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Teva Arrowood WP Review Facts

The Teva Arrowood WP is one of those shoes that you may look at in the store and probably not even consider to be a viable option for trekking through rigorous terrains. Despite their looks, these shoes are a pair that most definitely give the wearer what they’d need in order to outperform any individual that they come across on a hiking adventure. With the excess cushioning found in the shoe’s design and a grip that ensures that the wearer doesn’t have to worry about falling when they are out and about.  The Teva Arrowood has what it takes to give the wearer an enjoyable period of use whenever they’re on foot.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Waterproof design
  • Durable
  • Great level of grip
  • Highly cushioned
  • Supportive
  • Not very breathable
  • Not the most stylish shoe
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  • Teva Arrowood WP is a great looking shoe, very stylish, waterproof as expected and versatile. The only issue is their sizing. I had to go a full size up on these and they still were comfortably tight. Hoping that they will loosen up as I wear them.
  • These are awesome shoes but it is way narrow for my foot. I wish it came in a wide. I think this is more of a running/ sneaker shoe rather than a hiking shoe. I can see myself using these more for street walking.
  • I have wide feet so these are a little tight around the sides but my size is just right for the length. The sole is mostly soft foam so that was a little disappointing. I'm hoping that these will hold up.
  • These shoes are great for Seattle's rainy months although they run a bit small. I had to get them a half size bigger. The installation is good and they are waterproof. I don't think these are good for the summer months as they get very hot.
  • The sizing and the width of these are fine for me. These are waterproof as expected. I just wish foam sole was a little bit more rigid. Not sure how to clean these when they get dirty.
  • Put a lot of stress on my shoes as I am a bigger guy. These are my third pair as they provide great support. My feet are no longer tired at the end of the day and due to the material don't smell.
  • The Teva Arrowood WP is very comfortable to walk in. My feet stay on the warm side due to the fact that these shoes are waterproof. Not my choice of shoes for the summer months.
  • These are the most comfortable shoes I've ever worn. I get both options, comfort, and style, with these shoes. The material so far seems durable.
  • This shoe is comfortable and good-looking. I got these shoes before my trip to Italy where I walked up to 15000 steps a day. I like everything about the shoes. If I had to choose something I didn't like it would be that my feet were warm as these are not as breathable because they are waterproof. Save these for the colder months.
  • Although these are not completely waterproof in my opinion they are still a perfect shoe. Your feet will stay warmer than any other shoe and dryer. After about six months of usage, they still look good.
  • If you are looking for a casual shoe that is comfortable this is it. These are definitely more heavy duty than I thought they would be. They are a good fitting shoe and they look nice. A bit pricey in my opinion. But is it now my favorite shoe.
  • From the first time I put these on they were a perfect fit. That is probably why I bought a second pair. I wear these to work and casually. They stood up in heavy rain and snow and my feet were dry and warm. These exceeded my expectations.
  • I got these shoes as a do-it-all type shoe for a trip that I was taking. I was not disappointed. They look great with my clothes and are very functional. I'm considering getting another pair for the price. They do run small though so definitely buy a half size larger. They're very light and comfortable and they provide plenty of support.
  • Walks in San Francisco with my dog have never been easier. The first pair that I got lasted a year. These shoes are great for most any weather. Light hiking is ok but not a backpacking shoe. Excellent for everyday wear.
  • I have two pairs of these. In my opinion, these are the best shoes to own. Love that these are waterproof so now my sock doesn't get wet from the morning dew. Solid construction and designed well.
  • If I had to compare, I would say these are a cross between a low cut mountain boot and a tennis shoe. Love the outdoor look and casual feel. I've gotten many questions about where I got them. Superb quality.
  • These shoes look good and are very comfortable. Haven't tested the waterproof feature since it hasn't rained. They do run small. I have to go up almost a full size.
  • My Teva Arrowood WPs are super comfortable. I've worn them for five days straight for about six hours daily. They are holding up better than other shoes that I have worn.
  • Love these shoe except for the soles. They are like erasers the tread is worn only after three months. That's ridiculous for this price.
  • These run entirely too small and narrow for me.
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The outsole of the Teva Arrowood WP is designed for both durability and traction. TEVA decided to give this shoe an outsole designed from a hardened rubber material aptly named Vibram that simply sticks to the ground in a way that goes beyond that typically expected by runners. More will be said about this particular feature of the outsole but, the fact that the outsole of the shoe is designed from this material works wonders for the wearer’s ability to traverse the terrain of their choice. In addition to this, the shoe’s outsole is layered with three different coloring to highlight the functionality of each individual layering of the material itself. For instance, the outer layer of the outsole works to give the wearer a bit of stability while the innermost layers give the wearer what they’d need in terms of grip and flexibility.


The midsole of the shoe is meant to give the wearer what they’d need in terms of stability while also allowing the wearer to enjoy some much needed cushioning while they use their shoe. The Arrowood makes spectacular use of their float-lite design. This particular midsole design allows the wearer to have a bit more in the way of cushioning while also preventing the full impact of running along a harsh environment such as a trail from injuring/fatiguing the foot. The great thing about the design of this midsole is that it does give the wearer a bit more in the way of flexibility as well, due to its lightweight design. Something to take note of about the design of the midsole of this shoe is that it does a great job of making a shoe such as the Arrowood comfortable and functional as soon as it’s placed on the foot.


The design of these shoes makes use of both a durable and stylish material, leather. The upper of the Arrowood is designed from a quality, Full grain cut of leather that prevents the shoe from experiencing excessive wear and tear when used in a harsh environment. On top of the durability that the material itself introduces to the design, it also keeps the upper of the Teva Arrowood WP as waterproof as possible; this keeps the shoe looking rather nice with excessive use as well as liquids from entering the design whenever they get the urge to do so.


For a shoe to be as heavy duty and comfortable as these are, it’s expected for them to also have a bit of weight on them. The design of the Teva Arrowood WP and all of the cushioning and layering that is present throughout comes up to weigh roughly 1lb a pair. This is to be expected simply because of the fact that the shoe has an insurmountable level of comfort that it provides to the wearer as well a level of longevity that is simply out of this world. One thing is for certain though, if one is looking for a shoe that they won’t feel while in use, the Teva Arrowood WP is definitely not the one for you.


The upper of the Arrowood has its ups as well as its downs. The upside of the material is that it provides the wearer with a long-living shoe that will not break down with continuous use. The downside is that it isn’t the most breathable shoe in the world by any means. Teva attempted to correct this by fitting the upper with a liner that does its job to soak up moisture from the wearer’s foot, and it does work to some degree. But, again, if one is looking for something that will provide a crazy level of air circulation when they are trekking through foot-high water or otherwise uncomfortable hiking conditions, this shoe may not be the one for you.


One of the key features of this model of shoe is that it is padded to a level that surpasses many other shoes in its class. The float-lite midsole design keeps the shoe providing the wearer with the comfort that they’d need when the shoe is being used during a hike that lasts for upwards of 30 miles; the cushioning that is provided just doesn’t seem to go away, even when one would think that it’s been beaten to the point of no return. The rigidity that the leather adds to the design actually works in this shoe’s favor by giving the shoe a bit of structure while not hindering its movement in any way.


While these shoes may not be the most “attractive” shoe on the market, they have a few features that will make them wearable.
*Before anything else about style is mentioned, it should be mentioned that the stylishness of a particular model of shoe is totally up to the wearer.*
The leather exterior of the upper gives it a quality look that adds a bit style as well as an overall more attractive appearance. To piggyback the high-quality look of the leather upper on the Arrowood, the design of both layers of the sole unit and the contrasting qualities that they have, add to the distinguished look and aura that these shoes give off.


A shoe with a leather upper has no choice but to be built to last. The full-grain leather design of the upper on the Arrowood keeps it from ripping up easily when it comes across various rocks and other sharp objects that can be found on hiking trails. The cushioning in the midsole of this shoe also lasts for an extremely long period of time. The inherent waterproof nature of leather also keeps the shoe from experiencing faster-than-normal levels of degradation throughout its design when used. On top of that, the sole unit of the shoe continuously provides a cushioned feel, even after being worn for several months non-stop.


The thick leather material used for the upper of this shoe keeps the wearer from having to endure any level of discomfort or pain that stems from the design of the terrain that the Arrowood is used on. One of the other good qualities of the shoe having a leather upper (hint: it was a somewhat negative earlier in this review) is that it is incredibly waterproof. The fact that this shoe is waterproof signals that the wearer can walk through several inches of water(as long as it’s not above the entrance of the shoe) without getting their foot soaked while doing so.


The lightweight and highly cushioned midsole design of this shoe definitely respond to the needs and movements of the wearer’s foot while in use. The float-lite midsole is cushioned enough to adapt to the various curves of the underfoot without giving away all of the stability of the shoe. In addition to this, the flexibility enhancing features of the outsole work to improve the user-experience and the various movements that the wearer’s foot may have to make while the shoe is in use. The upper of the shoe, on the other hand, does not move very easily to the movements of the wearer’s foot; it doesn’t hinder movement in any way but, it retains the stability and supportive features that allow this shoe to function for the wearer.


The elongated design of the upper on the Arrowood provides ample support for the wearer’s ankles. This support stems from the use of the leather in the design of the upper, as well as from the fact that the shoe extends to a degree that allows it cover the wearer’s ankle in full. To this same token, the midsole of the Arrowood keeps the wearer’s foot from experiencing a lack of support as well; mainly because of the balance of stiffness and cushioning that the designers of this shoe have managed to find.


These shoes are built to last on various terrains mainly because of the use of such durable materials throughout. The Arrowood’s can withstand various technical surfaces with very little issues because they were designed to do so; from the thick and sticky sole unit that they feature all the way to the midsole’s cushion that just can’t help but prevent discomfort while the wearer does work on the terrain of their choice. A recurring factor in this shoe’s ability to handle various terrains is the fact that the shoe is fitted with a waterproof upper; this adds something to the shoe that makes it something that lasts for periods far beyond that which is typical of a shoe of its design.


Here’s another great thing about the design of this shoe; it has a very, very, very, attractive price tag attached to it. The design of this shoe is one that does manage to wrap a durable, stylish(depending on your particular flavor of choice), and comfortable article of clothing with a price tag that is nothing short of spectacular. The value that stems from the low price of this model is something that has been overlooked but, need not be simply because of the fact that it isn’t something that one finds every day when they are out shoe shopping.


When it comes to grip on various surfaces, such as trails in particular, this shoe manages to give the wearer something that is nothing short of amazing. The Vibram used in the outsole of this shoe blends with the patterning that is featured in the design to give the wearer a friction-gaining material that works for rather long periods. The best part about the design of the outsole on this shoe is that it isn’t just a layer of textured material; Teva gave the outsole a multi-directional inner layer that serves the function of achieving grip when in use.


Another great thing about the design of this shoe is that it does its part to give the wearer what they’d need in terms of flexibility. The material on the outer portion of the outsole of the Arrowood keeps the shoe bending in a way that is comfortable to the wearer’s underfoot. The horizontal grooves that run the length of the sole unit are the main reason for most of the ease of movement found in this part of the shoe. A feature of the upper that is somewhat fascinating is the fact that it too, manages to move relatively easily to the movements of the wearer’s foot.


The entire design of this shoe is one that incorporates various stability providing features into one shoe design. Again, the leather of the upper allows this shoe to provide the wearer with a secure fit that doesn’t just feel flimsy when in use. Aside from this, the sole unit, namely the midsole, finds a balance between a level of cushioning that could be said is pillow-like and a level of firmness that would allow the wearer to safely travel on any technical terrain.


Something that individuals do not get to see every day on their hiking shoes is a drop that is anywhere below 8mm. Well, there’s a first time for everything, I guess. The heel-to-toe drop on this model is exactly 4mm. Coupled with the cushioning found in the midsole as well as the flexible nature of the outsole, this makes the shoe a force to be reckoned with.

Key features

• Vibram outsole
• Waterproof
• Leather upper
• Float-Lite midsole


This shoe is one that ever ceases to provide a comforting and enjoyable experience. From the cushioning in the sole unit to the rigid yet soft touch that the upper on the Arrowood gives, it all works to give the wearer that added boost on the trails. So, without much else being said, what are you waiting for, check out this wonderful shoe and all that it has to offer!