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In February 2018, Brooks finally released a model that didn’t resemble its eight predecessors - a great all-around trainer that was able to maintain stability for longer runs. This beautifully updated version, the Ravenna 9, represents a true design from the 21st-century, pulling off bright colors and a sleek design. Not only does it look sporty stylish, but it also has excellent technology systems applied to it. According to reviewers, the new Ravenna 9 style is super supportive and springy.

The weight in the design is reduced, so much so that it helps runners have more energized run. Being lighter and faster than its predecessors, the Ravenna 9 model may be the perfect selection if you are looking for a stability shoe for your daily runs, whether outdoors or indoors. Who is it ideal for? This updated version would be great for a casual runner who isn’t sure what type of shoe they need. It also makes an excellent pair for overpronators. There are many different types of running shoes out there, but if you are a Brooks fan or you just need a good, well-built trainer for your runs and workouts, keep on reading.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  •     Highly breathable
  •     Bouncy ride
  •     Relatively lightweight
  •     Reliable traction
  •     Great color options
  •     Size runs small
  •     The forefoot is a bit narrow


The Ravenna 9 model features a new mesh material with many large perforations. Thanks to this one piece engineered mesh, the foot can enjoy proper ventilation while running on warm weather. Using a seamless upper design with no overlays, the foot is also ensured to have long, yet irritation-free walks and runs. Many runners were blown away by the difference the upper made when compared to the previous versions. In addition, the lining placed along the inside, helps control moisture level, providing sweat and odor-free foot environment.


If we want to emphasize Ravenna’s 9 good qualities, we have to mention how comfortable they feel. The upgraded seamless mesh upper provides proper ventilation and hugs your foot so well, so it adapts to its contours. There are large perforations on the top mesh that allow this superb ventilation, keeping the feet dry and cool on your long summer runs. And that’s not all! Adding to the overall comfort is the padding around the tongue and ankle. Thanks to this padding, the rubbing from the ankle and heel padding is minimized, and the pressure points from the tongue are reduced to zero.

In addition, the lightweight top material not only is highly breathable and supportive, but it’s regarded as really flexible too. The redesigned mesh stretches enough, so it is able to wrap your foot comfortably in it. Furthermore, the seamless design minimizes the risk of irritation associated with blisters and rubbing of the skin against the shoe. Last, but not least, the sockliner gives instant soft and comfortable feel, and according to many, there is hardly any break in period.


Some customers were happy with how the Ravenna 9 fit, while others were disappointed. Namely, it has been reported that the sizing runs half a size smaller than one’s standard size. Also, the forefoot feels a bit narrow, so all of you with wide feet need to be cautious. With this being said, if you are planning on getting this updated model, and want a perfect and snug fit, you may want to size up. Having a bit of room in the toe area makes a lot of difference for your long distance runs since it prevents injuries such as toenails bruising, or rubbing of the bunions. If the shoe feels slightly big, the lace-up closure will ensure solid midfoot lockdown.


A significant restructuring was made to the midsole, which for some wasn’t necessarily considered to be positive. The mid-foot shank that kept the shoe from bending is now gone. According to some runners, there is noticeably less support from the underfoot. On the other hand, the Ravenna 9 model utilizes BioMoGo DNA (a mix of BioMoGo midsole and DNA cushioning technology), which is in charge of the cushioning and helps deliver a responsive ride. The BioMoGo is in fact, a bio-degradable midsole, while the Brooks DNA plays a significant role in balancing between shock absorption and energy return. The reconstruction of the midsole brought about the most significant change in the design which many runners appreciated.

Thanks to the Diagonal Rollbar (DRB), also applied to the midsole, the Ravenna 9 became an excellent choice for runners who tend to pronate. This Diagonal Rollbar is a part of Brooks technology known to reduce excess pronation while providing stability to all runners out there. With this being said, the updated Brooks Ravenna 9 is sure to deliver high performance while providing responsive cushioning, given by this BioMoGo DNA midsole. For all those Brooks fans, this technology is also used in the Brooks Launch versions. Overall, it is safe to say that the Ravenna 9 midsole is one of the model’s best features, designed to deliver the unforgettable energized running experience.


The outsole combines sturdy blown rubber and a High Performance Rubber or HPR, to increase the durability of the Ravenna 9 design. The blown rubber placed at the forefoot contains many flex segments whose purpose is to improve flexibility, responsiveness, and comfort. Apart from the Omni flex grooves, the HPR applied to the rearfoot of the Ravenna 9 is in charge of providing the runner with excellent traction without negatively affecting the underfoot cushioning. Being highly durable, this outsole is supposed to last you many miles on the road or other rough terrain.

Similar to other Brooks versions, the Ravenna 9 is able to survive wet conditions and even snow, without destroying the shoe. Some customers mentioned that the outsole provided reliable traction even when they tried running on slippery surfaces.


The Ravenna 9 draws its stability feature from the Diagonal Rollbar and mild medial post placed in the heel. This DRB Diagonal Rollbar plays a significant role in controlling overpronation or supination, without which there would be no smooth heel-to-toe transition. Brooks placed the Ravenna 9 in their “Energize” category for a reason since it’s not only reported to be an ideal daily running shoe, but it is known to deliver an energized, smooth and effortless ride.

Even though the Ravenna 9 model has somewhat thicker-interior midsole foam, many said that their runs were efficient. This particular model may not be the ideal choice for runners who supinate since the Ravenna 9 offers interior stability. However, if you only need moderate support, this should be no problem. If you prefer a good stability shoe, then you ought to know that the Ravenna 9 may not give the same level of support that you are used too.


According to a number of runners, the new version of the Brooks Ravenna is a champion in the world of Brooks creations. Featuring cool color scheme and subtle reflective material along the midfoot, the Ravenna 9 slowly became a staple in everyone’s cupboard. Together with the one piece engineered mesh and the Brooks embedded logo, the Ravenna 9 represents a modern style that many brands can be jealous of.

Reduced in weight and less bulky than the Ravenna 8, these runners are a great addition to the Brooks “Energize” series. Many runners appreciate style as much as performance, and some added that the perforations in the mesh gave this design even better touch. The Ravenna 9 model is available for both men and women, and it comes in only four color options for men, and four colors for women, but some of the colors don’t come in all widths. Regardless of the limited selection in colors, customers were happy with the provided styles.


Ravenna 9 is undoubtedly a good pair of running shoes. Many customers who are flatfooted and need cushion and support in the right places, find this version to work great for them. Amazingly light, the Ravenna 9 is a perfect blend between a fast and supportive shoe for long runs. They require no additional inserts since they are of neutral footprint, but for those who tend to supinate, you may want to use your own insoles. The reason being, the Ravenna has moderate support in the arch, since they are designed for flat footed runners.

Furthermore, runners with plantar fasciitis who had to run with prescription orthopedic inserts in some of their shoes claimed that running in the Ravenna 9 model was very pleasant even without the inserts.

The Diagonal Rollbar works perfectly to deliver reliable support while keeping the heel-to-toe transition smooth. Overall, the updated Ravenna 9 version, seems to be an excellent shoe for overpronators, but its reduced weight took some support away.


The major change that happened in the upper is the reason why the Ravenna 9 stands out from the previous versions. While still being a narrow shoe, the change in the model allows for a more customized fit, based on tightening the laces. Although the lacing system uses the same old standard closure with an extra eyelet to give you a more snug fit, the rest of the upper tells a different story. The updated top now features a seamless and breathable mesh in cool color schemes. It is known to offer some flexibility while maintaining a secure fit and moderate support.

The new mesh upper on the Ravenna 9 is stripped of overlays and is much lighter than its predecessors, thus offering high levels of breathability. This is also due to the large perforations, strategically placed around the top to keep your feet sweat and odor-free.
At the back, the heel collar is reported to keep the foot snug and really comfortable, while the heel counter is firm but nicely padded to minimize the possibility of irritation for all of you with sensitive Achilles. While the foot follows the natural shape of the heel, the most important part of the heel counter is that it holds the posterior part of the foot, so much so that there is no heel slippage or movement.


In a men’s size 9, the Ravenna 8 version weighs 10.2 ounces, while the Ravenna 9 model is 9.3 ounces. The upper has been reduced in weight by stripping some of the overlays to allow not only better ventilation but to create a sleeker design too. The other part of the Ravenna 9 that was reconstructed was the outsole, which this time around contains less rubber, thus contributing to the reduced weight of the overall design. In conclusion, this updated model has been stripped down to a simple yet stylish design with a soft, responsive ride. This lightweight makes the Ravenna 9 model perfect for easy long-distance runs, or short walks and runs. Many reported to enjoy the ride, and their feet felt secure in this version.

Bottom Line

Many customers highly rated the new Brooks Ravenna 9 for the comfort it delivered, the support, and speed. The most admired part of this version was definitely the midsole reconstruction. Featuring BioMoGo DNA, the midsole provides an excellent responsive cushion. Also, the Diagonal Rollbar helps reduce excess pronation while providing stability for the long runs. The upper looks modern, and it has fewer overlays with more perforations, allowing for the shoe to breathe. The redesigned mesh stretches enough, so it is able to wrap your foot comfortably in it. This ninth iteration is a versatile model with affordable price and delivers everything a running model should, starting from bounce and stability, to support and comfort.

One drawback reported by some runners was about how this model fit, especially in the toe area. Some said that there was not enough support back below the arch, which was a result of the reduced weight of the shoe.

On the other hand, the outsole is made of solid blown rubber and a High Performance Rubber or HPR, to increase the durability of the new version. This ninth iteration of Ravenna can be used for long runs, or treadmills, and provides decent traction on wet and slippery terrain. Ideal for casual runners and overpronators, Brooks Ravenna 9 is certain to make your feet happy for a very long time.