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DC Heathrow Review Facts

The DC Heathrow is a runner inspired lifestyle sneaker that is an amalgam of casual and athletic.  It's great as a pair of light-duty skateboarder sneakers and fashionable enough to wear in most non-formal settings.  Equipped with sole technology focused on support and cushioning, the highlight of this shoe is the high level of comfort wearers receive while giving little away in terms of stability.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Great price for performance.
  • Wide variety of colorways available.
  • The tongue is attached to the upper.
  • No uncomfortable side-sliding.
  • Breathable and lightweight.
  • Excellent stability and support.
  • Limited support for skateboarders.
  • Model is not wide foot friendly.
  • Poor grip on wet surfaces.
  • Light colorways stain easily.
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  • I recommend the DC Heathrow's to anyone who feel that they are too young for orthopedic shoes but still have sore feet due to working on them for long hours. These shoes are super comfortable and they look good.
  • These shoes fit perfectly and I ordered my exact size. So comfortable I can work in them and walk all day.
  • These are not uncomfortable by any means although they were tight at first. These can pass as work appropriate on casual days. I like them a lot and they look good.
  • Recommend a half size larger for people with a wider foot. Nice shoe.
  • I've felt more comfortable shoes than these but still they fit great. The lightweight and look of the shoe makes up for it.
  • Both my husband and I were pleasantly surprised at how lightweight these shoes are compared the other models in the DC shoe line. We've been customers for years. The fit and look are as expected--good.
  • Didn't know these were the slip on type until I purchased them but they are comfortable. Runs a little smaller because I got a half size bigger than my normal size and they are snug.
  • My feet are narrow and these shoes fit great. These are my first pair of DC Heathrow's and they make a nice loafer shoe. Good price and quality.
  • I originally purchased these to use with my clients. I am a personal trainer. I get a lot of compliments from my clients when I wear these. Definitely getting more in other colors.
  • These are a must have. My collection of shoes are huge and it includes many of DCs. The DC Heathrow's are super comfortable and the sizing for me is perfect even though my feet are wider.
  • I got caught in a bad rain while at a music festival and these shoes were trashed. Popped them in the washer and they came out like new.
  • Although I won't wear these as biking or skating they do have a nice grip that I didn't expect. They're very comfortable and the breathability is good too.
  • According to my son who loves these shoes, they are breathable and very comfortable.
  • Hubby loves his DC Heathrow's. He says the are supportive, breathable and comfortable.
  • I am so thankful that Amazon has a friendly return policy because my first pair of these were too small. I ordered them ½ size bigger and they fit great. I liked them so much I ordered two more pairs.
  • Love that my feet don't sweat in these because they allow the feet to breathe. Very comfortable and easy to put on.
  • The DC Heathrows are very comfortable with or without socks and looks exactly as picture when I received them.
  • I wouldn't say these are good for skating but a good casual shoe. Very comfortable that they feel more like a slipper than a sneaker. Super lightweight.
  • Perfect to wear when traveling or long days on my feet. Very comfortable.
  • I would certainly buy another pair because this is a great shoe. Love the design and they are comfortable.
  • For some reason, my feet aren't a good candidate for DC shoes. The shoes are too narrow and ordering a size up still doesn't help for me. It's too bad because I love how they look.
  • Not a fan of the quality. They appear to be cheaply made. It's only been a month and the shoe is coming apart.
  • These are more like a slipper than a skate shoe.
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The DC Heathrow comes with a rubber outsole that conforms to the lightweight design of the shoe. In key areas - under the balls of the feet and under the heel - rubber pods are inserted to aid in providing good traction. Skaters report that these pods provide a level of grip that would be lacking without their placement in the outsole.


The highlight of the DC Heathrow is definitely its midsole. Constructed with UniLite material, it is very light, super-flexible and moves naturally with the feet. Another outstanding feature is the OrthoLite footbed; it provides long-lasting cushioning and impact protection. The midsole is also outsole grade which allows for less rubber to be used in the construction of the bottoms without sacrificing the shoe's performance.


The Heathrow has a very breathable and lightweight upper largely due to the mesh material in its design. The quarter is comprised of either micro suede or waxed canvas. The upper also has a quilted liner that gives it that comfortable sock-like feel for easy slipping on and and off. The tongue is attached to the upper and does not slip from side to side with movement.


Designed to be lightweight - from the outsole through to the upper - the DC Heathrow weighs in at typically 8 ounces on average (each shoe) using men's size 10 as a base. Shipping weight normally does not exceed 2 pounds. One of the favored features of this shoe, the light-weight gives wearers an easy stride and fluid maneuverability.


The upper's mesh material makes for a very breathable shoe that offers an airy and comfortable feel. The Heathrow can be worn with or without socks and the quilted liner is a thin enough membrane that it does not take away from the overall breathability.
Neither the micro suede nor the waxed canvas components of the quarter impede airflow much.


Designed with maximum comfort in mind, many consumers consider this to be the best thing about their DC Heathrows. From the top, the upper is lightweight and airy, and the tongue is attached, so it doesn't move from side to side during movement. The UniLite material and OthroLite footbed of the midsole gives the sneaker a cushion of pillow-like softness for the feet. From an impact absorption perspective, the midsole, together with the rubber outsole, provides a comfortable contact with the ground - or for skaters, the top of their boards.


Available in unique prints, classic colors and lux materials the DC Heathrow shows of a unique amalgam of fashion and utility. Athletically inspired, the design resembles a runner's shoe but with a casual aesthetic. The shoe's silhouette is simple but stylish.


The Heathrow's durability best shines when used as a casual lifestyle shoe and consumers have reported having pairs that lasted for as much as a few years in this capacity. However, few hardcore skaters note that the mesh is not as durable under rigorous skating routines compared to more technical skate shoes and this may tend to wear out the Heathrow relatively fast. Some also report separation from the sole to the fabric over time; again more so when used primarily for skating.

Toe Box

The toe box of the DC Heathrow features internal toecap reinforcement for structural integrity in the forefoot. For skaters, this can help when positioning the forefront in order to flip their boards.

Width & Length

The DC Heathrow comes in mens, womens and childrens sizing and a typically normal width. Sizes range from US men's 6 to 14, US women's 5 to 11 and US children's (4-16 years old) 2 to 11. Sizing also available for US toddler's, 5 to 10. Overall dimensions of shoe will vary based on size.


A full bootie construction for secure fit and the UniLite and OrthoLite materials of the midsole, inclusive of the the footbed, make the DC Heathrow an excellent choice for overall, everyday support. However, because it is a low top, some skaters find that the Heathrow lacks proper ankle and shin support compared to high tops.


Classic colors and unique prints are in abundance for the DC Heathrow. From Grass, Yellow/Gold and Rust to standard Greys and Black, there are colors for any style pairings. It is not uncommon for consumers to own multiple pairs of Heathrows in large part due to the wide array of color options available.


Prices vary depending on where the DC Heathrow is shopped but generally falls within a reasonable range - rarely exceeding $100. Most consumers credit the Heathrow with providing good value for their money.


As a casual, multi-purpose lifestyle sneaker, the DC Heathrow offers adequate traction for most people. For skaters, it does not have an optimally gummy feel but the rubber pods of the outsole do help with grip. The Heathrow is not ideal for wet situations and can lose grip in these scenarios.


The UniLite material of the midsole makes the DC Heathrow a super flexible shoe that moves with your feet. Adding to that, the mesh of the upper, as well as the micro suede or waxed canvas details, all bend and contort easily to support athletic skating use.


An OrthoLite footbed on top of a UniLite midsole provides maximum cushion and support for those who wear Heathrows. The internal toecap reinforcement and the rubber outsole both contribute to structural integrity. Overall, the Heathrow offers an adequate stabilizing effect for everyday movement and casual skating.


When it comes to technology, there are two main features that stand out in the Heathrow. The UniLite used in the shoe's construction is a naturally light material that is super-flexible and highly resistant to impact. The OrthoLite aspect of the shoe provides long-lasting cushioning and impact protection.

Key Features

- Lace-Up closure
- Micro suede/waxed canvas and mesh upper for breathability and light weight
- Full bootie construction for secure fit
- UniLite midsole with OrthoLite footbed for comfort, cushioning and support
- Internal toe cap reinforcement for forefoot structure
- Rubber outsole pods for traction

Bottom Line

Available in a wide variety of colorways, the fashionable and functional DC Heathrow is a versatile shoe for everyday life - and can double as a light skater shoe. With right-out-of-the-box comfort, lightweight, flexible design, and maximum breathability from the upper, these sneakers will provide an ease of movement for the average consumer. For skaters, the two potential drawbacks they may experience are a sole that is not as grippy as other skate-centric brands - particularly on wet surfaces - and a mesh component that may wear out quickly with regular, rigorous use. Overall, the DC Heathrow offers a satisfactory all-around usage performance in a highly aesthetically pleasing appearance.