Vuori Kore Shorts Review

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Vuori, meaning mountain, may be lesser known but they will get as big as their name suggests. The brand wants to evoke the feeling you get when you conquer a climb. The Kore short is loved for being versatile and ultra-cozy. It is made to withstand any and all athletic activities. Vuori's Kore is the perfect solution for anyone who loves variety in their workout.  

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Quick-Drying
  • Moisture-Wicking
  • Anti-Odor
  • Three Pockets
  • Four-Way Stretch Fabric
  • Brief Liner
  • Pricey
  • Some Colors May Bleed


Thinner waists with a good amount of flex in the fabric cannot be without a secured tie or drawcord. This soft and stretchy short will feel great regardless of how snug you pull the waist. One of the best benefits of having an adjustable waistband is that it better prepares you to engage in a variety of activities. It is key to not worry about the proper fit and staying power of your workout bottoms. Remember to always tie the waist before washing so that it doesn't get pulled out of the band when washing and you will have lasting adjustability with the Vuori Kore. A close waist fit can be crucial for a lot of strength building exercises. You can’t pull up your pants when you’re lifting or doing floor exercises. The Kore needs to be able to fit its wearer to a tee to truly be an “every activity” short. Exercise bottoms without this feature fail in being practical and Vuori ensures they won’t fail. Just tie these on and prepare to take on the world, or at least the gym, whichever you see fit.

Color Options

Athletic apparel usually will only have a few different basic color options to choose from. When it comes to performance gear, you can expect navy, black, and gray. If not one of these more neutral hues, you will see bright neon colors such as pink or lime green. While these options appease many, it is nice to have a larger selection more catered to a range of tastes and styles. Vuori must have known what the people want because they have one of the largest color and design selections I have ever seen in athletic wear. Want a summery print to wear when you’re on your longboard? The Kore comes in cool Hawaiian and ombre options that would be perfect for a laidback ride. If you’re more into stripes and classic color combinations, there is a huge selection of different subtle and bold striping patterns to choose from. It can be hard to feel like you have your style when you’re wearing athletic gear because so much of it is nearly identical to the next. Vuori defies this expectation with a Kore and brings a bright set of additions to the usual bottom selection.


Most athletic articles of clothing are priced very clothing among the trusted brands. These are advertised as being a short perfect for everything, however, that might not justify the price for everyone in the market for new gear. For shorts that look eerily like swim trunks, the cost is considerably higher than in similar brands. Their more specific performance options are even more expensive, so these are still a good first pair if you’re looking to try out Vuori. Generally, a higher price buys higher quality, one hopes. This Vuori option is certainly a testament to that but it is still out of the range many would be comfortable spending on such casual attire. Though these can be worn to swim, you don’t necessarily want to be hitting the gym or running errands in what looks like a bathing suit. Though versatile in use, these can’t be considered that versatile stylistically. Being a bit chicer would help to alleviate the concerns with the cost. Reviewers were generally unconcerned with the casual style. The performance aspects, sustainable business practices, and comfort to make these a serious contender on the hunt for your new favorite shorts. However, fair warning that the cost is higher than one would expect for such an item and could potentially make these seem not as worth it when looking at the big picture.


When you’re searching for new workout bottoms, you want to seek something that will hold up to even the toughest workouts. Durability is an aspect that cannot be forgotten in performance clothing. Vuori makes clothing that is built tough and holds up well to a lot of wear, usually. With this Kore, the material feels great, but the same suppleness that you will love for feel can disappoint in longevity. Reviewers had multiple pairs of the Kore that they frequently switched up for regular wear but some felt disappointed with how their pairs held up to excessive wash and wear. The colors occasionally would bleed on the Kore. Additionally, the string that ties the bottoms to snugly fit the body often got tangled and detached in the wash. If the string had been anchored in the back of the waistband, this could have been easily avoided. Also, though these are advertised as being for every activity, they don’t seem to have some key components that certain activities require. Climbing needs a ripstop material, to avoid piercing the fabric and getting caught on rough surfaces causing injury. These are susceptible to tears and rips, unfortunately.

Moisture Wicking

To stay comfortable during exercise or in the heat, some moisture wicking technology is not only helpful but necessary. Reviewers thought these more than passed the test when it came to keeping them dry and comfortable. Moisture-wicking technology intends to move moisture away from the skin and bring it to the surface of the material to quickly dry. The Kore first step in keeping you feeling light and airy is their liner. This gives you the ability to go without an added layer of boxers or briefs, helping reduce too much fabric that can result in making you feel stuffy. When you’re hitting the gym particularly hard, breathable and moisture-wicking performance bottom like the Kore will exceed your expectations. Getting hot and sweaty can interfere with your endurance when working out. You don’t need to worry about getting wiped out early in the game when your clothing is working with you to keep you feeling great. Quick drying capacity helps to elevate the moisture-wicking to a whole new level on the Kore.

Odor Control

Gym clothes get smelly. There is no shame in admitting that we often feel less than fresh after a workout and our clothes follow suit. What can you do other than constantly washing them? Not much, but these Vuori Kore shorts can help you avoid odor when you are wearing them. The odor is caused by bacteria. That means to make an anti-odor fabric, you need to have something that inhibits bacterial growth. When making a short that can seamlessly transition from one activity to the next, it is important to make sure you’re inhibiting bacterial growth. Bacteria grow easily when moving from a wet activity to a dry one. These can be worn as swim trunks, running bottoms, and basketball shorts. Moving from wet environments to dry land can create some serious stink in your clothing. If you have ever spent a day at the beach and then walked around the pier or boardwalk at night, you know that you can get pretty smelly, pretty fast. Vuori ensures that you won’t have to worry about offending the masses when you wear the Kore, regardless of the activity, or range of activities even. If you’re new to the brand but have a very active and diverse lifestyle, then this is the next option worth trying for you.


Something reviewers cannot seem to get over is just how plush the material used in these shorts is. Synthetic materials can create a seriously luxurious feel when made correctly and that's exactly what they did on the Kore. Their polyester and spandex blend is so incredibly light and pillowy soft against the skin. A plethora of reviews are pledging their loyalty to Vuori, after switching from more mainstream athletic brands, due to the comfort alone. That is nothing to scoff at if you’re in the business of wearing convenient and cozy clothing. When Vuori says that you can do anything in these bottoms, they mean it. So many customers said that not only are they wearing these for all their favorite activities but they found an even more simple use for the short. Of all the reviews mentioning athletic use, there was an overarching theme of the Kore being equally fantastic for sleeping in. Their innovative fabric blends truly change the way we wear performance gear, even if that means we are wearing it to bed.


Vuori converted some nonbelievers with their amazing lining brief in the Kore. Reviewers who never before enjoyed the feel of liners felt that this provided supreme support and comfort. Breathable, soft, and light, the liner of the Kore can be barely felt when you’re wearing them. Those who previously cut out the liners of their workout shorts or opted for looser fitting basketball shorts ended up loving the support of this one. It wasn’t too tight but still had everything out of the way and secured in their shorts. The liner helps the Kore double as a bathing suit, with assistance from the quick-drying and moisture-wicking material. If you previously felt unimpressed by the liner of your favorite athletic wear, you will more than likely love this Kore. It exceeded the expectations of almost every single reviewer in support, managing to not be restrictive or uncomfortable even after long periods. If you wear compression clothing, the importance of a liner lessens. For an easier-going clothing option, this bottom is ideal. If you are fully dedicated to one athletic discipline, like climbing or hiking, there are better choices of gear than the Kore. For those that dabble in everything or are strictly runners or gym-goers, this is a great pick for switching up your workout, thanks to its support and softness.

V4 Technology

All of the Kore’s best qualities come from the brands V4 technology. The softness and comfort of this option by Vuori are largely made possible with its four-way stretch fabric. It moves with you, accommodates the curves and planes of your body. This technology is responsible for all the practical performance additions to the short that make it so great at transitioning from wet to dry areas and vice versa. V4 technology in the material includes the moisture-wicking capacities that help this to be suited for high-intensity activities. Their quick-drying properties let you get right out of the water and onto the sand without feeling gross and gritty. Odor-control is the final feature of the V4 technology that makes the Kore irresistible. Vuori uses their resources to the best of their abilities and this short is an apt example of them putting their skills to work. Polyester is notoriously smelly when you sweat in it, these bottoms are one of the ways Vuori is looking to stop odor in its tracks.


The Kore is meant to do anything: anything that you can dream up. This short is outfitted with both secured and unsecured pockets to give you storage no matter what extent of it you need. Hand pockets in the front of the Kore make these a no-brainer for leisure. They can easily fit your car and house keys during errands or gels during a run. The back pocket is velcroed closed, which means you can safely keep your phone and wallet, and come what may, they will stay put. A brief liner allows you to swim or run in them with support, without fear of slips. Drying quickly creates a cozy environment even after getting wet or sweaty. People who appreciate an easy to wear bottom that has an extensive amount of uses won’t want to miss this one.

Bottom Line

Vuori excelled at making something practical and plush. As up for anything as you are, the Kore is ready to boldly follow you into any activity you wish to experience. It does look a bit like a swim trunk and come with a higher price tag but glowing reviews showcase that any perceived bad is quickly outshined by quality. Get a pair of shorts as diverse as your exercises. The Kore by Vuori is waiting to show you what it is made of.