Supra Stacks Vulc II

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Supra Stacks Vulc II Review Facts

The Supra Stacks Vulc II is a comfortable, casual low-top sneaker that is an effective skateboarder shoe and can double as an ideal pair of kicks for relaxed settings.  For skaters, the lightweight composition makes for easy mobility and the vulcanized rubber sole is perfect for impact absorption. For the general consumer, the variety of colorways and the sleek design makes the Vulc II a stylish option to complete any outfit.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Generally fits true to size.
  • Made from lightweight materials.
  • Available in a variety of colors.
  • Wide-foot friendly, roomy design.
  • Vulcanized outsole offers strong, steadying grip for skateboards.
  • Suprafoam midsole for cushioning and impact absorption.
  • Great value for the money.
  • Cross-functional shoe for both lifestyle and active use.
  • Padded mesh lining for ventilation.
  • Not as durable as other brands used for skating.
  • Provides less than adequate arch support.


The outsole is constructed from vulcanized rubber which is both lightweight and flexible. Offers great traction (a gummy grip) on a skateboard and adequate impact absorption for casual walking and light jogging.


The Suprafoam midsole offers a comfortable cushion in a lightweight design. The sole’s thickness is uniquely structured to support solid impact protection for the heel as well as an optimum board feel at the toes.


Available with either canvas designed to be both lightweight and breathable or a light but durable suede - both offering ease of movement and adequate ventilation for the feet. Leather patch at the top of the tongue features the Supra branding and there is a padded mesh lining on the inside.


Using Men’s size 12 as a guide, one shoe (not the pair) weighs 14 oz. The weight of the Supra Stacks Vulc II will vary by size and will generally fall somewhere within this average ounce.


Ventilation was well considered in the design of the Vulc II. If you opt for the canvas upper over the suede then you get more natural ventilation but both are light, thin materials. Whichever upper you choose the mesh lining comes standard and is the main contributor to overall breathability.


You can expect a great degree of comfort from a Supra Stacks Vulc II because of its lightweight construction and flexibility. The suprafoam midsole provides plenty of cushion - for skaters or non-skaters. The padded tongue provides a comfortable ceiling for the top of the feet.


The Supra Stacks offers a clean, simple style with classic lines and subtle details. It comes in a variety of colorways which makes it versatile enough to match with numerous outfit options. Whether canvas or suede, the overall look of the Vulc II is modern and stylish.


The Supra Stacks Vulc II is durable enough to stand up to routine casual use while also meeting the standards of avid skaters. The vulcanized rubber of the outsole is tough enough to act as a suitable impact barrier between foot and ground and/or board, and the thickness of the suprafoam midsole provides stability and support for active mobility.

Toe Box

The round shape of the toe box makes it roomy enough for the feet while offering some level of gap to aid in the shoe’s flexibility. For skaters this is important as it adds to the bendability of the shoe and supports a gummy traction when pushing down on the board with the toes.


Width and length will vary on the size of the Supra Stacks Vulc II with sizing available for men (from sizes 4 to 14) and women (from sizes 5.5 to 15.5). Some users have pointed out that the sneaker design especially accommodates those with wide feet.


The Vulc II is primed to provide proper support for both everyday walking and skater-oriented athletics. The suprafoam midsole offers a comfortable cushion for the feet while protecting against impact. The vulcanized rubber outsole reinforces the midsole and helps with initial impact absorption.


With a wide variety of colorways to choose from, the Supra Stacks Vulc II allows for a number of complimentary style pairings. It isn’t uncommon for users to buy multiple pairs to back up their favorite colored clothing. Choices range from as bold as Risk Red-white to as versatile as Grey/Aquifer-white.


The Supra Stacks Vulc II is reasonably prices among other casual and skater sneakers in its category. What you’ll pay depends on where you buy them but you won’t break the bank on a pair of these shoes. Overall, a great value for your hard earned dollars.


The vulcanized rubber outsole of the Supra Stacks Vulc II provides exceptional traction. Skaters reported good grip between the soles of the Vulc II and their boards. For non-skating usage, the Vulc II offers the standard traction expected from a casual sneaker and should be worn accordingly.


Flexibility is maximized by the lightweight materials used to make the Vulc II. The use of canvas/suede makes it easy for the shoe to contour to the feet and the rubber outsole bends easily to conform to a skater’s athletic motions.


Stability is another area in which the Vulc II excels. Despite its lightweight manufacture, the materials used for midsole and outsole are sturdy and support a normal gait. The padded tongue helps to keep the shoe in place on the foot for a snug yet comfortable fit - there’s no worry of it slipping off during skating maneuvers.


When it comes to technology incorporated into the sneakers, the vulcanized outsole represents this in the Vulc II. The process of vulcanizing - heating the rubber bottom of a shoe then adhering it to the top part of the shoe - is what makes the Vulc II flexible and allows for maximum traction on the skateboard.

Key Features

Vulcanized rubber outsole
Suprafoam midsole
Suede and/or canvas upper
Padded mesh lining

Bottom Line

The Supra Stacks Vulc II is an ideal hybrid sneaker perfect for skaters and general consumers alike. While comfortable and lightweight, it doesn’t sacrifice proper structure and sturdiness to accomplish this. The vulcanized outsole, suprafoam midsole, and padded mesh lining provide stability, flexibility, traction and shock absorption to all consumers - regardless of if they choose to wear it for general, casual use or for athletic skating. With an array of colorways, however you wear it, the Vulc II will also offer you style as well as substance.