Adidas Adizero II Cap Review

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If you are a runner and love getting outside and enjoying the sunshine but you don't want the sun to blind you while you're out, you might want to consider the use of a running cap such as the Adidas Adizero II. It will help keep the sun out of your eyes, and the underside of the brim is designed to prevent glare so you won't be blinded while you are out and about. Additionally, it gives you UPF 50 sun protection to provide you with an extra barrier between your skin and harmful UV rays; you should still wear sunblock, but this is a little additional protection you can take advantage of.

This cap comes in a plethora of fun colors and is available in both men's and women's styles. The excellent price point and fantastic durability make this a great product that would be a welcomed addition to your running gear.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Fun color options

UPF 50 protection

Climacool mesh technology

Comfortable fit

Non-glare under visor


Unreliable velcro

Doesn't fit everyone


The Adidas Adizero II running hat is intended for those who enjoy getting outside and for those who lead an active lifestyle. It provides you with a lightweight and breathable feel to keep you comfortable while you are out and about. It offers you fantastic sun protection, thanks to the UPF 50 protection and the non-glare visor so you can keep the light out of your eyes and the harmful rays off your skin. When running around outside under the sun, you are still going to want to use sunblock, but it is good to know that you will get this extra barrier between you and the suns rays.

Of course, you don't have to be a runner to enjoy the use of this hat. Anyone who enjoys doing anything outside can enjoy the use of this hat. Going to watch a sports game? Running errands? Enjoying a bike ride? Taking a hike up the side of a mountain? Playing at the park with your family? You can use this product for these activities and more. If you want a great looking and comfortable cap that can give you a lightweight and breathable feel, then this product is for you.


When you are heading out for a run in the warm summer weather, you want to ensure that your gear is as breathable as possible so you can get a decent amount of air flowing around your body. This air is going to help keep you cool, so you don't have to worry too much about overheating while on your runs. This hat, thankfully, will give you that breathability that you require when you're heading out. It features climacool mesh technology that will not only wick away the moisture from your sweat but will also allow air to easily flow through the materials to keep you cool and let the heat from your head to escape.


The Adizero cap is made out of a mixture of 87% polyester and 13% elastane, which is pretty standard when talking about sports caps like this one. The use of this blend helps ensure that the hat is going to remain strong and not suffer from premature wear and tear as the durable fibers are not prone to ripping without excessive force.

This product uses climacool mesh technology incorporated into the construction of the cap to wick away sweat from the materials, keeping you fresh and dry while you're out and about. The polyester mesh is also going to help keep you cool by giving you added ventilation for adequate air flow.

This hat also features a hook and loop closure on the back of it to give you an adjustable strap for the perfect fit.


Consumers can agree that the Adidas Adizero II running cap is exceptionally comfortable. It has a great fit, and the materials are soft enough that it feels great while you're wearing it. It stretches so it can mold to the shape of your head along with an adjustable back strap with a hook and loop closure so you can get a better fit for optimal comfort.

The materials of the cap wick moisture away, and it uses climacool mesh technology to help ensure you are staying both cool and dry while you are out and about, increasing your overall comfort level and giving you a pleasant experience while you are out and about.

The cap can also help prevent some discomfort that you can encounter from being outside under the hot sun. It has a UPF 50 sun protection that will give you an extra layer of protection from the harmful rays. By keeping your skin protected, you aren't going to have to deal with the discomfort of a sunburn later on in the day.


The Adidas Adizero II hat is one size fits all, so it is going to be able to accommodate a majority of consumers. Of course, there are always some people who cannot use the cap as it won't fit them correctly, but the vast majority of customers have had no issues with the fit.

It has some spandex (elastane) built into the construction, so it has a bit of a stretch to it, allowing it to conform to the shape of your head, giving you a comfortable fit. Additionally, it has an adjustable back strap with a hook and loop closure so you can personalize the size to fit your head best.


When shopping around for a running cap, you want to try to make sure that you are getting one that is going to last you a long time. You don't want to go through the hassle of picking one out and spending your hard earned money on it, just to have it fall apart shortly after the purchase, and having to start all over again. Thankfully, this isn't something that you'll have to worry about when you purchase the Adidas Adizero II hat. It is made to keep up with your active lifestyle and will not wear down quickly at all. This hat will be able to stay part of your summer running apparel for quite some time.

There are some reviewers who did have a little problem after a while with the hook and loop strap, stating that it stopped working and lost its grip. This can become very frustrating to some people, as it renders the cap useless until or unless you fix the strap. This isn't a consistent problem with the hat, but it is something that is worth noting.

Of course, this is all depending on you taking proper care of the product. If you aren't cleaning it according to the directions, or if you are abusing the hat more than just the regular use, it could fall apart sooner than expected and require replacing.


The Adidas Adizero II has a classic look you would expect from a baseball style cap<. It is a six-panel performance cap that will let you get out and run while remaining cool, dry, and comfortable. It has a velcro closure on the back that you can use to adjust the fit as needed for added comfort.

You can choose a couple of different fun colors when you purchase it so you can try to find something that you will suit your personality. If you are looking to buy the women's version of this cap you can choose from black, solar pink, and white; black, deepest space multi jawbreaker print; black, twister shock pink, and shock pink; black and white; grey, white, and Hawthorne pink; Eqt green, white, and sport camo print; or white and black. The men's version of the cap is available in black and white; night grey, solar gold, and light Onix; shock slime and deepest space grey; white and black; white, black, and sharp grey; or white, clear Onix, and blue beauty. Whichever color you choose you will get the Adidas logo front and center for all to see.

Customers love all the fun colors they can choose from, some have even stated that they got more than one cap just because they couldn't decide which one they liked best.


The Adidas Adizero II running hat has an average price tag when you compare it some of the other running caps on the market. This one has a lot to offer runners, helping it stand out above the crowd. It has a pre-curved brim, six-panel construction, strap back closure, climacool mesh technology, moisture wicking materials, UPF 50 sun protection, and non-glare under visor for better visibility. Not only do you get to take advantage of all those great features, but the hat is durable and will not fall apart on you for quite a while. All these things together make the hat a great value and an excellent investment. No, it isn't the cheapest product out there, but it isn't expensive either, but customers wholeheartedly believe that it is well worth the money they paid for it.


When you are heading out for your workout, you want to try to ensure that your athletic apparel is as light as possible. You don't want to head out for your adventure with the extra weight attached to you if you can help it. Thankfully, this hat weighs almost nothing, being made out of super lightweight and thin, yet durable, materials so the weight won't burden you while you're out and about.


The Adidas Adizero II hat can offer you some protection when you head out for a run or other outdoor activity. You will want to make sure that you are staying safe when you head out, and this cap can give you a little extra assurance when you leave the house.

As you might expect, you will get decent sun protection. The bill is going to help shield some of the harmful rays from hitting your face, giving you a barrier between your skin and the sun. The cap itself has UPF 50 sun protection so it will provide you with that little shield. Of course, you are still going to want to wear sunblock, but it's nice to know that you have this extra barrier.

One of the great features of the product that customers adore is the non-glare design on the visor. The visor is going to help keep the sun out of your eyes, but the underside of it is designed to prevent an annoying glare that will cause you to squint into the sun. This is going to let you see what is going on right in front of you without distraction, allowing you to stay aware of any obstacles you might encounter along the way.


It is crucial that you keep your hat clean and in good shape if you don't want it to suffer from premature wear and tear. You are going to be wearing the hat when during your workouts, so you want to make sure you're keeping it clean so it doesn't get dirty and stinky. The Adidas Adizero II should be hand washed and hung to dry. You will want to make sure that you are following the cleaning instructions located on the tag, so you don't risk shortening the lifespan while trying to keep it clean.

Bottom Line

If you love to get outside and spend time under the sun but don't want the bright sun in your eyes, you might want to consider the use of the Adidas Adizero II running cap. It is going to help protect you from the suns harmful rays thanks to the UPF 50 protection, but the bill is also designed to prevent the glare of the sun, allowing to see without a problem when you're out and about. It features climacool mesh technology to ensure the cap is breathable so you can stay cool and dry throughout your run. The moderate price tag mixed with the exceptional durability and fantastic features makes it an excellent investment and a wonderful product that runners love.