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Asics Gel Kayano 24 Reviewed & Tested Review Facts

The Asics Gel Kayano range was first introduced in 1993, with a new version being released every year since.  It is a favourite choice with runners who are looking for a stable, yet well cushioned and comfortable ride. The Asics Gel Kayano 24 is the latest offering from the range and it certainly delivers. It is very similar to its predecessors, with an improvement to its upper and a more adaptive fit. This shoe is designed to give stability to the over-pronator during road runs.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Very comfortable, adaptive fit

Ideal choice for mild/ moderate over-pronators

Great reputation for reliability and performance

Flexible upper

Great traction


Narrow fit, with even the improved toe area lacking enough room


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  • I have flat feet, plantar issues and I am a runner. My feet are pain-free in these shoes. Great shoes,
  • These shoes have support for days and much more room in the toe box. Outstanding shoes.
  • Been running in ASICS for years. These have excellent stability and adequate support. Very comfortable as a walking shoe also. The toe box is narrow for my taste had to buy 13 2E because the half size wasn't available. I can still run in these and overall I am pleased.
  • It's not my normal practice to write reviews but for these shoes, I have to. Due to being in the military, I've over 20 years of running experience and 15 of these years has been in ASICS. This shoe provides a great feeling after my run. I no longer experience knee, back or ankle pain from the wear and tear of running.
  • So glad I waited for these shoes. Most comfortable and much improved.
  • Love my Kayano 24s. This is pair #2 for me. I have never worn a shoe that is so comfortable. Order a ½ size up for better comfort.
  • ASICS always have a good fit in my experience and hold up well. Fits perfect. So far I've only done the elliptical in these. This is my 3rd pair.
  • Thankfully they finally heard the message and went back to the 21's glory days but better. So far I've put in 100 miles on these. Awesome!
  • As a wearer of ASICs for years, I can't say that I haven't been pleased. The 24s are a much-needed improvement over the 23 however. The roomier toe box, good fit and not too cushy. I am expecting to get many miles in these shoes. Do run small so half size up will feel better.
  • Now that the issue with the toe box has been resolved I will definitely purchase another pair. Great shoes.
  • My feet stay cool in these shoes because of the knit material. My ankles feel support when I stand all day. I work in a brewery and 11-hour shifts and no pain. I used these a lot so I expect to wear these out in a year. Great support.
  • I always buy the latest pair of these because they work so well for me. This is my 4th pair. The issues that I have had with other shoes I don't have with these. And the issues that I've read that others are having I haven't experienced. Great shoe.
  • I can feel that there is more outside heal support and more cushioning in the 24s. An excellent running shoe for my style of running.
  • I expected a good fit and got it. These are very comfortable and light. I need these for the arch support. I am not a runner. I have been pleased with ASICS products. I wear these all day.
  • I love ASICS Gel Kayano and been running in these shoes for three years. Started with the 22s and now in the 24s which is still a great shoe.
  • I am thankful that these shoes have relieved the discomfort of years of standing on concrete. I had to be willing to spend more to get better quality. Great quality and great shoes.
  • Finally, the wait is over, the 24s perform well and fit great.
  • In my line of work, I am on my feet all day and these shoes are so comfortable. At my job, I can easily average 5-6 miles of walking. Love these shoes. Will be buying again.
  • I am on my 6th pair of ASICS Gel Kayanos and because of these shoes, my plantar fasciitis is gone. These are the most comfortable shoes I have ever run in.
  • Sizing is inconsistent so try on before purchasing
  • Pricey
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The design of the Kayano 24’s outsole does not differ very much from its predecessor, the Kayano 23. Given that the outsole of the Kayano 23 was a hit with its wearers, this was a smart move by Asics. The Kayano 24 outsole is manufactured using hard carbon rubber under the heel and a softer blown rubber under the forefoot, known as Durasponge. This helps to provide extra durability at the heel, where it is needed, and the ability to absorb impacts around the toe area.
The outsole has been very cleverly designed, to make the Asics Gel Kayano 24 a front runner in the stability trainer category. It contains the Asics Impact Guidance System, which is designed with over-pronators in mind. It works to guide the foot back into a more neutral position. I will provide a little bit more detail about over-pronation later on in this review. The Impact Guidance System also acts as a heavy duty shock absorber. As expected by the name, the Asics Gel Kayano 24 also incorporates a gel pocket into the heel for extra cushioning and protection.


The midsole of the Kayano 24 consists of Asics’s innovative FlyteFoam material. This was first introduced in the Kayano 23, and was loved by its wearers. FlyteFoam is a durable and adaptive cushioning technology, which bounces back to its original structure with every stride. It is 55% lighter than EVA, which is the industry standard midsole material. The inside sole of the shoe contains a dual density Dynamic Duomax medial post. This is made from a firm foam material, which helps to support the arch of the foot and provide a good amount of cushioning during use. The Dynamic Duomax also works to stabilise the foot and to prevent injuries.


The upper of the Kayano 24 is manufactured using the seamless Asics FluidFit material. This is a mesh material which stretches in multiple directions to provide the wearer with enhanced comfort, flexibility and a glove-like fit. Large sections of mesh are incorporated throughout the upper design to improve the comfort, flexibility and breathability of the shoe. One complaint about the upper structure of previous models of the Kayano range was that they had a shallow toe box, leading to a tight fit at the front of the shoe. This can lead to damage of the skin at the front of the foot and a uncomfortable wearing experience. The Kayano 24 has been adapted to have a slightly roomier toe box, however it can still feel a bit on the tight side.


The Asics Kayano 24 is a heavy shoe, weighing in at 11.3 oz for a men’s size 9 and 9.3 oz for a women’s size 7. This issue is one of the shoes few drawbacks. However, given that it is heavily laden with useful and innovative features this is not surprising. The addition of technology to stabilise the gait of over-pronators, for example, adds a lot of weight to the shoe.


Good breathability is important in a running shoe, to ensure feet do not get too sweaty which can lead to skin problems, such as athletes foot. The mesh FluidFit upper ensures that air is circulated very well throughout the shoe. The Asics Gel Kayano 24 also has an Ortholite sockliner, which is 95 – 100% breathable. This helps to keep the foot cooler along the sole as well.


Comfort is at the forefront of the Asics Gel Kayano 24. It has been designed to offer comfort to over-pronators in particular, with the inclusion of the Impact Guidance System. The Asics specific dual density Dynamic Duomax technology also keeps the foot comfortably supported during use and provides good energy rebound. Showing that Asics have truly thought about the comfort of the wearer, the cushioning at the forefoot of the shoe is gender specific. This reflects the fact that men and women run in different ways and are prone to gender specific injuries. Finally, the Kayano 24 has a rolled ankle collar, to prevent friction and subsequent irritation.


The Asics Gel Kayano range is more focused on the use of cutting edge technology and optimising function, then being a stylish shoe. Thus, the design and colour choices are kept quite simple and understated, which may be appealing to a dedicated runner, looking for a trainer which delivers purely on performance. However, there are some colour options available for both the men’s and women’s trainers. The men’s choices include blue, black and grey variations and the women’s include purple, blue, grey, black and white variations.


The Asics Gel Kayano range has a great reputation for being reliable and hardwearing. The sole of the Kayano 24 is designed to last during repeated long distance use. This is reflected by the Asics high abrasion rubber used in the heel which is made from carbon rubber, a material also used in car tires. Thus, this shoe is an investment that will last you through many, many runs.


The Kayano 24 incorporates a lot of technology which works to protect the wearer during their runs. The specific stability that this shoe provides for over-pronators is very important. Over-pronation occurs when the foot rolls inwards and the arch flattens during a gait cycle. Ideally, the weight during a strike should be distributed over the heel and forefoot appropriately, therefore over-pronation leads to additional stress being put on muscles and soft tissue. People who over-pronate are more susceptible to certain injuries, for example, shin splints and plantar fasciosis.


The Kayano 24 performs equally well on short distance runs and marathons. It’s technology laden design ensures that it is a highly responsive trainer. The FlyteFoam midsole material provides great energy rebound to give the wearer a spring in their step. While, the Dynamic Duomax in the midsole provides a cushioned ride and also acts as a shock absorber.


Supporting the foot is one of the things that the Asics Gel Kayano 24 does very well. The Dynamic Duomax technology provides powerful support and stability throughout the entire midsole. The gel unit present in the heel of the shoe provide much needed shock absorption, particularly in the case of heel strikers. Asics have also included an improved meta heel clutch in the Kayano 24, which functions to lock the heel into the correct position. Additionally, the use of Internal taping underneath the mesh upper helps to keep the foot in a supported position.


The Asics Gel Kayano 24 is designed to be used for road running. It is also suitable for indoor running on a treadmill. The shoe would not be suitable for use on rough terrain, as the traction is not designed for this.


Given the cutting edge technology used in the Kayano 24, and its innovative design to enable over-pronators to be adequately supported, it is no surprise that the shoe fetches a hefty price tag. This shoe is at the higher end of the price range for specialist running trainers, retailing at around $160. Although, if you do choose to invest in the Kayano 24, you can be rest assured that you are getting a lot for your money. If the high price puts you off, you may consider the Kayano 23 as it is very similar in design.


The rubber outsole of the Kayano 24 has very good traction. Providing the shoe is used as intended, in the gym or on the road, it will provide adequate slip-resistance. It will also provide good grip in wet conditions on the road surface. It will not, however, provide good enough traction for use as a trail or climbing shoe.


As the Kayano 24 is designed to be a stability shoe, it has a thick outsole and midsole, incorporating a lot of stabilising technology. This means that it is not a very flexible shoe. However, the FluidFit material helps to give some degree of flexibility throughout the upper of the shoe.


Stability is precisely what the Kayano 24 has been designed to provide. More specifically, it provides much needed stability to over-pronators and it does this very well using various different technologies. The Impact Guidance System is a design incorporating numerous different technologies, which help to encourage a more natural gait. Similarly, the Dynamic Duomax, which was a big hit in previous models of the Asics Gel Kayano range, stabilises the arch to improve stance. Finally, the meta heel clutch works to stabilise the heel, helping to prevent the occurrence of injuries.


The heel to toe drop of the Asics Gel Kayano 24 is 10mm for men and 13mm for women. The majority of running trainers have a drop of 10mm, so this is fairly standard. The higher drop in the women’s shoe helps to provide a bit of extra support, which again can help to protect against gender specific injuries.

Key Features

• Technology specific for over-pronators, including the Impact Guidance System and Dynamic Duomax medial post
• Very well cushioned
• Snug, yet adaptive fit
• Durable
• Fluid fit upper provides flexibility and breathability

Bottom line

The Asics Gel Kayano range is a favourite of seasoned runners and hobbyists alike. The reason for its popularity is that it delivers useful, innovative technology in a tidy little package. The latest offering from the range, the Kayano 24 does not disappoint. Asics have kept all of the features that proved popular with its predecessors and added a few subtle improvements to ensure that this shoe delivers. Whether you are looking for a shoe to guide you through marathons or just a few miles around the block, the Kayano 24 would be a wise investment.