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Runners typically love using armbands while they are on the go. It gives you a place to store your phone, so you can have it with you without having to shove it in your pocket. The PORTHOLIC armband is an excellent choice for those of you who are looking for a product like this.

It is very budget friendly, but don't let the price tag fool you. It is durable and has a decent lifespan. You do not have to replace it anytime soon. It comes full of great features that consumers love.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Size options

Triple sweatproof

Comfortable and lightweight

Small storage pockets

ID touch available


Only available in black

Works best for iPhone


The PORTHOLIC Armband has a simple and basic design. It is very similar in style to many of the other running armbands that you would find nowadays. It straps around your arm, giving you a snug and secure fit. The band itself has reflective detailing on it so you can add some visibility to your gear. This will help you stay seen by passers-by if you're heading out in poor visibility conditions.

The product has a pouch in the front that will hold your phone on your arm while you're active. It is clear so you will be able to still see and use your phone through the case. You will even have access to your fingerprint sensor so you can unlock your device on the fly.

You're going to find a small pocket for a key on one side of the pouch and a place to hold your cords from your headphones on the other. Additionally, there is a small pocket for your ID and/or credit card on the back. You can take your things along with you without the need to take another bag.

There are no color options for the PORTHOLIC armband. It is only available in black, which is perfectly acceptable for most consumers. If you want anything else in other colors, you are going to have to find a different option. You will also find the logo along the side, next to the phone pouch.


The armband is made using high-quality materials, giving you an all around great experience while you are wearing it. PORTHOLIC uses a mixture of Lycra and neoprene in the construction of the fabrics. This is going to give you a stretchy band that will help give you a great fit. The material is also soft, so you aren't going to have to worry about skin irritation while you're out and about. You shouldn't have any problems with this band rubbing uncomfortably or digging into your skin.

The materials are breathable so you will be able to get some airflow onto the skin under the armband. This will assist you in staying cool while you are working out. It's essential that you find breathable running gear, so you don't overheat mid-exercise. It's nice to know that this product will give what you need.

The PORTHOLIC armband is sweatproof, thanks to the materials used in the construction. You will have a nice barrier between your phone and the sweat from your body, helping keep it dry and free of moisture. Some consumers recommend still using your phone case as some extra protection as well.


Consumers can agree that the PORTHOLIC Armband is comfortable. They have stated that it gives you a nice and snug fit that feels great on your arm while you're out and about. The soft and stretchy materials make for an optimal fit and pleasant feeling.

It is super lightweight, so it is almost like you don't have anything extra on your arms. Nearly all of the weight actually comes from the phone you are putting in it. The bigger and heavier your device, the more weight you will put on your arm.

Since the band comes with a 6-inch extender, it is going to be able to fit almost anyone, giving you a pleasant experience no matter the size of your arm.


The PORTHOLIC Armband is excellent because it can accommodate many different size arms. It can fit people with an arm size of between 9 and 18.5 inches. For those who need sizes on the higher end of the spectrum will have to use the included 6" extender to make the band large enough to fit them.

The stretch materials of the band help give you a better fit. It will ensure that it is snug and secure while still being comfortable. It's going to provide you with the optimal fit so you can rest easy knowing that your band will stay in place on your arm.


The PORTHOLIC is perfect for those who like to get out and be active. It's great for fitness lovers, giving you a way to take your phone along with you on your adventures. It gives you a snug fit around your arm and a place to store your phone, so you don't have to bring along an extra bag.

It is sweat resistant making it a perfect option for you when you're going to be sweating a lot. It has three ways of helping protect your device from the moisture, although you may still want to use your phones protective case.

Whether you're working out in the gym, heading for a run, or participating in any other physical activity, you may want to use a band like this so you can bring your phone along with you. Some customers will choose to use the band for other everyday activities as well. If you are cleaning the house or running errands, you can add this to your routine so you can listen to music and have your phone close by without having to shove it in your pocket.


The PORTHOLIC Armband gives you a decent amount of features that users can use and abuse. You will, of course, get your standard armband features. It is lightweight, giving you a comfortable feeling while you're wearing it. It's also compatible with most cell phones, see below. It's also going to fit a plethora of arm sizes, including a 6-inch extender to accommodate more people.

Another great feature that you have with this product is it has a small pocket on the band that will be able to hold a key. Whether you need to keep your house key or a car key with you, you will be ready to with ease. There isn't a reason to risk losing it out of your pocket or having to carry an extra bag along with you.

You are also going to have the ability to take advantage of a cardholder on the backside of the phone pouch. It will let you carry your ID or debit cards with you wherever you go.

There is a cord holder on the band. If you are heading out with a pair of headphones and you don't want to listen to your music anymore, you can pop the headphones into the cord holder with ease.

The bottom of the phone pouch, there is a small hole that will allow you to plug your headphones into the device. This can be problematic if your headphone jack is on the top of your phone, by flipping your phone upside down, you can rectify this problem with ease.

If you're an iPhone user, you will still have access to your fingerprint sensor without having to take your device out of the band. If you need to unlock your phone for any reason, nothing is stopping you. You will still be able to have full functionality on your touch screen through the arm pocket, eliminating the need to take your device out of the armband.

The PORTHOLIC armband offers a triple sweat resistant feature. It will provide you with three barriers to protect your device from sweat and moisture. The entrance to the pouch is covered with an extended cloth, safeguarding your phone on that end. The headphone hole opening is reduced, for a smaller risk of moisture getting inside. Finally, there is an extra layer of fabric to help reduce the amount of moisture that can soak through the band. If you're someone who sweats a lot, customers recommend that you still use a case on your phone while using the armband. This will give you one final layer of protection while you're using the product.


Durability is essential when you are talking about an armband. Not only do you not want it to fall apart on you, but you want to make sure that it's going to be able to hold your phone securely. It can be devastating if you are out running around and the band breaks, dropping your phone and shattering it.

Thankfully, that isn't something you will have to deal with when it comes to the PORTHOLIC Armband. The high-quality materials that make up the band will not rip or tear easily, ensuring that it will stay intact.

The stretchy materials will help keep your band in place so you won't have the hassle of it sliding down your arm, risking it falling altogether. It doesn't really contribute to the durability of the band itself, but it helps keep your device safe.


When you are wearing something to the gym, or during workouts, chances are they're going to get sweaty. This means that they will eventually start to smell, an nobody wants that. The good news is that the PORTHOLIC Armband is machine washable. You can just pop in in the laundry, and it is good as new. You'll, of course, want to make sure you are following the cleaning instructions. It is nice to know that you can wash it with ease to keep you smelling fresh and feeling clean.


The PORTHOLIC is highly durable and has some great features that you can take advantage of while you're on the go. The best part, it has a relatively low price tag. That makes this band an excellent investment and welcomed addition to your running gear.

Don't like the affordable price tag fool you. You will still get a good quality product that will last you a while. Not only are you not spending a lot of money up front, but you're going to be saving even more by not having to replace it.

It's overall a great value product.


The PORTHOLIC Armband can accommodate many different phones. There are two different varieties of this band, so you will want to make sure you are getting the one for your phone. The standard band will fit phones with a screen of up to 5.1 inches. The larger band is better for the phones up to 6.8 inches. It will even be able to fit your phone while it's still in your case, no need to remove it before using the PORTHOLIC.

Of course, you can use the larger band for your smaller phones, but the pouch might be a little bigger than you'd like. Customers prefer to use the one that best fits their phones os there isn't too much wiggle room in the case, jarring their device around.

Even if you go with the larger size band that allows you to fit your plus-sized phones, there are two additional sizes there as well. You can get the large to suit your phones with a slim case. The other option is the extra large, so you can fit you larger phone while in an Otterbox Defender case.

No matter what phone you have, there's an option for you. Just make sure you are paying attention to what one you are ordering to get the perfect size for your particular phone.

Bottom Line

If you're someone who likes to get up and go but doesn't like throwing your phone in your pocket, then you may want to consider an option like the PORTHOLIC armband. This will let you bring your phone along, on your arm, anywhere you go.

It has a comfortable and lightweight fit. It will stay snuggly on your arm, so you don't have to worry about it sliding down during your workout, distracting you. The stretch material and 6-inch extender band allow it to fit most people.

You not only can bring along your phone with you. There are small pockets for a key and your cards. It even has a place for cord management. You can bring the essentials with you without the need for an extra bag, or shoving everything in your pockets.

The PORTHOLIC armband is inexpensive and highly durable. Customers love it, and it comes highly recommended.