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Both fitness gurus and the less-athletically inclined have something in common: sometimes they need a quick snack or meal. Kind protein bars are the answer for both. Protein bars are an easy way to get fiber and nutrition into your diet. Other options are filled with hard-to-pronounce and unrecognizable ingredients but not Kind. Kind protein bars help to simplify your on-the-go munches. You can see everything you are tasting when you bite into a Kind bar, as they are made with whole ingredients. Kind makes diverse flavors that are hard to resist.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Large Flavor Selection
  • Multiple Dietary Benefits
  • Low Sugar
  • Whole, Natural Ingredients
  • Variety of Textures
  • Brand Transparency
  • Slightly Pricey
  • Not Exceptionally High Protein


These days, we are pretty trusting of the food industry. There are great risks that come with this, as food marketing is intentionally deceptive to improve sales while getting people hooked on their products. Snacks marketed as natural have no actual regulation to guarantee that.

This can be stressful, especially when trying to nourish yourself or your family in the best way possible. Kind promises wholesome snacks that are just as delicious as their processed counterparts. Instead of creating things that just taste healthy, they ensure the first ingredient of all their products is a nutrient-dense food. That could be a whole grain, a nut, or even a fruit.

Speaking of fruit, it can be loaded with sugars when dried. Kind has been making steps towards full transparency. They have published their added sugar contents and carefully explain why they use what they use for every single one of their products. Kind is a company that the whole family will love, for both taste and integrity.

If you have children that love granola but are tired of seeing ingredient labels with five different names for sugar, Kind protein bars are a solution. It gives them the energy to run and play with none of the crash of sugary snacks. The brand has set out to perfectly balance their commitment to flavor as well as personal health. You can’t ask for much more in the food industry.

Calorie Count

Kind protein bars are packed with a ton of flavor from whole ingredients. That means you get a lot of delicious taste along with a lower calorie count than highly-processed options. Nearly all their options are below 200 calories, with a ton of different benefits without any of the guilt. Their high-protein options, however, are the only exception, as they contain higher fiber, calories, and carbohydrates.

If you’re looking for a sweet indulgence, their nut butter filled options are chewy and delicious at only 170 calories. Their rich and crunchy bars that include dark chocolate and whole nuts are only 180 calories. The Kind protein bars are the highest at around 250. Most other sugar-filled options are packed with empty calories and artificial ingredients.

The fiber in all of their bars, thanks to their whole, natural ingredients, helps to stave off hunger for longer. Making your body burn those calories that you are ingesting at a far better rate than processed and refined ingredients. This is a truly nutritious breakfast or snack, making counting calories a whole lot more pleasant.

Dietary Accommodations

People who have specific dietary needs generally have to carefully read labels. They will find one brand that accommodates their needs and then quickly become faithful to them. This is not only a hassle but it quickly gets very boring.

Kind has made the process of having to carefully watch what you eat so much easier. Right on the label, on the front of the Kind protein bar, they write key points about the qualities of the specific bar. If you are a diabetic or watching sugar, they mark if they are a low glycemic flavor. You can grab these and go for a hike or last-minute camping trip.

If you are gluten-intolerant due to celiac or an allergy, you can right away tell if the flavor you’re looking at contains gluten. For those who are vegan or vegetarian, their bars are labeled for that as well. On the front of every single Kind protein bar, their sugar and protein are marked right there.

Similar snack bars try to hide their sugar content. They will proudly advertise their protein or fiber contents right on the front, hoping you don’t check the nutritional label. Kind protein bars don’t do any of those gimmicks. The sugar content and protein are both clear as day right next to the flavor title.


Where to even start with the flavor of Kind protein bars. There is such a huge selection of different tastes and textures to choose from with adequate protein. If you love chewy gooey bars, they have options filled with nut butter. If you’re more into fruit and nut combinations, they have crunchy and tangy trail mix inspired options.

For those with a sweet tooth, they have chewy and chocolate-studded granola bars that are perfect for kids, even specifically marketed in smaller packaging. They also have “mini” bars, full of salted caramel or dark chocolate, with roasted almonds. These are the ideal snack for anyone keeping it light throughout the day or in between meals.

If you aren’t much for sweets, they have spicy-sweet almond bars that are to die for. In roasted jalapeno or sweet and smokey cayenne barbeque, Kind experiments with flavor combinations that will blow you away. Anyone who dislikes the more processed, soft snack or meal replacement bars will find Kind’s selection refreshingly different.


Kind made a promise to keep their ingredients whole, healthy, and delicious. One of their most frequent additions to their bars is crunchy California almonds. The almonds are roasted to perfection, giving them a greater depth of flavor and a better, more snappy texture.

Their diversity of flavors is created through fresh, unique ingredients. They get their sweet and spicy flavors from fruit, nuts, and vegetables. Kind protein bars don’t rely on artificial, lab-generated flavors to please your tastebuds. Their proteins are real food based, frequently derived from plants.

Their spiced snacks use robust ground spices to create a depth of warm flavor unlike any other. Instead of using a chocolate coating or an artificial vanilla extract, Kind enhances their products with rich dark chocolate and Madagascar vanilla. Their oat and honey bar contains chamomile in them, with real honey.

Though many don’t realize this, the flavors we know and love are frequently made through means besides the foods we attribute them to. Kind uses real, natural ingredients to create complex flavor profiles everyone will love. Don’t just take my word for it, try one for yourself. Guaranteed you will soon be hooked.


Kind protein bars aren’t necessarily a high protein bar. They have higher protein and breakfast protein options in their collection but they aren’t at the same levels as an actual after-workout protein supplement would be. Most of their classic bars top out at six grams of protein, usually derived from plants.

Their breakfast options have a slightly higher number for the protein content. These come out to about eight grams for each one. Their main protein bars are about 12 grams. Considering their other levels for sugar and carbohydrates, this is a fair amount of protein. Compared to pure protein though, it isn’t much.

If you are looking for a higher protein option, it is likely to come from more artificial ingredients, unfortunately. For reference, an eight-ounce chicken breast is about 50 grams of protein. Competitors making meal replacements or snack options will usually include about 20 to 25 grams of protein, at the cost of a lot of added sugars and carbohydrates.

That being said, Kind’s protein-rich flavors also have higher calorie counts. Though they use natural ingredients, the more protein they added, it seemed the more calories and carbohydrates followed. Kind protein bars still make a wonderful breakfast option, but they may be too heavy for some people between meals or a workout.


A lot of people wouldn’t think about the sodium content in sweet foods, but it is most definitely there. Salt adds flavor, even if something isn’t salty, the salt will enhance the other flavors it mixes with. This a great way to boost flavor when trying to keep additives out of the mix, still, some have to limit their salt intake.

Kind keeps their sodium content relatively low in all their bars across the board. This is impressive due to their range of flavors. Even in recipes with sea salt, the sodium content stays at around five percent of the daily value for a 2000 calorie a day diet. Anyone with high blood pressure can rejoice at not having to worry about sodium content.

Considerations such as these make it easy to enjoy something delicious from Kind. Even if you have certain restrictions or dietary needs, you can rest easy knowing you can find a perfect bar for you. Kind has a transparency policy to make it easy to figure out what you can and can’t eat.

Sugar Content

Granola bars are often loaded with added sugar. Any health benefit that a bar totes, you can usually expect to see a high sugar content on the label. Though sugar, especially natural sugars, can provide quick energy, you want to watch your intake.

Protein bars, snack options, and meal replacements frequently have around 15 grams of sugar. For someone trying to be more mindful of sugar content, that number is quite high for only 200 to 250 calories, as most are. Kind has right on the package which of their picks have a low glycemic index, and a lot of them do. Their Kind protein bars have a mere eight grams, half of the sugar of their competitors.

At only about three to eight grams of sugar in nearly every bar, Kind is an awesome low sugar option. Surprisingly, their whole ingredients are frequently held together by honey. Their mission is to reduce the addition of unnecessary sugars and keep their content simple. This allows them to use naturally sweet ingredients without going overboard.


With all the benefits to Kind protein bars, you have to wonder where they fall short. They do well across the board for nutrition. They use high-quality, tasty ingredients that are easily recognizable. They clearly label their products for nutritional value. There has got to be something that Kind isn’t as great at.

It turns out, there isn’t, but their prices do reflect the quality of the ingredients they use. These are priced just a bit higher than their unnatural counterparts. They do have great combination pack deals for their different products, however, which makes them slightly more affordable.

If you’re looking for a cheap granola bar for your child’s lunches, Kind’s products might be a little too pricey for you. Understandably so, food budgets are extremely difficult to manage, especially with hungry, growing children or multiple adults in the home. These are worth the price, yet that doesn’t make the price more realistic for those trying to keep a tight budget.


Now that you know there is a variety of flavors, you should also know there is a variety of different benefits you can choose from with the Kind protein bars. As mentioned, they have options specific for several dietary restrictions. You can navigate their flavor options using your specific diet needs, even.

In addition to their array of vegan, gluten-free, low sugar, or high protein picks, they have unique and interesting textures. Their protein bars are a balance of creamy and crunchy. They have nutty options with buttery centers. There is a perfect flavor for everyone and anyone’s tastes.

Gone are the days where you could only choose between a hard and crumbly oat snack or a sickly sweet, chewy granola one. Kind provides a full selection of interesting flavors, textures, and benefits ranging from savory to sweet, or high-fiber to high-protein. All their flavors are yum-worthy, but their extensive options make it easier to find one suited to your specific palate.

Bottom Line

Kind works with its customers’ needs to create outstanding options for quick snacks or meals. Their low-sugar content and commitment to full transparency make their products trustworthy but without sacrificing taste. Kind protein bars are a delicious addition to anyone’s daily diet.

Though they are slightly higher in price than similarly marketed products, their quality makes up for it. The perfect fuel for a trek or hike, Kind protein bars balance their protein, sugar, and carbohydrates better than most big-name brands. With a large variety of textures, flavors, and benefits, Kind is waiting for you to give them a well-deserved chance.