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Under Armour Hovr Phantom Review Facts

For the few who do not know, the Under Armour Hovr Phantom is a shoe whose style is exactly where it’s at. It has a design which places emphasis on the need for performance out of running shoes rather than plain old style; that isn’t to say that the shoe isn’t attractive, rather, the shoe’s design is meant for performance just as much as style. Everything about this shoe is in place to le prospective buyers know that they’ll have a shoe that’s meant to provide them with outstanding performance. With that in mind, it’s about time that we get down to the review, the thing that you came here for in the first place.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Amazing grip
  • Stylish
  • Durable outsole
  • Flexes relatively easily
  • Doesn’t handle as well on wet surfaces


The Design of the outsole on this beast is, different, to say the least. Instead of the traditional full-blown rubber design, the outsole of the shoe features copious amounts of rubber, just in strategically placed sots. The design of the outsole sections the rubber off, separating them by making use of flex grooves in the shoe’s design. This enables the shoe to make use of the rubber in the sole unit to its fullest ability. In addition to the enhanced range of motion, the design of the outsole enables the wearer to have, it also provides adequate grip to the wearer’s feet. So as to not elaborate on the topic just yet, I’ll just say that the experience achieved while wearing the shoe is all the better for it.


The midsole of the Hovr Phantom was another section of the shoe that made me, as the reviewer start to wonder a bit. The midsole is obviously sectioned off so as to place emphasis on the actual structure of the design. The thing about the actual design though is that it is made in such a way as to allow wearers to have one of the softest rides that they’re likely to experience in a shoe. The shoe gets the Hovr section in its name from the Hovr material in the midsole. This material is basically an incredibly soft material that is meant to make the wearer feel as if they are actually floating while they are in the shoe; hence, the name Hovr.


The upper of this shoe is relatively standard, except that it’s not. The design of the shoe is one that makes great use of knit materials, increasing the feeling of comfort that the wearer achieves. The entrance into the shoe reminds one of an actual sock (actually the majority of the shoe does this). It does this in that the entire shoe is knit and envelopes the wearer’s foot with ease. To provide wearers with a bit more structure, the forefoot of the shoe is of a thicker cut of mesh. In the heel section of the shoe, there is a heel cup which strengthens the feeling of structure that the shoe provides.


The majority of the shoe is designed from a knit, mesh-like material. This basically ensures that one will receive all that they need in terms of air circulation. The porous nature of mesh is one that allows wearers to have adequate circulation be present in the shoe’s design; this comes in handy while the shoe is in actual use and presented with a bit more sweat than that which is normal. One of the surprising things about the upper is the structured parts. The sides and heel of the shoe both have thicker cuts but still manage to provide wearers with adequate circulation. This is due to the chamois in these sections of the shoe and its moisture-wicking ability.


The Hovr Phantom, due to the various features in place throughout its design, is extremely comfortable. It’s also a bit on the heavier side of the spectrum. The great thing about the shoe is that, even with a weight of roughly 10 oz, it still manages to feel as if the shoe isn’t even present on the wearer’s feet. The knit upper glides over the wearer’s foot and the cushioning provided by the upper ensures that wearers remain relatively comfortable while the shoe is in use. These things combined counteract the weight of the shoe completely.


Well, this was touched on a bit in the previous section but, the design of this shoe is one that’s meant to provide wearers with adequate comfort during long runs. That cushioning in the midsole is one of the many reasons why this shoe is thought to provide such a comfy feel. Hovr foam is one that is meant to make wearers feel as if they are walking on clouds, for this very reason the shoe feels this way to wearers. The upper has a slick feel as well due to the knit material and the Chamois present in the design. In addition to that, the lacing on the shoe should have a bit of attention paid to it. It doesn’t lace all of the ways to the top of the shoe because of the knit design of the upper; this takes pressure off of the wearer’s forefoot.


The shoe has a slick design meant to be both functional and comfortable at the same time. While the design of the upper of the shoe is slick, it’s that way for a reason. The wise use of knit materials gives the shoe an up-to-date look but also serves the function of making the shoe both comfortable and stylish at the same time. That sole unit also makes the shoe look very much a way that isn’t typically expected. The Hovr foam gives it an incredibly sporty look that could very well make it double as a comfort shoe. On top of these things, the shoe’s design is color-blocked which gives it even more of an outstanding level of style.


One thing that the Hovr is praised for is the durability incorporated into its design. The outsole of the shoe, for starters, is something that is meant to last for quite some time. Although the materials of the outsole appear to be of the standard variety, they still last for an outstandingly long time and do so simply because of the large amount of it incorporated into its design. The padding on the side of the shoe strengthens the shoe’s durability aspects as well.


In terms of protection, the entire design of the shoe is one that is meant to provide wearers with a ton of it. From the heel cup to the padding on the sides and sole unit, the shoe is one that’s meant to keep the wearers foot away from harm. The padding in the upper of the shoe gives it a bit of structure and keeps the wearer’s foot from slipping around when used; this definitely comes in handy as the shoe is in use. The heel cup performs the same job by keeping the heel of the wearer still as well.


The Hovr material in the midsole of the shoe is also praised for being incredibly responsive. The material was meant to easily move to the needs of the wearer’s foot and provide a comfortable cushioning effect during all movements in the shoe. On that same note, the design of the outsole is also meant to allow for adequate movement and comfort while the shoe is in use. The upper, being knit is also meant to provide wearers with adequate responsiveness; this is notice simply by the fact that it doesn’t have an outstanding amount of overlays in its design.


One thing that can be attributed to the addition of the Hovr material in the Hovr’s design is that it’s meant to provide wearers with a decent level of support as well. Hovr is meant to cushion the ride, and it does a superb job of doing that. Its responsive nature is comfortable yet it doesn’t make the foot feel as if it’s sinking; this can also be attributed to the denser foam material that surrounds the Hovr tech. In addition to this, the structural increase in the design of the upper also aids the shoe in providing wearers with support during use.


The shoe can be used almost anywhere, to be honest. The design of the shoe outsole is one that is durable enough to provide wearers with longevity rougher surfaces. When “rougher surfaces” is said, it means that the shoe is meant to provide wearers with use when used on grass and roads and things of that nature, it shouldn't be used on the more technical surfaces such as trails and things like that simply because of the lack of structure that the shoe has. Every other surface is handled with relative ease though, with all things considered. This means that the shoe should work relatively well as a cross-trainer.


A great thing about these shoe is that, while they despite having the various features that they do, they still manage to be sold at an affordable price. The features that are held in the shoe’s design works wonders to provide wearers with adequate functionality while the shoe is in use. The comfort provided by these shoes is something that must have the utmost amount of attention paid to it. Many shoes at higher prices than this simply don’t provide wearers with the level of functionality nor comfort that these shoes do. This is where the shoe’s value stems from.


One of the things that many have praised about the design of the Hovr Phantom is that it is meant to provide wearers with the utmost levels of traction when used. The durability achieved by this shoe also allows it to provide wearers with the grip that they’d need in order to take advantage of the terrain that they are traversing. One thing to be noted about the traction achieved by the outsole doesn’t work as well as it possibly could on slippery surfaces.


The entire design of this shoe is one that is meant to provide wearers with an adequate range of motion. The upper of the shoe is knit (even more so in the toe box) which means that it will be a relatively difficult thing for it to possibly feel stiff. The outsole has flex grooves as well, which exposes the midsole foam and allows the shoe to provide the highest level of range of motion possible when in use. In all honesty, the entirety of the outsole is sectioned off which basically means that the shoe has flexing ability in the heel as well as in the forefoot area.


To provide wearers a bit more of stability, the design of the upper has the Chamois padding. This enables the shoe to provide adequate comfort and also ensures that wearers have what they need in terms of stability. The upper is thicker along the sides which, for those of you who have gone for a run in a flimsy shoe provides amazing levels of security. The sides of the midsole are also designed from dense foam which directly counteracts the soft nature of the Hovr material.


The drop on the Hovr is slightly below average, about 8mm. This works wonders for giving the shoe a natural feel and should be taken into consideration for a purchasing decision. The flex grooves in the sole unit only work in tandem with the sole unit of the shoe and should be taken note of as well.

Key Features

• Hovr foam midsole
• Rubber outsole
• Chamois padding
• Knit upper


Overall, the Hovr Phantom is a rather unique shoe to look at. It has a design which makes use of various different technologies and gives wearers incredible levels of functionality. This is one of the softer versions of UA’s shoes and for the price, must have a bit of attention paid to it.