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There are socks that maximize performance without sacrificing on style. And they are the Adidas Crew Socks. They get you where you need to go and they work as long as you do. It doesn't matter if you’re training or competing, walking, or lounging. These socks have miles of style.

Each pair offers cushioning, arch support, circulation assistance, and Climalite (moisture-wicking) technology. Their mid-calf cut will work keeps comfortable and protected, even on your busiest days. And if you struggle with certain conditions like plantar fasciitis or arthritis, their compression and support could ease your symptoms. 

Polyester makes up 98% of the Adidas crew socks. The rest of the composition includes one percent spandex and one percent rubber. These socks are machine washable and are available for men with shoe sizes that range from six to twelve. And Adidas designed their crew socks with arch compression, which can be very beneficial to most.

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Reasonable price


Some prefer cotton feel

Some don’t like compression


The Dassler Brothers Shoe Factory began in Adolf and Rudolf Dassler’s mom’s home in 1924. Adolf started the company, and Rudolf joined in. They began by developing running shoes with spikes for athletic events. They improved upon the standard design of heavy metal spikes by replacing them with rubber and canvas spikes.

In 1936, Jesse Owens wore Dassler’s handmade spikes to compete in the Summer Olympics. After the games, Dassler Brothers Shoe Company took off. Sadly, in 1949, Adolf and Rudolf had a falling out and went their separate ways. After the split, Adolf created Adidas, and Rudolf created its’ rival, Puma. Check out these products from Puma.
Although Adidas was born in Germany, it has grown to become a company that serves consumers worldwide. They employ more than fifty-seven thousand people, and their global headquarters employs people from around one hundred nations. Every year, more than nine hundred million sports and sportswear products are produced. Some other products from Adidas can be found here.


Adidas Crew Socks are made mostly with polyester, ninety-eight percent of the construction, in fact. Polyester is a finely woven, petroleum-based synthetic fiber that comes with many benefits and disadvantages to consider. This material lasts longer, dries quicker, and fades less. However, it is bad for the environment, not breathable, and not absorbent.

If cared for properly, polyester will be more durable than cotton. For people who are tough on socks, this is good news. Nobody likes having to buy new every couple of months. If you’re active, or just hard on your feet, you’ll want something as durable as the Adidas Crew Socks.

They are offered in seventeen different color schemes. The fact that they are made from polyester instead of cotton means that they’re going to retain those brilliant colors for longer. Keeping the aesthetics in line is something that athletes and loungers alike can appreciate.

Cotton may be more breathable than polyester, but polyester has the ability to dry quickly. When the Climalite wicks up the moisture from your feet, the polyester will dry quicker than cotton would.

Small portions of the Adidas Crew Socks are made up of spandex and rubber, one percent each. If you’re looking for socks with more stretch, try these.


The Adidas Crew Socks were designed for comfort, from the top, to heel, to toe. Every step of the way, the team had your comfort in mind. They will rest comfortably about mid-calf without falling down, bunching up, or squeezing your calves.

There is cushioning integrated into the toe, heel, and footbed to provide you with a premium foundation and lounge-worthy comfort. The cushioning will do more than provide you with a soft place to land, it will also absorb shock from your foot strikes. This will protect your feet and legs from pain, discomfort, and injury that could be incurred from shock.

The way they are designed to keep your feet dry and cool means that your feet will also be able to stay comfortable. Without your socks being saturated, you won’t be walking around in your own sweat. This can also help protect you from odor-causing bacteria and blisters. If you do have trouble with foot sweat, try these.


Adidas Crew Socks may have been originally designed to be used by athlete’s, but in today’s fashion industry, there is more freedom than ever. Crew socks have become extremely versatile and widely accepted as a fashion choice. They can be worn for anything from sports to work to lounging.

The Adidas Crew Socks lay around mid-calf and can be worn with pants or shorts. Why not show off the brilliant color schemes? Wear them with shower slide sandals, tennis shoes, or hiking boots. Jeans, work slacks, or shorts. Check out other crew socks here.


These are made for performance, comfort, and durability, but they didn’t forget about aesthetics. With this style being more and more popular across the board in the fashion world, it only makes sense that they come in a variety of colors to fit every personality, outfit, and occasion.

Adidas Crew Socks feature the globally recognized three stripes which wrap around the calf and shin, along with a classic logo on the side. There are seventeen different color schemes to choose from.

They are as follows: light blue/white stripes, white/green stripes, white/blue stripes, white/maroon and coral stripes, navy/amber stripes, dust pink/white stripes, white/blue, black, and scarlet stripes, white/navy stripes, black and grey/black stripes, black/white stripes, burgundy/white stripes, burgundy and navy blue marl/burgundy stripes, light onyx/black stripes, white/black stripes, and white and clear grey/white stripes.

If you’re looking for a basic crew style, look here.


The Adidas Crew Socks are designed to be worn around your mid-calf area, but they can be pulled up as high as just below the knee on some consumers. Exactly where they lay will depend on each persons’ body composition. They are made for men who wear shoe sizes between six and twelve.

You can enjoy a comfortable, flexible, supportive fit from the arch compression and the cushioning in the footbed, heel, and toe. If you need compression in other areas, check out these products.


Athletes, workers, walkers, and loungers alike can all benefit from supportive clothing, especially socks. If you’re someone who lives with a condition that causes you pain and discomfort in your feet and/or legs, a little bit of support can go a long way for you.

People who suffer from diabetes, arthritis, plantar fasciitis, etc, can benefit greatly from socks that provide arch support. It is easy to accidentally cause yourself additional pain by wearing socks and shoes that don’t provide a good foundation. If your shoes aren’t great for support, it will be especially handy to have a pair of socks that will provide it. Ideally, you’ll want both supportive socks and shoes, so if you need supportive shoes, check these out.

The extra support you get from Adidas Crew Socks will even give you extra stability. Thanks to the balance boost, you’ll be able to improve your posture. This will help improve and pain and discomfort you feel from insufficient stability.


Even if you’re not someone who struggles with swollen legs and feet, poor circulation, blood clots, water retention, etc, it’s easy to imagine how inconvenient and uncomfortable it must be. For those of you who know firsthand what it’s like, you should know that socks with compression can be very beneficial to your comfort level and health.

Socks that feature compression technology have strategically placed bands that will assist with blood flow. They have a compression band at the arch of your foot that will help support blood circulation in your feet and lower legs. This will help relieve swelling and inflammation by mimicking your muscles pumping blood.

The compression of the Adidas Crew Socks can also help to prevent venous ulcers and blood clots from developing. They can come in handy after surgeries or when you’re going to be inactive for a while. They can help aid athletes in post-workout/game recovery and keep their muscles from tightening up. Compression sleeves are a great product to look into as well.


Polyester is a very durable material, so long as it’s cared for properly. When it comes time to wash your Adidas Crew Socks, be sure to wash them according to directions. They are machine washable, but you must be sure to never wash them in hot water. Wash them with like colors, and dry them on the low heat setting.

Never use high temperatures if you iron them, either. When exposed to high temperatures during washing, drying, and/or ironing, polyester is likely to melt, deform, or shrink. Make sure you use a quality detergent that has enzymes that can break up any stains.

When oily stains occur on polyester, it’s a bond that is hard to break. Pretreat the stain with a quality stain-removing product and wash in warm (never hot) water with heavy-duty laundry soap. Always make sure the stains are removed before you put your Adidas Crew Socks in the dry. If the stain is still there, the heat in the dryer will set it into the fabric and make it nearly impossible to get out.


A lot of people see polyester socks and immediately decide they don’t want them. This is usually due to the fact that polyester isn’t very breathable. However, it does dry quickly. And, the Adidas Crew Socks are designed with Climalite, which is a technology that wicks up moisture to keep your feet dry, cool, and comfortable. It will send the moisture to the surface of the sock so that it can more quickly evaporate.

Because they have Climalite technology and can keep your feet dry, they will also be protecting you from odor-causing bacteria and blisters. Bacteria are attracted to your sweat. When they feast on your sweat, their waste is what causes foot odor.

Also, when your feet are left to sit in wet socks, they will be more likely to slide around and cause irritation and blisters. If you are someone who suffers from blisters, try these.


It’s safe that assume that most companies make products with the intention of having satisfied customers. It’s also, hopefully, safe to assume that most customers want to be satisfied with their products. It’s definitely safe to say that you can not please everybody, and you can not ever be one hundred percent perfect. Products will have flaws. Customers will be dissatisfied.

Adidas is not blind to this truth. Therefore, customers are providing with a two-year warranty that begins the day that the product was manufactured. The warranty covers manufacturing defects only. If your product is passed the two-year mark, it will not be considered eligible to be covered under the warranty. Adidas does not repair products. Any emblems, buttons, insoles, laces, drawstrings, and other decorative parts won’t be replaced.

If your item was purchased from an authorized seller, it can be returned to that seller. If they can not assist you, you are welcome to submit a claim to Adidas. If the retailer you got your item from is not an authorized seller, Adidas will not be able to give you any support regarding that item.

A typical warranty claim takes between two and four weeks to be settled. If your product is deemed defective, you will receive a credit to be used towards a replacement. Your defective item will not be returned to you.

Bottom Line

Adidas Crew Socks are versatile, durable, flexible, colorful, comfortable, supportive, moisture-wicking, anti-blister, stylish, and priced very reasonably. If you’re an athlete, they’ll help power you through even your most challenging games. If you need the extra support during your workday, Adidas Crew Socks have you covered. And if you’re simply after comfort while you lounge, Adidas Crew Socks are right for you.

There have been cases where customers have claimed that the Adidas Crew Socks are too tight or don’t breathe well enough for their needs. And that is fine. Everybody is different. If you’ve considered all of the features of this sock, along with your personal needs, you should have the information you need in order to make a decision.