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The Brooks Rebound Racer is made for running and other high-impact activities. With its racerback design, adjustable straps, and molded compression cups, it provides pretty reliable support for people who have medium to large cup sizes. Regardless of if you’re running, doing Crossfit, jump-roping, or doing any other kind of high-impact activities, it holds everything in place and prevents the distracting jiggles. In addition, it is breathable thanks to the DriLayer technology and a unique design, along with a variety of color options, are offered. It has its downsides when it comes to its ease of use, but in general, it is pretty reliable.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • For high-impact
  • Strategically-placed mesh
  • DriLayer technology
  • Molded compression cups
  • Affordable
  • Annoying velcro
  • Unsupportive for large breasts


Before getting into the nitty-gritty of this bra, let’s back up a bit and talk about the brand behind it first. This will give you some background knowledge and lets you know what to expect from their products. Brooks first began making ballet slippers in Philadelphia over a century ago. After that, it started making baseball cleats, then roller skates, then the running shoes they eventually became well-known for. Today, Brooks calls itself “a running company” and provide some of the best gear for running. Because of this, you can be sure that their bras provide support and coverage when you’re running - or, for that matter, doing any other kind of high-impact activity.


Brooks designed this undergarment to provide reliable support for high-impact activities and medium to large breasts. The racerback and compression cups prevent jiggling and hold everything in place. The bra itself is suitable for people who are B, C, or D cup sizes, though the slightly low profile means that you risk not getting enough support the larger your cup size. Overall, nearly all reviewers agree it is reliable for high-impact exercises. As a runner, HIIT shoes, jump-roper, etc, you’ll need this for your workouts.


The straps give you coverage while still letting you stay agile. The racerback design is common in sportswear because of the ease in movements that it permits, and here it has the same effect. It provides coverage, and at the same time, the fabric material prevents you from getting too hot when wearing it. In the front, the straps are much thinner, giving the bra a more stylish look should they show. Note that the thinness of the straps at the front could undermine the support they provide, but thanks to their adjustability, simply tightening them probably does the trick.


Both the straps and the band are adjustable. Sports bras rarely have a clasp at the back because it causes discomfort when you’re doing exercises down on the ground. As a result, they are rarely adjustable at the band. But the Rebound Racer has a velcro strap in its keyhole back closure that minimizes the discomfort but still lets you adjust it a bit. In addition, the front straps are both adjustable via their concealed hook and loop closures. This adjustability allows you to customize the fit for optimal comfort and support for you. However, the adjustable design also has its inconveniences...

Ease of Use

Though theoretically practical, the adjustable back doesn’t seem to be quite favorable after all. In fact, it can cause quite a bit of hassle. Looking at some customer reviews, we found more than one reviewer who complained that the velcro at the back served no real purpose. They said it catches on the fabric and snags it, and also that it scratches the skin. In addition, despite the adjustable band, there were also complaints that the bra is hard to get on and off, especially when sweaty after a workout.


Like we already said under ‘Support,’ this is suitable for B, C, and D cup size breasts, though those who are on the higher end of the cup-size scale may find that there’s not enough support or coverage for serious high-impact activities. The cups are compressive and molded, subtly contouring your shape while holding all the jiggle in place. In addition, their limited stretch allows them to maintain their shape and their seam-free interior prevents chafing.


The Rebound Racer is made with polyester and spandex. The body of the bra is made of 80% polyester and 20% spandex while the cups are 93% polyester and 7% spandex. These synthetic materials are lightweight, breathable, and inexpensive, which is why they’re perfect for sportswear. In addition, it features Brooks’ sweat-wicking DriLayer technology and Power Mesh ventilation located in key zones where you tend to perspire most. So despite providing quite a bit of coverage in the back and fitting close to your skin, it ensures breathability.


As a sports bra intended for high-impact exercise, the Rebound Racer isn’t the most stylish. Practicality calls for racerback designs and good coverage to ensure support, which isn't the most fashionable. However, when compared to fellow sports gear, we think this bra is alright. The concealed hook and loop at the front of the straps, along with the keyhole back design, gives it a unique twist. In addition, Brooks offers many different color options for this model, including black, grey, blue, and purple. The brand’s logo is at the top left.


You can get the Rebound Racer at a pretty affordable price. Brooks’ reputation lets you know that you’ll get the support you paid for; but at the same time, you won’t be breaking the bank. In addition, the versatility of this garment increases its value. You can wear it when running, HIIT training, hiking, doing yoga, stretching… pretty much everything, since it gears you up for the most intense activities. As a result, this one garment can take on the role of many, saving you money and giving you the ultimate bang for your buck.


Brooks says that this item is ideally hand-washed. However, it knows you’ve got better things to do than to be hand-scrubbing your workout clothes after every session, so if you make sure to fasten all the straps, put it in a lingerie bag, and machine wash on a gentle cycle, that’s okay too. The downside is that it may shrink in the dryer, as one reviewer stated. Make sure to only line dry and do not use dryer sheets or fabric softeners, because these wear down the quality of the fabric much more quickly than otherwise.

Bottom Line

To conclude, Brooks created this bra to provide reliable support and coverage for people with medium to large cup sizes. The molded compression cups and racerback design holds everything in its place while you’re running, jumping, sweating, and working hard. Meanwhile, the strategically-placed mesh in key sweat zones and the DriLayer sweat-wicking technology ensure you stay fresh and cool. It is also affordable and comes in many different colors. The main downside of this product is that the velcro in the back keyhole design may cause discomfort or be annoying. If it really bothers you, it can undermine your whole experience with it. In addition, some people with large cup sizes claimed that the low profile made it less supportive, so that’s something to consider as well. But on the whole, this is an affordable, supportive, and versatile sports bra.