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APL TechLoom Pro Review Facts

Since Ryan and Adam Golston founded Athletic Propulsion Labs (APL) in 2010, it has been their desire to produce athletic shoes which exemplify the marriage between performance and style.  The APL Techloom Pro is another product of that vision.  TechLoom Pro is APL’s first knitted running shoe and features revolutionary design technologies that are sure to impact runner’s performances on many levels. It is very possible the TechLoom Pro could become both your favorite running and casual shoe.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • True to size
  • Wide choice of selections
  • Fashionably appealing
  • Flexible and durable for long runs
  • Breathable mesh
  • Non adjustable laces
  • May need to break in


It is not surprising that the outsole was designed based on the shape of a feather, as feathers are light. The APL TechLoom outsole is constructed using the advanced Propelium technology. Special flex groves are also incorporated into the outsole. For the runner, these two factors mean a lighter shoe which moves with your natural foot movement. The outsole also features a small stacked heel with a horizontal groove which keeps it very flexible.


Runners really give the APL TechLoom Pro rave reviews for its high degree of responsiveness. It ranks well in terms of push off and shock absorbency. Your feet can really interact with various surfaces. Some reviews did suggest you will have slightly more benefits of the shock absorbency during treadmill runs than outdoor surfaces. This could also be due to the shoe’s response to different body types. The tailored outsole affords a very natural movement of the feet mainly because it was intentionally designed to communicate with the ground. The Propelium used in the outsole is known to boost the amount of energy being generated during a run and to promote nimbleness. Any serious runner can be grateful for that. By and large, it exhibits the buoyancy, recovery, and quick spring back you would expect from a high quality, lightweight and flexible running shoe.


The APL TechLoom Pro takes running shoes to a new level with an avant-garde upper. APL designed the upper using a seamless woven compilation of performance textiles. Runners will appreciate the snug fit that stems from this one-piece upper. The mesh outer also provides a breathable, but durable finish. Another treat that comes with this upper, is that it is the prototype for completely metallic knitted uppers, which only adds to its appeal. Hidden eyelets with an inner lacing system make it easy to slip this sneaker on and off. Many reviews suggest that the nonadjustable lace closure neither adds to nor subtracts from the support the shoe provides.


The APL TechLoom Pro weighs in at approximately seven ounces, depending on the size. This is very impressive when compared to similar running shoes. The lightweight may be because APL was able to construct the outsole with a lighter compound. An innovative midsole which works with the outsole also enabled APL to use less rubber in the outsole which makes this shoe feather light. Keep in mind, however, a lightweight does not compromise the performance any runner would expect from a high performance running shoe.


The flexible knitted one-piece upper makes the TechLoom Pro extremely breathable. A four-way stretch mesh is constructed to form a single-layered snug fit which keeps the feet from sweating. Runners who engage in more aggressive running routines will be grateful their feet will not overheat. Another advantage of the design is your snug fit will promote circulation, and allow your feet to breathe freely in various environments.


Overall, comfort is not an issue with the TechLoom Pro. It runs true to size, so it is recommended you buy your normal size. The only exception to this rule is when purchasing the unisex versions, which are sized for men. Women should subtract 1.5 sizes from their normal shoe size when purchasing. The cushioning provided by the outsole and midsole gives your feet a plush feel. Multiple customers did recommend wearing socks however. A textured insole also does it part to provide a fit which keeps the foot from slipping. Of course, the breathability is amazing and the seamless upper provides a comfortable, but snug fit making this shoe ideal for everyday and extended wear.


Without a doubt, APL achieved the perfect marriage between fashion and functionality with the TechLoom Pro. The intriguing woven upper offers a pioneering pattern and depth that is visually appealing. There is actually a strength of design, especially with the metallic threads present which are not common to many running sneakers. The one-piece upper comes in many styles and gives this shoe a clean cut appearance which only enhances its high fashion appeal. While it is not as dazzling as the APL Phantom, it definitely can hold its own in the fashion and style department. When you wear this shoe the rich colors and knitted patterns are definitely going to draw a significant amount of attention.


A Propelium constructed outsole and midsole may mean a lightweight and malleable shoe, but it also means durability. You can expect an extended life for your running shoes even after many sessions of demanding running. It allows a runner to tackle various terrains without worrying. Durability is also possible because the midsole is able to keep its structural integrity longer. Although the upper’s mesh may appear fragile, the Techloom fibers are extremely strong. It is also very refreshing that the seamless gold and silver stitching does not unravel. No complaints were found of parts coming off or fraying during a hard workout. Over all, this shoe is considered a faithful running companion.


Most of the protective features of the APL TechLoom stem from the cushioning built into the shoe. You will notice the midsole and the outsole collaborate when you move to take pressure off of the joints. The shape of the outsole also contributes to the shoe’s ability to work with the runner’s unique dynamics to avoid common injuries associated with running. As you hit the pavement, you will also notice that the snug fit offers ample support for ankles and other areas where you really need it. Although the laces only provide minimum protection, APL accomplishes a protective barrier between the foot and the pavement without relying on the laces.


APL TechLoom Pro offers a snug fit around the heels and arch which means more than adequate support in these areas for most runners. The extra padding also holds the foot securely in place to reduce friction and extra movement within the shoe while running. Advanced technology used in the outsole and midsole also provides just enough compression and flexibility elated attributes to keep the feet stable as well. There were some consumer concerns regarding the laces only providing a minimal amount of support. However, the well constructed slip-on design actually does a great job of reducing slippage according to many runners.


You won’t be disappointed with the versatility provided by this one. You can expect a good workout whether you are in the gym or hitting the trail. Many like to wear this stylish shoe as an everyday fashion shoe which means it must be able to handle smooth surfaces well. No complaints of slipping or falling were reported when on wet surfaces either. Unlike some other similar brands, there were also no complaints that the outsole attracted small debris. You can imagine, however, that because this shoe was built with the competitive and serious runner in mind, the ideal terrain for fast speeds would be a hard flat surface, like a road, trail, or even a treadmill.


In general, the APL TechLoom Pro can be expensive, but the price can vary from the brand’s suggested price depending on the retailer and the style being purchased. A fully metallic thread interwoven into the upper which consists of real gold and silver might contribute to the costs as does some other cosmetic features found on some of the styles. Outside of fashion elements however, this is a quality shoe which presents some of the most advanced technology in shoe design. The flexibility, breathability, lightweight, responsiveness, and durability alone make this an investment worth considering.


You will find that this shoe does not fall short on how much traction it provides. Grooves on the outsole make it versatile to run and walk on several surfaces. Based on reviews, there is enough traction for you to successfully complete your running routine both indoors and outdoors. Although it is quite light, the outsole and midsole do a wonderful job of allowing you to make a solid connection with your preferred surface. There were also no grievances concerning individuals losing their footing on wet or smooth surfaces.


In light of the small stacked heel, you might anticipate a loss in the flexibility this shoe would offer. During your runs, however, you will notice it retains a nice level of flexibility. The grove in the heel might attribute to this. Although there is less rubber used, there is enough to also help sustain flexibility. You should also remember the outsole and midsole compound is extremely pliable and lightweight. Another feature is the woven upper which provides a good bend with style. Runners love that their feet are allowed to move in a natural way which comes from a construction that facilitates flexibility without being flimsy.


APL TechLoom Pro is engineered to accommodate several body types and their unique gaits. If you happen to be a runner whose feet have a tendency to want to roll inward or outward, you will benefit from the cushioning and engineering which promote a more efficient and comfortable run. Although the laces are not adjustable, they do offer a second line of defense to keep your feet in place. APL worked diligently to make sure the secure fit and outsole would offer a stable platform and the necessary bend and grip needed during a high-intensity run.


APL TechLoom Pro owns up to an 8mm toe to heel drop. This is slightly more than some of the other brands which tout a drop of 6mm, partly due to the stacked heel. The drop actually gives TechLoom Pro an advantage because it simulates the natural running movement of the feet. It also encourages more stability and a better stride during leisurely and competitive running activities. A textured insole not only helps to make your run as comfortable as possible but may also contribute to securing the perfect angle you need for a safer run.

Key Features

● Advanced Propelium technology
● Breathable TechLoom engineering
● Full metallic thread
● Fused knitted mesh
● Slip on design
● Inward lacing with invisible eyelets
● Several styles available


APL has been known for having advanced shoe technology which has even challenged the professional leagues, so the ingenious poured into this shoe should not come as a surprise. Through TechLoom Pro, APL has once again accomplished a wonderful balance between fashion and performance. This is not only the first running shoe to literally have real gold and silver incorporated into its design, but the intricately woven one-piece upper, not only looks good, but secures the feet. It is an extremely breathable, lightweight, flexible, and hardy running shoe which can meet high performance running needs. Although it can be on the expensive side, the innovation that went into making this shoe makes it worth considering for your next marathon.