Fitpolo H706 Color Screen Fitness Watch Review

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The Fitpolo H706 Color Screen Fitness Watch is the Perfect Blend between Smartwatch and fitness tracker. You get everything you wanted more from a Tracker such as steps, calorie, distance, time, heart rate, and sleep. You also get some handy features thanks to the smartwatch aspect. You can set an alarm, move alerts, stopwatch, and timer. Additionally, you can receive call and text notifications right to your wrist, as well as notifications from your social media sites. These include Twitter, Skype, Facebook, Snapchat, and WhatsApp.

The smartwatch has a fantastic price point. It's affordable and can work with those who are on a budget. They have decent durability as well. However, they might not be as great as some of the higher and brands. That said, most consumers are content with the overall quality of this product, and have fallen in love with it.

If you want a smartwatch and fitness tracker rolled into one with an affordable price tag, then theFitpolo H706 Color Screen Fitness Watch is perfect for you.

Editor's Pros & Cons



Multi-sport tracking

Receive notifications

Continuous heart rate

Analyzes sleep


The initial connection is tricky

Some accuracy issues


The Fitpolo H706 Color Screen Fitness Watch is the perfect choice for those who are looking for a product to help keep track of their Fitness. It has a multi-sport mode allowing you to track a plethora of different activities. Whether you're heading out for long walks, enjoying a leisurely stroll, swimming, training for a marathon, or participating in a sport, is it going to be an excellent choice for you.

Of course, it also secondaries as a smartwatch, so you don't necessarily have to be active while you're wearing it. Some customers might choose to wear it while they're at work or only running errands. Since you can get your smartphone notifications right to your wrist, it becomes a handy tool for activities that don't include a physical workout.

Basic Features

When it comes to the Fitpolo H706 Color Screen Fitness Watch, you're going to get all of the basic features you would expect. Not only will you get the elements for a fitness tracker, but you're also going to be able to take advantage of the smartwatch features.

As you would expect, it's going to track your everyday activities, all day long. These include how many steps you've taken, your calories burned, how long you've been active, and how far you've traveled. Additionally, as is becoming more standard for this type of product, it will keep track of your continuous heart rate as well as your sleep. You can also take advantage of the fact that you will get a comprehensive analysis of all of these stats.

Since this is more than just a fitness tracker, you're going to be able to take advantage of some of the more basic Smartwatch features. These include the ability to make and receive phone calls, check your text messages as well as respond, and keep track of your calendar notifications. It's always nice to have access to your cell phone right from your wrist. Of course, all of these features require you to be connected to a smartphone via a Bluetooth connection.

Advanced Features

In addition to the previously mentioned basic features, you can also take advantage of some more advanced features that you do not expect from a product like this. When it comes to the Smartwatch functions, you're going to get more than just receiving your notifications at your wrist. You'll also be able to access your social media accounts, such as Twitter, Skype, Snapchat, and Facebook. This isn't something that all customers will take advantage of, but it's nice to know that you can use them if you want to.

Customers can also appreciate the fact that it has multi-sport tracking. The tracker can keep track of more than just your walking or running. You also can track activities such as basketball, football, yoga, skipping, climbing, and many more. No matter what you're doing, the chances are that you'll be able to track it on this product.

Additionally, the Fitpolo H706 Color Screen Fitness Watch is waterproof. What is this mean? You can take it swimming with you. Yes, this is becoming more common, but there are still a lot of products on the market that you can't wear in the pool. If you're someone who likes to work out in the swimming pool, you're in luck, because this can track your swimming activities as well. No more having to remove the watch while doing the dishes, or taking a shower. You indeed can wear it all day.


The Fitpolo H706 Color Screen Fitness Watch can connect to your smart device via Bluetooth connection. It's compatible with over 200 phones, whether using an iPhone or an Android. All you need is Bluetooth capabilities.

If you're using the Fitpolo app on your smartphone to sync your data, you're going to need this connection. For the most part, it's relatively easy to get the tracker to sync to your phone. However, it can be tricky to get that initial connection. Once you get the initial link, it gets more comfortable since your phone will already recognize the device.

The fitness tracker will automatically, when it's within range, send your data right over to the app on your phone. From here, you'll be able to monitor your progress and see more extensive metrics on your daily activities.

Additionally, if you want to use the smartwatch features to receive notifications and phone calls to your wrist, you do need to be connected to your cell phone. These features do not work without a cell phone connection. Additionally, your phone has to be within the range, which is usually about 30 feet. This means that you can keep it in your pocket, but you shouldn't wander too far away from it.

Overall, it has a pretty decent connection, and there aren't too many customer complaints about it.


If you're trying to lead a healthier lifestyle, and you want to use this tracker to make sure you're staying on track, you want to make sure it's accurate. After all, why would you be wearing this type of device if you didn't require accuracy? If you weren't getting precise readings and metrics, then you weren't getting a good idea of how you are doing or progressing towards your goals.

There are some mixed reviews when it comes to the accuracy of this product. The pedometer does a decent job at tracking your steps. However, keep in mind that since you're wearing it on your wrist, it's not going to be entirely as accurate as those that you wear on your hip. The step count isn't usually off by too much, so it isn't generally a problem.

One thing a majority of customers can agree on is at the heart rate seems relatively accurate. Again, there are better products if you need a precise heart rate, but for something that sits on your wrist, it doesn't a decent job. Since the heart rate is reasonably accurate, it's going to give you a better representation of how many calories you burned. Of course, this is assuming you input other important information correctly, such as your age, height, and weight. If you're trying to be active to lose weight measuring your calories in versus calories out is important, so this becomes a useful tool.

Yes, few customers didn't think the watch was as accurate as it could be. However, the majority of consumers were pleased with the metrics they got and how precise they were.


The Fitpolo H706 Color Screen Fitness Watch has a fairly decent lifespan. Something that consumers can agree on is that the durability is on point. After all, it is a fitness tracker. The intended purpose is to wear while you are active, and not everyone is easy on their workout gear. It's going to be able to stand up to your active lifestyle. There should be no fear of premature wear and tear when it comes to the smartwatch.

All of that said, keep in mind that this is a budget version of a smartwatch and fitness tracker. They're going to be far better quality products out there that are probably going to last a little bit longer for you. Consider the fact that the affordable cost of this watch might need to be replaced sooner than if you spent a little bit of extra money on a better quality product. However, most consumers are happy with the longevity of the smartwatch.


The Fitpolo H706 Color Screen Fitness Watch uses the Fitpolo app that can be found for free on both Google Play Store as well as the Apple Store. You can use this app in conjunction with the fitness tracker itself helps give you more information than you can receive from the wristwatch itself. You'll be able to see more extensive metrics on your daily activities, heart rate, as well as sleep. Through the app, you'll be able to access graph, look back on your stats from previous workouts, and work on progressing through your fitness goals.

Many reviewers have mentioned that the use of this application is fairly user-friendly. Long as you connect your fitness tracker to your smartphone via Bluetooth connection, they should automatically sync so you can retrieve your data. Additionally, you can customize the look and user interface on the watch itself. There are a variety of different watch faces that will give you unique Styles as well as customizable stats. All this is done right through the Fitpolo app on your phone.

Some customers even stated that they can use this tracker with some of their other favorite running apps. It might not be compatible with everything, but you might be able to find it on some of your other fitness or running apps.


Most customers can agree that this product offers a fantastic amount of comfort. Reviewers stated that the band is flexible and feels great on their wrists, not causing any irritation or sores from rubbing. It's always an important thing to make sure whatever you're wearing is comfortable, after all if it does it feel great you're going to avoid wearing it.

The watch face isn't the smallest when compared to some other products. However, most people don't have a problem with that. It doesn't feel bulky or heavy on your wrist and doesn't get in the way of your everyday activities. Additionally, most consumers can sleep with it on with ease. This is important because it's going to track your sleep. I can't do that if you're not wearing it to bed.


The Fitpolo H706 Color Screen Fitness Watch has a fairly sporty style. Yes, you can wear it casually and it'll fit in okay at the office, but it really thrives in the gym setting. If you don't mind having an active looking smartwatch and fitness tracker, then this will be okay for you.

There are four different color options that you can choose from. You can pick from black and blue, black and grey, black and green, or black and orange.

Battery Life

As with most products like this, the fitness tracker is powered with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. One thing that customers love about this Smartwatch, it has exceptional battery life. With a full charge, you can get anywhere between 3 to 10 days before you'll have to charge it again. All of this is going to be dependent on how often you're using it and what you're using it for. If you're on it all the time, then you can expect the battery to die a little quicker.

The fitness tracker does come with a charger. Thankfully it doesn't use a proprietary charger, uses a regular USB charger. It makes it so much easier if you need to replace your cord for any reason.

Bottom Line

If you're searching for a budget-friendly fitness tracker and Smartwatch combination that works then theFitpolo H706 Color Screen Fitness Watch might be the perfect choice for you. Customers flock to it because of the affordable price tag, but they stay for all the great features it provides.

As you would expect, it tracks your sleep, heart rate, steps, calories, distance, and duration of workouts. Additionally, as long as you are connected to your smartphone, you can receive notifications from Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Instagram, in Snapchat. You can also receive phone calls and your text message notifications, as well as calendar events.

Whether you're trying to get healthy, working on fitness goals, or keep track of your everyday activities, and this is going to be the perfect product for you.