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Northside has been a family business from the very inception of the company. The Northside Company has been founded in June of 1985 by the married couple Jim and Helen Tayer. Later their sons joined the business, and the rest is history. In the past 3 decades (and more), the Tayers have managed to connect the company with more than 500 retailers around the globe.

Northside's main exports are hiking shoes designed for outdoor fun and recreation. Shoes made for trail and hiking adventures. But in the past 34 years of existence, they’ve managed to accumulate very diverse merchandise as well. Ranging from flip-flops, sandals, winter boots, water shoes and everything that you can think of in between. Northside probably has it and made with great quality too. The company’s tagline says: „Northside creates footwear that inspires families to go out in the great outdoors and have fun“.

The same can be said about the Northise Cypress. The shoe that's the subject of this review.  If you wish to know more about the details surrounding the shoe, please scroll down in this post.

Hope you’ll like it.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Synthetic sole

Nylon upper

Toe guard made from rubber



No leather version


Rubber graces the outsole’s entire construction, but it’s no ordinary rubber. Technically it’s the multidirectional type of rubber, and it’s one of the best that the Northside has to offer. What does multidirectional rubber mean? Well, it means that the ridges found on the surface of the rubber go in multiple directions.

Usually, an indentation or ridging of a shoe has one specific direction that the ridges fluctuate. Left or right are the most common directions in most cases. But these ridges go in every direction possible, and they’re good for ensuring the traction properties, the fantastic shock absorption properties, the resistance to several types of abrasions and the ability to withstand walking in dry or wet weather conditions. No weather condition and no terrain type is too harsh for the Cypress model, and that’s all thanks to the fantastic, highly durable rubber outsole.


The EVA technology is present in two separate areas of the midsole. The midsole itself is made out of EVA materials, and of course, the insole is also working of the EVA technology. The serious cushioning that sits beneath your arches is done thanks to the molded EVA midsole. Its compression treated and padded enough to ensure a great deal of support to your arches. Secondly, the EVA insole that’s also present in this particular area is removable and washable at the same time.

And it’s a great option for you really. Not only you can opt to leave it in the shoe or to replace it with an insole of your choosing, but you can also wash it on a regular basis.
The washing option ensures that the inside of the shoe is up to the highest standards of hygiene. By washing the insole, the shoes will become odor free and much more pleasant for wearing. It makes sense really. The Cypress shoe is a hiking style of shoe, and by wearing it outside, on deferent types of terrain and several weather conditions the risk of the insole getting dirty and full of germs is quite high. So the occasional washing of the insole will do you and your health a lot of good.


A nice blend of textile and synthetic is present in the upper of the Cypress model. The textile is present at the front of the upper, while a variety of synthetic materials grace the structure of the supper in an interesting pattern. This allows the very construction of that upper to have a lot more flexibility and very pronounced moisture-wicking properties.

And they’re quite needed here. Why? No hiking shoe could call itself a hiking shoe if it doesn’t contain moisture wicking materials in some part of the shoe. Synthetic materials are best at regulating the moisture and the temperature in the shoe, and in case the shoes get in touch with water, the synthetic materials will ensure that the sneakers dry out easily. You won’t be walking in wet sneakers that could be potentially damaging to your health.

But what kind of synthetic material is present in the upper? Well its made out of the good old-fashioned nylon, that’s also knitted. And the upper also contains nylon inserts that are also lightweight and highly breathable. So, two features made from the same materials, are working tersely to bring you the best possible comfort. The knitted nylon in the upper is rugged, rough and highly durable, but probably the most durable thing in the front of the upper is the fantastic molded toe guard. It’s made out of rubber; it makes the shoes resistant to abrasion and other external influences.

It’s a nice addition considering the fact that you’ll encounter plenty of obstacles on your hike. Rocks, dirt and other unpleasant stuff. Having a toe guard made out of rubber really improves the sense of security. No, we’re not done yet. Among that last thing that could be pointed out about these shoes, is the gusseted tongue that sits on the top of the upper. It’s not only gusseted; it’s also padded for extra security. And you know what else is padded?

The collar of the shoe and the tongue provided comfort that lasts all day, and the gusseted tongue alone keeps all the debris away from the Cypress model. You know the debris that usually accumulates on the shoe’s surface, while you’re hiking. Grass, bugs, dirt, and rock. They present a little problem with these shoes. Yes, little thing like a padded gusseted tongue has the power to keep the debris at bay and to eliminate it without you even noticing.


Comfort should be a primary concern for any shoemaking company, but especially for the companies that make shoes for a special purpose. Those shoes are usually designed for specific purposes, like hiking, running or playing soccer, and the common thing among these shoes is the limited amount of time that they’re on your feet. Unlike the everyday lifestyle shoes, these types of shoe are going to be on your feet for a small period of time, so it’s important that you feel comfortable while wearing them.

Luckily, the Cypress model offers comfort that lasts for quite some time. The double featured EVA technology in the midsole plays a huge part in the comfort delivery, and the mix of synthetic and textile materials in the upper plays a huge role as well. Oh and let’s not forget the small stuff, like the padding that’s added to the collar and the tongue. Although it may seem insignificant, the padding does a wonderful job in helping the comfort portion of the shoe.


The fantastic rubber in the outsole is multidirectional. Not that many outsoles have this type of rubber ridges, but this is no ordinary shoe. The multidirectional style of rubber ensures that the aforementioned ridges are designed to face the outsole in multiple directions. Something like this can really come in handy when you’re climbing on rough terrain such as big rocks, and every inch of these ridges will sink into the rock’s surface in order to grab the object better. You’ll feel much more secure with the rubber outsole present. The toe guard also made from rubber does the same at the front of the shoe, but the abrasion resistance that can be felt through his presence is outstanding.


Synthetic materials like nylon aren’t the most durable materials, that’s true. But the flipside of the synthetic materials is their ability to repel moisture. Yes, materials like nylon and textile are found on the upper’s surface will help with the moisture wicking properties. And when the shoes are kept dry easily, they won’t get damaged so quickly. So, when you think about it, the synthetic materials used in the making of these shoes are the ones that are responsible for the durability and longevity.


If the synthetic materials used in the making of the upper don’t excel in keeping the durability high, they sure do that with the flexibility. By omitting the natural materials like rubber, the Cypress shoe gained a lot in flexibility. The nylon upper, paired with the EVA re-enforced midsole, really amp up the flexibility of the shoe.

Again, it’s a good quality to be had, especially in a shoe that has to be worn through different kinds of terrains. Rocks, high altitude trails, mountain roads, dirty terrains, and mud filled rivers. Anything can come your way while hiking, so it’s best to be prepared for everything. The laces allow you to adjust the upper to your liking, and therefore the flexibility of the entire shoe.


The nylon part of the upper may not have the best airflow, but the textile part sure does. The textile used in the making of the upper gives the shoes the breathability and allows air to fluctuate in and out of the shoe without any interruptions. However, the nylon inserts on the side of the upper are designed in such manner that they provide excellent airflow in every moment.


It’s sad that the Northside Cypress hiking shoe comes in only one color palette option. The black and orange combo is your only option to choose from this particular model. However, the orange works nicely in the small detailing throughout this shoe, and it’s heavily featured in the outsole of the Cypress model.


For hiking style shoe, the Cypress model by Northside is quite affordable. At 50 dollars a pair, everyone can afford this shoe for their next hiking adventure. The lack of variety is always present, but if you like this option, that you’re in luck. This is an amazing shoe to be purchased and to have in your shoe closet.


The fit of the Cypress model is pretty great. It has plenty of room for the toes to move at the front of the shoe, and the padding in the tongue and collar secure the foot in the premise of the shoe and allow you to feel secure and protected.

Bottom line

Although flawed, the Cypress model by Northside is a great hiking shoe. Perfect for any type of terrain, and outdoor weather. With a mix of synthetic and textile in the upper, and the EVA technology heavily involved in the midsole’s construction, the shoe prides itself for being flexible, stable and comfortable.

And let’s not forget about the outstanding moisture wicking properties of that synthetic upper, the traction and abrasion properties of the rubber outsole. And who can ignore the toe guard also made from rubber? No, not us. And nor should you. That and the gusseted tongue will keep all the unwanted grass, dirt, and pebbles away from your feet and ensure that your hiking goes smoothly. They’re that good.