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Are you an active person? Do you like getting out of the house but hate carrying your phone with you? You might want to consider the use of a product like the Tune Belt Armband. This will let you get out and get your workouts done while still being able to carry your phone — no need to throw it in your pocket while you're exercising.

It has a reasonable price tag and high longevity, making it a great overall value. Customers have stated that it is comfortable and it will fit most people with ease.

If you want a running armband for your workout needs this might be the perfect option for you.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Highly durable




Stays in place


Moderate price tag

Limited color options

No storage pockets


When it comes to running armbands, there isn't too much variation in the overall design; The Tune Belt Armband is no different. You will get a clear pocket on the outside that you can store your phone in and a neoprene belt that straps around your upper arm to hold it into place.

This one differs, however, because it does not have any little pockets to hold keys or money. If you want to carry those things around, you may want to consider an additional bag or apparel with pockets.

There are three slots on the bottom of the phone pocket to allow for your headphones or sync cable. You'll still be able to listen to your music, even if you aren't using Bluetooth headphones.

You can choose from a couple of colors when purchasing the Tune Belt armband. You can pick from black or yellow. Customers are happy with the choices available to them, although some would have liked to have seen more of a variety.


The Tune Belt Armband, like most sports bands, uses neoprene in the construction. Neoprene is a synthetic rubber that's durable and allows for decent flexibility. You usually find it in the apparel for aquatic activities, but it works well for fitness belts as well. It will help keep your phone protected from your sweat while you are out and about. It gives a sweat resistant environment for your phone, so it stays nice and dry.

There is a little stretch to the band, but not a lot. This is where it differs from other armbands. There is no Lycra in the construction, so it will not give you a lot of stretches. You will still be able to get a secure fit, so don't worry.

The Tune Belt Armband uses a hook and loop closure on the armband so you can achieve a safe and secure fit while you're out and about.


Most customers can agree that the Tune Belt Armband is comfortable on their arm. This is important because if you are pushing yourself for your workouts, you want to make sure that the rest of you is as comfortable as possible. If you are pushing yourself hard, your arm might as well be comfy.

The soft and flexible materials that make up the armband feel great along your skin. It will bend and move along with your arm while you're moving. Whether you are running, lifting, or doing yoga, this band will allow you to move around unrestricted. You should have no problem with irritation or chafing either. It isn't known to cause any issues from rubbing along your skin.

It is lightweight, almost like you aren't even wearing anything on your arm. Most of the weight comes from the phone you are carrying. It would only make sense that the heavier your device, the more substantial the band is going to be on your arm.

One thing that customers were not thrilled about is that it does feel bulky. For those who are minimalists and want something small on their arms, the Tune Belt Armband might not be the perfect option. It's not too big, but it can feel bulky for those who prefer minimalist designs.


When you are ordering an armband to use for your exercising needs, you want to make sure that it is going to fit around your arm. Right out of the package, the band will fit up to a 15-inch arm without a problem. The good news is that it does come with an extender that will allow you to use it for up to 22-inches.

This will easily fit on your bare arm while you're working out. If you plan on using the extender, you should have no problem fitting it over a long sleeve shirt or a jacket if you need to.

The band itself does have a bit of a stretch to it to help give you a better fit. You will want to make sure that it isn't too tight on your arm. If you attach it too tightly, you will run the risk of causing discomfort and skin irritation.


The Tune Belt Armband is perfect for anyone who is active. It is an excellent choice for people who want to get up and go and hate throwing their phones in their pockets. The band will let you keep your phone within arms reach, no matter what you are doing.

Most customers prefer to use it when they head out for their daily runs or walks, but you can do so much more with it. Whether hitting the gym, cycling or doing yoga, this armband will be just fine. It stays on your arm securely so you won't have to worry about it slipping down all day, getting in your way.

You don't have to be stuck doing physical activities to take advantage of the Tune Belt Armband. Some consumers love using it when they are doing their housework. You can do the dishes, clean the bathroom, and so much more while bringing your phone with you. Other users opt to wear it while they're doing yard work, allowing them to enjoy their music while mowing the lawn or pulling weeds.


The Tune Belt Armband is a reasonably basic armband. It has some features that you can take advantage of, but it doesn't offer a whole lot.

You will get the standard features you would expect from a product like this. It has a transparent screen protector that covers the front of your phone. You can still use your device's touchscreen while in the pocket. You can use your phone, unhindered, without even having to take it out of the armband. Answering texts, checking emails, making phone calls, or controlling your music is accessible while you're wearing this product.

The armband itself is large enough to fit arm sizes up to 15-inches. A great feature on this one, however, is that it comes with an extender. It will allow you to increase the length of the band so it will fit up to 22-inches. Whether you have large arms or want to wear it over a jacket, you can do so with ease.

When you're exercising, the chances are that you are going to be sweating a lot. You want to make sure that your phone will not get ruined by the moisture. The Tune Belt Armband product offers sweat resistant features to help keep your device safe and dry.

There are no openings that sit on your skin so the sweat will not roll in from there. The neoprene materials wick away the moisture, so you don't have to worry about it soaking through and reaching your phone. It will provide you a little protection from the elements as well. If you get stuck in a light drizzle, you should be just fine as long as your phone is snuggly tucked away in the band pocket. There are open holes on the bottom of the pouch, so remember that it is not waterproof.


You want to make sure that your running armband is durable and will not fall apart on you. It can be frustrating if you're out in the middle of a workout and your band breaks. Not only will be you down an armband, but you also run the risk of damaging your phone if it hits the floor.

The good news is that the Tune Belt Armband is pretty durable. Since the belt uses neoprene in the construction, it will not rip and tear easily at all. It drastically increases the overall lifespan of the product.

The band uses a thick hook and loop closure that holds up reasonably well. It will not lose its stickiness over time, keeping it intact throughout its lifespan.


In order to get the most out of the lifespan of the Tune Belt Armband, you will want to make sure that you are keeping it clean and taking proper care of it. You can machine wash it, which makes things so much easier. You can just put it in the washer and hang it to dry, and you will be good to go.

Since you will be wearing it for your fitness routines, you will most likely be sweating a lot on it. After a while, it will begin to stink and get dirty, so you'll want to make sure that you are cleaning it on a regular basis.

The neoprene used in the construction of the band will not stretch out over time. Washing it will not cause it to shrink or stretch at all, keeping it in good shape.


The Tune Belt Armband is a little on the pricey side for this type of product. It isn't expensive at all and works well for those on a budget. However, it is a little higher in cost than some of the others on the market.

It is highly durable, so you aren't going to have to worry about replacing it any time soon, which makes the band worth the money. However, it does not have all the features that you would find in some of the cheaper options.

Most consumers are happy with this product and believe that it is a decent value, even though it has a more minimal design.


The Tune Belt Armband is relatively versatile and will work great with several phones. Some phones might need to be taken out of their cases to get them to fit, as they won't sit in the pouch while in the case. There is another model of the band that is designed for larger phones so you may want to consider that if you have a large device.

If you have a slim case or no case at all, the band will hold iPhone Xs Max, Xr, iPhone6/6s/7/8 Plus, Galaxy S8+, S9+, Note 8, and Note 9. It will also accommodate an iPhone X/Xs and Galaxy S8 or S9 while in a medium case. Smaller phones than those will allow for a more bulky case.

The maximum fit size for your device is a length of 6.7 inches and a circumference of 7.5 inches. As long as your phone falls under or equal to these dimensions, you will be golden. Again, there is another model if you have a larger phone and would still love to use this product.

Bottom Line

If you like to get up and go but hate carrying around your phone, you might want to consider the use of a product like the Tune Belt Armband. It will let you store your phone in a pouch on your arm, allowing you to take it just about anywhere you need to go.

The Tune Belt Armband is ideal for those who enjoy physical activities. Whether going to the gym, enjoying your daily run, participating in yoga, or hitting the weight room, this will be a great companion for you. It is sweat resistant, so you won't have to worry about moisture damaging your phone.

You can still use your phone while in the band, no problem. The transparent screen cover will allow you to access your touchscreen, right through the material. There are holes on the bottom of the pocket so you can use your headphones or charging cable if you need to.

It is versatile and will accommodate a plethora of phone sizes. If you find yourself with a bigger phone than advised, there are other models that you can choose from. It will also fit most arms with ease. If you find that your arm is bigger than the band you can always use the enclosed extender so you can get a more comfortable fit.

Overall, customers love the Tune Belt Armband, and it comes recommended by many users.