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Whether you’re in the market for tube socks to wear for sports, working out, or to just wear casually, Wigwam’s Super 60 tube socks could be just what you’re looking for. The simple design helps to serve a larger demographic. Due to the stretchiness and the fact that you wear in your own heel, they are able to fit a wide range of foot sizes and shapes.

They are easily pulled up and can stretch to your knee, and even farther for some. They will work to absorb sweat to protect your feet and legs from odor-causing bacteria that could lead to other skin problems. They will also protect you from blisters because they are soft, thick, and snug. 

The materials used in the construction of Wigwam’s Super 60 are cotton and stretch nylon. These materials work together to provide the perfect mixture of softness, toughness, stretch, and durability. The majority of the sock is made up of cotton.

The foot is fully cushioned which will provide you with comfort, support, and protection. They are machine washable, one size fits all, made in the USA, and come with a lifetime guarantee.

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Lose snugness


Wigwam has been dedicated to their community, employees, and making quality socks for their customers since 1905. The company has been knitting their socks in Sheboygan, Wisconsin from the start. They have never, do not now, and will never sacrifice the quality of their products in order to hire less expensive help in order to increase their bottom line. They watch for programs in Washington D.C. that limit how many products are imported while also still making sure that we fairly trade with our global neighbors.

The company cares about how their policies will affect the environment, society, and finances. It is their goal to have their consumers feel confident about purchasing products with the Wigwam brand label, such as Wigwam Super 60 because they’ve set a high standard for themselves that they strive to reach every day with every product they manufacture.

Wigwam’s manufacturing facility is very modern and continually becoming more “green”. They are constantly working to improve their efficiency and limit their carbon footprint. This is done by installing solar panels, motion-activated and deactivated lights, and responsibly managing waste by reusing and recycling as much as possible.


The construction of Wigwam Super 60 socks is simple. Only two materials are used, and they are cotton and stretch nylon. Most of the composition is cotton, with the nylon added in for extra benefits. Both materials bring something to the table and mixed together they form the perfect pair.

Cotton makes up eighty-five percent of the composition of Wigwam Super 60 tube socks and will provide the breathability your feet need, no matter the weather. If it’s hot out, keeping your feet dry will keep them cool. If it’s cold out, keeping your feet dry will keep them warm. When your feet sweat, which they will in both winter and summer (depending on your level of activity), the cotton will wick away the moisture from your feet, protecting you from bacteria, odors, and other issues caused by wet socks. For more cotton socks, check here.

Nylon makes up just fifteen percent of Wigwam Super 60, but with that small percentage, it brings to the table strength that will protect your socks from bursts, tears, chemicals, and provide air permeability. It is not as breathable as the cotton portion, however, it does dry quickly, which will aid the cotton in their common goal. Other socks containing nylon can be found here.


Tube socks, including the Super 60 from Wigwam are designed to provide consumers with a fit that is both secure and comfortable as well as providing much-needed support and protection. This style of sock will help keep your muscles warmed up during activities, which is why they’re attractive to active people.

You have to make your own heel in them because they are made to fit most sizes of feet. They will fit anywhere from just above the calf to a little bit above the knee, depending on how tall you are. Men who wear shoe sizes five through seventeen and women who wear shoe sizes three through thirteen should be able to wear these socks. Those with very small feet may find them to not provide the support they’re looking for. Those with very large feet (or legs) may find them to be too supportive.

If knee-high socks are too high for you, you could look into a crew-cut sock.


Tube socks similar to the Wigwam Super 60 tube socks peaked in popularity when sports such as basketball, track, roller skating, and soccer first became popular in the 1960s and 70s. Fashion historians say that they have found evidence of tube socks dating back to the 1800s.

In their prime, tube socks were meant to bring the wearer more protection and comfort than anything. Fashion wasn’t part of the equation. They were made without a bend in the heel, like traditional style socks. Because of this design, they formed a straight tube, which is where their namesake came from.

There are many advantages to using tube socks vs other athletic socks. The simplicity of their design means that they can essentially fit anyone’s foot. They are much easier to pull onto your foot and can stretch as far as your knees usually. Tube socks are able to absorb sweat which will protect your feet from odor-causing bacteria that could lead to even more foot issues. They are also meant to protect you from blisters. If you do experience foot pain, discomfort, or conditions, there are some helpful products for that.


A great way to ensure that your Wigwam Super 60 tube socks will last you a longer amount of time, make sure to take proper care of them. It is a good idea to turn them inside out before you wash them, set the washer to “normal”, and turn the temperature to warm. You want to set the dryer temperature to low. The maximum that your water temperature should be is one hundred and twenty degrees Fahrenheit.

It is important to remember not to bleach them. One consumer says that when she washes her husbands’ Super 60’s, she does not leave them in the dryer for the entire cycle. She says that if she does, they shrink a bit. When they are still a little damp, she takes them out of the dryer, grabs them by the toe and the top, and stretches them until they are back to their original length.


Any kind of socks will be able to help protect you from odors and disease. Odors that come from odor-causing bacteria that are attracted to your sweat can be avoided if you have the right pair of stockings to wick away the moisture. Wigwam Super 60’s have cotton that will do just that for you.

If you’re wearing knee-high socks, like the Wigwam Super 60, they will keep you even more protected from diseases like Athlete’s foot and ringworm that can be picked up on gym mats or even at shoe stores. If you do experience Athlete’s foot, here are some tips.

Knee socks are wonderful to use for protection against cold and wind. If you’re at a sporting event in the early spring or late fall, you’ll appreciate the extra warmth. Camping, skiing, or even shoveling snow will leave your legs begging for an extra layer. Not only will they keep you warm and help to protect you from frostbite, but they’re widely accepted as fashionable nowadays.

They’re not just for cold weather either. The breathability and ability to wick away moisture make the Wigwam Super 60 suitable for summertime as well, and would be great to use for protection against ticks, bushes with thorns, and poison ivy if you’re out in nature.


Although the Wigwam Super 60 tube socks aren’t designed specifically for compression, they will still automatically provide you with some support due to the composition. By covering your calves, they will enable your muscles to keep warm, allowing them to be more active. There are people who believe that this characteristic is what makes athletes run faster and jump higher when wearing tube socks.

The footbed being cushioned is great news for your feet. Not only does it provide some comfort, but also stability, protection, and support. The cushioning can help protect your feet from pain and discomfort related to plantar fasciitis and other issues. For socks aimed specifically at providing arch support, check here.


Every step of the design process for Wigwam Super 60 tube socks included thought about comfort. After all, what good is anything else in a sock if you don’t have comfort? If you’re chilly in the winter months, slip on your knee-highs and find instant relief. If you’re just relaxing around the house, knee-highs are extremely comfortable to lounge in.

The stretchy nylon and plush cotton against your skin will feel great whether it’s winter or summer. And in both seasons, they will keep your feet and legs dry which will keep them the appropriate temperature.

Because you have to make your own heel in the Wigwam Super 60, you’ll be able to have the ultimate personalized fit. No more hoping that your feet will perfectly line up with the toe and heel of a sock. Make them yours. If you’re not into the idea of making your own heel, you could look into these shorter cut socks.


Because the cotton that makes up the majority of the material used in the construction of Wigwam Super 60 is breathable and able to wick away excess moisture, they will help you to avoid bacteria that is attracted to your sweat. Avoiding this bacteria will also keep away the odors that they cause.

It is very important to have socks that let your feet breathe. And not just to fight odors. You need the breathability to fight off diseases and conditions that could surface because of built-up heat and moisture. It’s a good idea to look into breathable shoes as well.


Knee-high socks have been around for a very long time and they have been used for some many purposes that it’s impossible to keep track of them all. That’s one great thing about them, you can pretty much wear them for any sort of occasion you wish.

Knee-highs have been seen on the runway, in sports, on the street, etc. They can be used for both formal and casual occasions, depending on the fabric, color, pattern, and length, as well as the event you’re wearing them at. This style of sock, to some, is assumed to be meant for older people. However, they are actually sporty and timeless.

Mix up your look and wear the Wigwam Super 60 with a conservative outfit, create a retro look, or even be courageous and wear them with a dress and flats to recreate a look from the 20s. If you’re into the 70s style, mix them with a boho dress and tall boots made with suede.

Knee-highs can also be worn specifically for sports, fun, loungewear, and holidays. If you pay attention you can see, very often, people incorporate knee-high socks into their costumes for Halloween, their outfits for Christmas, and even fun outfits for Valentine’s Day. If you’re into the idea of using them for loungewear, you may be interested in these slippers.


Wigwam has been manufacturing products aimed at exceeding their customers’ expectations in regards to performance, quality, comfort, and durability since 1905. Because of this ambition, the company provides consumers with a lifetime guarantee which assures that their products are free from defects in workmanship and materials.

Most simply put, the company will replace any product (free of charge) that has a defect in the workmanship or materials. The guarantee does not cover any damage that has been caused by normal wear and tear. It also does not cover items that have been lost or stolen or cared for improperly.

In order to apply for, and receive, a replacement or refund, your item must have been purchased from an authorized seller and you must be able to provide proof of your purchase. You must also include a copy of the form for returns, which can be found on the company’s website.

Bottom Line

Wigwam Super 60 tube socks are a great choice for anyone looking for knee-high socks. The cotton and nylon blend work together to provide you with comfort, breathability, protection, and support. The style is literally timeless, they are affordable and come with a lifetime guarantee.

Some people can’t wear these because they are one size fits all. Some people don’t have the standard sized feet and/or calves. There are also some people who deal with their legs swelling. If this is you, try these.

There are also some consumers that report their socks losing their snugness by the second time they wear them. If this happens to you, feel free to return or exchange them, considering there is a lifetime guarantee. With a guarantee like that, why not try the Wigwam Super 60 tube socks?