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Whether you’re in the market for quality socks to use for workouts, training, athletic events, everyday wear, or just to lounge in, Adidas Traxion Socks may be just what you’re looking for. The footbed is designed to give you extra traction and to stay put on your foot. The fit hugs your arch for much-needed support and the mesh inserts will keep your feet dry and cool. Cushioning in the footbed will give you shock absorption where you’ll appreciate it the most. 

Enjoy more stability with reduced slipping from the integrated grip and a customized feel that will give you great blood circulation with a compression fit and ribbed cuff. The compression fit will also support your arches to give you comfort and protection. 

Adidas Traxion Socks are made of polyester, nylon, natural latex rubber, and elastane. They come in two colors: black or white. Both colors have grey detailing and depict the size. Get in the game with these NCAA compliant crew socks.

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NCAA Compliant


Too tight for some

Traction uncomfortable for some


Dassler Brothers Shoe Factory was started by Adolf Dassler in his mother’s home in 1924. He was joined by his brother, Rudolf. In the beginning, Dassler helped to develop running shoes that had spikes and were intended for athletic events. The design was improved upon by switching from the heavy metal spikes that were commonly used, to rubber and canvas spikes.

The Summer Olympics in 1936 featured Dassler’s handmade spikes when Jesse Owens wore them to compete. It was then that the company really started to become popular. However, sadly enough, by 1949, the brothers had a falling out and ended up going their separate ways. Adolf went on to create the company Adidas, and Rudolf created Puma, becoming Adidas’ rival.

Adidas may have been born in Germany, but it is not a massive company that serves customers from all over the globe. There are more than fifty-seven thousand people employed by Adidas, and the global headquarters has people from about one hundred nations employed in Germany. There are over nine hundred million sports and sportswear products made annually. Some other products from Adidas can be found here.


The main material used in the construction of Adidas Traxion Socks is polyester. This finely woven synthetic fiber is petroleum-based and has many benefits and disadvantages to consider. Polyester lasts longer, fades less, and dries quickly. It is also bad for the planet, non-absorbent, and not very breathable.

Polyester is more durable than cotton if you take care of it properly. This is good news for active people and those who can’t stand buying new socks every couple of months. If you are in an active sport, having a durable sock will obviously come in handy. Get more games out of your buck.

Polyester is able to retain the dye that it has been saturated in for longer than cotton can. This keeps the aesthetics up to par for a longer time, which is also something athletes can appreciate.

While polyester may not be as breathable as cotton, it does dry quickly. Which means that if your Adidas Traxion Socks get wet from sweat they will dry quicker than cotton will. Polyester also isn’t absorbent, which some may think is a bad thing. But they won’t absorb all of that moisture just to hold onto it and keep your feet wet.

If you’re interested in the environmental impacts of the fabrics you’re wearing (which you should be), it is important to know that polyester is not good for the planet. It is not easily composted, which obviously isn’t great for the environment.

Small portions of the Adidas Traxion Socks are made up of nylon (fourteen percent), natural latex rubber (six percent), and elastane (one percent). Nylon will provide strength and protection from tears and chemicals. It provides air permeability and dries quickly. The latex and elastane will help to give you a proper, comfortable, supportive fit.

You may have noticed there isn’t any cotton in these socks. If that’s what you’re looking for, try these.


When you’re in an active sport, it’s very important to have socks that fit just right. You need to be able to have the flexibility for the range of motion, but you also need support and stability. And if you’re lucky enough to find a sock that gives you a customized feel, hold onto them.

The Adidas Traxion Socks are designed to make your feet feel right at home. With the compression band in the arch, your feet will feel supported and stable. The ribbed cuff will allow the sock to hug your calves, and the anti-slip will help them stay where they’re supposed to be, all day long.

The Adidas Traxion Socks come in two sizes. The first fits shoe sizes six and a half to nine. The other fits shoe sizes nine and a half to twelve. If you’re looking for a one-size-fits-all style sock, try these.


If you’re a soccer player, runner, or really doing anything active at all, traction is something that you most likely desire in your socks. Not only does it keep your foot where it’s supposed to be inside of your sock, but it keeps your sock where it’s supposed to be inside of the shoe.

If you’re wearing a pair of socks that don’t have any traction on them, and they end up slipping around inside of your shoe, they will also slip around on your foot. This will create bunching and creases that will cause discomfort, irritation, and even pain.

Even if you’re wearing your Adidas Traxion Socks as loungewear around your house, the traction will come in handy when you’re walking around on hardwood floors. The compression band will also help to keep your sock where it’s supposed to be. For more socks with traction, check here.


If you’re somebody who struggles with swollen legs and feet, blood clots, poor circulation, water retention, etc, then socks that include any level of compression could be beneficial to your health and comfort.

When socks include compression technology, they include strategically placed pressure to areas on your body in order to assist your blood flow. Adidas Traxion Socks have a compression band at your arch which will support your blood circulation in your feet and lower legs. They can work to relieve symptoms such as swelling by mimicking the process in which your muscles pump blood.

Compression bands in socks are also helpful in preventing ulcers in your veins and preventing blood clots from developing in your leg. They can be especially helpful post-surgery or when you’re going to be inactive for a period of time. They are also very beneficial for athletes because they aid in recovery time and help to keep the muscles from becoming too tight. Which makes the Adidas Traxion Socks a perfect match for just about any athlete. Compression sleeves are another product to look into if you want to boost your recovery times.


When you’re an athlete, whether you’re playing indoors, outdoors, in warm or cold weather, you run the risk of developing blisters, more-so than an inactive person. Contributing factors of blisters include slipping, bunching, improper fit, and sweat.

If you’re playing hard or playing in the heat, it’s highly likely that your feet are going to produce sweat. If this sweat is left to hang out on your feet, then your sock will likely begin to slide around. When this occurs, the friction will lead to uncomfortable spots that will likely lead to blisters. Blisters can rapidly become not only annoying but downright miserable.

Fortunately for you and your feet, the Adidas Traxion Socks are designed with your feet in mind. The sweat issue is taken care of by the combination of materials that will help to keep your feet dry and cool. The friction problem is taken care of by the traction grips on the bottom of the sock as well as the compression band that will help to keep it in place. If you do still have problems with blisters, you can turn to these products for help.

Arch Support

Whether you’re an athlete or not, many people can benefit from support in any kind of clothing, especially socks. If you struggle with a condition that causes your feet pain and discomfort, a little bit of support is likely to go a long way for you.

If you are somebody with arthritis, diabetes, plantar fasciitis, or other conditions, support is high on the list of things to help. Sometimes, you unknowingly cause yourself more pain by not providing your foot with a solid foundation. If your shoes don’t have enough support then a pair of socks with arch support, like the Adidas Traxion Socks, can do wonders to relieve some pain and discomfort.

Adidas Traxion Socks will also provide you with stability via the additional support. The added balance can improve your posture, which can, in turn, improve discomfort and pain related to insufficient stability. If you’re in the market for shoes that will give you support alongside your socks, check these out.


Whether you’re buying a coat, glasses, or socks, your main concern is typically comfort. Yes, looks matter. Yes, fit matters. Yes, functionality and flexibility matter. But, without comfort, none of it will matter much to you at the end of the day.

Every design step was carefully considered before the Adidas Traxion Socks hit the market, in order to bring you the most comfort possible. There is targeted cushioning in the footbed of the Adidas Traxion that will give you optimum shock absorption where you need it the most. Minimizing the stress put on your feet will, in turn, provide you with comfort.

The materials used will bring you comfort with not only the feeling of the product, but the extra benefits they bring to the table; including quick-drying, traction, enhanced circulation, support, and protection. The fit is meant to feel customized and hug your feet and legs just right. The support, flexibility, softness, and padding of the Adidas Traxion Socks will really help you to be active all day without having to be in pain all night. For other socks geared toward comfort, check here.


The Adidas Traxion Socks come with cushioning in the footbed that has targeted shock absorption. When you wear socks that take away the brunt of the impact from your feet and legs, your body will thank you.

Shock absorbing socks will protect you from pain and some common injuries that are caused by the shock of your foot striking the ground. They will also protect you from further injuries or causing irritation to your bones and joints, as well as helping them heal.

If you suffer from conditions like Achilles tendonitis, you can find some relief without having to stay off your feet all day. If the pressure you feel from walking creates any pain or discomfort for you, you can benefit from shock-absorbing socks. These are other products that can help with foot pain.


Every company wants to put out a product that customers are satisfied with, and every customer wants to be satisfied with their product. However, in reality, you can’t please everyone, and you can never be 100% perfect.

Adidas is very aware of this truth, and therefore provide their customers with a two-year warranty that goes into effect the day that the product is manufactured. The warranty only covers manufacturing defects.

If your Adidas Traxion Socks exceed the two-year mark, it will not be covered by the warranty, and your products will not be repaired by Adidas. Your insoles, buttons, emblems, drawstrings, laces, and other decorative pieces will not be replaced.

If your product is purchased from an authorized seller, return the item back to them. If they are unable to assist you, you may then submit a claim directly to Adidas. If the retailer is not authorized, Adidas will not be able to offer you support for the product.

On average, a warranty claim is settled between two to four weeks. If they deem your pair or Adidas Traxion to be defective, they will not return it to you. Instead, you will get a credit that may be used to choose a replacement product.

Bottom Line

Whether you’re an athlete in the NCAA, a leisurely runner, or a lounger, everyone can benefit from everything the Adidas Traxion Socks have to offer. The highlighted feature of this sock is the traction on the bottom. Keep your sock in place inside of your shoe and keep your foot in place inside of the sock (aided by the compression band).

The footbed is also cushioned and provides shock absorption to protect your feet and help them heal. The compression band will provide support and stability. The materials will keep your feet comfortable, dry, and cool. The style is crew cut, which will end just above mid-calf on most people. If you’re an NCAA athlete, these socks are compliant with the guidelines.

There have been some customers that have reported the Adidas Traxion Socks being too tight and the grip yarns being uncomfortable. Each person is different and has different needs. If you need socks without the traction, try these.