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Noxgear is a company founded by two engineers with a vision. But the interesting thing about the company is not when it was started. It was how.  Noxgear was founded by two young entrepreneurs, and the inception was greatly helped by the plenty of people that had faith in them. And in their brand new product of course. Lots of people had faith in the product. Back in 2013, Tom Walters and Simon Curran made a campaign on the popular crowdfunding site Kickstarter.

They set up a goal to raise 18,000 dollars in order to create their first product. In fact, they raised almost 30.000 dollars in just 42 days. So, by the end of the campaign, they had enough funding and support from the financial backers; and with that, The Tracer 360 was born. A reflective and illuminated vest for safe running in the dark. It’s great for everyone that loves to run or do any type of physical activity but hates doing that at night in the dark. Because of poor eyesight, poorly lit surroundings or because of general safety, running (or cycling) at night is not easy.

But, thanks to the Tracer 360, it very well could be. It's unisex, it’s multicolored and versatile to wear with any type of clothing. So you can run both in the summer hot nights and in freezing conditions of the long and dark days. What are the pros and cons of this vest? Scroll down to find out.

Editor's Pros & Cons




Easy to use

Sweat resistant and comfy

Made with a belt that’s chaff-free




Made specifically for runners who prefer to run, jog or ride a bicycle at night, the Tracer 360 will keep you visible at all times. It’s a vest that you put on your body much like any other, but what separates this particular model from the rest is first and foremost visible in 360 degrees. It has one thick and very comfortable reflector type chest belt that’s fixated in the middle of the chest.

It’s made with glow in the dark material. It’s both elastic and adjustable to the size of your chest. Which means it won’t cause any problems with the fit and potential chafing as you’re doing your physical activity, and it’s fastened with a special type of clip buckle in the middle of the chest. It makes the vest easy to put on the body and easy to take it off. A much larger optical core sits on the back of the vest, and X shaped straps with lead lights are inserted on the sides of the vest. The straps fall nicely on the shoulders of the person that’s wearing the vest and they also glow with the same color as the rest of the vest.

Notable features

The Tracer 360 is both heath and electricity free in the most basic form of use. Which means, that it doesn’t require any type of charging system in order to keep it operational. And because is electricity free, it’s safe to wear during rainy weather. It can go under multiple layers of clothing, and there’s no need for worrying about a possible malfunction. The rain (and the sweat of the body) will pose virtually no challenge to the functionality. This is a highly strong, waterproof vest with a practical, highly efficient and water-resistant style and design that you’re going to love from day one.

Advanced features

You might think that the use of a battery would qualify in the advanced features, but you’d be wrong. Nope. Over here in the amazing vest, some cool features are actually considered as advanced. Well, first to come to mind is a recessed button for power/mode activation. It will prevent so many unwanted moments like inadvertent activation and will keep the batteries last longer in the long run. No, with adding that button you’ll be in charge of the activation of the vest and the eventual shut down when you’re done using it. It’s a great option that could potentially prolong the use of the vest and the shelf-life of the batteries. Why waste precious battery life if you’re not going to even use the vest? That fantastic button will keep you from accidentally activating the vest, and ruining a perfectly good battery on nothing. Nope. Noxgear thought of that anticipated the possible scenario and created the recessed button for that reason only. To keep you wasting time, money and lots of nerves. Yup. Nobody wants that.

Another great advanced feature here is the battery notification. Powered by LED lights, it gives you a nice and discreet blink when the vest has its power on and when it’s off. How cool is that? It goes hand in hand with the recessed button, but this is more notification for you, as the wearer of the vest that the battery is actually on. It’s double check security for you and the battery that’s been inserted in the gel core. Both of them are extremely useful in preserving the batteries’ life and in allowing you to have the best possible experience while wearing the vest.


Much like anything you put on your body needs to have comfort. Regardless if it’s a dress, a pair of shoes or vests that will keep you more efficient on your night run. And this vest is all about comfort. Noxgear made the comfort possible thanks to breathable, materials used in the design of the vest and what the materials can additionally do to your body. The vest is highly sweat resistant. Think about it like this.

When you’re running the last thing you want is the vest sliding down your T-Shirt because of the sweat that’s been pouring down your body. Nope. The sweat-resistant band will keep you all tight and secured in the chest area, and the X-shaped straps on the sides will do that as well. They won’t fall off; they won’t slide and there will be not struggling with the vest to keep them in place. The vest is also breathable and the fabric used in the making of the vest has minimal contact with the body. The minimal touching will leave you chaff-free because the fabric won’t trap the moisture of your body.

Power source

We already mentioned that this is an electricity and heath free vest. Which means it will remain safe even in the rain and all you need to keep in functional is a three type AAA batteries. The batteries are not only included in the packaging, but they’re also easily inserted in the door of the gel core for easy access. The batteries have up to 40 hours of battery life, enough to keep you lit and very visible for a day and a half.


Available in 6 separate color options, the Noxgear vest is a great unisex option for just about anybody. But if you have a color preference you can choose from 6 separate solid colors and 5 flashing multicolor modes. Orange, purple, green, blue, pink, and red are the color solids options while the 5 multicolor modes are selectable with just one push of a tiny button on the surface of the vest.


Weighing at only 7 oz, the vest is extremely lightweight and barely noticeable. It can be worn on bare skin, on top of a simple T-shirt and under a heavy jacket if you chose to wear it in the cold winter months. You won’t even notice that it’s on your body. The vest is adjustable in size, and even the gel core will pose no challenge. It will remain easy and breezy, and you won’t even notice that it’s on you back. Yes. We know what you must be thinking. It’s where the batteries are kept. It must feel like small turtle armor on you back. Small but still heavy for its size. Nope. This is an extremely light, comfortable and barely noticeable vest. As it should. You don’t want a heavy object sitting on your body when you’re running right? Nobody does. You’ll be surprised by the lightweight feeling of the vest on your body.


You’re in luck. According to the official Noxgear website, the vest is available in sizes ranging from S all the way to the XL. There are even charts for both men and women that will help them find a better and more form-fitting vest, and its worth to mention that the strap on the vest is very adjustable to accommodate different bodies and different types of clothing. Thanks to the adjustable strap, you’ll be able to wear the vest under thick layers of clothing. It will be able to withstand several layers of warm clothing, and it won’t damage the quality of the vest. It will remain just the way it is for a long long time to come.


Because it’s sweat resistant because it’s highly breathable, waterproof and because it runs on AAA batteries, the durability is and will remain a top priority. The Noxgear even guarantees a one full year of warranty, but the durability and longevity of the vest depending on the design as much as it depends on the materials that were used in the making of it. The super flexible CableFlexible optic stripes on the side are doing a good job of blending with the contours of your body, and because they’ll stay in the position during the entire physical activity they have a low risk of tearing and damaging.

The same goes with the strap on your chest. It nicely positioned and fastened in the middle of the chest, and there’s no way it will slide down the body, or suffer some major damage. And last but not least, the gel core at the back is amazing. Lightweight and barely noticeable it will remain in prime condition for a long time, despite the fact it will most likely be exposed to all types of weather conditions. Don’t worry. All three components of the vest will remain unchanged and won’t get damaged.


Lightweight, barely noticeable but very powerful. That would be the easiest way to describe the Tracer360 vest by Noxgear. It’s sleek, stylish and efficient at keeping you visible even in poorly lit surroundings. Made out of three separate components, the Tracer360 has two types of straps on two separate positions on the body and one gel core at the back. As the name suggests the fluorescence is retroactive and kept on 360 degrees angle on your body. The vest comes with 6 separate color options and 5 different selectable multicolor modes.

But the colors, the AAA batteries that come with the vest and the brightly colored electronics are the basic functions. The Tracer360 has an interesting LED type of battery notification that reminds you when the vest is in use and when it’s off. The vest also has a very handy dandy recessed button what helps you to prevent any inadvertent activation. Why waste the battery life for nothing? If there's one way to describe the style with all these additions, it would be- powerful.

Bottom line

The Tracer360 vest by Noxgear is a great invention. It’s a highly practical, very stylish and extremely sleek concoction that’s specifically designed to keep the nocturnal runner in you safe and always well lit. Yes, with a price that could go all the way to 187 dollars it’s a pricey investment, but time will prove how good of an investment it really is. It’s truly great if you enjoy working out outdoors if you adore night bike rides and if you’d want to be kept safe at all times. It’s truly an amazing design, and one you should always have on hand. It’s worth buying.