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On Cloud X Review Facts

On originated in Swiss and is renown for producing revolutionary running shoes with excitement as the main focus. The On Cloud series started in 1914 with an innovative technology which gave the world the lightest, fully cushioned running shoe known to mankind. Since then the vision has evolved into the stylish On Cloud X, a running shoe whose engineering surpasses even On’s earlier models. Not only is it lighter than its earlier counterparts, but it uses the latest technology to make you feel like you are wearing clouds on your feet, hence its name.  On Cloud X is geared towards the high-performance runner who likes to add other physical activities to their schedule.  Special materials and design mechanisms enable this shoe to cater to each runner’s unique style and needs.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Fits true to size
  • Lightweight
  • Great selection of colors and styles
  • Uses latest design technology
  • Great support, cushion, and flexibility
  • Long distance concerns
  • Not suitable for wide feet
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  • I am not a runner but I am motivated to run with these. They are very comfortable and would wear them on a treadmill rather than on the trails as they tend to pick up rocks in the groove of the sole. Because of the cushion my feet recover quickly after a workout.
  • These shoes are so awesome that I purchased another pair. However, I will say that depending on the color combination will determine which is more durable. I’ve own two pair so far and noticed that the one with more of a mesh top isn’t as durable as the one with a woven canvas.
  • These have held up well so far but the price was bit high in my opinion I ended up getting a pair on sale and purchased another pair reasonably priced as well.
  • I walk a lot and I live in New York I am also a diabetic. I used these shoes daily. The traction can’t be beat. I plan on buying serval more pairs in case the company changes the way they’re made.
  • These are used mostly on the treadmill and they feel phenomenal. The wider toe box gives more room and comfort. Easy to put on and take off. Looking forward to running in these outside.
  • This is my second pair of On Clouds. My first pair I wore until I couldn’t anymore. I retired those and got the ones I have now which are a men’s 1/2 size smaller. I liked the color better in the men’s version. Love the comfort level of these shoes.
  • On Cloud has unsurpassed comfort and cushion. Best for runners/walkers without pronation.
  • It’s been about three months since I’ve got these shoes and so far I’ve run about 3 miles 2-4 times a week. I’ve also used them in Crossfit and they are very comfortable. I feel they are much better than Ino8’s.
  • My first try with these was about a year ago and I like them so much I got another pair. These are comfortable, lightweight and have great support.
  • For me, this shoe is a game changer. The stress on the foot is reduced when running, which allows me to move easier and faster. I will always run in these shoes.
  • I deliberately got these for a trip overseas because I would be walking mostly. These are extremely comfortable and very lightweight. I used thin socks because with thicker socks the shoes wear too tight.
  • After taking a test online about how to choose a running shoe I chose the On Cloud. Must admit I had never heard of this brand but was intrigued. I am a Nike’s fan and wanted more cushion and support. These did the trick.
  • This is a company that finally got it right. I’ve run 8 miles in these out of the box and my feet were comfortable. Will order more running shoes from On Cloud.
  • Great look, and good fit. Would recommend.
  • In my opinion, On Cloud is the best shoe on the market.
  • Rocks and other small objects get caught in the grooves.
  • I love how these look but I’ve been in more comfortable sneakers. They are tight for my medium width. Hopeful that they will give some with use.
  • Not meant for pronators as my feet needs more arch support
  • I think the Cloudsurfers are more comfortable and made for longer runs than these.
  • I like a shoe with much more cushion
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The unique outsole is based on the Cloud Tech system. A perfect balance between lateral and vertical forces means natural foot movement during take-off. Zero-Gravity foam makes the On Cloud X feel almost weightless on the feet while making it adaptable to extended wear and the most strenuous training. This also means runners experience ultimate cushioning and fine-tuned compression as the foot makes the impact with terrain. Some reviews did report the outsole being a little stiff and unusually designed. However, for the most part, individuals hailed the outsole for contributing to a great run or workout.


A larger than usual midsole features a collaborative system of special partially hollowed pods and a flexible full-length EVA foam plate. As a runner, you get better performance and a shoe tailored to your specific running gait due to added flexibility, spring back, an even distribution of landing impact and energy, and uniform tension across the foot. This design also offers runners great arch support due to the secure connection between the midsole and the upper. Special grooves also provide added flexibility.


While the upper has a fashion appeal, it is quite capable of meeting a runner’s needs. A soft two-part engineered mesh system keep the foot secure, while also offering a high degree of breathability. An outer mesh offers the forefoot a high degree of non-weighted protection. The design of the heel counter provides security regardless of the angle of rotation. Some say the back of the shoe almost feels like wearing a lounging shoe. The upper also features adjustable front lacing which makes securing a good fit very feasible.


On average, the On Cloud X weighs in at around eight ounces, depending on the size, making it considerably lighter than other running shoes manufactured by On. The unique outsole construction is a big contributing factor. The weight, however, does not compromise its performance and comfort. Actually, the high tech design may give it an advantage due to the union of the lightweight feel, full cushion, multi-directional fit, protection, and breathability. Many reviews claim the lightweight contributes to a faster and more enjoyable workout.


The outer and inner mesh designs of the upper makes this shoe extremely breathable. Based on many reviews, the superb ventilation properties incorporated in to the design makes this an ideal shoe for running in different climates. An added benefit is air circulation without having to settle for a frail shoe. The shoe is designed to handle moisture, providing a great remedy to those whose feet have a propensity to sweat. This feature is also a favorite for those who wish to run without socks.


Several aspects of the On Cloud X help it to live up to its name. One feature that immediately hits you is its incredible lightweight. This helps prevent runners from feeling weighted down and suffering added muscle strain after a good run. Also, the intentionally built in toe room in the forefront of the shoe provides added comfort and splay room for toes during workouts. The secure fit and adjustable lacing mean no bruising due to friction between the foot and shoe. Seamless stitching also contributes to the absence of rubbing, even without socks. Another factor is that the feet do not suffocate due to adequate air circulation, which allows the runner to focus on the journey ahead. While this shoe is true to size in terms of length, unfortunately it does not cater to wide feet.


At first glance the On Cloud X sports the style of a fashion sneaker rather than a running shoe. It is very appealing to the eye and definitely deviates from the looks and style of most running shoes. For sure it could easily pass for a casual shoe and could hold its own for everyday use. It does come in many styles and rich colors, which enhances its fashion appeal. One comment which comes up often in reviews is that it is a great looking shoe.


Although some of On Cloud X ’s materials may not appear to be hardy, it has proven to be very durable when compared to its counterparts. It definitely stands up to On’s reputation for designing high-quality shoes that are built to last. A two-tiered specially engineered mesh system located .at the forefoot offers improved adjustment to harsher terrain conditions. A strong material on the rear of the upper also adds to the shoe’s durability making it a favorite for runners. Many runners have been pleased with this shoe’s faithfulness during long distance runs under different conditions. There has been some concern about its durability on roads with loose debris and hazards however. Overall, it has a high threshold and can endure many miles of running before displaying normal wear and tear.


The key to Cloud X’s protective properties rest in the extra cushioning built into its design. Starting from the outsole, the design offers superb compression qualities to protect the feet during impact. Further protection is secured through a pod-based midsole which diverts pressure and allows bounce and shoe flex during a workout. A full-length Speedboard coupled with extra cushion also makes this shoe very accommodating to each runner’s unique gait and running style, thus reducing injuries. On also designed extra cushioning around the upper, which offers added protection. Runners will love the reflective styles which give added protection during night runs.


Consumers have expressed that the responsiveness of the On Cloud X, clearly surpasses On’s previous models of running shoes. After initial impact with the road, runners are offered a quick spring back and recovery time. Many athletes find the On Cloud X to have excellent push off and shock absorbency features. Contributing factors to this buoyancy may include the lightweight, CloudPods in the outsole, and more advanced compression systems. Those who run races will definitely appreciate the added agility which comes with this running shoe.


On Cloud X does not fall short in the support category. It offers great heel and arch support, and a snug fit, which aid in preventing the feet from sliding and blistering during a run. The lacing system also plays a role in supporting the feet. On does provide two types of laces. One is a unique elastic lace, which eliminates the need to lace and unlace shoes. Probably in response to consumer complaints of this style not providing enough support, the On team also includes a traditional pair of shoe laces. These are adjustable and can offer a more secure fit. Reviews suggest this is the more preferred option.


On Cloud X can be used on several terrains because on many levels it borrows qualities of both traditional and barefoot running shoes. However, many design features, such as the extensive cushioning, arch support, and high tech engineering, clearly sanctify it as a high performance running shoe. Therefore, as expected, peak performance unfolds more readily on a flat surfaced hard road. It is designed with the serious runner in mind, so other terrains are not optimum for running at fast speeds. You might also want to stay clear of terrains with excessive loose pebbles , small stones, and other hazards, since the unique outsole has a tendency to attract these particles.


Consumers should expect to pay petty close to the full prices as suggested on the On website. With the exception of a few sites offering minor discounts, the pricing was pretty consistent across the board. It is on the more expensive end when compared to its counterparts. However, the advanced design technology incorporated in the On Cloud X makes this a worthy investment. Durable materials, the lightweight, better performance, reliability, and comfort can be seen as benefits that justify adding these to any athletic collection.


Surprisingly, the progressive design of the outsole comes with a high degree of traction. You would expect for the lightweight to influence traction, however, this is not the case. The savvy engineering of the outsole, the compression dynamics, the deep trenches, and the construction of the midsole may contribute to its favorable traction. No complaints were found mentioning a loss of traction on snow or wet surfaces. This means a shoe with a nice degree of versatility and a reassuring level of safety. Overall, customers have been as pleased with the traction of this lightweight sneaker as they have with similar running shoes.


Special grooves designed in the midsole help to make the On Cloud X very flexible. You can also expect that the lightweight materials used to construct it would also contribute to its flexibility. A mutual partnership between the outsole and the midsole provide a good measure of reciprocity for natural foot movement, making this an ideal shoe for competitive running. The only downside is the heel may feel a bit rigid. Overall, however, most runners find the On Cloud X to be comfortable and flexible enough to put them in the driver’s seat.


On Cloud X is designed to compensate and provide stability for all types of gait patterns. Runners who do not have a neutral pronation will appreciate the extra cushion and good rotational support incorporated to avoid common injuries. The extra pair of traditional laces also provides more stability than the factory laces. Unlike similar counterparts, the lightweight and flexibility are combined ingeniously to provide a running shoe with just the right amount of grip and bend.


The On Cloud X has a toe to heel drop of 6mm, meaning that it has slightly less elevation angle than most traditional running shoes. Although it has less heel padding, this does not take away from its competitive edge. Instead, you get a lighter shoe which supports a better stride and is built to support the strenuous needs of competitive runners. To compensate for the heel padding, there is a full-length cushion incorporated in the design.

Key Features

● CloudTech outsole,
● Zero-Gravity Foam Construction
● Flexible Full Length EVA foam plate
● Elastic Shoe Laces
● Reflective Styles to Increase Night Visibility
● Extremely breathable Mesh Upper


On Cloud X exemplifies the latest design technology which clearly distinguishes it from other running shoes. On really outdid themselves, with this stylish lightweight running shoe. You can also be grateful for the exceptional comfort, breathability, and flexibility that gives the barefoot running feel with added protection and control. Although there is an air of hesitancy regarding its innovative outsole, competitive runners can appreciate its added benefits which provide an extra edge for long-distance running. Outside of the outsole, however, there are many superb features. Based on On’s history, you can be sure, this will not be the last model although it is difficult to imagine how they could add to the value of this winner. If you are looking for a shoe designed for the serious runner desiring a heavenly fit, then you might want to consider trying out the On Cloud X.