New Balance Fresh Foam Vongo V3

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New Balance Fresh Foam Vongo V3 Review Facts

The New Balance Fresh foam Vongo V3 boasts of being the best in the line of Fresh Foam stability shoes. The new shoe is the company’s flagship, and it is also their first release on their Fresh Foam category. It is a great shoe especially for runners who are searching for a trusted brand, high-quality material, and performance. The Vongo V3 offers a rich combination of comfort and stability without adversely affecting its weight. It also gives you reliable foot protection and a very responsive ride. The third generation model features several technologies on its shoe which makes it very breathable, snug, and comfortable and offers a firm yet plush cushioning. The New Balance Company gathers real-time information from different types of runners which enables them to make additions and adjustments to provide a shoe with the best running capabilities. The New Balance Vongo is designed with Varus wedge, an outsole with two-piece blown rubber material and variety of geometric shapes to help minimize over-pronation. The blown rubber component adds to the durability and lightweight nature of the shoe. The New Vongo V3 is also very lightweight and provides reliable traction for roads, light trails or mild tracks.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Air mesh upper

Long distance run

Good cushioning

Comfortable and light

Sleek design

Unique ride

Unique ride


It’s not durable

Sole is chunky

Price is high

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  • I walk in my New Balance Fresh Foam Vongo V3s every day for over a mile. They are perfect. The support on this shoe helps with pronation The cushion is high. Best shoes ever.
  • The sole is terrific and the traction excellent.
  • Happy with these shoes. I love that this shoe is built with the right material and angles that my wide feet don't have a problem. Great ventilation!
  • I highly recommend these shoes. I was seeking a running shoe with support and stability and I found that in the NB Vongo 3.
  • Not a runner but I walk often about 20K steps and these shoes are amazing. They are like walking on sunshine.
  • I used to have trouble finding good sneakers but these shoes are great. Breathable and cushy. Well built and worth the cost.
  • Very comfortable and I learned through research that the New Balance Fresh Foam Vongo V3 is highly rated for stability. Perfect for my needs in a running shoe. I like them over Nike.
  • I ordered a size larger, I wear 16D and the fit was ideal. Great shoe but starting to feel a bit narrow.
  • I decided to try men shoes when my friend shared that she finds them more comfortable. Now I agree, these are the most comfortable gym shoes.
  • New Balance is a winner when it comes to cushioning and support. Great for walking on pavement. Got these shoes for my husband when his regular NB wasn't available. He loves these and I had to purchase another pair.
  • I had stepped away from NB a few years ago but after trying these they are the most comfortable shoes that I have put on my feet. My only issue is these are meant for overpronators and I feel like I am walking on an angle with these shoes. It's not the shoe's issue it is mine so I still give the shoe 5 stars.
  • My husband is very picky when it comes to the sneakers he wears. He gave the New Balance Fresh Foam Vongo V3s a chance and these are super comfortable. He happily wears these all the time. He likes the way they look too.
  • I got these for my husband for work. He was having pain in his heels but not with these shoes. He loves them and says they are so comfortable.
  • These shoes were comfortable as soon as I put them on my feet. Happy with my purchase.
  • I made the switch to NB from Nike. I wear this shoe every day. Love that the toe box is roomier. These shoes are very comfortable and being on my feet most of the day, this is a nice thing.
  • Extremely happy with my decision to buy these shoes. They are great to walk in and a great price.
  • No surprise, these shoes are true to size and comfortable. Typical New Balance.
  • We got these shoes for my son, who can't stop raving about them. They are extremely comfortable and help to keep his feet secure, and stable.
  • This is the best shoe that I've worn with its effective support and soft soles.
  • Some buyers thought the shoe was pricey.
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The new balance shoe outsole material is majorly made up of blown rubber. The blown rubber is lighter and has puffed rubber components since it is combined with air during its production. The rubber is accountable for surface stability and durable traction, and it is also responsible for protecting the rest of the sure from wear and tear. In addition to the blown rubber the Fresh Foam, Vongo 3 has a deep cut along the heel up to the midfoot of the outsole. The cut is designed in a way that facilitates and increase responsiveness as well as flexibility to the users. Majority of other stability shoes does not have a high level of flexibility, but the Fresh Foam Vongo 3 has a cut in its outsole which provides stability without compromising the flexibility of the shoe. The outsole also features a denser foam on the big toe and less thick foam on the pinky toe together with blown rubber to cater for over-pronation.


The New Balance Fresh Foam Vongo V3 uses a perforated component for the saddle on the midsole which helps to increase the breathability of the shoe. The complete shoe’s midsole is made of the company’s unique New Balance Fresh Foam. The Fresh Foam is 2mm thicker than the prior Vongo model. The shoe’s midsole also has a Varus Wedge which is an excellent combination of comfort and stability. The wedge is the downward sloping midsole from the big toe section to the pinky toe area making it hard for the runner’s foot to roll up the incline. The New Balance's new foam is used on the entire length of the midsole to offer balanced cushioning and support for the runner. Additionally, the midfoot region is slightly raised to provide support to the arch.


The upper of the Foam Vongo 3 uses an exclusive combination of material to make a breathable, comfortable ride to the users. The fabric of the upper part is lightweight with noticeable breathing holes for ventilation. The New balance shoe received credit from users for its innovative upper. The upper is made of breathable mesh, and the midsole is cut to enhance good air flow in the foot. The Foam Vongo 3 has an Air mesh which is designed precisely to provide users with a breathable run. The 3D midfoot performs with printed overlays to ensure a secure and comfortable fit. The additional features do not consume a lot of space in the upper area, and also does not tamper with the flow of air into the foot. The Vongo 3 has a sock liner which increases comfort to the inner part of the shoe. The new balance shoe design has a unique feature that hugs the user’s foot and provides them with adequate support and comfort. Another modification of the upper is that the forefoot has increased volume to accommodate a variety of foot shapes. It also seems less stretchy but does an excellent job of securing the foot.


Although the New Balance V3 is classified as a stability shoe, it is unexpectedly light in weight. It is common for stability shoes to have additional ounces to boost its cushioning and stability but not the Fresh Foam Vongo V3. The shoe weighs at 10.6 ounces which is slightly lower as compared to other almost similar stability shoes. It is also lighter in comparison to the previous iteration which is a significant upgrade. Even though its weight seems a little heavy, the shoe feels flexible and light and also provides a responsive ride. The shoe’s outsole is made of blown rubber which is lighter in comparison to carbon rubber. The blown rubber helps to keep the shoe light and to cushion the ride.


The New Balance shoe has high breathability. The Air mesh at the upper part of the shoe provides sufficient airflow and breathability to the foot. The Fresh Foam Vongo V3 is suitable for the long run, and the majority of the runners love the shoe since it provides them with comfort and keeps their feet dry and cool. The shoe is ideal for hot and long distance running. The upper assist in minimizing the moisture that can build up in the shoe causing irritation and blisters.


The shoe receives high praise from loyal users for its comfort. The New Balance Fresh Foam Vongo V3 has several technologies which function together to provide you with excellent cushioning and firm support. Firstly, the midsole has a fresh foam that protects your foot by acting as a shock absorber and reduces the likelihood or any pain experienced on the knee and hip. The New Balance Fresh Foam V3 uses a breathable air mesh located on the upper that keeps the foot of the runner cool and dry when running. Also, the Fresh Foam V3 also provides a sock liner found inside the shoe which can help to prevent blisters. The underfoot of the shoe contains foam material which offers the necessary support for over-pronators with flexible arch for a more comfortable experience.


The New Balance’s fresh foam models are luxurious, and the Vongo V3 is no exception. The shoe is available in various unique color combination with a classic Fresh Foam black or gray, black with blue and impulse. The width of the Vongo V3 are 2E- Wide and D- Medium for men, for the women we have D- Wide and B- Medium. The New Balance brand usually have a classic signature for their shoes with a notch kicking feature, and the Foam Vongo 3 has this character as well. If you love stylish looking shoes, this shoe is for you. Those who have used the Fresh Foam Vongo have testified that the shoe did not feel dense and continued to praise the shoe by stating how the loved the leaner feel of this New Balance Fresh Vongo.


The New Balance Fresh Foam Vongo V3 can be categorized at middle to the low-level range when it relates to durability and other similar stability running shoes. The low strength can be because of the thin outsole. Although the shoe performs exceptionally at its peak, the shoe does not last very long. The New Balance V3 has received mixed reviews and many reports that it needs a replacement quickly because of its durability.


The Fresh Foam Vongo helps users in warding off the hips and the knee pain. The New Balance shoe has a spacious toe box which assists runners in reducing blisters occurrence. The additional cushioning joined together with the stability in the Foam Vongo 3 shoe helps users in decreasing the volume of pain that they experience during the run. The shoe offers a small heel cut design which eliminating the irritating in the area around the heel. The New Balance shoe midsole safeguards the foot by absorbing shock which reduces down the knee and hip pain. Achilles


The patented New Balance Fresh Foam material is specifically designed to satisfy the needs of runners. The lightweight fresh foam material improves the overall responsiveness of the shoe. The outsole’s unique design also adds to the responsiveness of the New Balance Vongo V3. The stability shoe has a deep cut running from the forefoot to the heel of the shoe that increases the responsiveness which runners experience for every ride. It also has a low heel drop of 4mm that gives runners a feel of the road when they are running.


The New Balances has designed the new Vongo shoe which has new slight stability in the collection of the Fresh Foam. The shoes have a smart design on its outsole and midsole which assists in providing additional support. The inside part of the shoe is slightly puffed and higher than the outside part of the shoe, this feature gives runners who are prone to over pronating ultimate support. The Vongo 3 shoe is suitable for users who require additional stability and support, and this shoe is the best fit when it comes to stability. The Fresh Foam Vongo is ultimate for a long, tough ride like the ultra-marathon training and the marathon race. The underfoot of the shoe also has foam which provides excellent arch support. The New Balance Foam material provides a right amount of bounce on every step.


The New Balance Fresh Foam Vongo V3 performs well on light or mild trails, and you can experience reliable comfort, but the shoe is best suited for the road. The New Fresh Foam V3 has several lugs located on the outsole and has varying shapes and sizes. It provides the shoe with excellent traction which can take the runner comfortably on a groomed or mild trail and also the ordinary streets. It will not work well on off-road tracks or rough trails, but if you are searching for a shoe which will take you from the groomed tracks to the streets, the New Balance Fresh Foam V3 is an excellent choice.


The New Balance shoe is expensive compared to other shoes on the spectrum of running. Users of this shoe claim that the price tag is worth it. The shoe features come in handy, the shoe has excellent stability and cushioning, the general quality of the shoe makes it an ideal investment for runners. The Foam Vongo 3 shoe is over the average price tag for running shoe.


The Fresh Foam Vongo V3 are not ideal shoes for taking into unstable or slippery trails, but they are excellent at groomed tracks for running and also perform well at the road. It is also an excellent shoe to take out for mid trails. The shoe provides excellent traction for its ideally chosen terrain because of the several lugs of a variety of shapes and sizes located on the outsole. The shoe can provide excellent stability and traction when in the road, track or gym.


The New Balance Fresh Foam Vongo V3 is a one of a kind shoe because it does not forego flexibility for extra cushioning, comfort and stability. Although the New Balance Fresh Foam comes at 10.6 ounces, runners are impressed at how the shoe is flexible and springy in all the perfect spots. The shoe does not make your foot feel constricted while training or running. The New Balance Fresh Foam is cushioned but provides a nice bounce and energy for each step. Some runners feel that the sole is chunky and does offer a significant response or do well for fast paces and tight corners. The shoe has an additional 2mm Fresh Foam in comparison to Vongo 2. The previous model had the low responsiveness of Vongo 3 is better.


The runners who use the New Balance shoe feels protected and secure during their running experience. The Fresh Foam Vongo provides quality arch support to the users, and it is perfect for runners with pronation issues. The shoe has utilized an innovative design whereby, the inside part of the shoe is a little higher than the outside part, the reason for this is to force the foot to move towards the raised section of the shoe. Many runners who have purchased the shoe testified that due to the New Balance added stability they were able to minimize hip and knee pain that was formerly troubling them.


The New Balance shoe has a lower heel drop, and it offers a heel to toe drop of 4mm. This small drop gives the shoe a slight and natural feel. The Fresh Foam Vongo is an essential shoe for runners who require a responsive and flexible ride of a minimalistic shoe. Despite the shoes having a small drop, it can provide runners with stability and comfort. The shoe has a unique combination of features even with a lower heel unlike other shoes, and it has cushioning to provide support.

Key Features

Sock liner inside the shoe and bootie design for additional support, soft feel and good fit.

Midsole has Varus wedge construction to relieve knee and hip pain.

Air mesh on the shoe’s upper for comfort and good airflow.
3D print overlays found on the upper for a great fit.

Fresh Foam on the midsole to cushion every landing.

Two rubber portions on the outsole and one are intended to offer traction while the other counters over-pronation.

The midfoot is slightly raised for stability.

A heel counter which secures the foot in place.

Bottom Line

It is essential for runners to have a comfortable pair of shoes to ensure the ride is comfortable as much as possible and that the users can also perform to their best ability. The Fresh Foam Vongo is a stable and comfortable shoe, and its updated features attract many runners as well as satisfy the company’s loyalist. The New Balance shoe has significantly improved its midsole cushioning, and the shoe is lighter compared to the last year’s model (Vongo V2). The shoe has embraced various technologies and features that help in tackling long life on the road. The Fresh Foam Vongo V3 has a 3D printed overlay across its upper for a secure fit. It has an excellent cushioning despite having a low drop which is not something you will see with many shoes considering the height of the drop. The shoe has a semi-curved shape which is durable and the bootie structure targets to accommodating the natural shape of the runner’s foot. The New shoe is lightweight and utilizes blown rubber as well as lugs to increase the traction of the sole. The Vongo V3 has a few downsides like its price and poor durability.