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New Balance 813 Review Review Facts

When New Balance first opened for business, they were driven by the necessity of the working class people to create a shoe that will wrap their feet with all-day comfort and support. With that in mind, in 1906, New Balance became one of the first shoemakers in Boston that really meant business. They started building and selling arch supports to salespeople, waiters, hairdressers, police officers, and primarily all those whose job required standing on their feet for long periods of time. And they were many. The demand was high, and what people got back in return was less painful feet, improved posture, better freedom in movement, and all that led to boosted self-confidence.

Today, this leading brand in the world of athletic shoes continues to improve by day and remains truly committed to delivering exceptional quality products made by excellent craftsmanship. New Balance strives to get the most out of athletes by continuously upgrading their work to meet their needs.  They believe that a better fit brings about to a better performance, which is why they make sure all their collections, whether they are running, training or lifestyle shoes, have a wide range of sizes and widths.

Today’s review will more closely consider the specifications of the New Balance 813 model. Designed with modern technology, the New Balance 813 descends from another famous style, the New Balance 812. Similar to its predecessor, it quickly became a favorite amongst athletes, professionals or amateurs alike, and the reason behind its popularity will soon be revealed.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Very comfortable

Long-lasting design

Great arch support

Sleek and modern look

Flexible and stable


Runs half a size smaller

Can cause foot and leg pain

Shorter when compared to other models

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  • My husband loves shoes and purchases a new pair every so often. He says they’re very comfortable.
  • Perfect shoe, great arch support and I’m able to add my custom orthotics.
  • As a woman with short but wide feet these are a great pair of shoes for me.
  • Great shoe for those who have wide feet, I could wear these all day.
  • Very supportive shoes, accommodates my arthritis needs. I had issues finding a good pair of shoes, but these are amazing.
  • Shortly after buying these shoes, I left for a trip. Walked a ton of miles and lots of stairs. I have no issues!
  • I’ve had several surgeries on my feet, and no problems while wearing my New Balances shoes. I’ll be purchasing another.
  • My dad has some health issues which causes his feet to swell, these are perfect for him. Easy to put on and are snug! He loves that no laces are required.
  • Great shoe for dressier functions and also a great shoe to walk in!
  • I would highly recommend if you’re looking for a shoe that has great support and stabilization!
  • Very comfortable toe box area, good support even after months of wearing.
  • Purchased these for my trip abroad, my feet feel fantastic! I definitely love these.
  • These are by far the most comfortable pair of New Balances I have worn, Great for wide feet.
  • Very soft, lightweight and super cushioned shoe. Provides a ton of support.
  • I’ve worn these 3 days in a row, and I have no pain or discomfort.
  • Had to size up, but the width was perfect. They’re perfect.
  • Great looking shoe, these can be worn for a ton of different things. I would buy again.
  • This is a perfect walking shoe, I walk about 4 miles a day and The New Balance 813 provide a ton of comfort
  • Great shoe, can be unisex too. My husband and I both love them!
  • Perfect shoe for wide feet, tons of space in the toe box.
  • Some customers needed to purchase a half size larger.
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When you look at the outsole on the New Balance 813 model, you can spot writing that says “Walking Strike Path” in the middle. Anyone who can read that can also understand that this feature makes this shoe perfect for walking! What does the Walking Strike Path actually do? That feature is placed there to ensure that the wearer has a very smooth heel to toe transition with each step he/she makes. It helps to stabilize and at the same time corrects the foot by guiding it through the walking gait cycle.

Another important element worth mentioning is that the outsole is made of good old fashioned rubber. This material is one of the best to use on an outsole, and in this case, the natural rubber is incorporated throughout the entire sole. Having this type of rubber at the bottommost part of your New Balance 813 model will provide flexibility, while at the same time protecting you from slipping on wet surfaces. The pattern of the grooves molded into the rubber enhances the traction capability of the rubber itself, and it doesn’t wear off easily according to some customers. In this way, the outsole is one of the main culprits for the overall longevity of this New Balance 813 design. In addition to that, flex grooves have been placed at the forefoot area to boost foot flexion, delivering a flexible shoe in which the feet can move freely and easily.


The New Balance 813 yields a cushioning in the midsole that is not only lightweight, but it is also build to remain durable even after extended use. This foam joins forces with the flex grooves on the outsole to promote flexibility but also works well as a shock-absorbant. Although not really build as a running shoe, the New Balance 813 certainly behaves like one. In addition to the lightweight, flexible and impact-resistant midsole, at the heel section, in between the outsole and the midsole, lies what New balance called, a Rollbar system. This technology is probably the best trait of the New Balance 813 model. It is an extremely durable, TPU made composite plate located under the heel, which is supposed to prevent excessive pronation of the foot.


Fashioned to be a lifestyle shoe, the New Balance 813 combines different technologies to provide the wearer with a pleasant feeling while he/she is walking. Featuring a façade made of supple leather, which is strong enough to deliver overall upper support, but still flexible enough to allow natural movement of the foot, the New Balance 813 is certain to be remembered by many enjoyable walks. Lined with mesh material for ample airflow, and lightly padded for even greater comfort, the tongue and the collar also play a significant role in the overall comfort of the New Balance 813. In addition to that, the lace-up system is self-adjustable and helps secure the foot inside the shoe while allowing the wearer to adjust the fitting to their liking.


A number of customers reported that they love how the New Balance 813 feels regarding comfort. The reason behind this is because many elements on this shoe work together to create that effect. On the one hand, the leather upper allows secure and snug fit, while on the other hand the lightweight and supportive cushioning in the midsole promotes a smoother and an enjoyable ride. The anatomical footbed provides the wearer with more than average arch support. It is also removable and easy to be replaced with orthotics or arch support inserts to meet the wearer’s needs.


When we talk about support, the New Balance 813 feels perfect and fits like a glove, offering exceptional support on daily walks, as some buyers mentioned. According to some other buyers, the toe-box also seems to be pretty spacious, allowing for unrestricted movement of the toes. On the other hand, a small number of buyers complained about foot and leg pain due to lack of arch support.

As previously mentioned, the best feature on the New Balance 813 model is the Rollbar technology. New Balance placed this TPU post to help control and promote as much natural movement of the foot as possible. Running through the shoe, this graphite shank helps to improve problems with pronation in wearers who tend to turn their foot while walking or working out. These individuals usually experience pain in their back, knees or ankles, and New Balance presented them with the New Balance 813 to help them correct problems of such kind. For those with pronation issues, there is nothing better than having a Rollbar system incorporated into your shoe. This technology not only helps control your movement but also provides the foot with ample cushioning and support, traits much needed for an enjoyable walk in the park, or overall comfort while standing on your feet all day long.


A number of customers reported that after wearing the New Balance 813 for a long time, it has shown that it is quite durable. And there is no reason it shouldn’t be. The upper consists of premium leather, which with simple care can prolong the sneaker’s life. The rubber outsole is also regarded as highly durable and with its excellent grip can take you through dry and wet surfaces without worry. Another part of the model contributing to the longevity is the TPU post running through the sneaker. TPU is known to be extremely durable and flexible, and in the case of the New Balance 813, it's also a part of the Rollbar technology, designed to minimize pronation and supination.


Flexibility is essential when it comes to keeping balance and preventing sore and tired feet. The New Balance 813 is said to provide more flexibility than an average walking shoe. This is due to the lightweight midsole that bends in the right places, and the Walking Strike Path that helps deliver a proper stride. Many customers were happy to comment on the smooth ride they get out of this design. Made with a breathable leather upper, a Rollbar technology and a Walking Strike Path, the New Balance 813 is the walking/athletic shoe made to keep your feet happy for a long time.


The stability of the New Balance 813 comes from the TPU post placed in between the outsole and the midsole. This is known as the Rollbar technology, designed to prevent overpronation or supination of the foot. Many customers loved the New Balance method incorporated into these walking shoes. They claimed it helped keep the heel more firmly on the ground than regular stability walking shoes, which kept the foot from wobbling, thus enhancing their balance. This technology is built into all New Balance motion control walking shoes. While their heavy duty 928 model is known to be the number one champion when it comes to stability, the 813 style features almost all elements of this similar design, but without the extra weight and bulk. The 813 has a lower profile, which allows the wearer to make the landing more on her/his midfoot, and despite the sleeker design, it still offers high levels of stability and support.


When it comes to breathability, the New Balance 813 is reported to provide proper ventilation inside the shoe. This is due to the breathable, soft leather upper, which allows your feet to stay comfortably dry and odor-free even after extended use.


The New Balance 813 is designed as a walking shoe that can be worn on rough or flat ground, in dry and wet conditions. It performs well in the gym too, and with the Rollbar system and the Walking Strike Path incorporated into the design, your feet will be thankful all day long.


The outsole of the New Balance 813 is made of highly durable rubber which features flex grooves at the forefoot promoting not only flexibility but provides the wearer with a decent grip on either dry or wet surface. Many customers had positive comments on the non-slipping properties of the outsole, which made it easier for them to walk through puddles or other slippery ground.


The sleek, leather upper gives the New Balance 813 a look that is easy to match with almost any casual or sports outfit. Though many wearers found the fit and sizing to be suitable, there were some that reported that the New Balance 813 tends to run small in the toe box and heel. In order to get the right fit, you may want to consider getting a half size larger than your standard shoes.

On the positive side, the New Balance 813 model is made in women’s and men’s sizes, and they come available in almost all widths including narrow, medium, wide and extra wide. This is great news for all New Balance fans, however, it is nothing new to the company. This is the very principle of New Balance, where they try to meet the needs of all of their customers. The New Balance 813 also comes available in different colors including white, black, and tan leather, which makes the selection somewhat scarce, but customers were very pleased with the colors offered. New Balance 813 also comes in a lace-up version as well as hook-and-loop style.


The New Balance 813 is of lightweight nature, due to the light foam of the midsole, as well as the light outsole. The men’s model weighs 371 grams or 13.1 ounces per shoe, while the women’s is a bit lighter, weighing only 327 grams or 11 ounces per one sneaker. This feature is greatly appreciated by people who have the shoes on for the whole day, those who like to have long walks or those who regularly work out in the gym.


Regarding drop, the standard heel to toe drop has been 12 since the 1980s. The differential in the New Balance 813 is 13 mm drop, which helps take the tension off the Achilles tendon.

Key Features

• Premium leather upper
• Rollbar technology
• Fabric lining
• Lightweight midsole
• Walking Strike Path technology
• Soft, padded collar for added comfort
• Removable insole to accommodate custom orthotics
• Durable rubber outsole for long-lasting wear
• Approx. 13mm heel-to-toe drop
• Weighs 327 grams for the women’s and 371 grams for the men’s model

Bottom Line

The 813 New Balance is everything you need in a walking shoe. Starting from its sleek design dressed in premium leather, to the midsole’s and outsole’s incredible features, this walking sneaker is sure to outlive many other walking shoes out there. The Rollbar technology makes sure to keep rear-foot movement to a minimum while the foam midsole provides supportive cushioning. In addition to that, the collar is padded to add extra comfort around the ankle. Another significant mark this style can be proud of is the Walking Strike Path technology which ensures durability as well as stability when walking or working out. With a durable grip rubber outsole, rest assured you will walk with ease on wet and dry surfaces.
In a nutshell, many customers were satisfied with the levels of comfort, support and stability after extended periods of use. This 813 model makes for a perfect everyday shoe that can be worn on the busy city streets and parks, at your work that requires standing all day long, as well as when you try and work up a sweat in the gym. With all these different technologies incorporated into a sleek and modern look, the New Balance 813 will make sure your feet swim in a sea of comfort.