New Balance District Run Review

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Forget about painful and sore feet and step into comfort with New Balance's District Run running shoes. These running shoes come with innovative technology, such as an IMEVA foam midsole and New Balance's cushioning Comfort Insert and feature a sleek and modern design, that looks great with both activewear and casual outfits. This new running shoe from New Balance will keep you light on your feet while being light on your wallet as well.

Editor's Pros & Cons

IMEVA midsole

Seamless mesh upper

Comfort Insert

Great shock-absorption

Flexible rubber outsole

Modern silhouette



Not suitable for long-distance running


The District Run is another great addition to the already long line of excellent running athletic shoes from New Balance. The District Run has a very lightweight construction, and the outsole is a part of that too. Since it is a running shoe, New Balance made sure to include all the elements necessary for a smooth and effortless ride, and that includes a durable, yet flexible rubber outsole, that allows for free motion and keeps the wearer light and comfortable on their feet. The District Run offers excellent grip and traction as well, thanks to the unique tread pattern on the outsole, that grabs onto the ground firmly, helping the wearer stay steady in their every step. It is a great shoe to have when going running, either at the gym or on the track, or for various workouts, and it doubles as an easy, everyday sneaker as well.


For their midsole, New Balance chose a lightweight and very flexible IMEVA, or Injection Molded EVA foam, which is a very popular material for running shoes for its superior cushioning and shock-absorbing qualities. The District Run has a raised heel, where the bulk of the IMEVA foam is concentrated, and the midsole gradually thins out towards the forefoot area. This provides the wearer with excellent shock-absorption and cushioned footfalls with a smooth heel to toe transition. The District Run has excellent energy return, thanks to its shock-absorption, as it absorbs the impact of each footfall, turning it into energy, which the wearer can use to propel themselves into their next step with ease.

This makes for a much less tiring run/ workout, as the wearer does not need to waste energy pushing themselves forward, the District Run does it for them. Due to its flexible and cushioning nature, it delivers a bouncy ride without restrictions, and thanks to its lightweight, switching tempo mid-run is a piece of cake. However, the District Run is not only a great running/ workout sneaker it also doubles as an everyday shoe, that you can easily slip on and be out the door for your daily activities.


The upper of the New Balance District Run is made of a lightweight and extremely breathable mesh material with no-sew synthetic overlays over the midfoot, as well as around the eyelets for a sleek look. The District Run comes with a round toe box, for a natural toe splay and a pull-tab on the tongue, which enables the wearer to get in the sneaker easy and fast. It has a traditional lacing system, with round laces, that allow the wearer to adjust the snugness of the sneakers to their liking.

Once laced up, the upper fits around the foot much like a sock, delivering a very natural and non-restricting feel to the wearer. New Balance also included a soft fabric lining inside the District Run, for enhanced breathability and comfort, as well as a cushioning Comfort Insert for all-day comfort and support. Additionally, the tongue and slightly raised collar are padded for a comfortable, yet supportive fit around the ankles. The District Run is excellent for your daily running, as well as your day-to-day activities, as it will deliver a comfortable ride no matter what you do.


As mentioned above, the New Balance District Run is a highly breathable running shoe. It features a lightweight and breathable mesh upper, that allows the air to flow in and out of the foot chamber with ease. Furthermore, the lining is made of soft fabric, which not only provides a comfortable fit inside the shoe but helps regulate temperature to avoid overheating, as well as enhances breathability. The cushioned Comfort Insert is also lined with a soft fabric material and helps wick away excess moisture for a healthy in-shoe environment. The District Run will keep your feet dry and cool throughout your workout, and you do not have to worry about any unpleasant odors either.


Every shoe needs to be comfortable, and this is especially important for athletic footwear, as the feet are exposed to more stress when running or working out. New Balance is known for their superior athletic shoes, and the District Run is one of them. Featuring a durable, yet lightweight rubber outsole and a slightly firm, but cushioning Injection Molded EVA foam midsole, the District Run helps cushion your every step and delivers a natural, bouncy ride.

The IMEVA midsole also has excellent shock-absorbing qualities and high energy return, for a comfortable and tireless running experience. The soft and breathable mesh upper hugs the foot like a sock and facilitates good air flow in and out of the sneaker, for a comfortable fit. The tongue and slightly raised collar feature some padding, for cushioned ankle support, while the soft fabric lining and cushioning Comfort Insert help create a healthy and comfortable in-shoe environment. All of these great qualities are what make the District Run so comfortable, not just for running or working out, but for everyday walking and casual wear as well.


The New Balance District Run is available in both women’s and men’s sizes and comes in medium to wide widths for women, and medium to extra wide for men, which is great news for people with wide feet. According to reviews, these running shoes fit true to size, and have a stretch to them, thanks to the mesh upper, that wraps around the foot like a sock. The District Run also comes with a round toe box, enabling natural toe splay, for a comfortable fit without irritation.


The District Run running shoe from New Balance certainly does not lack in flexibility. With its seamless mesh upper, that conforms to the wearer’s foot shape, the District Run fits like a glove. The upper has a slightly raised collar, which helps support the ankles without obstructing their movement, enhancing the shoe’s flexibility. With the Injection Molded EVA foam midsole, that is firm enough to deliver a supportive fit, yet flexible enough to add a bounce to the wearer’s each step, this running shoe will deliver a very natural stride, as it moves following the feet’s natural flexing. The outsole’s tread pattern also helps enhance the overall flexibility of the District Run.


The New Balance District Run running shoe features a very modern and sleek design with its seamless mesh upper and no-sew synthetic overlays. The slightly raised collar gives it an interesting silhouette, as well as adds enhanced ankle support. The minimalist design is topped with New Balance’s signature logo on the side and on the tongue, that blend seamlessly with the rest of the shoe. The tongue features a pull-tab, which adds another interesting and functional detail to this running shoe. Besides the cool design, the District Run also features some very attractive color combinations for both women and men, that will certainly spice up any workout gear. Not only that, but the District Run running shoe looks great in your day-to-day life as well, paired with jeans and a T-shirt, leggings, shorts, even dresses and skirts for a more laid back look.


Running shoes, in general, need to be supportive and the New Balance District Run running shoe is no different. Featuring a lightweight and flexible construction, this running shoe comes with a durable rubber outsole for a firm grip on the ground and a seamless mesh upper with a traditional lace-up closure, that helps keep the feet locked in their position, while also being very comfortable and breathable. Additionally, the slightly raised collar helps support the ankles without limiting their motion. The Injection Molded EVA foam midsole delivers a slightly firm, yet cushioned ride, and has excellent shock-absorbing qualities with great energy return. The raised heel enhances arch support and cushions the heel while absorbing the impact of each footfall and providing a bouncy ride to the wearer. Furthermore, New Balance included their cushioning Comfort Insert, that offers additional support for the underfoot, as well as all-day comfort. Both runners and casual wearers can enjoy the support and comfort, that the New Balance District Run has to offer, making these running shoes able to cater to a large group of people looking for great sneakers.


Everything about the District Run screams lightweight, from its outsole to its upper. Namely, the durable rubber outsole combined with the IMEVA foam midsole, which is super lightweight on its own, as well as the mesh upper, make for very lightweight construction. The District Run does have an insert, as well as padding in the tongue and collar, which add cushioning and support without weighing the feet down. This makes these running shoes excellent for running track and even racing, as they will keep the wearer light on their feet and will not cause soreness or fatigue, that could affect their performance. The District Run also makes for a great everyday shoe for running errands or just walking around town, as it provides all-day comfort without tiring the feet, making them perfect for anyone struggling with foot pain or other issues.

Bottom Line

New Balance is very well known for their dedication to athletic footwear and they are constantly coming up with new, innovative designs to enhance your performance even more. The District Run features a very lightweight and flexible construction with a durable rubber outsole, Injection Molded EVA foam midsole and a seamless mesh upper. The outsole has excellent traction to keep you firmly on your feet while running and together with the IMEVA midsole, helps cushion each footfall and deliver a bouncy ride. The upper is highly breathable and keeps the feet comfortably locked in place when laced up, while the tongue and collar are padded for added comfort and support. Inside the sneaker, New Balance enhanced the breathability and comfort even more with a soft fabric lining and their Comfort Insert for underfoot cushioning. Besides being a high performance running shoe, the District Run also features a modern and sleek design with great color combinations and is available in both standard and wide widths, making this running shoe suitable for any foot shape and size. If you are looking for some quality running shoes at an affordable price tag, then the District Run will not disappoint you.