITE cushioning works together with a rim of Polyurethane to correct overpronation and kick off the damage that typically occurs with fallen arches. Durability emanates through the shoe's polyurethane rim and just like the outsole, it provides comfort and support when in use.


The breathable mesh and pigskin combination is a feature unique and equipped for an all-around running experience. The amazing lace keeper technology design in the upper keeps the lace tied and prevent the tongue from moving around. Because of its maximum versatility, the New Balance 990v4 can also be used casually. It has an overall best result when it comes to durability and longevity as the upper is the strongest point.


Over the years, New Balance Incorporation has made modification in reducing the weight of its runner's shoes. The average weight of running shoes dropped to 10 ounces in 2010 but the New Balance 990v4 weighs more than this. It weighs about 13.6 ounces which when compared to today's shoes can be said to be quiet weighty or heavy. This shoe in many cases is still accepted by runners because of its added arch support, stability, and extra cushioning effects it gives. It has the ability to absorb strides. It also help accelerate runners despite its weight. This model, the New Balance 990v4 weighs more than the previous model - New Balance 990v3 which to users might not seem like an upgrade.


The idea of putting together the mesh and pigskin leather happens to be a good one from the New Balance Incorporation. This unique combination makes the shoe breathable and durable. This model has the improved breathability function of about 30% more than its previous models. This shoe received appraisal more because of the comfort it gives to wearers, providing moisture control and protects against hot spots. A user in Arizona commented that despite the intense heat her feet still cool and dry. The extra cushioning of the midsole and the durable blown rubber of the outsole makes this shoe good for people in their feet all day as it is credited to be comfortable. It is remarked being an option for performance and cross training.


This is the least appealing attribute or features this shoe has for runners. If you are looking out for a shoe with beautiful and classic style, the New Balance 990v4 is not your option. The bulky appearance makes it looks less fashionable while carrying out other activities like running errands around the town. The New Balance 990v4 model comes in a few varieties of colors, navy, white, all black, uppers with shades of grey, burgundy etc being some of the different options. For those who like colorful shoes, the New Balance 990v4 may not be the shoe for you.


The EVA ( Ethyl Vinyl Acetate) in the midsole keeps the shoe from breaking easily. It has received extra marks for its reliability and durability. The mesh and pigskin combination makes it durable and reliable, this extends its longetivity. It makes it last stronger than an average shoe. It can be used miles after miles without needing to be replaced. If the goal of New Balance is to manufacture shoes with great durability then their objective is gradually being achieved. Also, it has a durable outsole blown rubber. Runners know that it is of great benefit to investing in a pair of shoes that won't fall apart after just a few uses.


The added 3M reflectivity feature by New Balance to the upper of the shoe protects runners during runs in low visibility areas: 3M Reflectivity provides visibility at night. To a runner who overpronates, the shoe is a great choice because of its added support which protects one from pains in the feet, knee, and hip. The thick midsole attached to the 12mm heel to toe drop protects the feet too.


Runners do not think that this shoe is good for terrains within the same run. The added cushioning in midsole and outsole and the 12mm heel to toe drop of the New Balance 990v4 contributes to little of its responsiveness. High level of responsiveness is not experienced.


Soreness in the foot, shin and knee happen to people who overpronate. This shoe protects runners from stress and tightness to muscles when running. New Balance 990v4 promotes support and comfort creating an optimal balance between this two features. The added arch support through the midsole and outsole is suitable for flat-footed runners


This shoe provides runners with stability combined with its extra cushioning. It fits right for your everyday wear although the New Balance 990v4 is designed for road and track, it however due to its blown rubber added to the outsole can also be used on mild off-road trails. Many felt confident using this model - The New Balance 990v4, on their long runs during marathon training and could be a great shoe used on the treadmill.


The durability of this shoe was highly commented on and it got extra marks for that, although it is bulky and may not look appealing to users in terms of style. Anyone having a low budget should not go for this shoe as they may not be able to afford it. The New Balance 990v4 is a great comfortable shoe and worths its price. The advancement and use of first-hand technology in the manufacture of this shoe is in no doubt worthy of its price. The New Balance 990v4 differs in price with its various colors. Average road and track shoes cost about 115 dollars, because of the price of the New Balance 990v4 some runners ran off. It is considerably higher than the cost of other average road and track shoes. However, the shoe's value is worth your money as you will enjoy the benefits gotten from the extra cushioning, added features for support, stability and comfort and ultimately it is durable. Although it is expensive it is truly a great pair of kicks whether you are running in them or simply keeping them in a rack is considerably worth the investment.


The blown rubber outsole provides traction on mild trails, roads, and tracks. For runners, the blown rubber provides cushioning and the groove on the bottom of the outsole provides higher than average traction. It can also be an option when you seek for shoes with good traction on wet surfaces.


The design of this shoe does not seem to permit much flexibility. This is in no way a choice for people looking for shoes with a great deal of flexibility, there are no perfect or exciting remarks about its flexibility. Although it moves easily with each foot strikes it is entirely not flexible. It offers support and stability other than flexibility.


The ENCAP technology in the New Balance 990v4 makes it stable when in use by runners. For runners whose fit tend to tilt inwards, also this shoe is amazing and suitable for runners with flat foot because of its arch support. The thick upper of the mesh and pigskin protect runners from specific injuries and the outsole design offers excellent stability to runners and users in general. Other features like the dual cover foam in the midsole is an added advantage for stability


The heel to toe drop on the New Balance 990v4 is 12mm. A 12 mm heel to toe drop has been the standard since the 1980s because it promotes forward momentum, adds cushioning to the heel, and takes the strain off the Achilles tendon.


ACTEVA LITE dual cover foam in the midsole

EVA ( Ethyl Vinyl Acetate) and ENCAP material in the midsole

A lace tongue keeper closure in the center which secures the feet

The Encap Technology which is core of soft cushioning ACTEVA LITE in the midsole with a tough PU rim for more support and durability

The Blown Rubber outsole which is durable

It has a Heel to Toe drop of 12mm

A combination of mesh and pigskin which makes it durable

The weight of the New Balance 990v4 is 316g

A 3M Reflectivity which helps provide an element of visibility at night


New Balance footwear and shoes are made in America using first-hand technology. They are known to be reliable and trusted as they have kept on with their value-driven option of quality for the past thirty years. This shoe earns marks for its remarkable improvement in durability, support, breathability, and comfortability. The price of the New Balance 990v4 is worth spending your money on, since it is pricey a low budget makes the shoe not your top option. For a runner who overpronates, the New Balance 990v4 stands out to be one of the greatest options. The extra cushioning and stability make it perfect for stride omment from a flat-footed runner, and this shoe accepted as it fits such runners. The midsole technology absorbs the strides impact and reduces knee, foot and hip pain. With the great support and cushioning added many have considered this shoe.
For people who were on their feet for long periods of time enjoyed the all-day comfort offered by the New Balance 990v4. A nurse, waiter, security guard, salesperson or generally any other job that requires you to be up on your feet during the day, the New Balance 990v4 will envelop your arches in supportive comfort so your feet won't hurt even after hours of walking around without taking a break to sit down. Its design and features manufactured to serve a broad range of purpose by potential users and are made for practicality. A shoe with a wide range of sizes for runners. Male runners who tried out the New Balance 990v4 appreciated the variety of widths offered by this model, and many reviewers said this was the only stability shoe that properly fit every part of their feet. One can choose from six different width sizes to ensure you take advantage of the supreme comfort this shoe offers. Men's sizes include men's extra narrow, men's narrow, men's normal, men's wide, men's extra wide, men's XX-wide.