Under Armour SC30 Shorts Reviewed

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Under Armour is a brand fully-immersed in the world of athletics, but that doesn't mean they have lost touch with the everyday customer. Athletes love developing gear with them because they just "get it". These SC30 shorts were inspired by Steph Curry and can help you dominate the court, just like he does. The SC30 is ideal if you prefer a looser-fitting basketball bottom. Their fully-sublimated front panel and sleek design help add interest and style to this well-made pair of shorts.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Durable Fabric
  • Soft Feel
  • Hand Pockets
  • Adjustable Waist
  • Sublimated Design
  • Moisture-Wicking Material
  • Very Thick Fabric
  • Seams May Cause Discomfort
  • Few Performance Features


Athletic shorts are just not as good when they don’t have an element that keeps them up and comfortably in position on your hips or waist. When there is no elastic or drawcord in soft athletic bottoms, it can create a huge problem for working out comfortably and effectively. When you’re constantly pulling up your pants or uncomfortably shifting during a workout, it hinders the intensity you are able to achieve during it. Luckily, Under Armour realizes this and has created a stretchy covered waistband completely with drawcord to adjust accordingly. If you are particular about the inseam with this short, however, please note that it does slightly change depending on the waistband size. There is no way to adjust the inseam and no options other than the 11-inch short offered, so if you have shorter legs, realize that this will probably hang much lower with the larger waistband sizes, due to the extended fabric in the hips. Basketball shorts are frequently longer regardless, as they make it easier to move and interact on the court without leaving anything exposed or causing chafing, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be too long for certain tastes. A simple fix is to measure your desired inseam prior to buying, then you can know for sure if the look of these is perfectly suited for you.


Under Armour is a brand that strives to break ground with all their products. They go out of their way to foster a sense of community and service with their employees, and it shows in their dedication to their customers and their success as a brand. Their values are the “red thread’ that they think brings everyone involved together. Their love for athletes is apparent, but beyond that, there are even more factors that make Under Armour, Under Armour. They stand for equality and the rights of every person on this planet, differences aside. Their methods for creating their gear are aimed towards sustainability and environmental protection as much as possible. They want the earth to be able to perform as well as their athletes, doing everything they can to make that a reality. Their emphasis on community and group action is unparalleled. Other brands who preach similar values don’t tend to be quite as immersive in their ideologies. Under Armour stands for what they believe in together, through and through. Some people won’t care about these values, but even without considering them, their gear speaks for itself. Everything they make puts the body at ease, from their super cushioned and supportive shoes to their incredibly soft performance wear. Their values are the cherry-on-top of an already fantastic brand reputation when it comes to products.


You cannot have a basketball short that isn’t breathable. When working up a sweat during a team practice or one-on-one, the last thing you want is to feel stifled by your fabric. If you’ve ever watched or played in a basketball match, you know first hand the amount of perspiration that happens during a great game. This synthetic fabric works to ensure heat won’t stay trapped against you. The cut makes it so there is more room around the legs to help the hot air escape. It is worth noting that the fabric on these is thicker than a runner’s short would be. Basketball shorts are frequently a bit heavier, so if you’re accustomed to the design and materials used in them, this won’t be any news to you. The fabric wicks away any moisture to keep you feeling light and breezy despite the thicker fabric, however. If you want a pretty standard pair of basketball shorts, the SC30 is going to be a good, middle-of-the-road pick in the category. With mesh pockets, the sides make sure to not add extra bulk or insulation onto an already relatively thick build.


The SC30 shorts are everything Under Armour strives for. Just from looking at them, you can tell you will feel at ease with these SC30 shorts. Their cut is generous and wide-legged, giving you a lot of room to move around in them comfortably. These have no liner so they won’t restrict or make you feel bound when working out hard or playing hard. For the material, Under Armour uses a fully polyester base to provide superior stretch and softness. However, Under Armour hits a snag with its design slightly on these. Their seam on the left leg, as previously mentioned, can feel a bit unpleasant when sitting. Sensitive skin may even feel the seam when standing or playing. If you wear compression shorts or any kind of “second-skin” type of undergarments, this won’t really have an effect on you, but it could definitely cause slight discomfort when wearing these by themselves, as one should be able. If you’re a player who loves the game, you want something with a loose, comfortable fit to accompany you on the court. There should be nothing getting in the way of your skill. These are a great short for more low-key wearing, but if you need something that keeps up with you at the level of serious athletic gear, you could probably find a pair of bottoms more suited.


Splitting at the seams or frayed decals are common in athletic wear. This SC30 by Under Armour has a thick, woven fabric that will stand the test of time. If you wear through clothing quickly, then you’re going to want a more substantial material such as that used in SC30 by Under Armour. Polyester is a hard-wearing material that can have a long life when properly cared for, which luckily requires nearly no maintenance all. The material has too tight a knit to snag or tear, but also is open enough to provide some airflow. The seams are reinforced and quite strong, ensuring there will be no splitting or holes just from wearing them for what they are designed for. Their sublimated design will endure many washes and wears without cracking or fraying. Designs eventually flaking off of sports gear is often an inevitability, but it doesn’t have to be with the cutting edge innovations that have been developed for printing them on fabrics. This pair of bottoms is a great example of that.

Ease of Care

If you like to play ball, chances are you are know how gross your clothes can get that you wear on the court. Throwing your gear into a laundry basket and putting it in the wash is pretty easy, but so many performance options require special care which can be extremely tedious. Either you have to wash cold and layout to dry or even hand wash in certain circumstances. For athletes, few have the time or desire to put that much care into their frequently worn leisure clothes. This being thick and all polyester makes it fantastic for easy care, taking out all the guesswork from how to best maintain your favorite gear. Anyone familiar with the hoops you are required to jump through will be extremely pleased to have a break from the usual grind.

Moisture Wicking

The thickness of this fabric poses a bit of a problem for breathability, but the moisture-wicking capabilities nearly make up for that. Working overtime to wick away sweat and quickly bring it to the service is something the SC30 has down. Inspired by Steph Curry, Under Armour wanted to create a pair of bottoms that could hold up to gameplay like his. Once it brings the moisture up to the outside of the short, it quickly dries to keep you feeling fresh. Butt sweat is a common occurrence, and it gets incredibly uncomfortable after even a short period of time. Moisture-wicking is the kryptonite for such problems. You won’t have to deal with moist pants when you are just trying to focus on your game, helping to eliminate distractions that may get in the way of your abilities.


While much sports gear, other than outdoor hiking gear or trail gear, frequently has the wearer scrambling for storage, basketball shorts generally have some great pocket space. One can imagine that this is due to the versatility of basketball shorts, as you frequently see their wearers leaving the gym and going to the grocery store in them, or heading off the court to take the train home. That means that easily accessible pockets are key, even if you don’t necessarily need or use them for when you’re actually playing basketball or at the gym. This SC30 has open pockets towards the front of the short. On the hip, the pockets are angled slightly similar to denim and are often referred to as “hand pockets”. While some basketball shorts add an additional pocket on the back of the short, it doesn’t feel necessary here. You can easily fit a phone, wallet, and keys in these. The one downside to their positioning is that it will definitely get in the way of some workouts, you aren’t going to want to be using pockets this far front in such a loose-fitting short if you don’t have to be! The contents will frequently be moving around and can get in the way of your activities.

Size Range

If you’re a frequent shopper of athletic brands, you know that a lot of them not only run small, but they also have a very limited range of sizes. If you are plus-size in any way, even if it is all muscle, it can be a nightmare finding clothes to fit properly when buying from athletic brands. That is not at all an issue with the SC30 short, the size range is very large and accommodating for a whole host of people. With sizes made up to 5x, and sizes up to 3x widely available, Under Armour has a leg up on inclusivity when it comes to accessible sizing. Under Armour is relatively true to size and customers frequently rave about their comfort level! If you are tired of feeling restricted in too tight offerings from other big name brands, Under Armour may better work for you with both cut and size range.


The style of these is very sporty and laid back. Their fabric is a knit with an iridescent sheen, giving that classic, slightly reflective look that many basketball styles have. On the upper right hip, there is an Under Armour logo that flaunts the brand if you want to show off who you’re representing. On the left leg, there is a graphic logo that wraps all the way around. The dragged “SC”, standing for Steph Curry, has almost a vaporwave aesthetic, something very on trend currently. This logo on the left is fully sublimated, meaning the design was digitally created then printed fully onto the short. The result is an incredibly crisp design with great contrast. Note that the actual leg panel is separate from the rest of the short, in that there is a seam dividing it from the rest of this pair of Under Armour bottoms. If seams bother you when lounging or even playing, this one is pretty notable, so keep that in mind before buying. Some people are very particular about how clothes feel, and understandably so, considering it is so much more difficult to perform your best when you aren’t feeling your best. Otherwise, the style won’t get in the way of the soft and stretchy material.

Bottom Line

Under Armour’s consistent products have come to create high expectations for the brand. These are not the most technologically advanced shorts, but they are a good basketball standard for comfort and convenience. Incredibly easy to clean and wear, these are a simple pair of bottoms for anyone looking to expand their play wardrobe. They are lacking in breathability and could pose problems for leisure comfort due to their seams, but many people will love the design and feel of this pair of shorts.