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People who are passionate about something, anything, usually spend a lot of time and effort researching the right products to use. If you’re a hairdresser you’ll want the finest scissors and hairspray. If you’re a baker you’ll want the best oven. And If you’re into sports you’ll be looking for the best products to keep you comfortable and help improve your game.

Golfers are no different than anyone else with a passion for something. They typically don’t even blink when they spend over one hundred dollars on shoes made specifically for golfing. Because they’re on a never-ending quest to achieve a lower score. Your socks need to compliment your shoes, so instead of opting for a cheap six-pack of socks, consider trying the Adidas Golf Socks.

It is a difficult task finding the right pair of performance socks that will work with your shoes for golf. If you’re a serious golfer, you know that it doesn’t take long for dew to get into your socks. They wind up damp making for an uncomfortable day. The damp socks will likely lead to blisters, but probably not a lower golf score.

Golfers should be looking for a contoured fit and materials that are moisture-wicking so that you can stay dry and comfortable by the eighteenth hole. On average, a round of golf will take you around five hours. If you walk the course, you will likely end up walking around seven miles. Therefore, you need to make sure you find socks with high-performance features. And the Adidas Golf Socks are it!

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Great price




Two-year warranty


Some sizing issues

Too thin for some


Adolf Dassler started the company in his mom’s home, joined by Rudolf, his older brother, in 1924. When the company first started, it was named Dassler Brothers Shoe Factory. Dassler helped develop running shoes with spikes for athletic events. They improved the design of spiked athletic shoes by switching from metal spikes to rubber and canvas.

Jesse Owens wore Dassler’s handmade spikes when he participated in the Summer Olympics in 1936, and the company became popular. Sadly, by 1949, the brothers had a falling out and went their separate ways. Adolf went on the create Adidas, while Rudolf created Puma, which would go on to become Adidas’ rival.

Adidas got its start in Germany but is now a company that reaches customers worldwide. More than fifty-seven thousand people are employed by Adidas around the world. The global headquarters employs people from around one hundred nations in Herzogenaurach, Germany. More than nine hundred million products for sports are produced yearly. Here are some other products from Adidas.


Careful consideration was put into the design of the Adidas golf socks and what materials would be used. Golfers need materials that will work together in order to provide ample support, breathability, flexibility, and protection. Adidas golf socks are made of cotton, polyester, elastane, and nylon. Each material has its purpose and is there for a reason.

The cotton used in the production of Adidas golf socks (eighty-five percent) is sustainably grown domestically. This means that the fiber will be high-quality and won’t contain toxic herbicides and pesticides. The cotton will give your feet the breathability that they need, especially throughout an entire round of golf. It will also wick away the moisture from sweat and dew to protect your feet from bacteria, odors, and other issues that are caused by wet socks. If you need help getting rid of odors, try these.

Twelve percent of the composition of Adidas golf socks is polyester. This is a petroleum-based fiber that is man-made. It consists of very finely woven fibers that can be seen under a microscope. This material is durable and will last longer than cotton. It dries quickly and isn’t very absorbent. Polyester is not eco-friendly because when it is thrown away, it doesn’t break down. It’s also not very breathable, which is why cotton holds the majority of the composition.

Two percent of the Adidas golf socks is elastane. This helps to make sure you can enjoy a proper fit. Your sock will have more flexibility because of elastane, but it won’t lose its shape because elastane keeps its original form. Because of this, elastane will also contribute to a longer lifespan. For more socks with elastane, check these out.

One percent of the Adidas golf socks composition is made of nylon. Nylon provides strength and protects your socks tears, bursts, and chemicals. It will also give you air permeability. It may not be as breathable as cotton, but it does dry quickly, which will work hand in hand with the cotton to keep you cool and dry.


No show socks are popular for more than just golfers. A lot of people prefer the illusion that they aren’t wearing socks. And they are handy when you’re in warmer climates or active sports because you won’t have material suffocating or irritating your legs.

If you choose to wear no-show socks, just make sure that your shoes don’t extend farther than them, because that will lead to skin irritation which can turn into sores. If you need higher-cut socks, try these. Adidas golf socks include the Adidas logo on the cuff and their signature three stripes on the foot area.

The color options available are black with grey detailing, white with black detailing, and dark slate with white detailing. You can order the package of three in three different combinations. Your choices are one pair of black and two pair of white, three white, or one dark slate, one black, and one white. No matter what you're wearing, there is probably a pair of Adidas golf socks that matches.


Comfort is an extremely important factor no matter what kind of clothing product you’re shopping for. But it’s especially important when it comes to keeping your feet happy during an eighteen-hole round of golf. Adidas golf socks are designed for comfort.

The materials were picked and blended specifically to bring you comfort as well as all of the other benefits. Between the breathability, stretch, flexibility, support, moisture-wicking, and cushioning, your feet should have no problem staying comfortable all day. If you need extra cushioning or support you could look into insoles.


Adidas golf socks were designed to fit men’s shoe sizes seven through fourteen, and the sizes are divided into two options. You can purchase the smaller size which fits sizes seven through ten and a half. The larger size fits sizes eleven through fourteen.

To ensure that you get the proper fit, elastane is used. This will allow enough give to keep you comfortable without ruining the secure fit. There are people who report that the socks aren’t tight enough and, therefore, slip off the heel. On the other hand, there are consumers who claim the socks are too tight. It all depends on your feet because not everyone is the same size, after all. If you need socks that will definitely provide a tight fit, check out our list of best compression socks.


Flexibility is a quality desired in pretty much all clothing products. This quality is especially desirable when it comes to footwear. And even more desirable when it comes to footwear for sports or people who are active in general.

The Adidas golf socks are constructed strategically to provide enough flexibility for optimal comfort and range of motion. It is advantageous to have more range of motion in your feet and ankles, especially for athletes. Allowing your joints to move more freely can help you avoid injuries and pain/discomfort.

Having elastane in the composition will allow your Adidas golf sock to move with you without losing its shape and snugness. If you happen to experience any pain/discomfort even with the flexibility, try looking into products that will help.


All of the materials used for the Adidas golf socks will work together to give them as long a lifespan as possible. The cotton is going to prolong the lifespan by letting your feet breathe and wicking up moisture. It is also soft and thicker material. However, not too thick, since these are meant for sports. If you need thicker socks, try these.

The polyester is durable, even more so than the cotton. It dries quickly and doesn’t absorb a lot of moisture. Spandex will prolong the lifespan of your Adidas golf socks by allowing your feet to stretch the material to a proper fit without making it lose its shape. Lastly, the nylon used will add protection against tears, bursts, and chemicals as well as providing air permeability. The nylon also dries quickly so that the moisture wicked up by the cotton isn’t weighing you down and causing odors.


Breathability is extra important when it comes to footwear, including shoes and socks. A breathable shoe can’t do its job as well without breathable socks, and vice versa. If your feet aren’t able to breathe, they will sweat. When feet sweat, they attract bacteria. When bacteria feed on your sweat, their waste-producing an odor. That odor and the bacteria’s waste can lead to other issues you don’t want to deal with.

Athlete’s foot is one of the main issues stemming from the spreading of bacteria. If you struggle with this problem, there are products that can help. You’ll also want to be sure to invest your money in a pair of breathable shoes and socks. The Adidas golf socks would be a great choice.


The warm weather that is typically present during a round of golf can obviously cause your feet to become sweaty. When your feet become sweaty, they become slick, leading to your socks sliding around on your foot. When this happens, it creates friction which will create uncomfortable spots that can lead to blisters. If you start your game with a blister or develop one halfway through a game, you could be pretty miserable after a few hours on the course.

Fortunately, the Adidas golf socks are packed with design details to protect you from this. The sweat issue is taken care of by cotton, polyester, and nylon. The friction problem is taken care of by the spandex holding your sock in place. And, if you do happen to have problems with blisters or sore spots, you can always check for products to help.


Everybody wants to know if the products they’re interested in purchasing come with any kind of a warranty. It is their hard-earned money they’re spending, after all. Good news, the Adidas golf socks do come with a warranty that is effective for two years from the date that the product was manufactured. The warranty covers manufacturing defects.

If your product is over two years old, it will not be eligible to be covered under the warranty. Adidas doesn’t repair products. They do not replace or cover buttons, insoles, emblems, laces, drawstrings, or other pieces that are decorative.

If you purchase from an authorized retailer, you’ll want to return the item directly to them. If they can’t help you, you may submit a claim to Adidas directly. If you purchase from a distributor who is unauthorized, Adidas cannot offer any kind of support for your product.

The average time it takes to settle a claim is two to four weeks. If your merchandise is defective, it will not be returned to you. Once the product has been inspected and deemed defective, you will receive a credit that can be used to choose a replacement.

Bottom Line

Whether you’re a golfer, runner, walker, adventurer, gym rat, soccer mom, or a lounger, everyone can benefit from comfortable, breathable, flexible, supportive, cushioned, durable, protective socks. It also helps when they’re stylish. The Adidas golf socks are simply designed, but that design is what makes them look so great. Everyone knows the Adidas symbols. And those who are fans will love these socks.

Enjoy the fact that you’re purchasing from a company that is dedicated to being free of plastics that are single-use, free of PFC’s, which are pollutants that don’t break down after being released into the air, and using plastics that have been cleaned up out of the ocean.

Not only is the company dedicated to things that matter way more than your socks, but they’re also very dedicated to the quality of their products and making sure that their customers are satisfied. At their great price, with their many benefits, and with a two-year warranty, what do you have to lose? The Adidas golf socks really are a win-win product.