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Originally designed to be worn on the basketball court, the Adidas Superstar shoes are now popular among all kinds of people. You don’t have to play sports, or even be active, to rock a pair of Adidas shoes. They are simplistic and aesthetically pleasing and can easily be paired with pants or shorts for casual occasions. You can even wear them to work.

The upper is made of leather. While leather may not be as breathable as mesh or canvas, it has its own perks. The leather makes the shoes more resistant to abrasions and protects the feet from moisture getting in. The sole is made of rubber, making these shoes more durable and more protected from abrasions, punctures, and moisture. 

Protect your toes from falling objects, people stepping on them, and punctures. The toe is reinforced with an extra rubber. The inside of the shoe is lined with synthetic leather, which will allow your feet to breathe, soak up moisture, and provide durability and shape retention. 

The sizes available include men’s size 3.5 - 20. Half sizes available. There is not an option for narrow or wide widths. The list of color options seems endless. The Adidas Superstar shoes come with a trusted brand name and a competitive price. When ordered on Amazon, you can return them within 7 days if they don’t meet your needs, so you’ve got nothing to lose.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Smooth Leather

Trusted Brand

Toe Protection

Simple Style

Many Colors


No Wide Sizes

Beware of Ripoffs


While Adidas got its start in Germany, it has become a worldwide company. They employ more than 57,000 people. 49% of the staff is made up of women. 51% of the staff is made up of men. There are people from around 100 different nations that work at the global headquarters in Germany. More than 900 million products are manufactured by Adidas throughout the world.

Sales totaled more than $21 billion in 2018. It’s easy to see that Adidas is a large and successful brand. Although they bring in a lot of money, they still like to keep things simple. From the designing process to the manufacturing process to putting the products on the shelves, everything is done as simply, quickly, and efficiently as possible, without sacrificing a shred of quality to do so.

Adidas’ products are centered around sports, but many people choose to wear their items casually and socially. It’s no wonder, either. They’re comfortable, aesthetically pleasing, functional, and come in a wide variety of styles and colors to suit just about everyone’s taste. The Adidas Superstar shoes were the first pair of shoes designed by Adidas for basketball. They were created in 1970 and have since found their way from the courts to the streets.


The upper material of the Adidas Superstar is synthetic leather. This material is becoming more and more popular, and for good reason. When something is synthetic, it means that it’s man-made. This man-made product is more durable and stronger than full-grain genuine leather.

Synthetic leather can be cleaned easily with a cloth. It is available at a lower price than real leather is. Animals aren’t harmed in the making of synthetic leather. Synthetic leather is able to be manufactured in a wide array of color options. It can even have a glossy finish. Real leather tends to crack, but synthetic leather is more resistant to cracking. It is also resistant to fading caused by UV rays.

There are some negative properties of synthetic leather. It is not very breathable, it doesn’t develop a luster over time as real leather does. Some people want a worn look. Unfortunately, synthetic leather produces more waste in the environment. It is more susceptible to tears and punctures, and it doesn’t have the real leather smell (which someone people prefer).


The sole of these shoes is made of rubber, which is a very common material to use. It’s a great choice because it provides durability and resistance to fluids. If you’re going to be in wet weather, the rubber will protect your feet. Your feet will also be protected from punctures caused by stepping on stones, nails, etc.

Even though there aren’t lugs in the sole, there is still a herringbone pattern used in order to create more traction. More traction means that you can broaden your horizons and wonder off the regular path. Rubber even has slip resistance without special designs in it. Rubber is resistant to abrasions, which means they’ll be more durable when walking on surfaces like asphalt and concrete.

There are some negatives about rubber to take into consideration. Rubber is heavier than leather, plastic, and silicone. Therefore, these shoes are going to be heavier than, say, a pair of minimalistic running shoes. Rubber can also become squeaky when wet, and we all know how annoying that can be.

Toe Shell

If you only wear tennis shoes casually or socially, you may not understand the appeal of a rubber shell cap at the toe. However, if you play sports, are active, or lift weights, you may very well understand why they’re handy. A rubber shell at the toe will protect you from certain abrasions, punctures, and splashes by adding a sturdier layer of material where you need it.

The Adidas Superstar shoes earned the nickname “shell-toe” because of the design, which has grown to be a huge influence on sneaker culture. At the time of the design process for these shoes, combining a leather upper with a rubber toe shell was an original idea. Professional basketball players were attracted to the new design.

Customers have reported that, when they first wear these shoes, before they’re broken in, the rubber shell caused some discomfort. However, it only takes a few days for the rubber to become flexible enough to be comfortable. Your feet will become used to a new shoe shape and fit. The toe shell protects the shoe from normal scuff marks that can typically be found on the toe of any shoe. It can easily be cleaned with a wet cloth.


The lining of these shoes is leather. Why choose leather for the lining? Simple. Leather lining is breathable and provides moisture absorption to keep your feet more dry and cool. When your feet are kept dry and cool, odor-causing bacteria won’t be attracted to your feet. Really, they’re after your sweat.

Leather lining has the ability to absorb as much as three times its weight in moisture. Some materials that are “high-tech”, like microfibre, can’t compete with leather in terms of breathability and moisture absorption. Microfibre is made with many tiny fibers, which has open pores, allowing water to pass through. If you have trouble with sweaty feet, the leather lining is the best choice for you.

If you are someone who enjoys wearing tennis shoes without socks, you’ll want to opt for a shoe that has leather lining. It is best equipped to handle your warm, sweaty feet in the summer, thanks to its moisture absorbing properties. Along with the other perks of leather lining comes skin-friendliness, durability, and shape retention. If you are looking for a lining that allows more airflow instead of focusing on moisture protection, try shoes lined with mesh.


The Adidas Superstar shoes are available in men’s, women’s, and children’s sizes. Let’s focus on men’s sizes. They are available in sizes 3.5 - 14.5 in whole and half sizes. Sizes 15 - 20 are available, but just in whole sizes. There are not any options for wide or narrow widths.


There are so many people in the world with so many different tastes and preferences. It’s impossible to cater to every single person, but Adidas really tries with their shoes. This sneaker is available in a wide variety of color schemes.


The Adidas Superstar shoes are imported. Some people turn their noses up at imported goods, understandably. It’s very controversial in America because of the downsides. Importing comes with trouble finding business partners, obtaining licenses and documentation, waiting for payments, increasing unemployment rates, taking local manufacturers business, paying taxes, reducing the country’s income, and having difficulty returning orders when incorrect/damaged.

There are, however, advantages to importing goods. When you import goods, you allow yourself to obtain them at a lower price. You’re able to access goods that are only available in other parts of the world.

You can shop around for higher quality products and even expand your education on other countries’ cultures. Importing goods allows you to find new technologies to bring to the US. You can travel, make more profit, and provide employment opportunities.


When these shoes were first introduced to the market, they were advertised specifically to basketball players. To this day, they can definitely be worn for sports and exercise. However, the 80s brought along the trend of wearing basketball shoes for fashion. Hip Hop singers started the craze when they wore these sneakers during concerts and in music videos. There is even a song written about these shoes. It came out in 1986 and is called “My Adidas”.

Not only can these shoes be worn for leisure or play, but it is available in so many colors that you can find a pair to go with any outfit you’ve got in your closet, making it easy to use them for whatever the day may bring. Customers have reported that their heels do slide around slightly inside of the shoe. It wasn’t enough to bother them, but if you need to wear these for sports, you will want to test them out first. If you need to gear up for a big game, and these shoes aren’t what you need, there are other options.


There are many customers voicing their experiences and opinions on these shoes. Some have received knockoff shoes that are not as high quality, which is understandably very upsetting. Make sure you’re purchasing from a reputable retailer.

There are some people claiming to have sizing issues, but others say that sizing is as expected. There are some people who wish there was more arch support, however, it’s got the perfect arch support for others. Shipping happens quickly, even though some packages arrive damaged.

Consumers are reporting that these shoes are durable and have a timeless style that is easy to incorporate into their day-to-day life. One thing to take note of is that the price of these shoes will vary depending on size and style choice. If you need shoes that are geared specifically toward running, you may want to browse other options.


While some people are able to wear shoes without laces, and even exercise in shoes without laces, some people are the opposite. Some shoes without laces are able to stay on your feet well enough to run in, but if you need to be able to adjust the fit of your shoes according to what you’re using them for, you’ll need laces.

The lacing system on these sneakers includes seven eyelets on each side, along with a loop in the middle of the tongue to keep it in place as much as possible. You can control how tight your shoes are at your toes, at the top of your foot, and near your ankles (top of the tongue). Tighten them when you need to run and loosen them when you’re lounging. Some people even took a page from Hip Hop’s book and wear them without any laces at all.

Bottom Line

Whether you need a pair of sneakers for lounging, working, walking, jogging, or exercising, these shoes could give you everything you’re looking for. The upper material is durable, comfortable, and resistant to water. There is a rubber shell at the toe, which will give your toes extra protection from punctures, abrasions, moisture, etc.

The lining of this sneaker is leather, which allows maximum moisture control which will keep your feet dry and odor-free. There are many, many color schemes available and these shoes are made in women’s, men’s, and children’s sizes; though you must look for them separately online. They are priced competitively, come from a trusted brand, and have free returns on Amazon.