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ECCO Scinapse Band Review Facts

ECCO  is a European shoe company which has been around since 1963. When you think of the ECCO brand, extraordinary craftsmanship, innovation, devotion to quality, and a commitment to a heritage of excellence comes to mind. ECCO has always made it a point to build and maintain positive relationships with its customer base by providing products which meet unique needs. The ECCO Scinapse is no exception to this tradition. ECCO has engineered a fashionable minimalist walking shoe which is easy on the feet and dynamically engineered to meet your walking needs. Don’t be surprised if it becomes one of your favorite travel shoes.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Comfortable for extended wear
  • Durable construction
  • True to size
  • Breathable leather
  • Excellent grip
  • Can be very expensive
  • No adjustable lacing


The outsole is constructed using the NoShank engineering with a special single density polyurethane which is incredibly light and flexible without compromising durability. There are special grooves at the bottom which help immensely with traction and stability. You will immediately notice the omission crevice design really makes this shoe extremely bendy and moldable to your foot’s natural movement patterns. It also works in partnership with the midsole to promote superb shock absorbency. You will appreciate how free and energized your feet feel in these shoes. You will also notice that the outsole is a neutral white color which adds to its stylish simplicity.


The matching neutral white midsole is key to the Scinapse Band’s cushioning and spring back capabilities. Ecco uses the Ecco FluidForm technology to build the midsole and to connect all of the pieces without gluing and stitching techniques. For you, this means more rotational and linear freedom when you move. Not only does this increase responsiveness, but it supports how the body moves naturally. In other words, your shoe works with you instead of trying to make you conform to it.


The Ecco Scinapse’s stylish upper is constructed using a Yak leather which is strong and conducive for various conditions. There are perforations and textile design features which not only add to the overall look but help air to circulate. You will also notice that the Ecco Scinapse utilizes a non-lacing system. Instead, you have a slip on design which uses crisscross elastic bands which expand on top to keep your feet in place. A pull tab makes this shoe very easy to put on. Ecco also gives you a cushioned collar for more comfort. An added feature is the breathable lining which helps to keep your feet dry.


Based on the size, the average weight of the Scinapse Band comes in at approximately six ounces, which makes it incredibly light. The unique yak leather used in the engineering of this shoe partly contributes to its weight. Densely woven collagen fibers and extremely fine-pored grain allow ECCO designers to use smaller strips of leather which means a lighter shoe. Using Ecco NoShank engineering also means a sole which weighs less. Overall, you will not feel weighted down in these shoes during your sightseeing ventures.


One of the key mechanisms which contribute to this shoe’s breathability is the upper. Part of the Scinaspe Band’s sleek design is the perforations strategically placed across the toes for optimal breathability. To increase this effect, Ecco utilizes a textile pattern. There is also a Gore-Tex lining which will keep moisture away from your feet. This means your feet will remain dry even after several hours of intense walking around town. If your feet have a tendency to sweat easily, these shoes will definitely offer features which may eliminate sweat and associated odors.


This shoe was intentionally designed with comfort being at the forefront of the vision. The outsole, midsole, and upper all work together to provide a comfortable fit mostly by assimilating the natural movement of the foot. The Fluidform technology gives that perfect cushion affects with each step. Ecco also incorporated features in the upper to make this shoe breathable and to keep the air flowing. The bands on the upper make sure you get a secure enough fit, while the cushioned collar adds protection. For the most part, it is true to size and width. Some customers like to add an additional insole for more cushion, but most love the textured insoles and how they help prevent the foot from sliding around. Although it is recommended you wear socks, many rave about the absence of friction between the skin and the shoe’s components.


The Ecco Scinapse Band truly glows in this area. Ecco has designed a quality walking shoe which is comfortable enough for any walking routine, but fashionable enough for everyday wear. Ecco makes the fine leather in their own tanneries and uses it to design a shoe with simple but pleasingly aesthetic qualities. A minimalist bootie fit can compliment any athletic and casual outfit. Ecco does offer only a limited number of styles on most sites, with the black seeming to be the most favored color.


Ecco only uses the finest materials and latest technology to produce durable shoes for you. The Yak leather used for the upper is an extremely resilient material which can endure many environments. This leather is also scratch resistant so you won’t have to worry about the upper getting scuffed or torn easily. A special technology called flow fusion is used to connect the upper and the outsole. This bond is considered to be more durable than glue and stitching techniques. Then there is the outsole which is made of a durable material. For you, this means a shoe that won’t be falling apart any time soon, even after miles of walking.


The secret to Scinapse Band’s protective features lies in the collaborative design mechanisms used in creating this shoe. FluidForm technology allows the foot to connect with the ground in a natural way to help prevent injuries. The midsole also provides cushion and support to decrease pressure and encourage the right amount of compression. With the padded collar, you also won’t have to worry about blisters and bruising that comes with other brands due to friction between the skin and fabric. Ecco also uses crisscross bands to keep the feet securely in place. Avid walkers also enjoy the extra grip and ample ankle and heel support provided.


The advanced technology used in the design of the outsole has contributed greatly to this shoe’s responsiveness. First of all, it is ergonomically designed to work with the physical mechanics which go into each stride. Ecco ingeniously injects the sole mold with a material which increases shock absorbency and resiliency. This also securely connects the outsole, and midsole to the upper using a glue and stitch free method which increases the shoe’s ability to positively interact with various surfaces while walking. Of course, the lightweight and flexibility also help make this a very responsive minimalist walking shoe.


This is a pretty secure shoe in terms of the support it offers. A slip on design with pull tab offers a snug easy fit, while offering a substantial amount of heel and arch support. The criss-cross strapping system on the upper help to lock the foot in place. However, some more serious hikers have expressed that they would prefer the traditional front lace-up system for more support. You will also notice that the outsole offers a strong base for added support, while still allowing you to experience some of the benefits of barefoot walking. The midsole offers just the right amount of feedback to work with you during your overall walking experience.


According to Ecco, the Scinapse Band was created with diversity in mind. They understand that a walker’s journey can differ from day to day, so the shoe must be able to accommodate varying terrains. So Ecco designed this shoe to be just as versatile. Ecco and customers alike enjoy the fact that they can expect high performance and a comfortable walk whether they are on urban streets, workplace floors or conquering hardier outdoor grounds. Some say the Scinapse Band is not optimally designed for hiking, but many would disagree, since it does offer the feet protection in wet environments. You will also appreciate that the outsoles do not have a propensity to attract debris or small items.


As you might imagine, this shoe can be expensive when compared to other walking shoes. Prices listed on the brand’s site are pretty much what you can expect to pay. There were a few retailers, however, who offered nice discounts on some styles. You might want to consider that this minimalist shoe offers you the latest design technology in shoe design, durability, and the highest quality materials. Also, it’s a stylish shoe which will allow you to get many miles of sightseeing in. In other words, if you love to walk, or work and travel where a lot of walking is involved, this may be a good investment to consider.


The Ecco Scinapse Band was built so that you could be able to conquer all types of environments. Therefore, it is no surprise that Ecco scores high when it comes to traction. The specially engineered polyurethane outsole not only contributes to its lightweight and flexibility, but it delivers the traction needed for a versatile walking shoe. It was a common consensus among frequent travelers that Scinapse Band allowed them to enjoy extended walking in a diverse scenario. You will also be pleased to know there were no complaints of walkers losing their footing on wet or smooth surfaces while walking.


Many walkers applaud the Ecco Scinapse Band for having exceptional flexibility. Much of its suppleness has to do with the omission crevice design sole which promises you the suppleness you need during extended and strenuous walking. There is also a two-way communication system designed into the cleft of the outsole to provide that extra touch of flexibility which will compensate and collaboratively work with your unique walking needs.


The Scinapse Band is engineered to provide stability for maximum stability. The elastic straps on the uppers help to keep the feet snug. Another design feature which contributes to the snug fit is the natural ability of the leather to go back to its original shape after each wear. Superb flexibility and a lightweight also ensure that your shoe works with the natural mobility pattern that occurs during walking. As an avid walker, you will also appreciate the engineering of the outsole which allows you to feel secure in many environments.


Ecco does not provide a specific heel to toe drop, but most minimalist walking shoes are designed to keep the walker in mind. Since most walkers strike the ground heel first, it is important to have a low heel to toe offset. As a walker, you will notice that this usually means less cushion in certain areas to support the natural movement of the feet. This does not equate with being uncomfortable, only that the walker is ensured an experience that is very close to walking barefoot. Many walkers love that feeling of connecting with the environment while wearing the Scinapse Band. Many reviews revealed that whenever they used these shoes it was a comfortable experience.

Key Features

● Sole uses an Omission Crevice design
● Ecco FluidForm engineering
● Genuine Yak leather uppers
● Ecco NoShank design used
● Slip on design
● Single density constructed sole
● Lightweight, flexible, and durable


Ecco has certainly put a lot of care and vision into designing the Scinapse Band. It is a high end walking shoe that is on the expensive side, but many features which might make each step you take more efficient. A minimalist walking shoe it delivers an experience that compliments your natural movements. The lightweight leaves your feet feeling stress-free. When you add this to how unrestrictive this shoe is you can see why it leaves walkers feeling empowered. Increased flexibility and responsiveness make this a great shoe for exercise routines which incorporate walking, long leisurely walks, touring, working and just hanging out. If you are an avid walker of any sort, there are many short and long-term benefits to investing in this shoe.