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For athletes that make everything look effortless, there should be accessories that do the same. When it comes to earbuds/headphones to make workouts (or lunch breaks) go smoother, BeatsX delivers the best quality of sound. The quality of the audio feedback did not have to suffer in order for the product to have an exceptionally purposeful and functional design.

This headset is designed to wrap around the back of your neck, securing it a little better than if it were to wrap around the front with the back open. A fully charged battery can power you through up to eight hours of listening time. If you only have enough time to charge for five minutes, you will still get yourself an additional two hours.

The flex-form cable makes for easy storage in your purse or pocket. When not in use, you can leave the cable around your neck and let the buds fall to hang. The earbuds are magnetic so you won’t have to worry about them tangling.

Not only do you have the ability to control your music with your Bluetooth headset, but you can also take incoming calls. Control your calls and music via the remote on the cable, or connect your headset to Siri on your iPhone so that you can use voice command.

When you order this headset, you receive in your package: the BeatsX earphones, four sizes of ear tips, a lightning charging cable with an attachment to make it a USB-A, a warranty card, and a quick start guide.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Flex-form comfort

Long battery life

Quick battery boost

Interchangeable ear tips

Neckband style


Slightly costly

No auto sleep/off


Beats (by Dr. Dre) is an audio brand that was founded by Dr. Dre himself, along with Jimmy Lovine, in 2006. Beats offers premium earphones, headphones, and speakers. The company’s products push the limits and think outside of the box in order to deliver the best possible sound for the next generation. Thanks to the brands' success, they have been able to bring the emotion, excitement, and energy that is found in recording studios to music lovers around the world.

The very first product that Beats offered was headphones called Beats by Dre. When Dre was coming up with advertisement strategies, he pointed out the advantages of the new headphones. He pointed out that music lovers were not hearing “all” that there is to hear in a recording with the typical set of headphones.

Beats, according to Dr. Dre, allow the listener to hear all of the elements in a recording that the artist hears, and enjoy it to its full potential. When compared to other headphones on the market, Beats products deliver bigger, better bass, as well as being optimized specifically towards pop and hip-hop music.

Beats revealed its next two products in 2012. These two products were Beats Executive, which are headphones that cancel external noise, and Beats Pill, which is a portable speaker. In 2014, Apple Inc. acquired the Beats brand. A new line of speakers was released in 2015, including an upgrade of the Beats Pill speaker, the Beats Pill+. In 2019, PowerBeats Pro joined the line-up.

Apple W1

Apple and Beats are constantly working on coming up with innovative technologies to improve your audio listening experience. When the companies introduced the new technology called Apple W1 for the headset “BeatsX”, they changed the way music lovers experience their audio.

The W1 is a Bluetooth chip that allows your headset to automatically pair with nearby Apple devices that are up to date on their operating system. This allows for seamless setup, enhanced battery life, and super quick five minutes of charging with Fast Fuel (will get you two more hours of playback). You must have an iCloud account, iOS 10, macOS Sierra, watchOS3, or newer versions.

Apple cares about all of the music lovers out there, so they made sure that the W1 Bluetooth chip would be able to detect and connect to Android devices as well. Say goodbye to the frustrating days of struggling to figure out how to get your two devices to cooperate long enough to sense each other and form a connection. You won’t have to lift a finger to connect the headset to your device.

Fast Fuel

In today’s world, with everybody constantly connected to some form of technology, battery life is very important. No one wants to be forced to plug-in at a random coffee shop or mall in the middle of the day because their headphones (or other wireless devices) have run out of juice for the second time already.

Instead of worrying about allotting time out of your schedule to charge your devices, just charge your BeatX earphones overnight and you can enjoy as many as eight hours of audio enjoyment if you’re listening at a moderate volume level. For headphones such as these, this is decent battery life.

The great thing about this battery, though, is that it has “Fast Fuel” which means that the charging cable is a Lightning cord, which charges devices faster than the chargers that are included in the box with your original purchase.

Fast Fuel is special because you can hook up your device to the Lightning cord for just five minutes and continue to enjoy your audio experience for an additional two hours. If you run your headset battery the entire way down until it shuts itself off, and then hook up the Lightning cord for two hours, your battery will charge to around twenty-seven percent.


It’s really annoying when you’re on a run, hike, doing a workout, or on your lunch break when someone decides to call you (or you want to change the song that’s playing). If your hands or body are busy, no worries! The BeatsX headset features RemoteTalk that is Bluetooth compatible as well as being compatible with Siri.

RemoteTalk can do more than just answer calls and switch music, though! If you press on the top button, you will turn the volume up. If you press on the bottom button, you turn it down. In order to answer an incoming call, press the button in the center and release it (once). When you’re ready to end the call, hit the center button again.

If you want to decline the incoming call, just press the center button and hold it down for two seconds, then release. If you hear two beeps, you have declined the call successfully. If you need to put someone on hold in order to answer another call, press and release the center button.

If you want to utilize the voice command feature, hold the center button down until you hear voice activation starting up. When listening to the audio, you can pause by pressing the center button and releasing it. To resume play, simply push it again.

In order to skip forward in your music, quickly push the center button two times. In order to scan through your music, hold the button down on the second press. To skip backward press the button three times, holding the third press to scan.

Flex-Form Cable

The Flex-Form cable that is used in the production of this headset has a purpose, and that is to make your experience more comfortable and convenient. A more flexible fit means that the headset will be better equipped to move with you throughout your day.

The neckband (cable) has a couple of wires that run through it. These are made from nitinol (nickel-titanium alloy). This material was developed in the 1950s and is very durable, lightweight, and malleable. This material is used because it gives the cable enough rigidity to do its job, but it’s also malleable enough to roll up for easy storage.

Some might wonder how on earth a headset like this can stay on your neck, especially if you’re working out. No need to worry, though, because Beats thought about that too. And the solution is a weighted section in the cable on each side of your neck. The one side has the battery in it, and the other has the electronics.

Compared to other headsets on the market, these are qualities that are common. However, the BeatsX attention to design comes out more sleek and durable.


Tangled cords are something that people have struggled with since the very first pair of earbuds were invented. When headphones were placed on top of your head and covered your ears, they stayed on a lot better. Of course, they still fell off if you had sleek hair or they didn’t fit your head correctly. But you didn’t have to worry about your cords getting so tangled that you had to spend an hour untangling them just to listen to some music.

One great thing about the BeatsX earbuds is that they are magnetic. This will make the buds stick together so that you can neatly wrap the cords up and they will stay tangle-free until you want to use them again. Or, you can leave the headset on, pin the buds together and leave them to dangle like a pendant.

The magnetized and lightweight buds have drivers that are just eight millimeters in diameter. Typically the drivers on earphones are usually between eight and fifteen millimeters. These buds were designed for music lovers to be able to wear all day, either in your ears or dangling on your neck. They are lightweight enough that you’re likely to forget they’re even on you once you’re used to them being there.


When you’re purchasing a product of any kind, something you should look into is whether or not it comes with any kind of warranty. BeatsX understands that stuff happens and electronics, especially, will need to be serviced, repaired, or replaced from time to time.

If you believe that your product requires service, you can send it in to be inspected. Beats will determine what sort of service they need to provide. They will either repair the item or, if absolutely necessary, replace it with a product that is brand new or equivalently new as far as reliability and performance are concerned. If your item requires services different than what you thought and/or requested, they will get in touch with you to discuss further action.

If you have issues with the batteries, keep in mind that they can fail due to a defect, but they can also simply wear out from use. If your battery fails due to a defect and still falls under the one year warranty, they will either fix your product or replace your product. Additional fees may be applicable if other services are required.

When you send an item to be inspected for service, it will take approximately three to ten business days for them to complete the job. Some cases may require more services, meaning they’ll need more time to perform them.

If your item is out of warranty and you still wish to have services provided, you may do so, at a cost. Out of warranty, the standard fee for BeatsX is seventy-nine dollars. The shipping cost is six dollars and ninety-five cents.

Bottom Line

While the BeatsX, and others like it, are designed for active people to be able to enjoy their workouts without cords getting in the way, the BeatsX headset is suitable for all music lovers. You can use them while you clean the house, walk in the park, sit on a bench during your lunch break, or hike on a bike trail. You can also use them during strenuous workouts in the gym or on the trail without worrying they’ll fall off.

This headset, which delivers beautifully tailored sound, also caters to comfort, fit, style, and convenience. There are different sizes of buds to choose from so that your ear is comfortable. They are lightweight so that you hardly notice them. They are sleek, and very easily folded up for storage.

The BeatsX headset may look like it comes at a high price, but it happens to be one of the least expensive headsets of its kind on the market. It also provides better sound and longer battery life than competitors. Even if you're partial to the headphone style as opposed to the earbud style, they're well worth a try.