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Osiris Shoes was founded in California in 1996 and is one of the most well-known skateboard shoe brands worldwide. Its evolution into one of the most recognizable youth lifestyle brands has been a pretty amazing story, having developed some of the most iconic action-sport shoes in the last 23 years through innovative design and quality products. It is clear that this was in the forefront when designing the Osiris NYC 83 Trainers, which sport Hi-Top styling and Osiris branding across its padded tongue. Combine this with a textured gum rubber sole for extra traction, padded ankle collar, cushy insole and a variety of colorways and you have a pretty cool pair of trainers. It’s easy to see why people love them, they ooze old-school style in a new-school design which is an awesome way to wear your shoes!

Editor's Pros & Cons

Traditional padded tongue

Cushioned textile lining

Combination lacing system

Gum rubber outsole

Synthetic/mesh upper


Run small

Narrow fit


Trainers should be really comfortable - that’s a non-negotiable in almost any style, as they are designed to be worn in almost any scenario or circumstance that someone can come up against. In the case of the Osiris NYC 83, it is marketed as a ‘skate shoe’ so you’d imagine it needs all the comfort and protection it can get. It’s great news then that it has more than one awesome feature to send it up in the comfort stakes. To begin, the textile lining on the inside of the Osiris NYC 83 provides a cushioned fit to the wearer's foot, ensuring comfort all-round and a nice little breathable environment. Next, the padded collar offers a high level of protection, comfort, and support to the ankle and ensures the foot doesn’t jolt around - this is assisted by the front lace-up closure, which gives an extra level of individual comfort for every sort of fit. Finally, the traditional padded tongue ensures comfort and style, and the Osiris branding adds a nice little touch to the whole trainer. All in all, the Osiris NYC 83 is a comfy trainer that ticks all the right boxes.


When it comes to the width of trainers, it can be a little bit of a sticky topic. Some trainers overcompensate and they are way too wide, others just don’t get it right and the shoe is way too skinny, and others try for a ‘normal’ fit - but who decides what ‘normal’ is? In the case of the Osiris NYC 83, it is a little on the narrow side. Not painfully narrow, but narrow enough that you may need to consider sizing up a little to ensure your poor little foot isn’t squished into your trainer like a can of sardines. Now, this is all said in the context of the lacing system - the shoe has a combination front closure lacing system, meaning you can play around with the laces to ensure a looser or tighter shoe all day long. Granted, this won’t fix all your problems however it will give it a mighty good go when it comes to the width of the Osiris NYC 83, so the width of the shoe really isn’t that bad.

Shoe Uppers

Trainer shoe uppers are probably one of the most looked-at aspects of their type, as the color, material, and style are what make people drawn to that particular brand, make or model. When it comes to the Osiris NYC 83, they manage to get all of these components right and even add a little more character to their shoes. The synthetic and mesh upper adds durability and style to already trendy design, and the leather outer material adds a cool touch to the overall appeal of the trainer. The colorways available are awesome, especially the way out color schemes (neon yellow, black and red anyone?), contemporary prints (who even knew there was a pattern called ‘elephant’?) and complimentary mixups (the black/silver/lime blend is pretty hard to miss). This just adds to the stylish nature of the Osiris NYC 83 and makes it a pretty good choice for your next pair of trainers - the black and gold pair are the perfect addition to any outfit!


Trainers are expected to be versatile, flexible shoe choices that go with almost anything. It’s no longer the thought that trainers are only for exercising or sports - trainers now go with everything from jeans to skirts to workwear and dresses, adding a whole new dimension to the term ‘flexibility’ when it comes to buying a new pair. The Osiris NYC 83 is a pretty versatile shoe, despite their branding as a ‘skate shoe’ which can advertise them as a bit of a specific sort of shoe to a limited target market. They are great for everyday wear, especially as a casual shoe, but do have a ‘skater’ vibe about them with the large padded tongue and Osiris branding which is hard to miss. But, in saying all of this, they are still an on-style shoe which can be worn in many other ways, not just as a skating shoe, so don’t discredit them too fast.


Outsoles for shoes that aren’t classified as hiking or walking shoes can easily get overlooked. But, considering their definition as an ‘action shoe’ and skate shoe’, you’d expect the Osiris NYC 83 to have a pretty decent outsole, and you’d be right. It is made of gum rubber, offering grip and traction across most basic surfaces and is textured in nature, just adding to the trainers' appeal. Its coloring easily slots in with the trainers colorway, whether that’s black, white, grey or something a little more exciting (one pair has a teal line through the outsole!) and does not make the shoe unnecessarily bulky or chunky. The outsole just added another positive feature to the Osiris NYC 83.


When you buy a new pair of trainers, namely skate shoes, durability isn’t something you generally expect overall. Of course, you want the shoe to last, however, you are pretty practical in expecting it to show some wear and tear as time goes on - and the Osiris NYC 83 fits exactly in this category. Considering the price bracket it sits within and the quality of the materials used in its construction (the synthetic and mesh uppers are cool but not long term durable), the durability of the trainer is around average to above average in most cases. Don’t get me wrong, you will definitely get a decent amount of wear out of these babies and you can skate around until you’re ready to drop, but they aren’t going to last you the rest of your life - they will start to show some signs of use after wearing them for a while and aren’t at the top end of the durability scale. In saying all of this though, isn’t it just an excuse to buy a few pairs and experiment with all the awesome colors available?

Heel Height

You’re probably thinking that heel height is a strange thing to include… but it’s actually not. This kind of trainer is regularly used as a skate shoe, which means high impact use and lots of moving around. A heel, in this case at 0.5cm (0.2”), assists in preparing the foot for a fluid motion when taking a step or completing a movement. It allows that extra little bit of help and support to the wearers' foot, which may go unnoticed but really does make a difference. We’re obviously not talking real high heels here, just a small lift, but a little can go a long way!


The quality of a lot of shoes, especially skate shoes, can be quite hit and miss. Some are of great quality and last forever (but usually have large price tags attached to them) and then, on the other hand, you have trainers on the lower end of the scale that aren’t that expensive but have pretty poor quality. The overall consensus of the quality of the Osiris NYC 83 and its materials seems pretty positive. No, they aren’t going to last forever and yes, if you wear them a lot they are going to wear out. But, considering their price tag, they are pretty good quality skate shoes. Don’t mistake this section as a negative though - the Osiris NYC 83 are made of decent materials and are relatively durable, being able to be used for skating and other action sports quite confidently. But, if you wear them day and day out, you are going to see the wearing away of the shoe as time goes on. This is just the same as any other shoe though, so don’t be too hard on it!


The colorways for trainers can be the make or break component that cements its name as an iconic trainer, or just another shoe on the market. Whether it be bold prints, on-trend patterns or classic combinations, the colorways have to be on point or the trainer just doesn’t work. When it comes to the Osiris NYC 83, they did a pretty damn good job in choosing the right colors across the board. Whether it’s the blue/red/silver combination, the black/red/gold blend or the black/blue/yellow mix-up, these skate shoes are awesome combos of really cool color schemes and patterns. Let’s not forget the red/elephant style, the silver reflecting pair or the black/teal/grey/red shiny option… and the neon yellow/black/red blend definitely needs a place in most people's shoe collections.


The fit of trainers can be a little funny at times - some run big, some run small and, let’s be honest, some claim to run true to size but just aren’t. There can even be differences between shoes of the same brand, just differing models, which can make things even harder to maneuver. When it comes to the Osiris NYC 83, the shoe runs about a size to a size and a half small so it is definitely recommended to buy up a size or so. They are also marketed as a normal width trainer, however, it has found by some that they are more on the narrow side and require some upsizing to ensure your foot fits correctly. Now, when I say they’re a narrow fit I’m not suggesting painfully small here - just enough to potentially alter the size you order. Just make sure you check sizing before you purchase and considering the front lace-up closure, you can alter the sizing to a degree anyway. Just be smart and do your homework before choosing a size!

Bottom Line

The Osiris NYC 83 Trainers are pretty cool, you have to admit. Between their gum rubber sole for high-end traction, their trendy colorways, the padded tongue and insole, and the old-school Osiris branding, they are a great pair of trainers… and they aren’t going to break the bank. Sounds like some pretty strong reasons to buy some! Granted, the fit can be a little tricky and the quality isn’t as good as some other trainers, however, considering the price they are still more than worth their price tag. Especially considering these shoes are bordering on iconic and, if you are interested in this kind of style, you should definitely be investing in a pair or two. Even if you aren’t really into this kind of style, it is highly recommended that you check them out… or if you know a young person who is in need of some new trainers, these are the ones you should be buying. The red and Elephant colorway is awesome and are definitely my pick of the bunch!