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When a company chooses a name like Perfect, you know they have to be at the top of their game. And this company does not disappoint. Their bars boast between 10 and 17 grams of protein and include all-natural and organic products. There's no artificial aftertaste to be found here!

Perfect bars also contain between 2 and 4 grams of fiber, superfood ingredients, and B-Complex vitamins. On top of all that, they're low on the glycemic index! When you buy from Perfect, you're getting a great product at an affordable price.

There are a few downsides, however. You have to refrigerate these bars,  which makes them a little less convenient than other brands. And if you're following a low-fat eating plan, these bars are not for you. They're great, however, if you're aiming for a low carb, and high-fat, high-protein macronutrient balance.

Perfect bars stand out from the crowd in all the best ways. They're delicious, all-natural, and have unique macro balances. With an affordable price and a wide range of flavors, they're definitely worth a look.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • 10+ Superfoods
  • Low Glycemic Index
  • B-Complex Vitamins
  • 10-17g Protein
  • 2-4g Fiber
  • Great Value
  • Rich, Sweet Flavors
  • High Fat
  • Needs To Be Refrigerated


Though many have been told to avoid carbohydrates like the plague, they are extremely important in a balanced diet. Carbohydrates are the body’s main source of energy, without them, we would never get passed that midday slump. These have a big chunk of carbohydrates. With 25 to 29 grams of the fueling macronutrient, these are fantastic for before a workout or to start your day.

With a high level of carbohydrates, you’re usually going to hope they come mostly from complex carbohydrates. These types of carbohydrates are harder to digest, keeping you fuller for longer and burning more calories when doing so. Unfortunately, over half of the carbohydrates in the Perfect Bar come from sugar. So in a bar with 25 grams of carbohydrates, 18 grams come from more simple sugars.

This isn’t too much of a problem considering other ingredients still give them a low glycemic index. The benefits to these simple sugars making up the majority of the carbohydrates are that the energy you will gain from these these bars is unparalleled. Eating one will make you feel ready for anything. Since they are more than just simple sugars, you won’t crash after that initial rush either.


Perfect Bars are a protein option that is kept in the fridge! Storing in the fridge elevates the taste and texture of the Perfect Bar. It also is a testament to its inclusion of real ingredients. Their organic honey and real, whole food ingredients stay fresh and tasty in the fridge. When stored properly, their products last for nine months in the fridge. Which means you can stock up and enjoy a fresh protein boost whenever.

While this is comforting if you enjoy and appreciate “real food”, it isn’t convenient for a lot of people. Many people don’t want to worry about expiration dates and fridge storage when it comes to their protein bars. They want to be able to stash bars at the office or in their bags without a second thought for easy access. Perfect Bars are not the kind of bar that you can keep in your car and forget about it until you’re starving on your morning commute.

That being said, Perfect Bars aren’t going to rot from a day without refrigeration. These can be eaten up to a week after removing from the fridge. It feels good knowing that Perfect Bars aren’t packed with artificial preservatives and unnatural ingredients.

This extra maintenance step may not fit with everyone’s lifestyle, which is understandable. They definitely will melt in higher temperatures, so be careful when traveling with them. While they can stay good for some time without refrigeration, they are sensitive to heat.


Perfect Bars are one of the higher-priced protein bar options but they are more than meets the eye. With their plethora of ingredients, it is easy to see why. However, there is way more to it than the quality of ingredients. While these are expensive, they are nutritionally much denser than competitors.

What that means is, where these have 300 calories, a load of carbohydrates, protein, and additional nutrients, other options in their price range aren’t quite as bulky. These are a full-on meal replacement. If you are someone who needs nutrition and skips meals, the Perfect Bar is going to be must more cost-effective than a fast-food run.

Their price is justified by the nutritious and filling ingredients. At a price only slightly higher than a candy bar, you can have a chunk of your daily nutrients in one tasty treat. Perfect Bars are a fantastic value when you consider the protein-packed punch they serve up. They were designed to act as a snack initially. Since then, the brand recognizes different nutritional needs, so they recommend you eat them as they best fit your lifestyle.

Glycemic Index

It can be daunting to look at the sugar content of the Perfect Bar. With the majority of their carbohydrates coming from sugar, you may feel unsure that you can safely eat the Perfect Bar when watching your glycemic index. This is understandable, as a lot of snack or meal supplement bars lack nutrition.

They are full of sugar and artificial ingredients that will have your blood sugar levels going all over the place. Since there are additional ingredients in the Perfect Bar that slow down the absorption of sugar, they maintain a low glycemic index. That makes the Perfect Bar a well-balanced option for those paying careful attention to their favorite food’s glycemic index.

Having a low glycemic index means that Perfect Bars digest slower than something with a similar sugar content would. Due to their complex whole ingredients, they keep you full and satisfied longer. Perfect Bars also avoid spiking your blood sugar levels after eating them. That means sustained energy without a crash.


One point of concern on the Perfect Bar is that they do have a higher-than-average fat content. With 19 grams of fat, Perfect Bars have a fat content that soars above many other protein bars. Though that may seem worrisome, keep in mind that not all fat is created equal though. Saturated fat and trans fats are the main problems when it comes to fat.

Though high fat isn’t ever completely recommended, unsaturated fats can be beneficial to your health. Perfect Bars have only three grams of saturated fats and no trans fats. Trans fats are banned in the United States as of right now. Due to this, it is common for them to be excluded, but saturated fat still sneaks into many of our most common foods.

The Perfect Bar gets the majority of its fat from sources like nut butter, as well as powdered milk and eggs. The fat from nuts is predominantly unsaturated fat. These kinds of fats work directly against the harmful effects of saturated fat. They can work to lower cholesterol, increase energy, and improve the absorption of other nutrients!

Still, these do contain anywhere from 26 to 29 percent of the recommended amount of fat for a 2,000 calorie-a-day diet. If you are trying to limit your fat regardless, keep in mind this will be over a quarter of the daily recommended amount in one small bar. If you are eating this as a snack, the rest of your diet may have to be lower fat to balance the amount in Perfect Bars.


Fiber is so important for digestive and overall health. Most people know fiber for its ability to help keep your bowels moving healthily, It adds bulk to your stool to keep you regular. This helps to reduce colorectal cancer and other gastrointestinal illnesses.

Knowledge about fiber that is not so common is its ability to reduce all cancers! Fiber is an integral part of a healthy diet. These Perfect Bars contain from two to four grams of fiber, not a whopping amount but par for the course in protein bars. Fiber helps keep you fuller longer. That means you won’t get hungry a half-hour after indulging in a Perfect Bar.

Another benefit of the fiber in Perfect Bars is that it helps the body burn more calories because it is harder to digest. This isn’t dietary fiber, so it will break down with the rest of the food. Adding fiber into your diet has never been easier than with a delicious Perfect bar.


When looking at flavors of protein bars, you are faced with the same old options. This isn’t inherently bad. Flavors like chocolate peanut butter and chocolate are popular for a reason. People want to feel like they’re indulging when they’re eating their meal supplements.

The flavors of Perfect Bars are a bit different. They have a dairy-free Chocolate Walnut Brownie that is a take on the classic dessert. They have three peanut butter options. One with coconut, one with chocolate and a dash of sea salt, and one straight up. Then their flavors branch out a bit.

Their blueberry cashew option has a more natural flavor. Their dark chocolate almond is balanced with vanilla. They have an almond butter option for anyone trying to keep it simple. Perfect Bar has all rich and nutty flavors, essentially. Unfortunately, those with nut allergies will be excluded from enjoying these flavors. And that is a problem. But reviews had a more pressing issue with their flavors.

Reviewers mentioned that most flavors are very sweet. While many people have a large sweet tooth, especially if they avoid sweets in other forms, reviewers said this was too much for them. This company uses natural sources like honey or maple syrup for their sweeteners. Though they aren’t refined, they aren't any less sweet.


Perfect Bars are packed with delicious and nutritious whole ingredients. They are packed with superfoods, more than 20 of them. Superfoods are extremely nutrient-dense foods. This places them above the rest when it comes to health benefits. You may wonder how these sweet, dessert-inspired bars could be packed with superfoods.

You might even think its all sugar-packed fruits. In reality, sneaky vegetables are hiding in each bar. After tasting one, you will be shocked to find them filled with kelp, spinach, and kale. Flaxseed makes an appearance in many of the bars as well. Tropical papaya and kitchen staples like carrots, tomatoes, and celeries just add to the nutrient-packed list of ingredients in Perfect Bars,

To fit all this alfalfa and apple into these bars, they dry and powder their fruits and veggies to get the maximum amount in such a small package. Finally, you can get some of their fantastic benefits without waking up to a kale and spinach smoothie every morning. If you feel your diet might be lacking some essentials, Perfect Bars are a fabulous way to introduce diverse ingredients with diverse benefits.


With all of those superfoods, there is a good amount of nutrition in these bars as well. This has 390 milligrams of potassium and 65 milligrams of sodium. Potassium helps muscle cramping, while sodium helps muscles work properly. Sodium is considered an electrolyte, and along with the acids in the Perfect Bar, you can replenish your electrolytes with one of these protein bars.

Looking at their vitamins, you will be pleasantly surprised to see almost every one of those listed on the package have a percentage next to their name. Other than Vitamin A, there is Calcium, Magnesium, and B-Complex vitamins in Perfect Bars. These are an awesome source of on-the-go nourishment.


Perfect Bars have a really large range of protein in them. Their lowest protein option is also their most popular flavor. The Chocolate Walnut Perfect Bar has a mere ten grams of protein. That is pretty low for a protein bar but it is still nearly double the content in energy or granola options. Most of the protein in their bars comes from rice but their whole ingredients also provide additional protein naturally.

Their highest protein option is their Peanut Butter flavor. This has 17 grams of protein. There are lower-calorie protein options out there, that also have more protein per calorie. But 17 grams is nothing to scoff at. It is plenty of protein to help your muscle repair and build, plus keep you going throughout the day.

Bottom Line

Perfect Bars are a nutrient-dense way to enjoy a sweet, delicious treat on-the-go. These refrigerated bars aren’t always the most convenient but they remain an easy way to supplement a diet in need. Perfect Bars might be too sweet for some palates but others will go wild for their nutty and rich flavors. With a range of protein from 10 to 17 grams, Perfect Bars are a great option for before or after a workout. Providing energy and long-term satisfaction, try one of these today to find out what makes them so perfect.